Episode 190 – Matt "Stretch" Johnson Sounders Celebration & Kenneth Walker III Coach's Report


To kick things off, Hotshot describes the wildlife ecounter he experienced when he arrived at Mitch’s house before a round of Stump the Band to correct some mistakes from Episode 189P. Then, the guys chat about their Mother’s Day weekend, the latest violent incident involving Earl Thomas, and the crumbling of Phil Mickelson’s reputation. A four-pack of featured guests are longtime friend Matt “Stretch” Johnson, Michigan State football coach Chris Kapilovic, PGA club pro Cary Cozby, and college basketball writer Mike Decourcy. Before closing out, Mitch and Scott volley “Other Stuff” topics ranging from KJ Wright return rumors, to the car wreck involving Jerry Jones, to Fred Savage being terminated from The Wonder Years reboot.  


  • Matt “Stretch” Johnson | Former Sounders broadcaster
  • Chris Kapilovic | Michigan State assistant head football coach
  • Cary Cozby | Southern Hills CC head pro
  • Mike Decourcy | Sporting News college hoops columnist


0:00 | Hotshot thought he was going to record a podcast, but ended up in the middle of a wildlife scuffle.  

26:51 | How did the guys celebrate Mothers Day with their family?

31:35 | Earl Thomas is embroiled in another domestic dispute which adds to his tragic off-the-field troubles.   

36:43 | Mitch has official put a halt to his placement of Phil Mickelson on his dislike list amidst his recent personal issues on and off the course. 

46:31 | GUEST: Stretch returns to for a friendly catch up and to put into perspective the Sounders CONCACAF victory. 

1:03:43 | GUEST: Michigan State offensive coach Chris Kapilovic joins the show to provide a scouting report of the Sehawks new tailback Kenneth Walker III. 

1:17:45 | GUEST: Southern Hills CC head pro Cary Cozby weighs in on Tiger’s recent practice round at his course as the PGA season heats up.   

1:38:46 | Mike Decourcy checks in to discuss the stepping away of Jay Wright, the latest NIL trends, and Gonzaga falling short once again.

1:58:54 | The show closes with “Other Stuff” topics such as the potential return of KJ Wright to Seattle, Jerry Jones car crash, and Fred Savage getting kicked off the reboot of The Wonder Years.   

Episode 189 – Seahawks No-Table & La Canfora Draft Summary

RUNDOWN   To begin the show, Mitch tests Hotshot with a round of Stump the Band before relishing in Julio’s first major league home run. Then, Mitch and Scott continue the discussion about umpire assaults before delving into their takeaways from draft weekend. The four pack of guests are Brady Henderson & Joe Fann for the No-Table, CBS Sports football writer Jason La Canfora, and Mississippi State offensive line coach Mason Miller. The “Other Stuff” segment covers AJ Brown’s trade terms, John Daly’s son landing a deal with Hooters, and a massive payout for disgruntled homeowners on a golf course.


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider 
  • Joe Fann | WynnBet & Blue Wire podcast host 
  • Jason La Canfora | CBS Sports NFL writer & 105.7 The Fan – Baltimore radio host
  • Mason Miller | Mississippi State offensive line coach


1:02 | Logan Gilbert is starting to turn heads with his hot start to the sesason. 

19:42 | It’s a shame that violence against umpires, many of whom are volunteers or kids are dealing with irate parents.

24:20 | The NFL draft is finally over and all of the common cringeworthy features were prevalent along the way.  

46:40 | GUESTS: Brady Henderson & Joe Fann jump aboard for a post-draft Seahawks No-Table.

1:26:54 | GUEST: Jason La Canfora is back to discuss the 2022 NFL Draft including the surprises and overall themes.

1:47:01 | GUEST: Former Wazzu and current Mississippi State offensive line coach provides a briefing about new Seahawks Charles Cross and Abraham Lucas.  

2:05:40 | The guys wrap up with the “Other Stuff” segment discussing the AJ Brown trade to the Eagles, John Daly’s son landing a nice NIL deal, and an unusual lawsuit verdict.  

Episode 188 – Overdue Umpire Safety Measures & Golf's Greatest Rivalry

RUNDOWN   To kick things off, Mitch tries to wrap his arms around the free base-runner rule in extra innings and why so many major leaguers can’t bunt. Then, the guys chat about Mike Salk’s comments about Kyle and Julie Seager including the subsequent backlash. Four featured guests are umpire Kristi Moore, Mississippi state rep Fred Shanks, golf writer Bob Harig, and sports author Kotsya Kennedy. The show wraps up with the “Other Stuff” segment with stories such as Deebo Samuel’s sour turn in San Fran, Mike Tyson’s plane punch, and the complex legacy of Joe Paterno. GUESTS  

  • Kristi Moore | Softball umpire
  • Fred Shanks | Mississippi state representative
  • Bob Harig | Tiger and Phil: Golf’s Most Fascinating Rivalry author
  • Kostya Kennedy | True: The Four Seasons of Jackie Robinson author


0:00 | Why is it so dang hard for MLB players to bunt the ball? 

24:09 | Mitch and Scott discuss the comments and blowback of Mike Salk’s criticism of Kyle Seager and his wife’s social media presence.

51:00 | GUESTS: Softball umpire Kristi Moore shares her recent assault story and is followed up by Mississippi representative Fred Shanks to discuss a bill that would increase punishment for violence against officials. 

1:11:17 | GUEST: ESPN golf writer Bob Harig returns to chat about his latest release “Tiger and Phil: Golf’s Most Fascinating Rivalry”.

1:36:13 | GUEST: Author Kostya Kennedy joins the show to preview his new book about Jackie Robinson “True: The Four Seasons of Jackie Robinson”  

1:57:41 | Today’s “Other Stuff” segment features topics ranging from the talented and disgruntled Deebo Samuel, Mike Tyson punching an idiot in a plane, and the new documentary about Joe Paterno.  

Episode 187 – Neuheisel Dissects NIL & Konrad Reuland's Enduring Heartbeat


At the top of the show, Scott explains how he wants to just stay in Arizona after a week of sunshine. Then, the guys discuss the sale of Russell Wilson’s Seattle home and subsequent purchase in Denver. They also chat about the weekend for the M’s agains the Astros. A trio of guests are Rick Neuheisel, Mary Reuland, and restaurant owner Rajeev Gupte. Today’s “Other Stuff” topics include Kershaw getting snubbed of a perfect game bid, Ronald Reagan shooter John Hinckley Jr. preparing for a sold-out show, and a wild parlay bet.


  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Mary Reuland | Mother of late NFL player Konrad Neuland
  • Rajeev Gupte | Spice Fusion restaurant manager


27:10 | In a mere five years, Scott will be able to live in sunny Arizona as long as he can convince his wife. 

4:23 | Russell and Ciara swapped their Bellevue mansion to a new picturesque estate in Denver for $25 million.

15:49 | The M’s picked up two of three against Houston over the weekend and the pitching is looking promising.  

1:02:40 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel is back for an offseason chat to weigh in on the dynamics of NIL in college football including the rise of “

42:01 | GUEST: Mary Reuland shares the story of her son Konrad who passed away in 2016 at age 29 and whose heart was transplanted into childhood sports hero Rod Carew.

1:17:42 | GUEST: Rajeev Gupte joins the show to chat about how his restaurant Spice Fusion in England started a unique concept to enhance ambience for guests.  

1:31:34 | The episode concludes with the “Other Stuff” segment to chat about Clayton Kershaw getting pulled from a possible perfecto, Reagan’s shooter John Hinckley Jr.’s upcoming show, and a crazy parlay wager.  

Episode 186 – Steve Phillips MLB Predictions & Scheffler Dons First Green Jacket


To kick things off, Mitch admits he’s an Amy Schumer fan after watching the Oscars then reads an email from loyal listener Brad from Corvallis. Then, Mitch and Hotshot chat about the first weekend of Mariners baseball and the disappointment for Husky fans as another star in our own backyard is headed to Eugene. Three guests are former Mets GM Steve Phillips, PGA golfer Ken Green, and Penn Medicine nurse Sam Roecker. The show wraps up with “Other Stuff” topics ranging from the recent Beckham wedding to Magic Johnson’s sour opinion of Winning Time to an auction of Tiger’s golf clubs!  


  • Steve Phillips | Former Mets GM and current MLB analyst 
  • Ken Green | Fomer PGA golfer
  • Sam Roecker | Penn Medicine nurse


4:23 | Mitch opens the mailbag to read a bittersweet note by Brad from Corvallis.

15:49 | Scott is in Game Changer hell trying to track down a highlight from his daughter’s softball game.  

22:26 | After three games, the 2022 Mariners are picking up right where they left off last season.  

27:10 | Rainier Beach football star Josh Conerly made his verbal committment to the Ducks. 

42:01 | GUEST: Longtime guest Steve Phillips pulls out his MLB crystal ball to make his picks for the 2022 season.

1:02:40 | GUEST: Ken Green returns to the show following the Masters to chat about Scheffler’s win and Tiger’s valiant return to Augusta.

1:17:42 | GUEST: Pennsylvania nurse and elite runner Sam Roecker discusses her plans to race the Boston Marathon next Monday in her medical scrubs for a good cause.  

1:31:34 | “Other Stuff” segment topics range from the star-studded Beckham wedding to backlash against Winning Time to the massive price tag for a set of Tiger’s irons.  

Episode 185 – NFL Draft No-Table & Husky Football Sneak Peek


At the top of the show, the guys address “the slap” which happened during the recording of Episode 184 and the guys have a laugh about a first on Mitch Unfiltered. Then, they discuss the tough finish to Coach K’s career against the surging Tar Heels and the buzz for Julio Rodriguez. A four pack of featured guests are and Danny Kelly and Josh Edwards for the NFL Draft No-Table, UW writer Christian Caple from The Athletic, and actor Sean Patrick Small from Winning TIme. Today’s “Other Stuff” segment topics include the low expectations for this year’s Seahawks team according to Vegas, George Karl’s upcoming induction in the hall of fame, and Eric Church cancelling a show, but making good for his fans!  


  • Danny Kelly | The Ringer NFL writer
  • Josh Edwards | CBS Sports NFL draft writer
  • Christian Caple | The Athletic UW reporter
  • Sean Patrick Small | Winning Time actor


0:00 | Will Smith’s slap on Chris Rock happened at this time last week so the guys have to address it.

10:35 | In four years of Mitch Unfiltered, there has never been an request that happened this week.  

25:58 | North Carolina’s stunning late-season run has put them on the doorstep of winning a national title. 

31:42 | In one week, the sports calendar features the NCAA championship game, The Masters, and MLB opening day!  

39:50 | GUESTS: Danny Kelly and Josh Edwards gather round for the first edition of the NFL Draft No-Table.

1:10:45 | GUEST: Longtime Husky beat reporter Christian Caple jumps aboard to break down Kalen DeBoer’s roster in year one.

1:35:45 | GUEST: Sean Patrick Small checks in to talk about playing Larry Bird in the new hit series on HBO “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty”.

1:52:41 | “Other Stuff” segment topics range from the paltry win total in Vegas for the 2022 Seahawks, George Karl’s nomination for the Naismith Hall of Fame, and Eric Church’s last-minute concert cancellation.  

Episode 184 – Eldridge Recasner's Final Four Breakdown & Ken Green On Phil's Masters Absence


To kick things off, the guys open the listener mailbag and Mitch Unfiltered is losing listeners left and right! Mitch and Scott weigh in on this year’s March Madness as the tourney comes to a close and chat about how Tyreek Hill’s contract sets the bar for DK Metcalf on deck. They also react to Deshaun Watson’s insistence that the lawsuits against him are unfounded as he heads to the Browns. Today’s guests are Eldridge Recasner, Ken Green, and Auburn Trojans basketball coach Ryan Hansen. The “Other Stuff” segment topics range from Mike Tyson diffusing a hostile situation, Leah Shutkever’s McNugget eating challenge, and the tragic passing of Taylor Hawkins.  


  • Eldridge Recasner | The Athletic M’s writer   
  • Ken Green | New York Post columnist
  • Ryan Hansen | Prospect Insider writer


0:00 | The Seahawks currently have the second highest odds to land Baker Mayfield? 

23:20 | Only three games left, have you enjoyed the NCAA tournament thus far?  

26:35 | The Miami Dolphins are putting the pieces together to become competetive and their Tyreek Hill contract indirectly impacts the Hawks.  

33:36 | The Browns are confident Deshaun Watson is innocent despite the 22 accounts of inappropriate behavior against him. 

46:34 | GUEST: Eldridge Recasner returns to chat about the Final Four which is headed to his hometown of New Orleans.

1:09:47 | GUEST: Ken Green is back to discuss Phil Mickelson getting booted from playing in the 2022 Masters.

1:35:06 | GUEST: Ryan Hansen joins the show to talk about his Auburn Trojans winning the state title and gearing up for the national tournament in April.  

1:52:09 | Today’s “Other Stuff” segment features topics such as Mike Tyson stopping a hostile encounter, a chicken McNugget eating record, and Taylor Hawkins death.  

Episode 183 – Mariners No-Table & NFL Broadcast Booth Musical Chairs


Hotshot is back after state tournament basketball travel last weekend and before starting the show imagine what Baker Mayfield in a Seahawks uniform would look like and share how their brackets are faring. Then, Mitch and Scott chat about Rashaad Penny’s new contract, Deshaun Watson heading to Cleveland, and the sudden passing of sports reporting icon John Clayton. A four pack of featured guests are M’s writers Corey Brock from The Athletic & Jason Churchill from Prospect Insider for the Mariners No-Table, Andrew Marchand of New York Post, and ESPN women’s basketball writer Mechelle Voepel. The guys close out the show with “Other Stuff” such as lack of true upsets in college hoops, classic Molly Ringwald encounters, and the aftermath from Lia Thomas’ victory at the NCAA swimming championships.  


  • Corey Brock | The Athletic M’s writer   
  • Jason A. Churchill | Prospect Insider writer
  • Andrew Marchand | New York Post columnist
  • Mechelle Voepel | ESPN women’s basketball writer  


3:03 | The Seahawks currently have the second highest odds to land Baker Mayfield? 

19:05 | Does the one-year deal to keep Rashaad Penny make sense for the Hawks?  

22:58 | The Browns stated they have vetted Deshaun Watson’s case sufficiently to sign him to a cleverly inked contract.  

30:39 | Scott shares a few personal memories of the late John Clayton. 

41:56 | GUESTS: Corey Brock and Jason Churchill hop aboard to weigh in on Julio Rodriguez’s 2022 big league projections and the pick up of Suarez and Winker.

1:09:22 | GUEST: Andrew Marchand returns to provide a rundown of the network shakeup for the upcoming NFL season.  

1:26:06 | GUEST: Mechelle Voepel checks in to break down the latest details surrounding the arrest of Brittney Griner in Russia.  

1:44:52 | “Other Stuff” segment topics range from “the great equalizer” in college basketball, Mitch’s notorious run-ins with Molly Ringwald, and Lia Thomas’ national championship victory.  

Episode 182 – Special Edition Seahawks No-Table & Deshaun Watson's Precarious Next Steps


Danny O’Neil steps in for Scott who is in Spokane with Issaquah’s state championship tournament team. Before starting the show, Danny chats about his NCAA tournament travel plans and Mitch lays out the Beat the Boys contest rules. Then, the guys dig into the major shakeup by the Hawks and the dropped criminal charges of Deshaun Watson. Today’s guests are Brady Henderson and Joe Fann for a special edition of the Seahawks No-Table, Peter King, and ESPN’s senior Broncos writer Jeff Legwold. Mitch and wrap up the episode with “Other Stuff” topics ranging from KD trashing on the New York mayor to NFL’s broadcast lineup to Calvin Ridley’s gambling investigation!  


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider   
  • Joe Fann | WynnBet & Blue Wire podcast host 
  • Peter King | NBC Sports national NFL writer  
  • Jeff Legwold | ESPN Broncos writer  
TABLE OF CONTENTS   1:13 | Where is Danny headed to for opening round NCAA tournament action?  6:46 | Submit your bracket entry for Beat the Boys presented by Fireside Home Solutions for fabulous prizes!   24:28 | Danny puts on his John Schneider hat to role play and answer the big questions ahead for the organization.  33:56 | Will Deshaun Watson find his way onto a team this year and how will be be received by the court of public opinion?   56:13 | GUEST: Brady Henderson and Joe Fann hop aboard to weigh in on the massive moves last week for the Hawks and the prospects of bringing in Deshaun Watson.  1:23:47 | GUEST: Peter King is back to provide his national perspective on the Russell trade, Watson’s legal update, and Calvin Ridley’s gambling storyline.   1:44:03 | GUEST: Broncos senior writer for ESPN Jeff Legwold shares his view of the Wilson acquisition from the Denver side .   2:02:19 | Today’s “Other Stuff” segment features stories ranging from LSU firing their coach before the tourney, Kevin Durant lashing out at the NYC mayor, and Calvin Ridley’s suspension.  

Episode 181 – David Samson Story Time & Shirtless Joel Dahmen


At the top of the show, Scott provides the play-by-play at the end of ETL championship basketball game on Sunday followed by a Stump the Band question by Mitch. Then, they talk about Hotshot’s spat on Twitter, rules for March Madness Beat the Boys, and a few thoughts on the conflict in Ukraine and the tragic death of Katie Meyer. A trio of featured guests are former Marlins president & current podcaster David Samson, PGA golfer Joel Dahmen, and Olympic gold medalist Kaillie Humphries. Mitch and Hotshot close out the show with the “Other Stuff” segment to chat about Pete & John’s offseason wish list, the New York Liberty in hot water for a ridiculous reason, and new developments in the Trevor Bauer story! 


  • David Samson | Nothing Personal with David Samson podcast
  • Joel Dahmen | PGA Tour golfer 
  • Kaillie Humphries | Team USA gold medalist 


0:00 | Hotshot rushed back from the championship game of his daughter’s basketball team and they came up just short.

20:44 | Scott couldn’t resist but lash back at a snarky Tweet someone sent to him on Saturday. 

26:16 | Get ready for Beat the Boys NCAA tournament edition next week!

29:22 | The guys take a few moments to talk about the situation in Ukraine and the death of Stanford soccer player Katie Meyer. 

39:01 | GUEST: David Samson returns to the show to share a few stories including during his tenure as Marlins president. 

1:02:17 | GUEST: Joel Dahmen is back after baring his chest during The Honda Classic and optimism heading into the next string of tournaments . 

1:24:15 | GUEST: Olympic gold medalist Kaillie Humphries is back from Beijing to share her story from Calgary to representing Team USA. 

1:52:09 | Today’s “Other Stuff” segment features stories ranging from sound bites by Carroll & Schneider, the absurd potential punishment for a WNBA team, and the latest with Trevor Bauer’s legal battle.