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Episode 53 – Hawks Work Through Kinks in Loss to Vikes, Husky Hoops Fans Freaking Out, & NFL Coast-to-Coast Through GM Lens


Today’s show begins moments after the conclusion of the Seahawks preseason loss in Minnesota which featured Russell’s first snaps of the season and no DK Metcalf. The guys chat about the “Mitch Gets Interviewed” series over the past few shows. Also, there is a tease for a three part series in upcoming Patron episodes you won’t want to miss! Then, they run down nominees for the naming of Episode 53. Today’s guests include Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, NFL writer Michael Lombardi for The Athletic, Movie Mogul Max who makes a long-awaited return with an eight-pack of film reviews and some ribbing of Mitch in the infamous “mushroom bet”, and Yogi Roth from the PAC-12 Network. Later, the guys talk about the Twitter buzz surrounding incoming freshman Jaden McDaniels who not make the trip to Italy for exhibition play. Mitch closes out with a story which involved Jack Whitaker who passed away over the weekend.


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Michael Lombardi | NFL writer for The Athletic
  • Movie Mogul Max | Expert film critic & Mitch’s son
  • Yogi Roth | PAC-12 Network reporter


0:00 | Hotshot and Mitch chat about the feedback received from the “Mitch Gets Interviewed” series.

5:00 | You’ll want to become a Patron if you haven’t signed up yet when you find out what will be featured in upcoming episodes for football season!

15:40 | The guys list candidates to name the show after and we recall a magical moment from a 53 who made the most of his short stint in Seattle.

20:13 | The guys discuss what caught their eye in the preseason matchup between the Seahawks and Vikings.

40:29 | Brady Henderson opines on the Seahawks game in Minnesota on Sunday night.

1:02:02 | Michael Lombardi tackles top NFL storylines from a GM’s perspective.

1:18:55 | Lots of catching up to do with Movie Mogul Max who breaks down the flicks he has seen this summer and gloats about winning the bet that resulted in Mitch eating a plate of mushrooms.

1:43:35 | Yogi Roth shares the sights and sounds from around the PAC-12 this summer heading into the 2019 football season

2:01:55 | Are Husky fans on Twitter overreacting just a bit that Jaden McDaniels is not in Italy right now?

2:05:24 | Mitch is still disgusted about his the mushrooms he had to eat on his recent vacation to LA, but cleanses his palate by reminiscing his first visit to Dodger Stadium.

2:13:30 | WSU will be featured in a future HBO program similar to Hard Knocks – this will be must-see TV!

2:15:08 | Jack Whitaker passed away over the weekend which reminds Mitch of a story involving the renowned sports announcer.

2:26:33 | Grab one of the few remaining sports to the Unfiltered Fantasy Football event at Daniel’s Broiler on September 3rd!

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Episode 52 – First Impressions of Hawks Fresh Faces, Jason La Canfora Training Camp Chronicles, & Ken Green's Battle with Life


The guys kick off the show with some musical memories as Hotshot is returning from a concert at The Gorge. They reluctantly run down the candidates for Episode 52’s naming rights. Then, first impressions from the Seahawks season opener are shared which was dominated by rookie debuts. Today’s guests are golfer Ken Green whose remarkable story is a must-listen, Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, and NFL national writer Jason La Canfora. Later,   a few screws are loose in Antonio Brown’s head. The Yankees GM was the victim of an unfortunate misunderstanding and multi-tasking while driving recently earned friend of the podcast Peter King a ticket. Finally, the guys close the show with an opinion on Dabo Swinney’s hard line on quarterback transfer Kelly Bryant receiving a ring from last season’s national title.


  • Ken Green | Pro golfer & author of “Hunter of Hope”
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Jason La Canfora | NFL reporter for CBS Sports


0:00 | Hotshot rushed back from The Gorge to record Episode 52 which reminds Mitch of a family road trip memory.

6:02 | The guys are embarrassed to share who they saw at their first concert. 

20:51 | Episode 52 naming nominees are announced and the clear winner is someone neither Mitch nor Scott are a fan of.

24:29 | First blush reaction to the Seahawks preseason opener on Thursday.

40:41 | Ken Green shares his story of tragedy and triumph outlined in his new book “Hunter of Hope”.

1:31:25 | Hawks reporter Brady Henderson weighs in on Seahawks first preseason game including rookie debuts and injury updates.

1:55:32 | Jason La Canfora discusses top NFL storylines as he makes his way through training camps across the league.

2:18:08 | Antonio Brown is in the news again and if you thought freezing his feet was bad, he is raising the bar with his latest issue.

2:21:02 | Yankees general manager Brian Cashman had a run-in with the authorities that could have ended ugly.

2:24:08 | The guys chat about ill-advised behavior while driving as frequent Mitch Unfiltered guest Peter King was pulled over in the middle of an interview.

2:27:45 | Dabo Swinney is denying Kelly Bryant a national championship ring due to his midseason transfer last season after losing his starting gig.

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Episode 51 – Peter King Returns from Football Hibernation, Seahawks Scrimmage Synopsis, & Let's Put an End to These Shootings


Mitch begins today’s show with a question and a reminder about fantasy football. The guys share a thought on the tragic news in El Paso & Dayton of senseless shootings that has resulted in numerous deaths. Today’s laundry list includes revisiting the LeBron discussion in Episode 50P, the lowly M’s, 2019 NFL HOF Class, and Tom Brady’s latest contract news. Today’s guests include NBC Sports National NFL writer Peter King and Seahawks writer for ESPN Brady Henderson. From there, the floor is Hotshot’s to continue with Mitch on Part 3 of “The Interview”. Finally, the guys wrap up with a new twist to the discussion of transgender athletes in sports, the news about teenage esports sensation Ninja, and make the final call for a tough Episode naming for #51.


  • Peter King | NBC Sports national NFL writer
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider


0:00 | Mitch has a fantasy football question for Hotshot and also reminds YOU to sign up for the draft party at Daniel’s Broiler on September 3rd. 

14:20 | Number 51 has some strong candidates for the naming of today’s episode including a few notable local yokels.

18:52 | The mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton this weekend are unexplainable acts that invoke questions that currently do not have an answer.

26:34 | Scott & Mitch revisit the topic of LeBron’s outlandish behavior at his son’s basketball games which was discussed in length during Episode 50P.

31:18 | Is the Hawks defense poised for a substantial dip in 2019?

38:05 | The Mariners are victims of another no-hitter for the second time in less than a month. We are all screaming “uncle” here in Seattle with this team.

38:47 | The NFL Hall of Fame class of 2019 was loaded…perhaps they could have suited up and given the Falcons and Broncos a run for their money!

39:54 | Mitch presents a metaphor about the Brady household in the wake of Tom’s latest contract extension.

41:11 | Athlete of the Week is revealed and the story is like something you would only see in a movie. Go to the Mitch Unfiltered Facebook page for more!

44:32 | Peter King gets you set for the NFL season by recapping the top offseason storylines and addressing the current hot topics across the league.

1:06:21 | Brady Henderson recaps the Hawks scrimmage on Saturday as they get set for their preseason opener.

1:26:53 | Part 3 of Hotshot’s interview of Mitch which covers an extensive progression of Mitch’s career ultimately setting up a final installment to follow.

2:07:59 | The topic of addressing rules for participation of transgender athletes in sports makes headlines again on the hardwood.

2:13:46 | Hotshot explains what “Ninja Ditches Twitch for Mixer” means.

2:18:22 | Episode 51 is named after much consternation. 


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Episode 50 – Part One of "Mitch Gets Interviewed" & Does Roger Goodell Assign Punishment Using a Dart Board? Ross Tucker Weighs In.

Episode number fifty! Well…sort of. Today’s show features Part 1 of a two-part interview of Mitch with Hotshot Scott as the moderator. Before they delve in, they hit a few quick topics including the Jarran Reed suspension and Earl Thomas’ comments about his infamous departure from the Hawks. Football analyst Ross Tucker weighs in on the NFL’s complicated policies regarding the reprimanding of players. From there, the stage is all Hotshot’s and he starts with asking Mitch about his family of origin. They proceed to his experience at Syracuse and first jobs in broadcasting Mitch pursued. Mixed in are fun stories and the standard dose of banter you’d expect in the fifty (or so) episodes of Mitch Unfiltered thus far. Keep an ear out for Part 2 coming soon!

Ross Tucker | NFL analyst

3:04 | The guys set the stage for Part 1 of a two-part interview of Mitch by Hotshot Scott.

8:13 | Candidates for naming Episode 50 are revealed and they are much more prominent than a few in the high-40s!

25:32 | Did the league office handle Jarran Reed’s suspension properly?

36:59 | How will Earl Thomas’ recent comments that reinforce his intent to aim his middle finger at Pete affect his relationship with the Seahawks organization down the road?

48:41 | Ross Tucker shares his opinion on the NFL league office and its inconsistency with the suspensions it assigns to players for various offenses. 

1:03:11 | The interview of Mitch begins where it should…the Levy household in South Florida.

1:06:48 | Mitch describes how his Mother made great sacrifices for her family and his gratitude for how she approached living in a household of competitive boys.

1:10:14 | A passion for his craft, Mitch’s Father was a successful lawyer whose zeal was evident in all facets of life.

1:12:43 | What drew Mitch to Syracuse and become his university of choice?

1:19:59 | Scott hits reverse in his line of interview questions and asks Mitch about his high school days.

1:24:06 | When did broadcasting become the career choice Mitch was captivated by?

1:27:57 | Mitch discusses his first jobs and ties in a classic Rodney Dangerfield story.

1:35:30 | When did Mitch catch his “big break” and how do Don Rickles and Larry King fit in that window of time?

1:56:18 | A memorable Levy family vacation finds its way into the progression of the interview.

2:01:45 | What led to Mitch crossing paths with Tony Kornheiser in his early years of broadcasting?

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Episode 49 – Edgar Enshrined Among Premier Cooperstown Class, Lowry Lifts Claret Jug on Home Soil, & Parents of Murdered Utah Student McCluskey Recount Senseless Act


Today’s show tees off with reaction to the PGA’s final major of the season as Shane Lowry caps off a brilliant performance at The Open Championship and Rory falls short in front of his hometown supporters. The guys chat about the Sunday’s induction ceremony in Cooperstown including the emotional speech by Roy Halladay’s wife, Mariano Rivera, and a replay of Edgar’s speech in its entirety. Today’s guests include Matt & Jill McCluskey whose daughter Lauren was killed while attending The University of Utah by ex-boyfriend, M’s writer Corey Brock, and sports business writer for Forbes Kurt Badenhausen. Later, Mitch marvels at how McIlroy conducted himself after a disappointing exit at Portrush. More evidence about the MLB’s doctoring of baseballs was observed during a recent at-bat. Finally, Seattle’s future hockey franchise hired a general manager and the team still lacks a name!  


  • Matt & Jill McCluskey | Parents of murdered Utah track athlete & Pullman native Lauren McCluskey
  • Corey Brock | Mariners writer for The Athletic
  • Kurt Badenhausen | Sports business writer for Forbes

3:20 | Rory McIlroy missing the cut on his home course has to be one of the most agonizing moments in his career.

7:05 | Mitch provides background context to the first interview on the episode about Lauren McCluskey’s murder.

16:41 | Football season is around the corner which means it’s a great time to become a Mitch Unfiltered Patron!

18:17 | Candidates are revealed for the naming of Episode 49 and it’s slim pickins.

21:25 | For Mariners fans, the fact that Edgar stayed in Seattle is perhaps the most endearing aspect of his career. 

31:13 | Listen to the full hall of fame induction speech by Edgar! 

46:10 | Matt & Jill McCluskey share the tragic story of their daughter Lauren who was murdered while a student-athlete at The University of Utah in a senseless act by a former boyfriend.

1:10:13 | Corey Brock from The Athletic discusses his recent article which outlines the few remaining reasons to keep an eye on the M’s down the stretch of this dismal 2019 campaign.

1:25:51 | Kurt Badenhausen from Forbes breaks down the financial landscape in modern sports including monster deals for mid-level NBA players, the growing trend of agent-less athletes, and a thought on the controversial compensation discussion for the Women’s World Cup champions of Team USA.

1:44:01 | Scott has an idea which involves Mitch, does he agree to participate?

1:45:36 | Among Lowry’s dominant performance in Portrush included another example of Rory’s grace in defeat and some brash behavior by Brooks.

1:51:12 | Need more evidence baseball are “juiced” in the big leagues? How about a one-handed homerun.

1:52:53 | Shaq was recently caught on video moshing, Scott recalls times he moshed in the past, and Mitch wants to know what moshing is. 

1:56:03 | Seattle names Ron Francis GM for its future expansion team and the guys weigh in on their outlook for a new team coming to town in a sport relatively foreign to them.

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Episode 48 – NFL Primer with Jason La Canfora, Serena Falls Short & Djokovic Outlasts in Wimbledon Finals, & Rockets Rolling the Dice with Westbrook

Today’s show begins with a call to the most popular Bagel Shop in America right now thanks to a viral video of a tirade by a small man earlier this week. Wheels explains his Sunday evening plans that required an earlier-than-normal recording time for today’s show.
Mitch gives Brian the details for the upcoming Fantasy Football Draft event at Daniel’s Broiler. Then, Wheels announces his future with Blazers heading into next season. Three guests include CBS Sports NFL writer Jason La Canfora, Houston Rockets blogger Taylor Pate, & AP tennis writer Howard Fendrich. Later, the guys weigh in on the potential 18 game NFL season, the memorable no-hitter in Anaheim on Friday night, and wrap-up with a thought on Nike telling LeBron to hold his horses on changing his jersey number.


  • Jason La Canfora | NFL writer – CBS Sports
  • Taylor Pate |
  • Howard Fendrich | Associated Press sports writer


0:42 | Mitch calls the Bagel Boss shop in New York which is now the infamous location where “Bagel Guy” erupted on employees and other customers.

9:20 | What are Wheels’ plans on Sunday night that require Episode 48 to be recorded earlier than usual?

15:02 | Mitch gives Brian the rundown for the Fantasy Football Draft Event at Daniel’s Broiler on September 3rd.

24:11 | Wheels gets his slate of options to name Episode 48 after at the conclusion of the show.

28:38 | After 21 years as the voice of Blazers basketball, Brian makes an annoucement regarding his future with the organization.

42:00 | Will one basketball be enough for Harden and Westbrook who are reuniting in Houston? 

45:03 | Mitch consults Brian for tips on how to prepare the plate of mushrooms he will begrudgingly
eat thanks to the remarkable SAT score of Movie Mogul Max

52:58 | Jason La Canfora drops by after a long hiatus to catch up on the latest NFL storylines as the season inches closer.

1:16:40 | Houston Rockets blogger Taylor Pate discusses the Tweet that will result in a face tattoo thanks to a recent blockbuster trade.

1:27:28 | Live from London, Howard Fendrich recaps a memorable 2019 Wimbledon capped off by a brilliant final between
Djokovic and Federer.

1:39:40 | How should Dan Snyder react when he hears his All-Pro cornerback is in Pamplona running…and jumping…with the bulls?

1:42:19 | The NFL is considering an 18 game season, is this a good idea or fixing something that isn’t broken?

1:46:28 | Mitch & Wheels discuss Friday night’s memorable no-hitter by the Angels, a touching tribute to the late Tyler Skaggs.

1:49:04 | LeBron wants to change jersey numbers again, but Nike is stepping in to put a halt to it.

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Episode 47 – Blazers Voice Brian Wheeler Co-Hosts, Clippers Land Leonard & George, & Team USA Back to Back World Cup Champs!


Radio buddies reunite as the longtime voice of Trail Blazers basketball Brian Wheeler joins Mitch for Episode 47. The guys reminisce about how they first met and the unusual
circumstances that affected Brian with Mitch’s arrival to Seattle. They discuss the NBA Western conference hierarchy following this weekend’s news of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George teaming up on
the Clippers. A four-pack of guests on today’s show includes ESPN NBA writer Kevin Pelton, Dan Brechlin of the Hartford Courant, Alicia Rose DelGallo from, & Samara Freemark of the In the Dark Podcast. Later, Wheels and Mitch weigh in the World Cup victory by Team USA and the earthquakes that have recently shaken up Southern California including a few quake stories of their own. Finally, the guys wrap up with a thought on a remarkable story of a youngster turning heads at Wimbledon and an opinion on MLB’s Midsummer Classic.


  • Kevin Pelton | ESPN NBA Writer on free agency news
  • Dan Brechlin | Hartford Courant writer on participation of transgender athletes in sports
  • Alicia Rose DelGallo | editor live from France on Team USA World Cup Championship
  • Samara Freemark | Reporter for In the Dark podcast on Curtis Flowers criminal case


2:50 | Mitch & Wheels recall when they first met in the mid-90s and how Mitchy the Kid was in Seattle to ultimately take Brian’s job at the radio station.

20:13 | The Blazers have made some moves since the season wrapped up including inking Dame Lillard to a massive extension.

23:09 | The guys recall their Sunday tradition when they were working together in their early radio years.

30:46 | Episode 47 naming considerations are presented to Brian to mull over to reveal the winner at the end of the show.

34:27 | With Kawhi and George heading to the Clippers, rank the Western Conference heading into next season.

37:15 | Which team that calls The Staples Center home the more complete roster right now?

40:12 | Are the Warriors undervalued given their latest odds to win the title in 2020?

44:12 | Kevin Pelton weighs in on the moves that paired Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in LA and also discusses the market for Russell Westbrook.

59:09 | Dan Brechlin shares the story of how high school track in Connecticut has opened a national dialogue about transgender athletes competing in sports.

1:20:04 | Live from France, Alicia Rose DelGallo recaps the World Cup final match and discusses the off-the-field topics the players have been vocal about during the tournament.

1:35:17 | Samara Freemark summarizes the saga of Curtis Flowers which has featured a half-dozen trials over the span of 21 years and the latest news that may eventually set him free from death row.

1:52:49 | The United States Women’s National Team are back to back World Cup champs!

1:54:15 | SoCal Earthquakes this week halted some Summer League hoops games and also shook up some memories of quakes that Brian and Mitch recall over the years.

2:00:13 | Do you have CoCo Gauff fever after the 15 year old stunned the tennis world by knocking off Venus Williams at Wimbledon?

2:02:04 | Will the guys watch the MLB All Star Game and Home Run Derby or has it lost its luster?

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Episode 46 – Matisse Thybulle Checks In, NBA Free Agency Floodgates Open, & Direction of Mitch Unfiltered Determined

Today’s jam-packed episode begins with finding out that Hotshot was duped by a parody OJ Simpson Twitter account. The guys set the table for what to expect on Mitch Unfiltered moving forward. Mitch and Scott react to free agency news in the NBA which features Brooklyn landing Kyrie and KD. Where will Kawhi end up? Guests include former Husky and recent first round NBA draft pick Matisse Thybulle, Vanderbilt baseball National Champion from Bellevue Ethan Paul, and sports gambling writer for ESPN David Purdum. Movie Mogul Max is back by popular demand to provide three hard-hitting box office breakdowns. Later, Mitch and Scott chat about the United States Women’s World Cup team that is on the brink of another championship, but in doing so has rubbed many people the wrong way during the tournament. Finally, the episode is dedicated not to an athlete that wore jersey #46, rather a PGA golfer who was victorious over the weekend and tragically is unable to share with his parents and girlfriend.


  • Matisse Thybulle | Former Husky, current Sixers small forward
  • Ethan Paul | Vanderbilt NCAA Baseball Champion, Bellevue native
  • David Purdum | ESPN Sports Gambling writer


0:13 | Scott was duped by a parody O.J. Simpson account

6:40 | Mitch puts Hotshot under the podcast polygraph test, does he pass?

17:39 | The guys step into a time machine and reminisce about when they first met at the radio station.

21:58 | Scott reveals why he has not played fantasy football since the late 80s.

25:46 | Mitch presents an idea for the next Daniel’s Broiler listener event, are you in?

30:03 | The guys discuss the direction of the podcast moving forward and the benefits this format offers as opposed to radio.

40:05 | Even though we don’t have an NBA team in Seattle, the NBA free agency frenzy is fascinating.

51:02 | Matisse Thybulle discusses his whirlwind draft experience, career with the Huskies, and outlook heading into his rookie season with the Sixers.

1:02:54 | Bellevue native Ethan Paul shares his story that began in the Northwest and has taken him to Nashville where he is a National Champion with Vanderbilt Baseball and draft choice of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

1:18:15 | David Purdum uncovers the evolving landscape of sports gambling including reaction to the first month where Nevada was not the top gambling state in the country.

1:32:15 | Movie Mogul Max drops by to critique three summer blockbusters

1:41:24 | Which notable athletes in sports history had their careers cut short due to injuries?

1:43:55 | Are you a soccer fan and if so, are you rooting for the United States Women’s National Team given some polarizing behavior by some of the players during the World Cup?

1:49:00 | Nate Lashley gets the nod not only for winning the Rocket Mortgage Classic this weekend, but for persevering through a life-changing event he faced in college.

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Episode 45 – Seahawks Mini-Camp Recap, Bittersweet Night for Drafted Dawgs, & Lies Your Parents Told You


Hotshot Scott is back with Mitch for an episode chock full of colorful storylines. They rewind to chat about some recent Mitch Unfiltered topics that have received some buzz. Scott shares an interesting NBA Draft nugget. Mitch is stunned OJ Simpson is on Twitter but even more shocked at the video he posted. The guys weigh in on Cam Newton’s flight debacle. Today’s guests include Seahawks reporter Brady Henderson, the venerable Ben Wright, and NBA Draft writer Kyle Boone. Later, Mitch and Scott realize they’ve been duped when they uncover #LiesYourParentsToldYou. It was a bittersweet moment for both Huskies taken in the NBA Draft. Despite Jaylen Nowell being selected in the middle of the second round,
would a third year on Montlake have been a wiser choice for the long-term? 


Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks reporter

Ben Wright | Legendary golf commentator

Kyle Boone | CBS Sports NBA Draft writer


0:56 | Podcast protocol that seems unnecessary

4:39 | Teaser for Episode 45-P

11:55 | Mitch reflects on the departure of J-Ham and the way it was intended to come across. 

14:53 | The guys wrap up the commentary that arose from the interview with 9/11 first responder Rob Serra.

20:48 | Well-known 45s…but not quite accomplished enough to have the show named after them. 

26:08 | Scott shares an interesting stat about overall #1 picks in the NBA Draft.

30:10 | Mitch has his reservations about Zion and the expectations heaped on him.

32:02 | OJ Simpson is new to Twitter and he isn’t off to a great start as he announces he is using the platform because he has “a little gettin’ even to do”.

36:24 | Pass interference can now be challenged in the NFL – do you like this rule change? 

40:22 | Cam Newton offered $1,500 cash for a little extra leg-room on a long flight, but was given the stiff arm.

53:10 | Brady Henderson breaks down the action that took place at the VMAC during Seahawks minicamp as the team completed its final organized workouts leading up to training camp.

1:12:43 | Ben Wright recaps the a golf major like no one else can, in this case the 2019 U.S. Open.

1:54:28 | Kyle Boone weighs in on the 2019 NBA Draft – what are his expectations for this rookie class?

1:54:28 | The guys address some familiar lies your parents told you. How long does gum stick around in your system if swallowed? Is there a law against turning on your cabin light in your car while driving?

2:00:00 | Le’Veon Bell left his house for a workout and when he returned, there was over a million dollars in cash, jewelry, and clothes gone…as well as the two naked girls that were in his bed.

2:04:00 | Jason Vargas threatened to “knock you the f*** out” to a reporter.

2:05:53 | It was an emotional night for Thybulle and Nowell who were unable to share the moment with both parents and how would this year’s team have looked if Jaylen had returned?


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Episode 44 – Blockbuster Trade Sends Davis to Lakers, Woodland Spoils Koepka's Threepeat Bid, & 18 Years Later: The Lasting Effects of 9/11 with First Responder Rob Serra


Mitch & J-Ham tee off today’s episode with reaction to the U.S. Open which featured a first-time major winner, a near-three peat, and some frowned-upon behavior by some of golf’s biggest names. With three down and one to go, the guys update you on the standings of the Mitch Unfiltered Majors Challenge. Guests include 9/11 first responder Rob Serra, ESPN NBA writer Kevin Pelton, & author Anya Kamenetz. Later, they dive into the Anthony Davis trade & how the Lakers fit into the list of contenders next season. Also, the guys pull out their crystal ball to predict how Golden State management will handle the contracts of their two injured stars. Finally, Jason D. makes an announcement that will shake things up on Mitch Unfiltered.


Rob Serra | 9/11 first responder & advocate for the Victim Compensation Fund

Kevin Pelton | Seattle-based NBA writer for ESPN 

Anya Kamenetz | Author of The Art of Screen Time: How Your Family Can Balance Digital Media and Real Life


7:07 | How did Movie Mogul Max’s mitigation letter for “the rolling stop” turn out?

15:40 | Episode 44 – let’s name it!

18:28 | Gary Woodland keeps his composure down the stretch to fend off Brooks Koepka who played with what looked like a wad of tobacco in his mouth in the 119th U.S. Open. 

25:36 | Golfers behaving badly: Patrick Reed releases inner Bo Jackson after errant shot and Spieth lashes out at caddy.

31:45 | Update on the Mitch Unfiltered Majors Challenge.

36:26 | Jon Stewart blasts Congress for not extending the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund.

45:10 | 9/11 first responder Rob Serra shares his heroic story at Ground Zero and the lifechanging impact it has had nearly two decades later.

1:00:54 | ESPN’s Kevin Pelton weighs in on the trade sending Anthony Davis to the Lakers for Ball, Ingram, Hart, and the number four pick in the draft. Will it pay off for LA? 

1:14:49 | Author Anya Kamenetz discusses parenting strategies in the digital age outlined in her book The Art of Screen Time: How Your Family Can Balance Digital Media and Real Life.

1:26:20 | The Unibrow & King James unite in Lala-land – are they instant title favorites next season?

1:30:25 | The Warriors front office has a major dilemma on their hands…what’s next for KD & Klay? 

1:32:28 | J-Ham makes an announcement that will impact Mitch Unfiltered moving forward.