Everyone who BEATS THE BOYS wins a prize



  • Mitch Unfiltered’s “Beat The Boys” presented by Fireside Home Solutions
  • Listen to the Mitch Unfiltered Podcasts released on Mondays
  • Mitch will identify the 3 NFL games AND the weekly password that you’ll need to make your picks
  • Go to the contest website & pick the winners of ONLY those 3 games (each week)
  • Pick more correct winners than Mitch, Hot Shot Scott, Slickhawk, Producer Steve, Danny O'Neil and Movie Mogul Max for the season and you’ll win a prize
  • Prizes includes Cash, Daniel Broiler dinners, Zeeks Pizza gift cards, free patron months & more!

Where to sign up?: Click the button below!

Or go to RunMyPools.com, click JOIN POOL and enter NYQZ