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Episode 35 – Tiger Prevails at Augusta, Virginia Cuts Down the Nets, & Russell's Deadline Has Arrived

Mitch and J-Ham are back for Episode 35 and have lots to catch up on including Tiger’s stunning Master’s victory which Ben Wright also weighs in on later in the show. Also, they recap the storybook finish for Tony Bennett and Virginia capping of a NCAA tourney win following their dramatic loss a year ago. Finally, Russell’s contract deadline he voiced to the Hawks has arrived and a deal has not been done.

Also on the show

-Contest updates for “Unfiltered Madness” & “The Mitch Unfiltered Major Challenge”

-Of the possible 35s to name the show after, there is a clear favorite who happens to have Seattle ties…

-The great Ben Wright puts into perspective how high Tiger’s win at Augusta ranks in the all-time greatest moments in PGA history.

-Recently announced inductee to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and Sonics legend Jack Sikma talks about the honor and also shares the story of the first time he met Mitch.

Episode 34 – Tony Bennett Offers J-Ham a Job, Will Nowell Change His Mind, Masters Picks & Mitch Merchandise

Lots of ground covered:

– a little J-Ham mows Xavier McDaniel’s lawn

– The All-New Mitch Unfiltered POPSOCKET

– Masters Picks

– Mitch makes $100 bet on Masters

– Payton, Olajuwan, Barkley, Bo, Kirby, Nolan, Felix, Ray, Shaq, Earl

– Greatest NCAA Elite Eight ever

– Happy for Tony Bennett

– Tony Bennett offered J-Ham a job

– GUEST: Ross Tucker, NFL Voice — Browns, OBJ, AB, Russell Wilson 

– Unfiltered Madness update

– Rory McIlroy 

– Mariners… If season ended today…

– Mitch decides 34


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