Episode 98 – Gridiron Great Jim McMahon, Kurkjian's MLB Sprint Assessment, & Oklahoma Rallies Behind Death Row Inmate


The show kicks off with discussion surrounding the upcoming Episode 100 which transitions into a movie-themed tangent including St. Elmo’s Fire, The Champ, and Brian’s Song. Then, the guys delve into the Griffey documentary and Mitch’s impression of “The Kid” during his career in Seattle. Three featured guests starting with Chicago Bears legend Jim McMahon followed by renowned ESPN baseball voice Tim Kurkjian and Oklahoma reporter Kayla Branch. Topics brought to the table in the “Other Stuff” segment include the newly named “Climate Pledge Arena”, Dori Monson’s growing contingent of critics on social media, & the next great casino in Vegas opening later this year!


  • Jim McMahon | Super Bowl winning NFL quarterback
  • Tim Kurkjian | ESPN baseball analyst
  • Kayla Branch | The Oklahoman government reporter 


6:39 | How does St. Elmo’s Fire, The Champ, and Brian’s Song all come up within today’s tease segment?

23:44 | Notable 98s are put under a microscope for debate of today’s episode naming rights.

30:38 | Scott weighs in on the Griffey documentary which leads to an unfiltered opinion about “The Kid” by Mitch.

59:09 | GUEST: Jim McMahon drops by to share some classic stories from his memorable football career.

1:34:18 | GUEST: Tim Kurkjian is skeptical about the shortened baseball season going off without a hitch.

1:51:53 | GUEST: Kayla Branch discusses the details from the Julius Jones murder case that has sparked a recent ground-swell of support. 

2:11:54 | Hotshot recalls the time he tried to book Luis Sojo as a radio guest and received a false excuse several pro athletes have used over the years.

2:13:45 | Keyarena is no more…make way for Climate Pledge Arena.

2:15:53 | Ezekiel Elliott is facing a lawsuit that may lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines that could have been avoided with a ten dollar dog leash.

2:18:53 | Seattle media personality Dori Monson is under scrutiny for his brash opinions on Twitter addressing sensitive social topics.

2:25:51 | Next time you fly into Southern California, don’t expect to arrive at John Wayne Airport as the government is changing its name.

2:27:55 | Circa Resort & Casino in Las Vegas will be the sports bettor’s paradise when it opens its doors in December! 

2:29:15 | Sacha Baron Cohen (also known as Borat) trolled attendees at right-wing rally in Olympia over the weekend.

2:30:53 | Mitch steals Scott’s thunder by noting a few recent RIPs.

2:33:06 | The wheels officially fall off the show when Scott closes out with two headlines for the juvenile mind. 


Episode 97 – Happy Fathers Day, All-World Safety Adams Demands Trade, & Len Bias Tragedy Anniversary


Max and Brett take over to begin the show by discussing some funny tidbits about their Dad. Then, Mitch and Scott chat about the ridiculous politicization of face masks and the grim outlook of pro sports returning. A trio of guests featuring Jets writer with the Associated Press Dennis Waszak Jr., college hoops coach and Len Bias’ former teammate Dave Dickerson, and face mask designer Gabby Weeks. Then, Scott is joined by his daughter Piper to discuss the ongoing cell phone debate in the house and return of youth basketball. The “Other Stuff” segment covers Jamie Foxx’s upcoming role as Mike Tyson, the origins of “you do you”, and an unfiltered opinion on Jamal Adams from a general manager perspective.


  • Dennis Waszak Jr. | AP Jets beat writer
  • Dave Dickerson | USC Upstate men’s basketball coach
  • Gabby Weeks | Charmed By Gabrielle designer


0:00 | Max and Brett Levy take the mic from Mitch to share some thoughts about their Dad on Father’s Day!

10:24 | A person’s view on mask-wearing is now becoming a key indicator of political preference.

16:20 | The guys chat about their Father’s Day weekend with family.

33:31 | There is a drop-off in notable 97s after Episode Cortez Kennedy the previous week.

39:17 | Are sports really going to ramp back up or is the latest resurgence in the virus another setback?

50:41 | GUEST: Dennis Waszak Jr. discusses the trade request made by Jets safety Jamal Adams and potential landing spots.

1:08:37 | GUEST: Dave Dickerson reflects on the death of Maryland hoops teammates Len Bias days after being drafted by the Celtics.

1:31:45 | GUEST: Idaho-based designer Gabby Weeks talks about her thriving protective face covering business as the demand has skyrocketed during the pandemic.

1:44:42 | Scott is joined by his daughter Piper on Father’s Day to explain in her own words what it’s like to have a Dad named Hotshot!

1:53:48 | Should Scott cave in and pick up a cell phone for his articulate 11-year old daughter Piper? 

1:59:04 | Daytime soap operas must go on…even if it means using blow-up dolls during love scenes. 

2:00:36 | Jamie Foxx is the perfect actor to portray Mike Tyson in the upcoming biopic of the legendary boxer.  

2:07:18 | A new phrase particularly caught Mitch’s eye among many of the recent listener emails and he has no idea where it came from.

2:15:12 | Horse racing made its return with Tiz the Law capturing the Belmont Stakes in the adjusted 2020 Triple Crown calendar.

2:18:05 | Should the Hawks aggressively pursue Jamal Adams given the monster contract that lies in his near future?

2:22:44 | A man in China claims to have “accidentally” sat on the fish that was later removed from his body by confused doctors. 

Episode 96 – An Ode to Cortez, Sam Smith Defends The Jordan Rules, & Mariners Fresh Faces


Episode Cortez Kennedy begins with a recollection of his hall of fame career with the Hawks. Then, the guys read emails submitted by you, the loyal listener. Three guests beginning with revered author Sam Smith followed by MLB writer Jim Callis and Georgia Bulldogs pitching coach Sean Kenny. Featured topics in “The Other Stuff” segment range from phoney Pete Carroll, to Lamar Jackson’s fun in the sun, to the captivating home run battle between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa in the latest ESPN 30 for 30 installment. 


  • Sam Smith | Author of The Jordan Rules
  • Jim Callis | MLB Pipeline senior writer
  • Sean Kenny | University of Georgia pitching coach


4:31 | Scott’s daughter Piper is begging for a cell phone, but he hasn’t caved in yet.

19:14 | Businesses and restaurants are reopening, but the guys are still hesitant.

22:05 | Naming rights for Episode 96 is a no-brainer, this one’s for you Tez!

33:03 | Mitch opens up the listener mailbox and reads some recent letters delivered by you!

49:53 | GUEST: Sam Smith shares his reaction to The Last Dance which references his 1992 book The Jordan Rules throughout the doc.

1:13:46 | GUEST: Jim Callis weighs in on the 2020 MLB Draft class including first overall pick Spencer Torkelson and Mariners top selection Emerson Hancock.

1:32:51 | GUEST: University of Georgia pitching coach Sean Kenny provides a scouting report of M’s first round draft pick Emerson Hancock. 

1:52:53 | NASCAR has taken a hardline stance against display of the Confederate flag at races moving forward.  

1:53:58 | Pete Carroll is under fire for what some deem as revisionist history about Colin Kaepernick’s unsuccessful tryout in Seattle. 

1:59:49 | The Yankees are the latest victim in allegations of sign-stealing.

2:00:57 | Lamar Jackson posted a video of him on the beach that will make the Ravens front office cringe.

2:05:07 | A woman in West Virginia faked her death to avoid fraud charges against her.

2:07:27 | “Long Gone Summer” is the latest ESPN doc that relives the memorable home run chase in 1998 between McGwire and Sosa. 

Episode 95 – Unfiltered Police Perspective, Hiker's Gruesome Grizzly Attack Survival Story, & Sikma Recalls Memorable Unseld Battles


The guys begin the show by decoding the meaning of the coronavirus “Modified Phase One” which became active last week. Then, Mitch and Scott jump into a discussion about notable 95s in sports which spawns a tangent about old Miller Lite ads and weigh in on Drew Brees’ controversial comments from which he has apologized for. A four-pack of featured guests beginning with law enforcement official David Crocker. Then, hiker Gregory “Thor” Godar jumps aboard followed by Sonics legend Jack Sikma. The “Other Stuff” segment includes hoops and golf tidbits in addition to a headline which involves a porn star and deadly toad venom.


  • David Crocker | Police officer
  • Gregory “Thor” Godar | Hiking enthusiast
  • Jack Sikma | Pro Basketball Hall of Fame member & former Seattle Supersonic


0:31 | The guys chat about their approach to enjoying the lifted restrictions in “modified Phase One”.

22:22 | The less-than-stellar list of 95s in sports history includes a former NFL player whose accomplishments off the field were arguably more impressive

29:37 | Mitch hearkens back to two star-studded Miller Lite advertisements. 

39:11 | Is Drew Brees’ apology for his insensitive comments sincere or saving face?

42:52 | What do you think when you hear The National Anthem? 

51:00 | GUEST: Police officer David Crocker weighs in on the civil unrest throughout the country toward law enforcement.

1:18:19 | GUEST: Gregory “Thor” Godar tells his incredible story of surviving a grizzly bear attack in Idaho.

1:44:43 | GUEST: Jack Sikma shares some memories from his hall of fame career including matchups against the late Wes Unseld.

2:11:51 | Gregg Popovich voiced a strong opinion that has garnered attention about the George Floyd murder.

2:15:23 | The NBA is coming back…in a mere seven weeks from now. 

2:20:45 | James Harden’s jersey has been raised into the rafters of an unlikely location thanks to his deep pockets.

2:23:33 | With the return of golf comes the advent of tracking devices for spectators to maintain proper social distancing.

2:27:34 | Scott reads the headline for a criminal act that is the first and last of its kind in human history. 

Episode 94 – Reliving a Nightmare, Seahawks Rumor Mill Round-Up, & Baseball Dollars Not Making Sense


Today’s show begins with Scott explaining why he was late to Mitch’s house and how handy he is with auto repairs. Then, the guys react to a troubling week across the country with violence and civil unrest. Guests include NC Central hoops coach LeVelle Moton, Hawks insider with ESPN Brady Henderson, and revered baseball writer with The Athletic Jayson Stark. Featured “Other Stuff” segment topics are NFL’s decision on the 4th and 15 rule proposal, the world’s wealthiest athletes, and a fantasy gone wrong involving machetes in Australia.  


  • LeVelle Moton | NC Central men’s basketball coach
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Jayson Stark | The Athletic senior baseball writer


1:57 | Handyman Scott had a tire blowout today and was able to rectify the situation on his own.

21:57 | Episode dedication options are weighed both from sports and non-sports. 

28:05 | The guys share their opinion about the protests and riots that took place in Seattle and around the country over the weekend.

48:59 | GUEST: LeVelle Moton shares his experience with excessive force by police officers during a traffic stop which has similarities to the recent George Floyd incident. 

1:22:09 | GUEST: Brady Henderson provides a Seahawks roster update as the NFL season inches closer.

1:41:53 | GUEST: Jayson Stark breaks down the misalignment between MLB owners and the players union which puts the 2020 season in the balance. 

1:59:51 | An onside kick alternative will have to wait another year as the rule proposal has been denied.

2:01:20 | Scott was surprised to find out who called “The Catch” and Mitch shares a story about one of the broadcasters.

2:04:30 | How many of the top paid athletes on Forbes list could you name?

2:10:52 | There is a new show Mitch has been binging as the lockdown continues.

2:13:49 | It always a good idea to double-check the address as learned the hard way by an Australian duo! 

Episode 93 – Recasner ICYMI, Dr. Ding Coronavirus Check-Up, & War Hero Steven Elliott Memorial Day Reunion


The first segment of today’s Memorial Day release episode is loaded with football chatter as the guys discuss the Seahawks latest roster moves and the implications of a proposed rule change. A four-pack of guests includes NBA veteran & broadcast analyst Eldridge Recasner, Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, author of War Story Steven Elliott, & Movie Mogul Max. Topics discussed in the “Other Stuff” segment range from Scott’s trip to the butcher, to Ryan Leaf, to Chuck E. Cheese.


  • Eldridge Recasner | NBA veteran & college hoops analyst
  • Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding | Harvard Epidemiologist & Senior Fellow at Federation of American Scientists
  • Steven Elliott | U.S. Army veteran 
  • Movie Mogul Max | Mitch’s Son


20:30 | Notable 93s are nominated for episode naming rights of which one will be chosen as the winner at the conclusion of the show.

22:49 | Carlos Hyde is coming to Seattle to bolster the running back room after Devonta Freeman decided to pull the plug.

26:49 | Jadeveon Clowney is still available and the Hawks have remained idle.

33:08 | What do you make of the new NFL rule proposal which would add an alternative to the onside kick?

46:34 | GUEST: Eldridge Recasner shares his first-hand account of playing against the Jordan-led Chicago Bulls chronicled in The Last Dance.

1:06:59 | GUEST: Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding provides his current outlook for managing coronavirus and recommendations to stay safe.

1:29:22 | GUEST: Army veteran Steven Elliott returns to the show following his appearance on Episode 42 to discuss his continued emotional battle.

1:52:35 | GUEST: Movie Mogul Max makes his college selection of the University of Washington public after months of weighing his options.

2:12:22 | Scott swung by the local butcher for a steak, not an earful from a mask-less customer.

2:18:18 | Ryan Leaf has been arrested on a domestic battery charge adding to his troubled story.

2:21:01 | The governor of Pennsylvania is not pleased with Ben Roethlisberger posting photos online of his fresh haircut amidst ongoing mandated non-essential business closures.

2:21:58 | Mitch is doubling down on the prediction he made in Episode 92P of the outcome in Quinton Dunbar’s criminal investigation.

2:27:34 | Chuck E. Cheese is rebranding its pizza to a new name within delivery apps as its germ-laden buildings remain closed.

2:30:00 | Rest in peace Roy Horn, Eddie Sutton, & Jerry Sloan.

Episode 92 – "Unfiltered Live" Maiden Voyage, Dunbar's Camp Claims Innocence, & Arbery Murder Investigation Gaining Clarity


Episode 92 marks a first in Mitch’s career as the show takes place in front a live video audience, what took so long? The guys chat about the latest update on Quinton Dunbar’s robbery allegations and its implications to the Seahawks and the lack of humility demonstrated by Michael Jordan in “The Last Dance”. Three interviews including amateur golfer Anthony Griggs and caddie Larry Vinson, Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Brad Schrade, and sports gaming attorney Daniel Wallach. In the final segment, the guys discuss betting lines on the Hawks schedule, Blake Snell’s controversial comments, and close out with questions from the virtual audience!


  • Anthony Griggs & Larry Vinson | Amateur golfer & caddie
  • Brad Schrade | Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter
  • Daniel Wallach | Gaming & sports betting attorney


9:43 | Why has it taken 25 years behind the mic for Mitch to record a show on camera?

18:43 | It is pretty clear who Episode 92 will be named after when the list of nominees is revealed. 

22:11 | Do you believe Quinton Dunbar’s attorney who adamantly claims the armed robbery allegations against his client are false?

39:59 | Even in present day, Michael Jordan lacks the ability to give credit to former competitors like Clyde Drexler and Gary Payton.

54:30 | GUESTS: Anthony Griggs & Larry Vinson talk about the unusual route to winning a golf tournament using nothing more than a thrift store putter.

1:16:48 | GUEST: Brad Schrade outlines the latest details in the murder investigation of Ahmaud Arbery by a former law enforcement officer. 

1:37:38 | GUEST: Daniel Wallach provides a legal perspective on the ongoing lawsuit between Zion Williamson and former marketing representative.

2:01:17 | Vegas has released odds for the Seahawks 2020 regular season games and the pivotal middle six matchups presents interesting insight.

2:08:26 | Seattle native Blake Snell posted a video that garnered criticism for his refusal to pitch in 2020 under the league’s proposal which includes reduced salary.

2:12:38 | Comedy said goodbye to two greats in Jerry Stiller & Fred Willard.

2:17:08 | The live video audience volleys in questions!

Episode 91 – Csonka Says Goodbye to Coach Shula, Michael Jordan Ticket Treasure Hunt, & Murder Hornets Gaining National Buzz


Before today’s show “begins”, Mitch recaps his weekend with birthday boy Movie Mogul Max and a family trip to the UW campus where he plans to attend this fall. Then, the guys weigh in on the Earl Thomas news and run down the Seahawks 2020 schedule released last week. Featured guests are legendary Dolphins running back Larry Csonka, Michael Jordan super-fan Andrew Goldberg, and Washington State University entomologist Todd Murray. Later, Mitch and Scott chat about Clowney’s diminishing chances of returning to the Hawks, Monday Night Football’s broadcast shake-up, and a controversial op-ed in the Washington Post.


  • Larry Csonka | Pro Football Hall of Fame fullback
  • Andrew Goldberg | Michael Jordan ticket stub collector
  • Todd Murray | WSU entomologist


4:28 | Eighteen years in the making and Movie Mogul Max has decided to attend UW which the Levy made a campus visit to on Sunday.

28:54 | Earl Thomas is lucky to be alive after the incident involving his wife pointing a gun at him earlier this week.

38:08 | The NFL schedule has been released – what do the guys make of the Seahawks slate of games in a tough NFC West?

47:50 | GUEST: Larry Csonka stops by to share some memories of his former coach, the late Don Shula.

1:06:18 | GUEST: Chicago-area sports fan Andrew Goldberg discusses his process of amassing ticket stubs for every game Michael Jordan has played in. 

1:26:00 | GUEST: WSU entomologist Todd Murray breaks down the origin and threat of “murder hornets” which have arrived to the United States.

1:40:03 | Jadeveon Clowney’s return to Seattle appears more bleak with each passing day. 

1:43:44 | Booger and Joe will no longer call the action on Monday Night Football.

1:47:00 | A strongly opinionated Washington Post article reminded Mitch of a story during his days producing Tony Kornheiser’s show.

1:53:07 | Which athletes made the cut for best to wear number 91 for episode naming honors?

Episode 90 – Saturday Cleaning Story Time, Portnoy's TV Theme Song Masterpiece, & College Athletics Eager to Return


Episode 90 begins with unveiling the winner of the Unfiltered TV Theme Song Tourney champion and the opening of Mitch’s sealed envelope with his projected winner when the contest started. Then, Scott asks Mitch to share the stories from old photos he posted on Twitter during a deep house clean over the weekend. Guests include writer of “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” Gary Portnoy, Kansas State athletic director Gene Taylor, and Dan Feldman of NBC Sports. “Other Stuff” in today’s show features Mike Tyson – past and present, the South’s thirst for college football, and giant murder hornets. Enjoy!


  • Gary Portnoy | Singer-songwriter
  • Gene Taylor | Kansas State University athletic director
  • Dan Feldman | NBC Sports NBA writer


3:30 | The Unfiltered TV Theme Song Tourney has reached its conclusion – which show won the contest and did Mitch correctly select the victor from the onset?

22:23 | Episode naming rights for this episode have a coincidental link to a Seahawks story this week and also a former Husky who Mitch isn’t sure was always on the up and up.

27:07 | The radio show crew which included Rock Star Bob, Searsy, Mitch, Fish, and Tracy Taylor grabbed dinner one night in the late 90s and brought back fond memories working together.

32:31 | Who is Sean Chabot and what factors led to him throwing a ceremonial first pitch at The Kingdome with Mitch by his side?

39:20 | Sybil Danning invited a 16-year old Mitch Levy into her hotel room one evening which was a dream at the time, but embarrassing in retrospect. 

49:54 | One particular game stands out from Mitch’s high school hoops days involving Jack Nicklaus and former teammate Roger Yaffe joins the podcast to recall the details!

1:16:26 | GUEST: Gary Portnoy tells the story of creating the iconic theme song to Cheers “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”.

1:46:03 | GUEST: Gene Taylor provides an athletic director’s perspective to navigating through current sports cancellations and what to expect in the fall for football season.

2:00:10 | GUEST: Dan Feldman breaks down the details surrounding the maligned “small business” loan received by the Los Angeles Lakers and if there are justifiable factors.

2:15:42 | Even at age 53, Mike Tyson still packs a punch based on his latest Twitter video.

2:18:11 | Dez Bryant is upset about the Cowboy’s latest signing and the NFL is eyeing Saturday as a potential game day in 2020.

2:19:26 | Will Ferrell crashed the Zoom call with the latest crop of Seahawks draft picks in his one-of-a-kind fashion.

2:20:53 | If coronavirus doesn’t have you nervous, watch out for giant hornets that have found their way to the United States. 

Episode 89 – Jordyn Brooks Coach's Report, NFL Drafterthoughts, & A-Rod Eyes Mets Ownership


Episode 89 kicks off with the guys tracing back the genesis of nicknames and alternate identities they’ve experienced. Then, they delve into a top to bottom recap of the 2020 NFL Draft from the broadcast to the Seahawks picks to other notable selections over the weekend. Guests include Texas Tech head football coach Matt Wells, NBC Sports NFL writer Peter King, and New York Post columnist Thornton McEnery. Later, Mitch and Scott discuss the first listener Zoom call last Thursday, provide an update on the Unfiltered TV Theme Song Tourney, & weigh in on the Episode 88P interview with President of Zoos & Aquariums Dan Ashe on the ills of “Tiger King” style animal exhibits.


  • Matt Wells | Texas Tech head football coach
  • Peter King | NBC Sports NFL writer
  • Thornton McEnery | New York Post columnist


0:00 | Once again, Jeopardy demonstrates its contestants routinely struggle mightily with sports trivia.

2:27 | Nicknames and alternate identities have played a part of both Mitch’s and Scott’s life in unique ways. 

22:33 | Episode naming rights could be a runaway for a special number 89 that spent his entire career in Seattle. 

32:07 | Mitch and Scott provide their takeaways from the three-day TV event that was the 2020 NFL Draft.

1:07:51 | GUEST: Texas Tech football coach Matt Wells provides a scouting report of Seahawks first round draft pick Jordyn Brooks. 

1:24:26 | GUEST: Peter King weighs in on the 2020 NFL Draft in terms of its unique “virtual” format and also reacts to the quarterbacks taken in the first round including Jordan Love in Green Bay.

1:45:08 | GUEST: Thornton McEnery discusses the financial details of the potential purchase of the New York Mets by Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez.

2:04:05 | Were you on the first Unfiltered Zoom call? Mitch want a do-over!

2:07:38 | The Unfiltered TV Theme Song Tourney has reached the sweet sixteen round!

2:12:38 | Episode 88P guest Dan Ashe is working to shut down independent animal exhibits like the one portrayed in Tiger King.