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Episode 22 – Big Ben Is Back, Wheels Unreal Story & Remembering Beano

A combination of the top sports stories like Westbrook, Harden, Mickelson & UW Hoops and a few trips down memory lane. 86 year old Ben Wright delightfully visits with Mitch for the first time in nearly 3 years. Funny and emotional. Portland Trailblazers play by play man Brian Wheeler remembers Mitch’s arrival to Seattle radio and describes an emotional journey to find his birth parents.


Table of Contents

10:00  Jim Palmer vs The Glide vs Elgin vs Emmitt

15:05  10 straight triple doubles vs 31 straight games of 30+

19:50  J-Ham is worried about the Dawgs (especially Sat in Pullman)

32:01  GUEST: BEN WRIGHT (former CBS golf analyst)

54:14  GUEST: BRIAN WHEELER (Blazers PxP) 

1:11:24  BRIAN WHEELER (cont) – tells his amazing story of searching for his birth parents

1:27:20  Titskela wins again

1:30:00  Tiger & Fred Get In-N-Out burgers delivered to Riviera

1:32:10  Mitch tells story of lunch with Beano and his dad


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Episode 21 – National Signing Day, Dawgs in the Desert, Temper Tantrums & J-Ham Hits the Links

Winners and losers on college football’s national signing day. J-Ham beats the undefeated Dawgs to the desert to hit the links. Why didn’t Hutch make the NFL Hall of Fame? Plus Sergio Garcia spoiled-brat antics are back AND Mitch & J-Ham set to host a March Madness fancy schmancy dinner at DANIEL’S BROILER in Bellevue.


Peter King (NBC) on SB, Hutch, Antonio Brown, Kareem Hunt & more

Adam Gorney (Yahoo, on college football National Signing Day

Table of Contents:

0:00  Why did J-Ham leave so early for Dawgs desert game?

8:38  Ep 21 – Clemens, Tomlinson, Duncan, Deion, Roberto, Dominique

15:02  Big announcement of March Madness dinner at Daniels — Reservations at

23:30  National Signing Day – Are Pac 12 schools screwing themselves over by not getting dirty like SEC teams?

31:20  How will Dawgs do in the desert?

37:45  GUEST: Peter King (NBC) on SB, Nick Foles, Antonio Brown, Kareem Hunt, Steve Hutchinson

56:10  GUEST: Adam Gorney (Yahoo, on National Signing Day – Winners/Losers plus Washington and Pac 12

1:13:20  NBA Trading frenzy — do we care?  

1:16:24  Sergio Garcia is back being an immature spoiled brat


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Episode 20 – Tweet Upsets Mitch, Coach HOP calls in, J-Ham's Son Cashes In

Why is Mitch upset about a tweet sent about Steve Hutchinson? Washington’s popular basketball coach Mike Hopkins calls in to the show for the first time. Mitch & J-Ham give the snooze-fest Super Bowl the cold shoulder and recap a great night at Zeeks Pizza.

Plus a trip to “Bracketville” to find out where the Dawgs (& everyone else) sit in the Big Dance at the moment and ESPN NBA writer Kevin Pelton fills in Mitch on tons of juicy NBA storylines… Trade deadline, Anthony Davis, James Harden, Greek Freak, Durant etc…

Table of Contents:

8:25  Is Episode 20… Barry or Gary?

15:00  SB at Zeeks

16:10  SB sucks and we aren’t talkin about it much

21:00  You won’t believe who cleaned up in SB pool

24:20  Steve Hutchinson tweet that upset Mitch

43:40  GUEST: Mike Hopkins — UW Hoops

59:30  GUEST: BRACKETVILLE  Dave Ommen

1:15:35  GUEST: Kevin Pelton – ESPN NBA writer

1:31:30  Mitch & J-Ham on Huskies surge

1:33:00  Mitch & J-Ham reactions to HOP interview

1:40:20  Mitch hints at next Mitch Unfiltered Party

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Episode 19 – Dawgs Can't Be Stopped, Hutch Not A Hawk, SB Picks & A.D.

Mitch & J-Ham marvel at yet another Huskies’ win to move to 8-0 in the Pac 12, refuse to embrace Steve Hutchinson as a (Seahawks) Hall of Famer, stick their necks out with SB picks & discuss who’s at fault in Anthony Davis/New Orleans fiasco. PLUS J-Ham commits to join Mitch at Zeeks Pizza on SB Sunday.

Guests include Rick Neuheisel (Is Tom Brady best ever + SB Pick), Todd Fuhrman (Vegas insider on SB $$$) & Andrew Lopez (Pelicans reporter on A.D.)


4:30  Greatest number 19

6:30  Dawgs still perfect!

23:45  Rick Neuheisel on Super Bowl, Tom Brady & his pick

40:35  Todd Fuhrman (Vegas insider) on where the money is in SB 53

51:15  Andrew Lopez (N.O. Times Picayune) on Anthony Davis

1:01:00  Should N.O sports fans hate Anthony Davis?

1:06:00  Mitch & J-Ham’s say NO to potential HOF Steve Hutchinson

1:13:30  Mitch challenges Jason on Super Bowl prop contest

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Episode 18 – Howard Schultz Apologizes, Isaiah Stewart Calls In, SB 53 At Zeeks, Dawgs Off The Bubble

Mitch & J-Ham cover an enormous amount of ground. Isaiah Stewart (highest ranked commit in Huskies hoops history) discusses his decision to play for Washington. Peter King checks in from Atlanta – site of SB LIII & rips NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Dave Ommen (Bracketville) officially removes the Dawgs from the “bubble”. And Danny Kelly (NFL Draft – The Ringer) gives an early look at strengths and weaknesses of the April NFL Draft.


8:20  Mitch tries to get J-Ham to commit to Zeeks Cap Hill for SB LIII

15:00  Is Super Bowl LIII interesting?

18:30  Huskies 7-0 and surging

30:00  GUEST: Isaiah Stewart discusses choosing Washington

44:30  GUEST: Peter King from Super Bowl LIII

58:50  GUEST: Dave Ommen Bracketville on NCAA Tourney

1:17:00  GUEST: Danny Kelly (The Ringer) from the Senior Bowl with an early look at NFL Draft

1:28:44  Howard Schultz finally apologizes, takes responsibility for Sonics leaving Seattle

1:34:30  Mitch tells the story of the 1st time he met Howard Schultz

1:37:10  Why doesn’t Mitch want to like James Harden

1:44:20  Surprise


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Episode 17 — Stormin' The Hall Of Fame

J-Ham and Mitch celebrate Edgar Martinez election to the Hall of Fame, continue discussion about the NFL crime in New Orleans and cover a plethora of topics including knuckles vs no knuckles. 

Four guests featured:  Jayson Stark (Athletic), Larry Bowa (former M’s coach), Jason LaCanfora (CBS NFL Insider), Paul Biancardi (ESPN National Basketball Recruiting Director)

Table of Contents:

0:00  What do listeners enjoy more?  Banter or Interviews

10:00  Mariano Rivera on Edgar

10:25  Musical tribute to Edgar

14:00  “Doug Williams, how long have you been a black QB?”

16:50  Knuckles beats no knuckles  52% to 48%

17:40  Edgar statistics you won’t believe!

25:20  Fallout from Saints/Rams fiasco

30:45  GUEST: Jayson Stark (HOF writer) on class of ’19

54:15  GUEST: Larry Bowa (Edgar + R Cano stories)

1:07:30  GUEST: Jason LaCanfora (CBS NFL insider)

1:34:00  GUEST: Paul Biancardi (ESPN NCAA Recruiting Director)

1:47:00  Mitch & J-Ham banter about a handful of topics

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Episode 16 — Mitch Receives The Double Bird!

Mitch & J-Ham hate the Super Bowl matchup, love the Huskies new basketball commit and are excited for Edgar Martinez and the Hall of Fame.  Plus the worldwide debut of Mitch’s Melody “The Kicker Is A Hack” and Mitch is on the receiving end of some road rage.

Table of Contents:

7:34  Mitch’s new single “The Kicker Is A Hack”

12:40  Mitch is on the receiving end of ROAD RAGE

20:35  Knuckles or No Knuckles?

21:00  Super Bowl matchup stinks for Seahawks fans

21:30  Saints get robbed

29:15  Mitch does Travis Scott and Big Boi

36:00  Mike Hopkins reals in highest recruit in Washington history

50:45  NCAA “BRACKETVILLE” — Dave Ommen 

1:11:00  Huge week for Edgar Martinez


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Episode 15 – Could Russell Wilson Play Elsewhere?

Guests Jason LaCanfora (CBS Insider) & Gregg Bell (Tacoma News Tribune) join Mitch to discuss tons of NFL & Seahawks’ matters including the impossible image of Russell Wilson in a different uniform… plus Boeheim’s pee, Jalen Hurt’s new team, Edgar’s chances & young Mitch Levy’s gambling cartel.

Table of contents:

6:25  Jim Boeheim’s accident

11:20  Coaches using point spreads to motivate players

13:50  Washington State gambling law

17:15  Jalen Hurt to Oklahoma

19:50  Jason LaCanfora guest

25:15  LaCanfora wonders why Hawks haven’t talked contract yet with Russell Wilson and the impact of that

36:35  NFL Conf Champ game picks  Mitch 6-2, Jason 5-3

43:50  Gregg Bell guest

47:07  How did Seahawks turn it around?

51:00  What does Seahawks success mean for next year?

55:24  Offensive line turn around

58:25  Russell Wilson contract extension

1:02:40  Doug Baldwin – 1 more season?

1:04:30  Cornerbacks — good enough?

1:06:00  Shaquem Griffin problems & future

1:08:10  KJ Wright done?

1:14:08  Is Edgar in?

1:16:10  Mitch’s ill-fated College Gambling Cartel



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Episode 14 – Seattle, London, Costa Rica and… Indiana

All over the map both literally and figuratively… Seattle, London, Costa Rica, Las Vegas and Indiana. 

Guests: Former NFL agent Joel Corry dissects Seahawks offseason negotiations with Russell Wilson, Frank Clark, Bobby Wagner and more. The nation’s top NCAA “Bracketologist” Dave Ommen analyzes current field of 68. Dave Mason ( recaps a wild betting NFL weekend and previews AFC & NFC Championship wagering.


Table of Contents:

0:00  J-Ham phones in from London

8:30  Mitch’s story of 1st “broadcasting” job at age 16

15:10  NFL Playoffs

17:35  James Harden 1 for 17 from 3

19:00  Wait a second, here come the Dawgs

26:50  Joel Corry (Former NFL Agent & salary cap expert)

28:24  Antonio Brown trade

30:50  Le’Veon Bell

33:24  Colts in catbird’s seat

35:15  Seahawks cap situation

36:50  Challenges of re-signing Russell Wilson

37:50  Hometown discount???

41:35  Re-signing Frank Clark

44:25  Sweezy and Fluker free agency

45:45  Bobby Wagner needs an extension

48:00  Earl Thomas’ future

52:45  BRACKETVILLE — #1 NCAA Bracketologist Dave Ommen

1:00:00  Washington Huskies chances

1:06:45  Pac12 teams in the field

1:08:30  Gonzaga current seed & chances for a 1 seed

1:10:20  Today’s number 1 seeds

1:18:39  Dave Mason – – NFL Playoff wagering, Betting Trump, The Bachelor, and the Super Bowl

1:32:50  Bizarre episode ending




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Episode 13 – NFL World Blasting Schottenheimer

Mitch & J-Ham’s squabble ends in Mitch’s 1st curse word in Unfiltered history. Topics: Video of the show, changing of the guards, Clemson’s BMOC, NFL underdogs, NHL All Star game in Seattle.

Jason LaCanfora (CBS) & NFL analytics guru Warren Sharp throw Schotty under the bus. LaCanfora questions Packers coaching hire.

College basketball Jeff Goodman spells out what the Washington Huskies have to do to DANCE in March plus thoughts on several of the nations top teams.

Table of Contents:

5:20  Mitch Unfiltered on Periscope

6:25  Mitch & J-Ham argument leads to Mitch’s 1st curse word

11:50  J-Ham gets sports gambling lesson

17:15  Clemson’s big man on campus

19:38  Syracuse better than Alabama

22:06  J-Ham can’t stand Philip Rivers and Tom Brady

24:30  NFL underdogs

26:15  Mitch hates London

31:50  Jason LaCanfora criticizes Schotty, the Packers, and picks               NFL playoff games vs Mitch

48:00  Jeff Goodman (College Hoops) on Pac 12, Huskies challenge           to make tournament, Kansas, Duke, Tennessee, Virginia

1:04:45  Warren Sharp (NFL analytics) blasts Seahawks OC

1:26:50  Arizona Cardinals is a disgrace

1:30:40  NHL All-Star Game to Seattle

1:34:30  Mitch on Seattle radio for 1st time in 16 months