Episode 257 – Seahawks Defense Smothers Giants & More Mariners Questions Than Answers


To kick off the show, the guys try to make sense of what they just witnessed as the Seahawks defense took the Giants behind the woodshed with Devon Witherspoon leading the charge. Then, Scott shares a recent story about tempers flaring at a local gym during an AAU basketball tournament before the guys wrap their arms around the Mariners collapse to end the 2023 season. A four-pack of guests are Brian Nemhauser for a Seahawks gameday recap, Jason Churchill and Joe Doyle for the Mariners No-Table, and Rick Neuheisel for his weekly visit. The “Other Stuff” segment features topics such as the upcoming Huskies game against Oregon, a Missouri teacher on OnlyFans losing her gig, & Curt Schilling being called out by Jason Varitek’s wife for disclosing Tim Wakefield’s health condition prior to his passing.


  • Brian Nemhauser | Hawk Blogger
  • Jason Churchill | Prospect Insider
  • Joe Doyle | Director, MLB Draft – ProspectsLive  
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst


0:00 | What Seahawks team did we just watch on Monday Night Football?

9:30 | Mitch reveals the code word for the upcoming lineup of games.

12:47 | Hotshot can’t avoid drama at youth sports games…this time at a hoops tourney.  

24:17 | Today’s Stump the Band question will further add to your anger about the M’s failure to make the playoffs.

32:25 | Can we chalk up the Mariners choke-job simply to the front office refusing to spend “uncomfortable money” in the offseason or are there other factors?

51:54 | GUEST: Brian Nemhauser joins Mitch to chat about the dominant win for the Seahawks on primetime over the Giants on Monday night. 

1:10:48 | GUESTS: With the Mariners officially knocked out of playoff contention, Jason and Joe hop aboard to break down the collapse down the stretch and the next steps to rebound next season.

1:34:32 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel returns to recap the notable results across the top college teams and takes a peek ahead to the highly-anticipated rivalry against between Washington and Oregon.

2:00:39 | “Other Stuff” topics include the upcoming annual rivalry game between the Huskies and Ducks, an English teacher being placed on leave after the school finding her X-rated content online, and Jason Varitek’s wife blasting Curt Schilling for leaking the Tim Wakefield cancer diagnosis. 

Episode 256 – No Frills Victory & Final October Push


Mitch begins the episode by asking Hotshot a question about the caliber of college football hailing from the state of Washington. In segment one, the talk about the incredible passing statistics through four games before discussing the anticipated week ahead for the M’s and the Hawks win on Sunday. Four featured guests are Seahawks reporters Brady Henderson and Brian Nemhauser, CBS Sports college football analyst Rick Neuheisel, and former Seahawks No-Table member “Joey Vegas” aka Joe Fann. “Other Stuff” topics range from “Lefty” declaring his lack of sports gambling, the price tag on a Bob Ross painting, and backlack about Adrian Peterson’s invite to Dancing with the Stars.


  • Brady Henderson | Seahawks NFL Nation reporter
  • Brian Nemhauser | Hawk Blogger
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Joe Fann | Former Seahawks No-Table member  


0:00 | Do two of the best college football teams in America reside in the state of Washington?

8:30 | Mitch reveals the code word for the upcoming lineup of games.

14:45 | Michael Penix Jr. is on a pace for passing yards and touchdowns through the first month of the season that are hard to believe.  

18:47 | Could UW lose a game in the regular season and still find a way into the college football playoff?

20:27 | Despite getting swept, the Mariners still found a way to end the weekend still alive in the wildcard chase thanks to the Royals.

30:57 | The Seahawks took care of business at Lumen Field on Sunday by notching a comfortable win against the lowly Panthers.

38:53 | GUESTS: Brady and Brian hop aboard to discuss the main takeaways from the double-digit victory over Carolina on Sunday at home. 

1:10:56 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel is back for his weekly chat to discuss the pregame speech by Dan Lanning before destroying Deion’s Buffs and the emerging elite teams across college football!

1:37:43 | GUEST: Original member of the Seahawks No-Table Joe Fann makes a return to the show to chat about his professional pivot from sports reporting to real estate and his outlook on the final homestretch for the Mariners.

2:08:42 | The “Other Stuff” segment features details about Phil Mickelson’s declaration of no gambling this football season, the final cost on a painting by the notorious television artist Bob Ross, and the criticism about Adrian Peterson’s invite to the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars! 

Episode 255 – Motor City Miracle & Huskies Slam Sparty


To kick things off, Mitch and Scott debate whether or not they would have traded the Seahawks win for a pair of Mariners wins over the weekend before a round of Stump the Band. Then, the guys chat about their lack of interest in the Video Music Awards, the high-flying Huskies and Cougs, and of course, the unexpected win for the Seahawks at Ford Field on Sunday. The four-pack of featured guests Seahawks insiders Brady Henderson and Brian Nemhauser, Rick Neuheisel, and owner of Jack’s American Pub in Milwaukee Scott Schaefer. The “Other Stuff” segment features topics such as Ohtani cleaning out his locker in Anaheim, lottery winner Edwin Castro spending his winnings lavishly, and a high school band director tased for refusing to stop playing.


  • Brady Henderson | Seahawks NFL Nation reporter
  • Brian Nemhauser | Hawk Blogger
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Scott Schaefer | Jack’s American Pub owner  


0:00 | Geno Smith had a heroic effort on Sunday except the inexplicable play which throwing the ball away was the easy decision.

3:40 | Would you have traded the Seahawks win for two wins against the Dodgers over the weekend?

5:47 | The fellas play Stump the Band with the topic of college football trivia.

13:20 | Mitch provides this week’s code word for the Beat the Boys trio of games.

21:22 | How many wins do the M’s need down the stretch to retain a spot in the postseason?

22:54 | Michael Penix Jr. either throws to wide open receivers or just lets it fly and watch his wideouts get it.

27:00 | Don’t sleep on the Cougs because they’re not a team to be messed with!

30:14 | How did the Seahawks pull off a win in Detroit on Sunday after seeing the performance in week one?

48:18 | GUESTS: Brady Henderson and Brian Nemhauser gather round the Seahawks No-Table for instant reaction to Sunday’s overtime thriller versus Detroit. 

1:11:59 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel hops aboard following a weekend of college football featuring victories for the Dawgs and Buffs as well as a memorable game winning kick for Mizzou!

1:39:12 | GUEST: By popular demand, Jack’s American pub Scott Schaefer is back for an update on his Aaron Rodgers-based offer and the scene on the Monday Night Football debut.

1:53:26 | “Other Stuff” segment topics include a hypothetical trade for Shohei Ohtani, new purchases by Powerball winner Edwin Castro, and an unusual police encounter at a high school football game with a band director!  

Episode 254 – Failure To Launch & Sark Stuns Saban


At the top of the show, the guys throw their hands up in the air after that thud at Lumen Field before some podcast housekeeping including a Patron membership offer and Beat the Boys update. Segment one features reaction to the blowout loss to the Rams in week one, impressive performances by Wazzu and UW, and the continued September slump for the Mariners. Four guests on today’s episode are ESPN Seahawks insider Brady Henderson and Hawkblogger writer Brian Nemhauser, CBS Sports college football analyst Rick Neuheisel, and author of Rocket Men John Eisenberg. “Other Stuff” stories range from Deion Sanders’ current recruiting venture to the who’s who collection of notable names to watch Coco Gauff win in Queens to a grotesque story about a non-wiping woman.


  • Brady Henderson | Seahawks NFL Nation reporter
  • Brian Nemhauser | Hawk Blogger
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • John Eisenberg | Rocket Men author   


0:00 | We waited an entire Seahawks offseason full of hype and excitement for that?!

7:07 | Details about a special offer to become a Patron of Mitch Unfiltered for FREE are shared.

12:26 | Mitch reveals the code word for the upcoming slate of Beat the Boys matchups.

17:14 | You couldn’t have drawn up a worst-case scenario for the Seahawks to begin their season at home.

20:14 | Kudos to the Cougs and Dawgs for their 2-0 starts to kick off the college football season!

23:34 | Are the Mariners slip-sliding their way out of the playoffs!

35:11 | GUESTS: Brady and Brian join Mitch at the Seahawks No-Table to discuss the key takeaways from Sunday’s loss and the injury report heading into the week. 

1:01:02 | GUEST: Rick is back with the second week of the college football season in the rearview mirror including a major upset in Tuscaloosa.

1:28:21 | GUEST: Acclaimed sports author John Eisenberg previews his new book Rocket Men which chronicles the history of black quarterbacks in the NFL.

1:51:53 | The “Other Stuff” segment features topics such as Primetime’s latest recruiting target, the impressive list of celebs in attendance for Coco Gauff’s US Open final, and a woman who hasn’t used toilet paper in over two years!

Episode 253 – College Football Kickoff & Seahawks No-Table Debut


Hotshot is back with Mitch and the guys begin the show with some singing to honor the late Jimmy Buffett. Then, they chat about the mini-slump the M’s have fallen in, initial impressions of the Seahawks roster heading into the season opener, and the high-flying Huskies blowing out Boise State to kick off their 2023 campaign. A four-pack of guests are the return of Rick Neuheisel, Brady Henderson and Brian Nemhauser for the Seahawks No-Table, and owner of Jack’s American Pub in Milwaukee Scott Schaefer. The “Other Stuff” segment features topics such as Primetime’s Buffs taking down TCU in week one, Kanye West and his new wife in trouble for indecent exposure in Italy, and the story of a hidden message written under a toilet seat.


  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Brady Henderson | Seahawks NFL Nation reporter
  • Brian Nemhauser | Hawk Blogger
  • Scott Schaefer | Jack’s American Pub owner   


0:00 | The guys tip their cap to Jimmy Buffett with a rendition of Margaritaville.

5:15 | Beat the Boys is back for another season and Mitch gives the listener a refresher of the simple rules.

21:18 | Hotshot tried to make lemonade out of lemons during his recent camping outing.

24:28 | The Mariners have run into a bit of a wall to begin September after their scorching hot August!

27:40 | What should Hawks fans expect to see from the defense when the regular season finally kicks off this weekend?

33:00 | Michael Penix Jr. and his talented group of wide receivers wasted no time with their aerial assault in the first week against Boise State.

41:59 | GUEST: With the first week of college football in the books, Rick Neuheisel is back for his first of many weekly visits to take a trip around the biggest games and Heisman watch.

1:14:11 | GUEST: ESPN NFL Nation writer Brady Henderson and Hawk Blogger Brian Nemhauser gather round the Seahawks No-Table with Mitch as week one awaits. 

1:48:32 | GUEST: Jack’s American Pub owner Scott Schaefer chats about the promotion at his Milwaukee-area bar this football season.

2:03:00 | “Other Stuff” topics range from Deion Sanders’ impression start leading Colorado over TCU, Yeezy getting busted on a boat in Italy, and a woman finding a warning written on her toilet by someone she dated!

Episode 252 – Rock Bottom To Catbird Seat & Football Kickoff Flyover


At the top of the show, Groz explains the backstory of naming his family’s new shitzu which has a tie to the Mariners before Mitch reveals the gift Dave recently gave him in a handwritten envelope. Then, “The Groz” shares his journey living with Parkinson’s Disease followed by the guys chatting about this glorious stretch of Seattle sports with the M’s on fire and the promising Dawgs and Hawks ready to kick off the season. They dig into the keys to the M’s success thus far and the road ahead. Three guest segments are the Mariners No-Table with Jason & Joe, Brady Henderson for a Seahawks roster update, and recurring guest of the podcast Peter King of NBC Sports. “Other Stuff” segment topics range from Seahawks and Huskies win totals to worrisome Hawks position groups to the memorable life of American icon Bob Barker.


  • Jason Churchill | Prospect Insider
  • Joe Doyle | Director, MLB Draft – ProspectsLive
  • Brady Henderson | Seahawks NFL Nation reporter
  • Peter King | NBC Sports NFL columnist  


0:00 | What was the inspiration for Dave Grosby’s new dog?

3:38 | Dave gave his old pal Mitch a betting ticket on his beloved Dolphins to win the Super Bowl.

13:18 | Dave Grosby discusses the challenges living with Parkinson’s Disease and the hope that lies ahead with advanced research.

18:23 | Seattle sports fans are in uncharted territory with the Mariners, Seahawks, and Huskies all have an optimistic outlook at the same time!

26:12 | Is the Julio we’re seeing now the type of player M’s fans should expect to see moving forward?

29:26 | Will the M’s regret trading Paul Sewald down the stretch with no clear-cut closer on the club?

33:54 | Mitch lays out all the perks Seattle receives in the MLB postseason if they capture the AL West crown.

40:31 | GUEST: Jason and Joe are back for the Mariners No-Table with the hometown nine in sole possession of the AL West standings.

1:13:41 | GUEST: Seahawks insider Brady Henderson is back with the NFL preseason in the book and the Seahawks final roster shaping up for the regular season. 

1:40:45 | GUEST: Peter King checks in with the NFL season ready to kick off and the Monday Morning Quarterback himself to take you around the league for the biggest storylines.

2:07:35 | The “Other Stuff” segment features includes a win total prop bet between the Hawks and Dawgs, areas of concern the Seahawks roster, and some lesser-known facts about the late Bob Barker!

Episode 251 – Neuheisel PAC-12 Eulogy & Penultimate Hawks Preseason Report Card


Today’s episode kicks off with Mitch telling a story about former Royals pitcher Mark Gubicza before a brief teaser about the M’s final stretch of regular season games and a reading of listener emails. Next, Mitch and Hotshot chat about the Mariners broadcast on Peacock with familiar voices in an unfamiliar tone, the playoff picture for the M’s, and Julio’s historic hitting streak. 
Three guest segments are with CBS Sports college football analyst Rick Neuheisel, Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, and longtime fried of the show Jason La Canfora in Baltimore. “Other Stuff” segment stories range from Sage Steele calling out Barbara Walters for assault, an arrest at the Denver International Airport of a man with an axe, and the introduction of Taylor Swift classes at major universities!   


  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Brady Henderson | Seahawks NFL Nation reporter
  • Jason La Canfora | 105.7 The Fan – Baltimore 


0:00 | Mitch wants no part of the Kansas City Royals and it reminds him of a story involving rotisserie baseball and Mark Gubicza in 1986.

5:39 | Get your tickets to the final stretch of the regular season at TMobile Park!

26:49 | The Mariners broadcast on Peacock had an unusual tone with Dave Sims trying to present himself as unbiased.

32:42 | The Mariners are no longer Houston’s little brother in the AL West!

34:20 | Julio’s four-game stretch of red-hot hitting is re-writing the record books and influencing the rest of the M’s lineup. 

48:17 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel is back with college football season ready for kickoff and a chance to catch up on the conference shakeup from the offseason.

1:15:29 | GUEST: Brady Henderson jumps aboard with preseason game two in the books and plenty of takeaways heading into the final exhibition against Green Bay. 

1:46:11 | GUEST: Jason La Canfora returns to weigh in on the King Felix social media kerfuffle and some predictions across the NFL .

2:10:11 | The “Other Stuff” segment features stories such as allegations about Barbara Walters elbowing Sage Steele, an ax-wielding man at the Denver airport, and college courses dedicated to Taylor Swift!

Episode 250 – Northeast Seattle Little League Headed to Williamsport & Seahawks Preseason Opener Notepad


At the top of the show, Mitch explains the statistical rarity of the Mariners game which he attended last night before the guys open the listener mailbag. Then, they chat about the underrated Boeing Classic, the subpar weekend for the Mariners, and George Kirby’s rising Cy Young chances. A trio of featured guests are Northeast Seattle Little League head coach Christian Shewey, Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, and former Wazzu quarterback and current broadcaster Alex Brink. The “Other Stuff” segment features topics such as “Lefty’s” longtime sports gambling addiction, the financial implications of Magic’s first shoe deal, and Lionel Richie upsetting his fans with a late cancellation of his show!     


  • Brady Henderson | Seahawks NFL Nation reporter
  • Christian Shewey | Northeast Seattle Little League head coach, Shewey Family Dentistry, UW catcher 1993-1996
  • Alex Brink | Former WSU quarterback & CFL veteran


0:00 | Since 1913, no pitcher has tossed a 9-inning shutout and lost…until Saturday night at T-Mobile Park.

4:57 | Lots of positivity flowing from the listeners in this week’s batch of emails.

19:43 | It’s a shame The Boeing Classic has dropped in attendance given the quality of play. 

23:35 | As expected, the Mariners found a way to “Felix” it on Saturday on the same night they honored The King. 

31:10 | It is wild to think George Kirby’s odds to win the AL Cy Young Award were 66:1 earlier this year!

37:28 | GUEST: Former Husky catcher and current dentist Christian Shewey chats about his Northeast Seattle Little League team bound for the World Series.

58:38 | GUEST: Brady Henderson hops aboard following the Seahawks first preseason game to discuss takeaways and the status of key personnel. 

1:22:19 | GUEST: Washington State Cougar legend Alex Brink shares some memories from his career and discusses the uncertain future for WSU athletics.

1:51:19 | “Other Stuff” stories range from Phil Mickelson’s notorious gambling history, to Magic Johnson’s regrettable shoe contract, to Lionel Richie’s late concert cancellation!

Episode 249 – Lunchbox Hero Travis Snider & Huskies Bolt to BIG10


To kick things off, the guys talk about “the fight”…not the Jake Paul one, rather the donnybrook between Tim Anderson and Jose Ramirez before previewing the Mitch Unfiltered football season show lineup. Next, Mitch and Hotshot chat about former Seafair broadcaster Pat O’Day, the failed Dee Eskridge experiment, the scorching hot M’s, and the PAC-12 collapse. Three guest segments are local former MLB ballplayer Travis Snider, On Montlake writer Christian Caple, & the Hawkblogger Brian Nemhauser. Stories in the “Other Stuff” segment range from an entertaining announcement made by an American Airlines pilot, Taylor Swift’s undeniable likeability, and the unusual request for Beyonce’s concert tour!     


  • Travis Snider | MLB veteran 08-15 & Kirkland native
  • Christian Caple | On Montlake & Say Who, Say Pod
  • Brian Nemhauser | Hawk Blogger


0:00 | The fight of Saturday night was the brawl between Tim Anderson and knockout artist Jose Ramirez. 

18:15 | Seafair always reminds the guys of the indelible Pat O’Day and the many stories working with him. 

22:23 | It appears the Dee Eskridge era can officially be classified as a total flop.

25:25 | The Mariners swept the Angels in Anaheim and can’t seem to lose these days even if they try. 

30:06 | UW and Oregon were in a similar situation as Alex Rodriguez in their decision to join the BIG10.

46:27 | GUEST: Former big leaguer from Kirkland Travis Snider shares his highlights and obstacles during his baseball career from little league to the show.

1:20:10 | GUEST: Christian Caple is back to share the details and his analysis of UW & Oregon leaving the PAC12 for the BIG10.

1:44:09 | GUEST: Brian Nemhauser joins the podcast for the first time to chat about the rise of popularity in his blog and the outlook for the 2023 Seahawks.

2:09:06 | The “Other Stuff” segment features topics such as the viral rant by an airline pilot to the passengers, the kind acts by the ultra-popular Taylor Swift, and Beyonce’s personal toilet requests!

Episode 248 – Netflix "Quarterback" Behind the Scenes & MLB Trade Deadline Looming


At the top of the show, Mitch and Hotshot try to wrap their arms around the Taylor Swift madness before taking a deep dive into Pontiac Silverdome history. Then, the guys chat about the five paths Jerry Dipoto can take heading into the MLB trade deadline. A trio of featured guests are Quarterback executive producer Keith Crossrow, MLB Pipeline writer Jim Callis, and 2023 Mariners draft pick Ben Williamson. The “Other Stuff” segment features topics such as the astronomical contract for Jaylen Brown & declined offer by Kylian Mbappe, Leon Neal’s jersey randomly worn by rapper Drake, and Mitch’s recap of Barbie!     


  • Keith Crossrow | Quarterback executive producer
  • Jim Callis | MLB Pipeline senior writer
  • Ben Williamson | Mariners 2023 2nd round pick third baseman


0:00 | How did Taylor Swift rise to the most popular act in music history? 

5:47 | The Pontiac Silverdome was the site of several memorable sports and non-sports events. 

24:00 | Which of the five main options with the M’s front office take before the August 1st trade deadline?

42:00 | GUEST: Executive producer of the Netflix hit Quarterback provides interesting tidbits about the recording and reception of the series.

1:03:55 | GUEST: Longtime MLB draft expert Jim Callis is back to provide a trade deadline overview as the big splash deals were non-existent this year.

1:23:33 | GUEST: Mariners third base draft pick Ben Williamson from William & Mary shares his baseball journey as his professional career begins.

1:42:02 | “Other Stuff” topics range from the record-setting deal for Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown and offer to soccer star Kylian Mbappe, an unlikely jersey worn by Drake, and Mitch shares his observations from Barbie which he caved into the pressure to see!