Episode 295 – Laughs, Legends, and Late Trades: Unpacking Fame, Strategy, and Survival with the Mariners



Achoo! How can sudden fame affect you? Don’t ask Richard Pryor’s clean comedy for any Hawk Tuah. Mitch and Hotshot discuss clean comedy, sneezing, and fame without spitting on any “thang.” But on to more serious topics, like “Mumford Physical Education Department.” And of course, let’s discuss the Mariners’ strategy approaching the MLB trade deadline (what’s Jerry DiPoto doing?).

Continuing the deep dive into the Seattle Mariners, approaching MLB All-Star Week, Mitch chats with Danny O’Neil, Seattle writer and talk show host. More Mariners talk continues with Joe Doyle and Brady Farkas, as the Mariners show signs of struggle.

And a little morning inspo in that cup of joe, Mitch invites you to listen to a powerful segment from an archived show, chatting with a POW survivor of 2,103 days in an 8×8 cell, US Navy Captain Charlie Plumb.

Heading over to the other stuff segment; WNBA “herstory” triple-double, MLB history, Julia Roberts, Swifties, and a few things we’re better off not writing down…




Danny O’Neil | Seattle Writer and Talk Shot Host

Mariners No-Table | Joe Doyle “Over Slot” & Brady Farkas “Sports Illustrated Now M’s Editor”

Charlie Plumb | US Navy Captain POW




0:10 | Viral sneezing, we mean something else.

7:05 | Clip of the Week: Why are we still talking about Hawk Tuah girl?

21:20 | How do you go from Eddie Murphy’s Beverly Hills Cop, to Seattle Mariners’ Trade Strategy? Talent.

41:0 | GUEST: Danny O’Neil – Seattle writer, talk show host – is allowed to join the big boy table (Monday show) to discuss what the Mariners should do as the trade deadline approaches, if we should trust Jerry Dipoto & letting go of grudges.

1:08:17 | GUEST: Mariners No-Table – Joe Doyle (Over Slot) & Brady Farkas (Sports Illustrated Now M’s Editor) join Mitch as the M’s hold on the AL West lead gets looser and looser.

1:37:01 | GUEST: Blast from the Past – US Navy Captain Charlie Plumb’s memorable chat with Mitch about being shot down over Vietnam in 1967 and surviving 2,103 days as a tortured prisoner of war in Hanoi. An incredible human being with an outlook on life that’s 2nd to none.

2:18:20 | The Other Stuff Segment: toe punching, Mark Mosley, NFL MVP, stumped the band questions, WNBA history triple double, Major League Baseball history, draft picks, all-star game, grocery outlet, hitters, pitchers, Nelson Cruz, Julia Roberts, Swifties, AI powered vending machines, sex toys, Etsy, Legend of Zelda fan

Episode 294 – Can You Say Social Faux Pas?



Let’s discuss everyday irritations and social faux pas (the ups and downs of broader societal issues). Also, did you hear about the coach that apologized to the reporter? And the one where Kelly Stafford gets candid about a prior hookup? All this before we chat about the Mariner’s rapid decline, shrinking their lead.

In the first of three interviews, a fan favorite, John Bracken, tells about his random two-day golf outing with Michael Jordan between games 2 and 3 of the ’96 NBA Finals! Mariners No-Table says au revoir to Churchill as the Mariners wave goodbye to a 10-game lead. In the last of three interviews, Kevin Pelton joins Mitch to discuss the whispers surrounding the NBA expansion to Seattle. 

If all that wasn’t enough, the Other Stuff Segment covers everything from notable father-son duos to NBA draft controversies. We’ll toss in a few career downfalls along the way. 




John Bracken | blast from the past, hosting Michael Jordan on the golf course

Mariners No-Table | Jason Churchill from “Baseball Things” and Joe Doyle from “Over Slot”

Kevin Pelton | NBA writer for ESPN.com




2:41 | Let me off the elevator, first!

16:46 | Clip of The Week: The apologizing coach from Texas A&M.

27:09 | Mariners doing…little to nothing. Spending their “credit” in just 2 weeks.

40:12 | GUEST: John Bracken (from Ep 23 in February 2019) – MItch’s buddy tells the crazy story of when he randomly hosted Michael Jordan for 2 days of golf in Seattle during the 1996 NBA Finals between Games 2 and 3. **This has been 1 of the most popular guest segments in Mitch Unfiltered history.

1:06:40 | GUEST: Mariners No-Table – Jason, Joe & Mitch in Churchill’s final appearance on the No-Table – pick up the pieces of another lousy Mariners’ week. M’s have wasted most of a 10-game lead in the division in a matter of 2 weeks.

1:34:20 | GUEST: Kevin Pelton – ESPN.com NBA writer – on the latest behind-the-scenes whispers about NBA expansion to Seattle, the top storylines of this week’s NBA free agency and a recap pf the NBA Draft.

1:50:40 | The Other Stuff Segment: Father-son sports duos, J.J. Reddick allegations, Kyle Filipowski draft fall, Hunter Greenland incident, Jamarcus Russell lawsuit, Phoebe Gates dating, Chambers Bay LIV Golf event, amusement park incidents, Michael Jackson’s debts, celebrity deaths.

Episode 293 – Mitch: Out of Touch



Celebrating the show’s longevity, the conversation takes a dramatic turn due to dual cyber-attacks. What do you do when you first encounter a driverless car? …unisex bathrooms? Mitch and Hotshot explore the monumental legacy of Willie Mays following his recent passing, his staggering career achievements and the historical impact of his military service

Rick Sund, Former Supersonics general manager, reflects on the ever-evolving landscape of professional basketball, from 1974 and moving into semi-retirement. He discusses the intricacies of team expansions, player trades, and the dynamics of NBA front offices in earlier days.

Mariners No-Table, hosts Mitch, Jason Churchill, and Joe Doyle delve into the Seattle Mariners’ recent performance, initially leading by 10 games in the American League West, faced setbacks, losing four out of the next five games, reducing their lead to just five games.

We take a nostalgic journey back to May 4th, 2020, during the height of the pandemic, when Mitch hosted a themed show bracket to determine the best TV theme song, the iconic theme from “Cheers,” composed by Gary Portnoy. Gary comes onto the show to discuss the creation of the beloved song and Gary’s insights into his music career during these unusual times.

The Other Stuff Segment covers J.J. Reddick, driverless cars, unisex bathrooms, Pat McAfee, ESPN, Queen music catalog sale, Boston Celtics championship, Charlie Woods US Junior Amateur Championship, celebrity DUI Justin Timberlake, and Bill Belichick relationship age difference.




Rick Sund | former Sonics GM

Mariners No-Table | Jason Churchill from “Baseball Things” and Joe Doyle from “Over Slot”

Gary Portnoy | writer and performer of Cheers theme song – “Where Everyone Knows Your Name”




2:41 | Challenges of Modern Technology: Mitch’s astonishment at encountering driverless cars in Arizona and his humorous struggle with accepting unisex bathrooms.

16:46 | Clip of The Week 2: Pool Party In Maryland.

26:24 | Gene Wilder Docu – how great?

30:30 | Willie Mays passing.

42:16 | GUEST: Rick Sund – former Sonics GM – reminisces about the final years of the Sonics, the Gary Payton/Ray Allen trade, his friendship withJerry West & the return of the NBA to Seattle

1:11:47 | GUEST: Mariners No-Table – Joe Doyle, Jason Churchill – discuss a tough week for the Mariners, what to do with Mitch Haniger and the emergence of Ryan Bliss. Plus the Out on an Limb competition

1:41:50 | GUEST: Blast from Mitch Unfiltered Past – Gary Portnoy – writer and performer of Cheers theme song – “Where Everyone Knows Your Name” (originally aired on Ep 90 – May 4, 2020). Gary tells the incredible of how he struck gold with 1 of the most popular theme songs in the history of television… a fascinating story.

2:10:07 | The Other Stuff Segment: J.J. Reddick, Lakers coaching, broadcasting, podcasts, driverless cars, unisex bathrooms, Pat McAfee, ESPN, college football, Stephen A. Smith, ESPN contract negotiations, sports media salaries, sports entertainment preferences, Queen music catalog sale, Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese, WNBA statistics, Boston Celtics championship, Scotty Scheffler, PGA Tour, Charlie Woods, US Junior Amateur Championship, Tiger Woods, celebrity DUI, Justin Timberlake, Bill Belichick, relationships, age differences, celebrity basketball tournament, Donald Sutherland, Ohio attorney, legal settlement with Geico, Elon Musk Cybertruck, manure tanker accident.

Episode 292 – Mariners Sweep Rangers | Remembering Jerry West "the logo [NBA]"



Episode 292 of “Mitch Unfiltered” takes a humorous dive into a recent high school graduation incident involving Mitch’s son and a $125 dare. Gettin’ giddy about baseball, at the time of this recording, the Mariners boast a record of 43-31, placing them eight and a half games ahead of the Texas Rangers in the American League West. The episode takes a poignant turn to commemorate the legendary Jerry West, who recently passed away. West’s monumental contributions to basketball, both as a player and an executive, are thoroughly discussed.

Mariners’ No-Table; Mitch, Joe, and Jason Churchill, delve into the Seattle Mariners’ impressive performance, having won seven of their last eight games, extending their lead to 8.5 games over the Texas Rangers and 9 games over the Houston Astros. The guys talk about individual performances, particularly noting Logan Gilbert and George Kirby’s standout games, and the ongoing robustness of Julio Rodriguez despite earlier struggles.

Mitch welcomes back Bob Harig of Sports Illustrated to dissect the 2024 U.S. Open held at Pinehurst No. 2. They dive into the dramatic finale where Bryson DeChambeau clinched a compelling victory amidst the ongoing PGA and LIV Golf drama, all while the devastation experienced by Rory McIlroy was felt deeply by fans. Harig reflects on Tiger Woods’ performance and future, offering thoughtful predictions on how the golf legend might balance competition with his health challenges.

Also, we delve into the meteoric rise of Major League Baseball’s newest sensation, Paul Skenes. At just 22, this young pitcher from LSU boasts a staggering 1.69 ERA and 209 strikeouts in 122 innings, zooming through the minor leagues to earn a place in the majors. Joining Mitch is Andrew Destin from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, who has been closely following Skenes’ journey. The discussion touches on Skenes’ repertoire, including a fastball that consistently clocks over 100 mph and a unique “splinter” pitch—a hybrid between a splitter and a sinker. Tune in to uncover the story of a pitcher who’s not just playing the game but changing it, making every fifth day a spectacle in the world of baseball.

The Other Stuff Segment covers Andres Munoz, Mike Williams and Charles Barkley, to name a few influential athletes.




Mariners No-Table | Jason Churchill from “Baseball Things” and Joe Doyle from “Over Slot”

Bob Harig | Sports Illustrated

Andrew Destin | Pittsburgh Post Gazette




0:07 | Graduation Dare for $125, anyone?

6:49 | Clip of the Week: Sean McVay and Les Snead behind the scenes Draft Convo

21:06 | Paying homage to Jerry West “Mr. Clutch” or “Logo”

35:15 | GUEST: Mariners No-Table; Mitch, Joe Doyle (Over-Slot), and Jason Churchill (Baseball Things) are giddy over the Mariners stretching out the division lead, Julio’s surge (finally) and previewing the week to come.

59:33 | GUEST: Bob Harig (Sports Illustrated) joins Mitch from Pinehurst to put the final touches on the 2024 US Open with an exciting final round finish on Father’s Fay

1:19:41 | GUEST: Andrew Destin (Pittsburgh Post Gazette) has had a front row to the biggest young sensation in all of baseball, Paul Skenes. Skenes is dominating big league hitters only 13 months after being drafted – taking the MLB by storm.

1:43:11 | Andres Munoz’s Dedication, Charles Barkley’s Retirement Announcement, Trevor Lawrence’s New Contract, Possible End of Tiger Woods at the US Open, The breakup of Gisele Bundchen and Joaquin Valente, Bill Belichick’s New Relationship with a former competitive cheerleader, Joey Chestnut’s Ban from Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest | RIPs: Jerry West, Nick Mavar

Episode 291 – Graduation Ceremonies – Overrated?!



Today, a short, sweet, commencement speech goes a long way. A Golf Channel reporter mistakenly interviews the wrong person during a Pro-Am event. Hotshot Scott’s daughter gets her first job as a lifeguard despite not knowing how to swim well. Will the Mariners’ live up to Mitch’s AL West predictions?

Steve Phillips, former Mets general manager and baseball analyst for Sirius XM and MLB Network, who previously predicted the Mariners as an American League wildcard team, discusses their current performance and prospects for becoming AL West champions.

Mitch welcomes back Jason LaCanfora, with an early preview of the NFC West, discussing the Seattle Seahawks’ prospects, the San Francisco 49ers’ challenges, and the Los Angeles Rams’ potential resurgence.

Mitch, Joe Doyle, and Jason Churchill; Mariners had a mixed week, taking two out of three games against Oakland but losing two out of three against Kansas City. Despite these results, they remain at the top of the American League West. Key points include the bullpen struggles, the return of Andrés Muñoz, Brian Wu’s impressive pitching streak, and John Stanton’s public comments about having resources to win.




Steve Phillips | former GM & National Baseball voice

Jason LaCanfora | NFL Insider

Mariners No-Table | Featuring Jason Churchill from “Baseball Things” and Joe Doyle from “Over Slot”




0:05 | Graduation Ceremonies, Overrated?

10:07 | Clip of the Week: Was that Vince Young that was interviewed by Golf Channel? NOPE.

21:44 | Family Milestones and First Jobs, Seattle Mariners’ Bold Predictions, and Little League Softball Showdown.

36:09 | GUEST: Steve Phillips – former GM & National Baseball voice – jumps on with Mitch to discuss the Mariners and fun league wide storylines. Will the M’s pitching holdup? Would he go get Luis Robert Jr from White Sox or Pete Alonso from the Mets?

1:02:01 | GUEST: Jason LaCanfora – NFL Insider – with a way-too-early breakdown of the NFC West. Can the Seahawks reasonably win the division? Are Macdonald and Schneider quietly aiming towards ’25 to pounce on the Niners and Rams?

1:23:54 | GUEST: Mariners No-Table with Joe Doyle (Over-Slot) and Jason Churchill (Baseball Things) debate the merits of deadline trades, John Stanton’s words and which M’s prospects are untouchable. Plus, a look ahead to this week’s 7 home games.

1:59:44 | Other Stuff Segment: Caitlin Clark not on Team USA for Paris Olympics, Biggest regular season crowd in WNBA history featuring Caitlin Clark, Justin Jefferson’s new contract making him highest-paid non-quarterback in NFL history, Jake Paul and Mike Tyson’s rescheduled boxing match, Troy Dannen and NIL spending at University of Washington, Woman who became an internet sensation for exposing her chest in support of the Edmonton Oilers disappearing from social media, Showdown between Paul Skenes and Shohei Ohtani in an MLB game, Shohei Ohtani’s former interpreter stealing money for gambling debt now delivering Uber Eats, Issues faced by the Marubo tribe after getting internet from Elon Musk’s Starlink, FBI’s research trip to Italy for O.J. Simpson investigation,

2:14:37 | RIPs: Tom Bower, Eric Anderson, Brother Marquis, Larry Allen,

2:16:13 | Headlines: Pope Francis on overpopulation, Texas court ruling on library books, Driver fined for using phone in McDonald’s drive-through, Howard University revoking Diddy’s honorary degree, Texas man accused of putting antiques up his kilt-covered butt and returning them to the shelf.

Episode 290 – Win $10 Million on NFL Survivor Contest [Strategies from the Circa Las Vegas Casino Owner]



Aging gracefully or taking advantage, Mitch yells “fore” at the niceties of servers asking if he’s “senior citizen discount worthy.” How did seniors get so young? The Seattle Mariners are having an exciting season, winning six out of seven games, leading in the American League West. There’s speculation about whether the team will make a move to secure a strong hitter, possibly as a rental player, to bolster their lineup and solidify their playoff chances.

Derek Stevens, owner of Circa Las Vegas, discusses the unprecedented growth of their NFL survivor competition, now guaranteeing a $10 million payout—the first ever eight-digit guarantee in football contest history. Derek explains the mechanics of the contest, and the strategic and somewhat luck-based nature of making survivor picks, noting that Circa absorbs all entry fees into the prize pool without taking a cut.

Mitch, Joe Doyle, and Jason Churchill discuss the Mariners’ recent sweep of the Angels and their series win against the Astros. They highlight the importance of dominating divisional games, explore whether the Mariners’ current streak is convincing enough for management to make trade deadline moves, and also debate the merits of Scott Servais’ handling of starting pitchers. Predictions and “out on a limb” bets for the upcoming series against the Athletics and Royals round out the discussion.

The Seattle Kraken have moved on from head coach Dave Hackstall, appointing former Stanley Cup winner Dan Bylsma as their new head coach.

Other Stuff Segment includes; Isaiah Thomas’s frightening encounter and a postponed celebrity boxing match, to sports achievements and personal milestones across basketball, baseball, and competitive eating, alongside discussions of personal hygiene in sports, celebrity marriages, legal troubles in the music industry, and RIPs.




Derek Stevens | Circa Las Vegas Casino & Resort (BIGGEST NFL Survivor Contest)

Mariners No-Table | Featuring Jason Churchill from “Baseball Things” and Joe Doyle from “Over Slot”

Kraken No-Table | Featuring Darren Brown from “Sound of Hockey” and RJ Eskanos from “Emerald City Hockey”




0:05 | Perceptions of Aging: Mitch’s reaction to being mistakenly identified as a senior citizen, and the broader implications about how age is perceived in society.

8:21 | Clip of the Week: Whistling…?

22:55 | Mariners leading the ALW on super hot streak! Trade deadlines approaching, what’s the move?

40:21 | GUEST: Derek Stevens, Circa Las Vegas Casino/Hotel owner – on the first ever $10 million NFL Survivor contest this upcoming 2024 season. There has never been an 8 figure payout for a Survivor contest… but there is now at Circa Las Vegas.

57:13 | GUEST: Mariners No-Table – Jason Churchill, Joe Doyle & Mitch rehash a great week for the M’s. 3 out of 4 vs the Astros and a sweep of the Angels has Seattle stretching out its lead in the AL West .

1:26:08 | GUEST: Kraken No-Table – Darren Brown (Sound of Hockey), RJ Eskanos (Emerald City Hockey) and Mitch analyze the Kraken’s new head coach Dan Bylsma. Do the Kraken hear the clock ticking on fans’ patience with the NBA apparently headed back to Seattle.

1:48:25 | Other Stuff Segment: Isaiah Thomas held at gunpoint, Mike Tyson and Jake Paul’s fight was postponed, Luka Dončić vs LeBron James, Jason Kelce humorously claimed he doesn’t wash his feet, the WNBA rivalry between Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese, Rupert Murdoch married Alayna Zhakova in his fifth marriage, Officer Brian Gillis made a statement regarding the incident with Scotty Scheffler, Takeru Kobayashi announced his retirement from competitive eating due to health reasons, Gable Stevenson signed with the NFL’s Buffalo Bills, Shohei Ohtani achieved 100 home runs and 100 stolen bases, Madonna faced a lawsuit alleging inappropriate content at her concert, a biopic on John Daly is set with Kevin James portraying him, and RIPs: Marianne Robinson, Drew Gordon, and Henry Earl.

Episode 289 – Legacy and Change: From Bill Walton to the New Faces of Sports



Mitch and Danny “The Dang Apostrophe” O’Neil dive into a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Bill Walton, who passed away at 71. Mitch unravels a piece of baseball history with a Vin Scully audio clip from a 2008 Dodgers game, where fans anticipated a matchup between Randy Johnson and Greg Maddux, only to witness the emerging talents of Max Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw.

Mitch and Danny reflect on Grayson Murray, a 30-year-old golfer who had battled depression, anxiety, and mental illness. Despite making significant progress with the support of family, a fiancée, therapy, and sobriety, he tragically took his own life recently. His story underscores the persistent and pervasive struggles of mental health, even among those who appear to be thriving.

With rookie minicamps and OTAs underway, the atmosphere and coaching dynamic have noticeably shifted under new head coach Mike McDonald. ESPN’s Brady Henderson joins Mitch to share his insights on the current state of the Seahawks.

Mitch welcomes back his first co-host and long-time friend, Jason D Hamilton. They delve into topics including the University of Washington’s transition to the Big Ten and the challenges of college sports today, as well as the complexities of the transfer portal and NIL deals.

Mitch Unfiltered and Danny O’Neill (filling in for Hotshot Scott) tackle topics including, Joe Buck’s divisive reputation and the NFL’s new optical tracking system for first downs, to Caitlin Clark’s WNBA impact and heartfelt tributes to late sports and cultural figures.




Brady Henderson | ESPN’s Seahawks Insider

Jason Hamilton | UW Broadcaster

Mariners’ No Table | Featuring Jason Churchill from “Baseball Things” and Joe Doyle from “Over Slot,” the Mariners No-Table segment




0:45 | Mitch pays tribute to Bill Walton.

7:40 | Vin Scully’s iconic 2008 Dodgers game audio clip featuring young Max Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw.

18:10 | Mitch and Danny reflect on Grayson Murray and the pervasive struggle with mental illness in sports.

37:58 | GUEST: Brady Henderson, ESPN Seahawks Insider – presents a visual of the Seahawks OTA’s. What are the big differences between Mike Macdonald’s ambience and Pete Carroll? How long is the leash on Geno Smith? What’s still to come in terms of player acquisitions? And much more.

1:00:28 | GUEST: Jason Hamilton, UW Broadcaster & original Unfiltered Co-host – claims to be proud of Mitch Unfiltered, describes new Huskies’ coach Danny Sprinkle & his prized transfer, and what to do about the insanity of NIL/Transfer portal.

1:32:14 | GUEST: Mariners’ No-Table, Jason Churchill & Joe Doyle – put a wrap on the M’s road trip and the series opener against the Astros. Is Julio coming out of it? Should a hitting coach be fired? Anything wrong with George Kirby? And Out on a Lomb predictions.

1:57:53 | Other Stuff Segment: Joe Buck’s polarizing persona, Randy Moss mooning incident, NFL optical tracking for first downs, Chicago Bears draft strategy, Ronald Acuna Jr.’s ACL injury, Scottie Scheffler’s arrest controversy, Caitlin Clark’s WNBA debut, flirtatious interviews comparison, RIPs to Bill Walton, Grayson Murray, Bruce Nordstrom, Morgan Spurlock.

Episode 288 – All Hell Has Broken Loose



Mitch welcomes back broadcasting legend Verne Lundquist, who shares entertaining stories and reflects on his final Masters telecast. The episode also features a first-time appearance by Zach Vincej, manager of the Modesto Nuts, discussing the exciting prospects in the Mariners’ Class A squad. Additionally, the Mariners No-Table returns with Jason Churchill and Joe Doyle analyzing the Mariners’ recent performances against the Royals and Orioles and previewing the crucial upcoming series against the Yankees.

But before all, Hotshot shares the tech troubles in an Uber Eats Fiasco. As well, Mitch and Hotshot discuss the Seahawks schedule, and make a few unfiltered predictions.

In the Other Stuff Segment, Mitch and Hotshot discuss the hell that hath broken loose, Scottie Scheffler in jail, Caitlin Clark keeps losing, Kelsey Plum’s outfit, and much more.




Verne Lundquist | Retiring CBS Sports voice Verne Lundquist returns to “Mitch Unfiltered” to recap his final official trip to The Masters

Zach Vincej | Making his first appearance on the show, Zach Vincej, manager of the Modesto Nuts, talks about the excitement surrounding the Mariners’ Class A squad and their top prospects

Mariners No-Table | Featuring Jason Churchill from “Baseball Things” and Joe Doyle from “Over Slot,” the Mariners No-Table segment delves into the Mariners’ recent performances, the struggles of key players, and the upcoming series against the Yankees.




0:45 | Uber Eats Fiasco: Hotshot shares a hilarious and relatable story about his first experience with Uber Eats, involving a lengthy wait for taco time, a missed tip, and a backup pizza order.

17:51 | Seahawks’ Home and Away Games: Mitch emphasizes the favorable scheduling of home games against strong AFC East teams (Bills and Dolphins) and away games against potentially weaker opponents (Patriots and Jets).

35:02 | GUEST: Verne Lundquist’s Final Masters Telecast: Verne shares his emotional journey and memorable moments from his 40th and final Masters telecast.

48:11 | Behind-the-Scenes Golf Gambling: Verne recounts humorous stories involving Brent Musburger and Pat Summerall, highlighting the gambling culture at CBS.

1:00:53 | GUEST: Zach Vincej discusses the promising young talent in the Mariners’ Class A squad and their potential future in Major League Baseball.

1:23:38 | GUEST: Mariners No-Table segment focuses on the Mariners’ offensive inconsistencies and key players’ performance issues.

1:32:11 | Injury Impact: Discussion on how injuries to players like Jorge Polanco and JP Crawford have affected the Mariners’ lineup.

1:37:54 | Upcoming Series Predictions: Joe Doyle and Jason Churchill make predictions for the Mariners’ upcoming games against the Yankees and Nationals.

1:50:29 | Other Stuff Segment: Scottie Scheffler in jail, Caitlin Clark keeps losing, Kelsey Plum’s outfit, Ben N Jen, Paul Skenes is incredible, Tom Brady regrets, Gayle King 69 year old swimsuit model, Seize the Grey, Tyson Fury, RIPs, Scott’s Silly Headlines

Episode 287 – Bo Jackson, Bubbling Bats & Brawls in Kent



Mitch and HotShot discuss a recent incident at a softball tournament where HotShot had to break up a fight involving a drunk man harassing others, including children. Bo Jackson is king, and humble, as he explains his achievements to a young boy. The Roast of Tom Brady isn’t over yet; even a tweet from Eli Manning keeps the burn going.

Mitch welcomes back radio legend David Grosby to discuss various topics in Northwest sports; Seattle Mariners’ recent success, Seattle Seahawks’ recent draft picks and the uncertainty surrounding the quarterback position. As well, they hopefully discuss the potential return of NBA basketball to Seattle with Sonics’ comeback.

Mariners No-Table discuss Seattles’ recent performances, focusing on Julio Rodriguez’s improved hitting, bullpen issues, and prospects in the Modesto Nuts.

Mitch interviews Peter King, a retired NFL writer, after a long and successful run. The conversation touches on memorable players like Lawrence Taylor and Brett Favre, as well as the evolution of fantasy football. King also expressed strong opposition to the NFL’s proposed 18-game schedule.

In the Other Stuff Segment, Mitch and Scott discuss NFL schedule, OJ Simpson’s Autographed program being auctioned, and Mike Tyson’s raw meat diet fight preparation.




• Dave Grosby | Broadcasting Vet, Host Emeritus of Seattle Sports

• Mariners No-TableJason Churchill, Joe Doyle

• Peter King | American Sports Writer, NBC




0:00 | HotShot recounts intervening in a fight at a softball tournament, where a drunk man was causing trouble.

7:10 | Warm Up Audio: Mitch plays a clip of Bo Jackson explaining his sports achievements to a young boy, showcasing Bo’s modesty and the boy’s innocent disbelief.

16:10 | Tom Brady Roast continued…but seriously though.

29:56  | GUEST: Dave Grosby – “The Groz” – is back with Mitch to shoot the shit on everything Northwest sports. Mariners, Seahawks & the return of the Sonics… finally!

49:55 | GUEST: Mariners No-Table – Jason Churchill & Joe Doyle – The M’s struggle with the Twins and take 2 of 3 vs A’s. Is Julio finally coming alive, the Woo injury and more.

1:20:41 | GUEST: Peter King – NBC – recently retired after 40 years of covering the NFL. Peter & Mitch have an intriguing conversation about some of the biggest NFL stories of Peter’s time in the league including the creation of something called Fantasy Football.

1:45:14 | Other Stuff Segment: NFL schedule release, Seattle Seahawks schedule and opponents, Shohei Otani’s ex-translator pleading guilty to federal charges, Monty Harrison’s transition from baseball to college football, Bob Saget’s widow Kelly Rizzo going Instagram official with her bf Breckin Meyer, OJ Simpson attending his daughter’s dance recital on the day of the murders, Autographed program from OJ Simpson being auctioned, Suspension of Indianapolis Star columnist Greg Doyle, Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson fight announcement, Mike Tyson’s preparation for the fight including eating raw meat, RIPs.

Episode 286 – Seattle Mariners' Starting Pitchers AL's Most Dominant Force



Let’s play…have you seen that classic rock band? Mitch and Hotshot discuss whether Bobby Knight might’ve been the greatest college basketball coach of all time. Mitch says sardonically, “stop me when I’m no longer impressing you with these Mariners starting pitchers’ stats,” who continue to blow minds!

Mitch talks with Travis Snider, a former MLB player and CEO of 3A Athletics, about the mission of his organization and dealing with emotional intelligence for young athletes, parents and coaches.

The praise for the Mariners’ bullpen continues as Jason Churchill and Joe Doyle join Mitch for an around-the-horn discussion, most recently the Mariners winning both series against the Braves and the Astros.

Mitch and Danny Kelly discuss the unique aspect of this years draft which focus on offensive players very heavily.

Horses, bees, Bea Arther, and much, much more, in the Other Stuff Segment.




• Travis Snider | “Lunchbox” former MLB outfielder (Blue Jays, Pirates, Orioles)

• Mariners No-TableJason Churchill, Joe Doyle

• Danny Kelly | NFL Staff Writer “The Ringer”




0:00 | From Twitter (X), have you seen that classic rock band?

8:10 | Bobby Knight was the greatest college basketball coach ever, even more so than John Wooden

22:41 | Mariners streak, is it over? Let’s start with the astounding Mariners pitchers!!! Logan Gilbert, Bryce Miller, Luis Castillo, George Kirby, Bryan Woo, Emerson Hancock

38:57 | GUEST: Travis Snider – former 1st round MLB draft choice (Blue Jays) out of Jackson High School (Mill Creek) – joins Mitch to discuss parenting in youth athletics. Are we helping our kids or putting too much pressure on them?

1:10:25 | GUEST: Jason Churchill, Joe Doyle & Mitch toss around the series wins against the Astros and Braves. Josh Rojas is surging. Julio is not. And Mariners starting pitching remains All-World.

1:43:17 | GUEST: The Ringer NFL writer – has plenty to say about the Seahawks 2024 Draft class. Was Murphy the correct pick at 16? Will Haynes start opening day at RT? Did Schneider fill any holes on day 3 of the draft?

2:02:36 | Other Stuff Segment: Kentucky Derby photo finish, Kraken coaching vacancy, Anthony Edwards the next MJ? Dave & Busters gambling, Ed Sheeran at In-N-Out, Dave Chappelle’s attacker, Naked Bea Arthur, RIP’s, Hot Shot headlines!!!