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Episode 45 – Seahawks Mini-Camp Recap, Bittersweet Night for Drafted Dawgs, & Lies Your Parents Told You


Hotshot Scott is back with Mitch for an episode chock full of colorful storylines. They rewind to chat about some recent Mitch Unfiltered topics that have received some buzz. Scott shares an interesting NBA Draft nugget. Mitch is stunned OJ Simpson is on Twitter but even more shocked at the video he posted. The guys weigh in on Cam Newton’s flight debacle. Today’s guests include Seahawks reporter Brady Henderson, the venerable Ben Wright, and NBA Draft writer Kyle Boone. Later, Mitch and Scott realize they’ve been duped when they uncover #LiesYourParentsToldYou. It was a bittersweet moment for both Huskies taken in the NBA Draft. Despite Jaylen Nowell being selected in the middle of the second round,
would a third year on Montlake have been a wiser choice for the long-term? 


Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks reporter

Ben Wright | Legendary golf commentator

Kyle Boone | CBS Sports NBA Draft writer


0:56 | Podcast protocol that seems unnecessary

4:39 | Teaser for Episode 45-P

11:55 | Mitch reflects on the departure of J-Ham and the way it was intended to come across. 

14:53 | The guys wrap up the commentary that arose from the interview with 9/11 first responder Rob Serra.

20:48 | Well-known 45s…but not quite accomplished enough to have the show named after them. 

26:08 | Scott shares an interesting stat about overall #1 picks in the NBA Draft.

30:10 | Mitch has his reservations about Zion and the expectations heaped on him.

32:02 | OJ Simpson is new to Twitter and he isn’t off to a great start as he announces he is using the platform because he has “a little gettin’ even to do”.

36:24 | Pass interference can now be challenged in the NFL – do you like this rule change? 

40:22 | Cam Newton offered $1,500 cash for a little extra leg-room on a long flight, but was given the stiff arm.

53:10 | Brady Henderson breaks down the action that took place at the VMAC during Seahawks minicamp as the team completed its final organized workouts leading up to training camp.

1:12:43 | Ben Wright recaps the a golf major like no one else can, in this case the 2019 U.S. Open.

1:54:28 | Kyle Boone weighs in on the 2019 NBA Draft – what are his expectations for this rookie class?

1:54:28 | The guys address some familiar lies your parents told you. How long does gum stick around in your system if swallowed? Is there a law against turning on your cabin light in your car while driving?

2:00:00 | Le’Veon Bell left his house for a workout and when he returned, there was over a million dollars in cash, jewelry, and clothes gone…as well as the two naked girls that were in his bed.

2:04:00 | Jason Vargas threatened to “knock you the f*** out” to a reporter.

2:05:53 | It was an emotional night for Thybulle and Nowell who were unable to share the moment with both parents and how would this year’s team have looked if Jaylen had returned?


Episode 44 – Blockbuster Trade Sends Davis to Lakers, Woodland Spoils Koepka's Threepeat Bid, & 18 Years Later: The Lasting Effects of 9/11 with First Responder Rob Serra


Mitch & J-Ham tee off today’s episode with reaction to the U.S. Open which featured a first-time major winner, a near-three peat, and some frowned-upon behavior by some of golf’s biggest names. With three down and one to go, the guys update you on the standings of the Mitch Unfiltered Majors Challenge. Guests include 9/11 first responder Rob Serra, ESPN NBA writer Kevin Pelton, & author Anya Kamenetz. Later, they dive into the Anthony Davis trade & how the Lakers fit into the list of contenders next season. Also, the guys pull out their crystal ball to predict how Golden State management will handle the contracts of their two injured stars. Finally, Jason D. makes an announcement that will shake things up on Mitch Unfiltered.


Rob Serra | 9/11 first responder & advocate for the Victim Compensation Fund

Kevin Pelton | Seattle-based NBA writer for ESPN 

Anya Kamenetz | Author of The Art of Screen Time: How Your Family Can Balance Digital Media and Real Life


7:07 | How did Movie Mogul Max’s mitigation letter for “the rolling stop” turn out?

15:40 | Episode 44 – let’s name it!

18:28 | Gary Woodland keeps his composure down the stretch to fend off Brooks Koepka who played with what looked like a wad of tobacco in his mouth in the 119th U.S. Open. 

25:36 | Golfers behaving badly: Patrick Reed releases inner Bo Jackson after errant shot and Spieth lashes out at caddy.

31:45 | Update on the Mitch Unfiltered Majors Challenge.

36:26 | Jon Stewart blasts Congress for not extending the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund.

45:10 | 9/11 first responder Rob Serra shares his heroic story at Ground Zero and the lifechanging impact it has had nearly two decades later.

1:00:54 | ESPN’s Kevin Pelton weighs in on the trade sending Anthony Davis to the Lakers for Ball, Ingram, Hart, and the number four pick in the draft. Will it pay off for LA? 

1:14:49 | Author Anya Kamenetz discusses parenting strategies in the digital age outlined in her book The Art of Screen Time: How Your Family Can Balance Digital Media and Real Life.

1:26:20 | The Unibrow & King James unite in Lala-land – are they instant title favorites next season?

1:30:25 | The Warriors front office has a major dilemma on their hands…what’s next for KD & Klay? 

1:32:28 | J-Ham makes an announcement that will impact Mitch Unfiltered moving forward.

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