Episode 47 – Blazers Voice Brian Wheeler Co-Hosts, Clippers Land Leonard & George, & Team USA Back to Back World Cup Champs!


Radio buddies reunite as the longtime voice of Trail Blazers basketball Brian Wheeler joins Mitch for Episode 47. The guys reminisce about how they first met and the unusual
circumstances that affected Brian with Mitch’s arrival to Seattle. They discuss the NBA Western conference hierarchy following this weekend’s news of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George teaming up on
the Clippers. A four-pack of guests on today’s show includes ESPN NBA writer Kevin Pelton, Dan Brechlin of the Hartford Courant, Alicia Rose DelGallo from ProSoccerUSA.com, & Samara Freemark of the In the Dark Podcast. Later, Wheels and Mitch weigh in the World Cup victory by Team USA and the earthquakes that have recently shaken up Southern California including a few quake stories of their own. Finally, the guys wrap up with a thought on a remarkable story of a youngster turning heads at Wimbledon and an opinion on MLB’s Midsummer Classic.


  • Kevin Pelton | ESPN NBA Writer on free agency news
  • Dan Brechlin | Hartford Courant writer on participation of transgender athletes in sports
  • Alicia Rose DelGallo | ProSoccerUSA.com editor live from France on Team USA World Cup Championship
  • Samara Freemark | Reporter for In the Dark podcast on Curtis Flowers criminal case


2:50 | Mitch & Wheels recall when they first met in the mid-90s and how Mitchy the Kid was in Seattle to ultimately take Brian’s job at the radio station.

20:13 | The Blazers have made some moves since the season wrapped up including inking Dame Lillard to a massive extension.

23:09 | The guys recall their Sunday tradition when they were working together in their early radio years.

30:46 | Episode 47 naming considerations are presented to Brian to mull over to reveal the winner at the end of the show.

34:27 | With Kawhi and George heading to the Clippers, rank the Western Conference heading into next season.

37:15 | Which team that calls The Staples Center home the more complete roster right now?

40:12 | Are the Warriors undervalued given their latest odds to win the title in 2020?

44:12 | Kevin Pelton weighs in on the moves that paired Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in LA and also discusses the market for Russell Westbrook.

59:09 | Dan Brechlin shares the story of how high school track in Connecticut has opened a national dialogue about transgender athletes competing in sports.

1:20:04 | Live from France, Alicia Rose DelGallo recaps the World Cup final match and discusses the off-the-field topics the players have been vocal about during the tournament.

1:35:17 | Samara Freemark summarizes the saga of Curtis Flowers which has featured a half-dozen trials over the span of 21 years and the latest news that may eventually set him free from death row.

1:52:49 | The United States Women’s National Team are back to back World Cup champs!

1:54:15 | SoCal Earthquakes this week halted some Summer League hoops games and also shook up some memories of quakes that Brian and Mitch recall over the years.

2:00:13 | Do you have CoCo Gauff fever after the 15 year old stunned the tennis world by knocking off Venus Williams at Wimbledon?

2:02:04 | Will the guys watch the MLB All Star Game and Home Run Derby or has it lost its luster?

Episode 46 – Matisse Thybulle Checks In, NBA Free Agency Floodgates Open, & Direction of Mitch Unfiltered Determined

Today’s jam-packed episode begins with finding out that Hotshot was duped by a parody OJ Simpson Twitter account. The guys set the table for what to expect on Mitch Unfiltered moving forward. Mitch and Scott react to free agency news in the NBA which features Brooklyn landing Kyrie and KD. Where will Kawhi end up? Guests include former Husky and recent first round NBA draft pick Matisse Thybulle, Vanderbilt baseball National Champion from Bellevue Ethan Paul, and sports gambling writer for ESPN David Purdum. Movie Mogul Max is back by popular demand to provide three hard-hitting box office breakdowns. Later, Mitch and Scott chat about the United States Women’s World Cup team that is on the brink of another championship, but in doing so has rubbed many people the wrong way during the tournament. Finally, the episode is dedicated not to an athlete that wore jersey #46, rather a PGA golfer who was victorious over the weekend and tragically is unable to share with his parents and girlfriend.


  • Matisse Thybulle | Former Husky, current Sixers small forward
  • Ethan Paul | Vanderbilt NCAA Baseball Champion, Bellevue native
  • David Purdum | ESPN Sports Gambling writer


0:13 | Scott was duped by a parody O.J. Simpson account

6:40 | Mitch puts Hotshot under the podcast polygraph test, does he pass?

17:39 | The guys step into a time machine and reminisce about when they first met at the radio station.

21:58 | Scott reveals why he has not played fantasy football since the late 80s.

25:46 | Mitch presents an idea for the next Daniel’s Broiler listener event, are you in?

30:03 | The guys discuss the direction of the podcast moving forward and the benefits this format offers as opposed to radio.

40:05 | Even though we don’t have an NBA team in Seattle, the NBA free agency frenzy is fascinating.

51:02 | Matisse Thybulle discusses his whirlwind draft experience, career with the Huskies, and outlook heading into his rookie season with the Sixers.

1:02:54 | Bellevue native Ethan Paul shares his story that began in the Northwest and has taken him to Nashville where he is a National Champion with Vanderbilt Baseball and draft choice of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

1:18:15 | David Purdum uncovers the evolving landscape of sports gambling including reaction to the first month where Nevada was not the top gambling state in the country.

1:32:15 | Movie Mogul Max drops by to critique three summer blockbusters

1:41:24 | Which notable athletes in sports history had their careers cut short due to injuries?

1:43:55 | Are you a soccer fan and if so, are you rooting for the United States Women’s National Team given some polarizing behavior by some of the players during the World Cup?

1:49:00 | Nate Lashley gets the nod not only for winning the Rocket Mortgage Classic this weekend, but for persevering through a life-changing event he faced in college.

Episode 45 – Seahawks Mini-Camp Recap, Bittersweet Night for Drafted Dawgs, & Lies Your Parents Told You


Hotshot Scott is back with Mitch for an episode chock full of colorful storylines. They rewind to chat about some recent Mitch Unfiltered topics that have received some buzz. Scott shares an interesting NBA Draft nugget. Mitch is stunned OJ Simpson is on Twitter but even more shocked at the video he posted. The guys weigh in on Cam Newton’s flight debacle. Today’s guests include Seahawks reporter Brady Henderson, the venerable Ben Wright, and NBA Draft writer Kyle Boone. Later, Mitch and Scott realize they’ve been duped when they uncover #LiesYourParentsToldYou. It was a bittersweet moment for both Huskies taken in the NBA Draft. Despite Jaylen Nowell being selected in the middle of the second round,
would a third year on Montlake have been a wiser choice for the long-term? 


Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks reporter

Ben Wright | Legendary golf commentator

Kyle Boone | CBS Sports NBA Draft writer


0:56 | Podcast protocol that seems unnecessary

4:39 | Teaser for Episode 45-P

11:55 | Mitch reflects on the departure of J-Ham and the way it was intended to come across. 

14:53 | The guys wrap up the commentary that arose from the interview with 9/11 first responder Rob Serra.

20:48 | Well-known 45s…but not quite accomplished enough to have the show named after them. 

26:08 | Scott shares an interesting stat about overall #1 picks in the NBA Draft.

30:10 | Mitch has his reservations about Zion and the expectations heaped on him.

32:02 | OJ Simpson is new to Twitter and he isn’t off to a great start as he announces he is using the platform because he has “a little gettin’ even to do”.

36:24 | Pass interference can now be challenged in the NFL – do you like this rule change? 

40:22 | Cam Newton offered $1,500 cash for a little extra leg-room on a long flight, but was given the stiff arm.

53:10 | Brady Henderson breaks down the action that took place at the VMAC during Seahawks minicamp as the team completed its final organized workouts leading up to training camp.

1:12:43 | Ben Wright recaps the a golf major like no one else can, in this case the 2019 U.S. Open.

1:54:28 | Kyle Boone weighs in on the 2019 NBA Draft – what are his expectations for this rookie class?

1:54:28 | The guys address some familiar lies your parents told you. How long does gum stick around in your system if swallowed? Is there a law against turning on your cabin light in your car while driving?

2:00:00 | Le’Veon Bell left his house for a workout and when he returned, there was over a million dollars in cash, jewelry, and clothes gone…as well as the two naked girls that were in his bed.

2:04:00 | Jason Vargas threatened to “knock you the f*** out” to a reporter.

2:05:53 | It was an emotional night for Thybulle and Nowell who were unable to share the moment with both parents and how would this year’s team have looked if Jaylen had returned?


Episode 44 – Blockbuster Trade Sends Davis to Lakers, Woodland Spoils Koepka's Threepeat Bid, & 18 Years Later: The Lasting Effects of 9/11 with First Responder Rob Serra


Mitch & J-Ham tee off today’s episode with reaction to the U.S. Open which featured a first-time major winner, a near-three peat, and some frowned-upon behavior by some of golf’s biggest names. With three down and one to go, the guys update you on the standings of the Mitch Unfiltered Majors Challenge. Guests include 9/11 first responder Rob Serra, ESPN NBA writer Kevin Pelton, & author Anya Kamenetz. Later, they dive into the Anthony Davis trade & how the Lakers fit into the list of contenders next season. Also, the guys pull out their crystal ball to predict how Golden State management will handle the contracts of their two injured stars. Finally, Jason D. makes an announcement that will shake things up on Mitch Unfiltered.


Rob Serra | 9/11 first responder & advocate for the Victim Compensation Fund

Kevin Pelton | Seattle-based NBA writer for ESPN 

Anya Kamenetz | Author of The Art of Screen Time: How Your Family Can Balance Digital Media and Real Life


7:07 | How did Movie Mogul Max’s mitigation letter for “the rolling stop” turn out?

15:40 | Episode 44 – let’s name it!

18:28 | Gary Woodland keeps his composure down the stretch to fend off Brooks Koepka who played with what looked like a wad of tobacco in his mouth in the 119th U.S. Open. 

25:36 | Golfers behaving badly: Patrick Reed releases inner Bo Jackson after errant shot and Spieth lashes out at caddy.

31:45 | Update on the Mitch Unfiltered Majors Challenge.

36:26 | Jon Stewart blasts Congress for not extending the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund.

45:10 | 9/11 first responder Rob Serra shares his heroic story at Ground Zero and the lifechanging impact it has had nearly two decades later.

1:00:54 | ESPN’s Kevin Pelton weighs in on the trade sending Anthony Davis to the Lakers for Ball, Ingram, Hart, and the number four pick in the draft. Will it pay off for LA? 

1:14:49 | Author Anya Kamenetz discusses parenting strategies in the digital age outlined in her book The Art of Screen Time: How Your Family Can Balance Digital Media and Real Life.

1:26:20 | The Unibrow & King James unite in Lala-land – are they instant title favorites next season?

1:30:25 | The Warriors front office has a major dilemma on their hands…what’s next for KD & Klay? 

1:32:28 | J-Ham makes an announcement that will impact Mitch Unfiltered moving forward.

Episode 43 – Courtside Shenanigans in Golden State, Interviews with Local Baseball Stars Embarking on Big League Journey, & Last Call on Daniel's Broiler Dinner This Wednesday!


Mitch is joined by an old pal for Episode 43, former board operator “Hot Shot Scott” Scott Soden. The guys hash out how they originally met and the landscape around the studio when they first got started in radio. Then, they discuss the powerful interview in Episode 42 with Steven Elliott author of War Story and the challenges our American heroes face when returning from duty. The guys chat about the front row fiascos involving Beyoncé and Nicole Curran & Kyle Lowry & Mark Stevens during the NBA Finals. Then, Mitch is joined by Mariners draftee Austin Shenton, Phil Barber from The Press Democrat in the Bay Area, and MLB 1st rounder from Lakeside HS Corbin Carroll. Finally, Mitch makes his U.S. Open pick and the guys close out by recalling some of the notable (and mostly uncomfortable) moments during the early days of the radio show!


Austin Shenton | Mariners 5th round draft pick & Bellingham native

Phil Barber | Sports columnist for The Press Democrat (Santa Rosa)

Corbin Carroll | D’Backs 1st round pick from Lakeside High School


0:04 | Wait a sec, you’re not J-Ham, but you look very familiar sitting over there in the co-host chair for Episode 43!

14:35 | Reaction to the interview with Steven Elliott in Episode 42 which describes the battle many soldiers face when returning home from battle.

31:03 | Reminders to get in your picks for the Unfiltered Majors Challenge & to sign up for the Evening at Daniel’s Broiler this Wednesday at www.mitchunfiltered.com!

33:03 | An exchange with a polite (and funny!) older gentlemen at The Issaquah Café got Mitch thinking about the massive shift in the way people communicate in modern society.

37:34 | Naming of the show (whether you like it or not!)  

40:17 | Beyoncé dishes out a mean stink-eye to Warriors owner’s wife Nicole Curran and it was all caught on camera.

44:51 | Warriors minority owner Mark Stevens can’t keep his hands to himself when Kyle Lowry crashes into the first row and pays the piper for it.

54:14 | New Mariner Austin Shenton shares his inspiring story from humble roots in Bellingham to playing college ball in Florida then drafted by his favorite team as a kid.

1:16:20 | Longtime columnist for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat Phil Barber weighs in on the push by Mark Stevens on Kyle Lowry. Was the punishment dealt by the league appropriate?

1:39:44 | MLB 1st round pick for the Arizona Diamondbacks from Lakeside High School Corbin Carroll talks about his baseball journey thus far and what lies ahead in his quest to the big leagues.

1:55:48 | Who does Mitch select to win the U.S. Open which begins this Thursday at Pebble Beach? 

1:57:33 | Mitch tells a classic story back in the early radio days about the angriest he ever saw Mike Gastineau.

2:04:13 | Hot Shot Scott just had to bring up the “Sean McDonough” incident which ranks high on the all-time awkward list.

2:10:58 | The guys recall an interview many years ago with Robert Shapiro that had a lasting impact and made Mitch’s Father proud.

2:13:14 | Scott shares a story about the horrendous interview he had with Leigh Steinberg which clearly demonstrated the agent’s lack of broadcasting acumen.

Episode 42 – Tub of Goo Wins Heavyweight Crown, McDowell Vents Spleen on Twitter, & an American Hero Steps Out of Darkness


Episode “Jackie Robinson” begins with J-Ham explaining how his weekend plans were derailed. Mitch had quite an eventful Saturday of his own involving a former Sonics star. The guys react to game two of the NBA Finals including President Obama’s sleek outfit of choice in the arena. Then, they revisit the continued Malik McDowell lawsuit and his recent Twitter tirade. The guys get a hearty laugh about the stunning heavyweight boxing victory by Andy Ruiz who probably can’t even put on the championship belt. Later, Mitch is joined by Steven Elliott who talks about his heroic and tragic autobiographical account War Story. Gerald McCoy’s prospects of landing in Seattle have dissolved, is this a big miss by the Hawks front office? The lowly Mariners made a trade over the weekend and it doesn’t move anyone’s needle although two baseball statistics may raise your eyebrows.


Steven Elliott – Former Army Ranger & author of War Story which chronicles the friendly fire which killed Pat Tillman he claims responsibility for.


6:52 Mitch’s round of golf with a Sonics legend takes a nosedive down the stretch.

21:10 | Warriors take game 2 in Toronto in front of a leather-jacket clad Barack Obama.

23:00 Malik McDowell lashes out on Twitter as the lawsuit by the Hawks to recoup his bonus drags on. 

26:42 Hank Haney’s crass prediction came to fruition at the LPGA U.S. Open.

29:30 | Mitch unveils his nominees for Athletes of the Week – UCLA’s ace, a sneaky wide receiver, and a tubby boxer.

41:24 | Retired Army Ranger Steven Elliott known for the source of friendly fire that took the life of Pat Tillman discusses his latest book War Story that describes the repercussions of his life-changing incident.

1:17:23 | Reminder that the Mitch Unfiltered Evening at Daniel’s Broiler is coming up and details about golfing with Mitch to raise funds for the YMCA…a win-win!

1:20:55 | The Seahawks are no longer in the Gerald McCoy sweepstakes, big deal or not?

1:23:32 | Why is ESPN so fixated on adding Peyton to the Monday Night Football booth?

1:26:17 Jay Bruce heading to Philly and nobody gives a damn.

1:28:56 Mitch spills the beans about how his round of golf with Jack Sikma ended on Saturday.


Episode 41 – Remembering Pat Tillman, Gerald McCoy in Free Agent Limbo, & Can Kawhi Conquer?


The guys celebrate National Hamburger Day (yes, it exists. Google it!) with story time relating to both “All in the Family” and “The Jeffersons” following their recent revival episode. Then, they discuss the continued delay of Gerald McCoy’s next NFL landing spot and if the Hawks are still in the mix. Later, they launch into some hoops talk to preview the NBA Finals matchup and the potential outcomes that could take place depending on who wins. The coveted “athlete of the week” award is handed out and it’s a real slap in the face to Tom Gillis who is the honorable mention. Mitch & Jason close the show with some additional points on the Jaden McDaniels commitment to UW last week and the shocking decision made by a top national recruit in RJ Hampton.


Steve Phillips – Former Mets GM and current MLB analyst

Darren Urban – Longtime reporter for the Arizona Cardinals

Greg Auman – Tampa Bay Bucs writer for The Athletic 


0:12 Happy National Hamburger Day!

11:35 The lowdown on the new Mitch merch – see what’s new at www.mitchunfiltered.com!

14:11 All in the Family/The Jefferson’s had a revival show which spurs two childhood memories Mitch had pertaining to actors from both shows. Jason is in disbelief!

23:01 Gerald McCoy is still available…yay or nay for the Hawks?

25:40 NBA Finals are set and the guys make their picks.

31:07 Mitch hands out his “athlete of the week” and honorable mention awards.

37:57 Steve Phillips shares his thoughts on Bill Buckner’s life and legacy and weighs in on the worst nightmare of NL pitchers so far this season: Cody Bellinger and Christian Yelich.

Darren Urban who has covered the Cardinals for two decades reflects on the heroism of Pat Tillman and provides some inspiring anecdotes prior to his tragic death.

| Tampa Bay Bucs writer Greg Auman stops by to give the latest on Gerald McCoy and where he may ultimately land.

1:19:45 The repercussions of Jaden McDaniels staying home and where the UW basketball program is headed are promising.

1:27:50 Top recruit RJ Hampton is skipping college hoops to play “down under”. Is this a one-off or a message about the outlook of the modern young basketball player?

Episode 40 – Reign Man Rejected, Movie Mogul Max, Bravo Brooks & Mitch Does Marv For Marv

Mitch & Jason are all over the map in Episode 40. From Brooks Koepka to Jockey-less horses. From Dairy Queen in Munday Texas to Lil Penny in Memphis. From Gale Sayers and Shawn Kemp to Marv Albert and Lady Gaga.  

Table of Contents

0:0:00  Mitch’s picks absolutely suck

0:03:35  Mitch’s family runs into Brooks Koepka

00:08:10  Ben Wright is a late scratch because…

00:12:38  Mitch cold calls DAIRY QUEEN in Munday, Texas                                   (LJ Colllier’s tiny hometown)

00:19:20  Gale Sayers or Shawn Kemp #40

00:26:10  J-Ham thinks Patron Shows are better

00:28:00  Mitch is MYSTIFIED about Brooks Koepka’s PGA Tour record

00:35:20  Mitch’s Athlete of the Weeks is jockey-less Bodexpress

00:37:24  Golden State better without KD???

00:41:40  Patrick Peterson (suspended) should get his money back

00:46:50  GUEST: Kent Somers (Columnist Arizona Republic) on suspension of all-pro Patrick Peterson

00:56:15  GUEST: Mark Gionnotto (Columnist Memphis Commercial Appeal) on the Penny Hardaway’s phenomenal recruiting

1:12:00  GUEST: Movie Mogul Max reviews 2 new films, the NBA Draft Lottery and awkwardly watches R rated movie with his mom

1:32:10  Why doesn’t Mitch talk more about the Mariners?

1:37:30  Mitch confesses that he loves Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper song & J-Ham and listeners follow suit

1:45:20  J-Ham asks his wife if Josh Groban song is cheesy

1:50:15  Mitch tells story of doing Marv Albert impression for Marv Albert himself

Episode 39 – Pete Plucks a Pair of Pass Rushers, C.J. and Kawhi Shine in Game 7, & Make Your Pick to Win the PGA Championship in the Mitch Unfiltered Majors Challenge


Today’s show leads off with a tribute to Mom on this Mother’s Day. The guys then try to make sense of some recurring Mitch Unfiltered technical issues to the best of their ability. Mitch & J-Ham name the show and address the big news from the VMAC this week – is the door fully closed on Baldwin’s football career? Interview focal points include Seahawks recent defensive line acquisitions and potential impact rookies. Also, an NBA conference finals sneak peek and draft overview. Later, they look into their crystal ball to predict the likely next stage of Jaylen Nowell & Matisse Thybulle’s hoops careers and they can’t end the show without mentioning the high school sprinter sensation from Texas all over Twitter.


  • Dave Birkett – Detroit Free Press
    • Will Ansah be healthy by the start of the season?
    • Expectations of Ziggy at this stage of his career
  • Brady Henderson – ESPN Seahawks Reporter
    • Player profile of new acquisition Al Woods
    • Chances of Baldwin returning to the league 
    • Schneider & Carroll are capable of going on a shopping spree given the current cap situation – will they?
    • Mini-camp wrap up – rookies that turned heads
  • Kevin Pelton – ESPN NBA Writer
    • Conference Finals preview
    • Top free agents in the offseason – who are they and where are they likely to go?
    • NBA Draft overview including projections for local prospects Thybulle & Nowell

Episode 38 – NFL Round-Up with Peter King, Life in the Mysterious Transfer Portal, & Blazers Win Marathon Game 3

The guys are back and they run the gamut of topics in Episode 38 including a silly story about a well-known number thirty-eight around these parts. J-Ham relives his tale in the transfer portal with the topic fresh in everyone’s minds about the UW quarterbacks who entered earlier in the week, they take care of some Mitch Unfiltered “bitness”, and the episode is named. Also, Mitch recaps his weekend in Portland where he and his sons attended the quadruple overtime thriller in Moda Center, they weigh in on the controversial finish at The Kentucky Derby, and some initial thoughts about the opening days of Seahawks rookie mini camp.

Guests included in this episode:

  • Peter King | NFL writer for NBC Sports 
  • Corey Brock | Seattle-based MLB writer for The Athletic
  • Lauren Kirschman | Washington Huskies beat writer for The News Tribune