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Episode 48 – NFL Primer with Jason La Canfora, Serena Falls Short & Djokovic Outlasts in Wimbledon Finals, & Rockets Rolling the Dice with Westbrook

Today’s show begins with a call to the most popular Bagel Shop in America right now thanks to a viral video of a tirade by a small man earlier this week. Wheels explains his Sunday evening plans that required an earlier-than-normal recording time for today’s show.
Mitch gives Brian the details for the upcoming Fantasy Football Draft event at Daniel’s Broiler. Then, Wheels announces his future with Blazers heading into next season. Three guests include CBS Sports NFL writer Jason La Canfora, Houston Rockets blogger Taylor Pate, & AP tennis writer Howard Fendrich. Later, the guys weigh in on the potential 18 game NFL season, the memorable no-hitter in Anaheim on Friday night, and wrap-up with a thought on Nike telling LeBron to hold his horses on changing his jersey number.


  • Jason La Canfora | NFL writer – CBS Sports
  • Taylor Pate |
  • Howard Fendrich | Associated Press sports writer


0:42 | Mitch calls the Bagel Boss shop in New York which is now the infamous location where “Bagel Guy” erupted on employees and other customers.

9:20 | What are Wheels’ plans on Sunday night that require Episode 48 to be recorded earlier than usual?

15:02 | Mitch gives Brian the rundown for the Fantasy Football Draft Event at Daniel’s Broiler on September 3rd.

24:11 | Wheels gets his slate of options to name Episode 48 after at the conclusion of the show.

28:38 | After 21 years as the voice of Blazers basketball, Brian makes an annoucement regarding his future with the organization.

42:00 | Will one basketball be enough for Harden and Westbrook who are reuniting in Houston? 

45:03 | Mitch consults Brian for tips on how to prepare the plate of mushrooms he will begrudgingly
eat thanks to the remarkable SAT score of Movie Mogul Max

52:58 | Jason La Canfora drops by after a long hiatus to catch up on the latest NFL storylines as the season inches closer.

1:16:40 | Houston Rockets blogger Taylor Pate discusses the Tweet that will result in a face tattoo thanks to a recent blockbuster trade.

1:27:28 | Live from London, Howard Fendrich recaps a memorable 2019 Wimbledon capped off by a brilliant final between
Djokovic and Federer.

1:39:40 | How should Dan Snyder react when he hears his All-Pro cornerback is in Pamplona running…and jumping…with the bulls?

1:42:19 | The NFL is considering an 18 game season, is this a good idea or fixing something that isn’t broken?

1:46:28 | Mitch & Wheels discuss Friday night’s memorable no-hitter by the Angels, a touching tribute to the late Tyler Skaggs.

1:49:04 | LeBron wants to change jersey numbers again, but Nike is stepping in to put a halt to it.

Episode 47 – Blazers Voice Brian Wheeler Co-Hosts, Clippers Land Leonard & George, & Team USA Back to Back World Cup Champs!


Radio buddies reunite as the longtime voice of Trail Blazers basketball Brian Wheeler joins Mitch for Episode 47. The guys reminisce about how they first met and the unusual
circumstances that affected Brian with Mitch’s arrival to Seattle. They discuss the NBA Western conference hierarchy following this weekend’s news of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George teaming up on
the Clippers. A four-pack of guests on today’s show includes ESPN NBA writer Kevin Pelton, Dan Brechlin of the Hartford Courant, Alicia Rose DelGallo from, & Samara Freemark of the In the Dark Podcast. Later, Wheels and Mitch weigh in the World Cup victory by Team USA and the earthquakes that have recently shaken up Southern California including a few quake stories of their own. Finally, the guys wrap up with a thought on a remarkable story of a youngster turning heads at Wimbledon and an opinion on MLB’s Midsummer Classic.


  • Kevin Pelton | ESPN NBA Writer on free agency news
  • Dan Brechlin | Hartford Courant writer on participation of transgender athletes in sports
  • Alicia Rose DelGallo | editor live from France on Team USA World Cup Championship
  • Samara Freemark | Reporter for In the Dark podcast on Curtis Flowers criminal case


2:50 | Mitch & Wheels recall when they first met in the mid-90s and how Mitchy the Kid was in Seattle to ultimately take Brian’s job at the radio station.

20:13 | The Blazers have made some moves since the season wrapped up including inking Dame Lillard to a massive extension.

23:09 | The guys recall their Sunday tradition when they were working together in their early radio years.

30:46 | Episode 47 naming considerations are presented to Brian to mull over to reveal the winner at the end of the show.

34:27 | With Kawhi and George heading to the Clippers, rank the Western Conference heading into next season.

37:15 | Which team that calls The Staples Center home the more complete roster right now?

40:12 | Are the Warriors undervalued given their latest odds to win the title in 2020?

44:12 | Kevin Pelton weighs in on the moves that paired Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in LA and also discusses the market for Russell Westbrook.

59:09 | Dan Brechlin shares the story of how high school track in Connecticut has opened a national dialogue about transgender athletes competing in sports.

1:20:04 | Live from France, Alicia Rose DelGallo recaps the World Cup final match and discusses the off-the-field topics the players have been vocal about during the tournament.

1:35:17 | Samara Freemark summarizes the saga of Curtis Flowers which has featured a half-dozen trials over the span of 21 years and the latest news that may eventually set him free from death row.

1:52:49 | The United States Women’s National Team are back to back World Cup champs!

1:54:15 | SoCal Earthquakes this week halted some Summer League hoops games and also shook up some memories of quakes that Brian and Mitch recall over the years.

2:00:13 | Do you have CoCo Gauff fever after the 15 year old stunned the tennis world by knocking off Venus Williams at Wimbledon?

2:02:04 | Will the guys watch the MLB All Star Game and Home Run Derby or has it lost its luster?

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