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  1. You’ve met your quota. You said that if you help one person, it’s worth it to share your story. I knew the feeling that you spoke about all too well. “Who the hell am I in the big scheme of things to be depressed?! I have a beautiful family, a home , & a job. I have no right to complain about life!” But I just couldn’t shake the feeling of inner sadness & failure. I listened to the podcast because I’m a fan (& never felt like you fell off) but I ended up rather than being entertained, being helped. I sat down & spoke with my wife, & just asked for some support. Thanks Mitch. Your folks might not have raised a perfect man, but they raised a man brave enough to make up for his mistakes. I look forward to listening again!

  2. Add me to the list. Thought you were telling My life story. I cannot tell you what the last 24 hours have been like. I already lost a lot in my life, time to start getting some back one step at a time!

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