Episode 241 – M's Fan Favorite Mike Cameron & Jim Brown's Mixed Legacy


After a week off, the guys kick off the show by catching up on their whereabouts including a notable Levy restaurant outing involving a tea fiasco. Then, the guys remark on the continued struggles of the M’s who were blown out by the Rangers over the weekend. Also, they note how the starting rotation is cooling off a bit while the bats remain mediocre. A pair of guests on today’s show including a two-part interview with former Mariners All-Star centerfielder Mike Cameron followed by author of Jim Brown: Last Man Standing Dave Zirin. The “Other Stuff” segment covers discouraging stories including Scottie Pippen & Karl Malone, a blockbuster deal for lesser-known hoops coach Monty Williams, and a college golfer winning her first pro tourney!     


  • Mike Cameron | 16-year MLB veteran (Seattle Mariners 2000-2003)
  • Dave Zirin | Author of Jim Brown: Last Man Standing


2:40 | Does Mitch have a valid argument about his drink order at a recent restaurant visit? 

27:13 | Are the M’s postseason hopes slip-sliding away as they fall further down the AL standings against hot teams like the Rangers.

40:00 | GUEST: Beloved Seattle Mariner Mike Cameron drops by for a two-part interview to chat about his journey to Seattle and some memorable moments from his career.

1:17:47 | GUEST: Sports novelist Dave Zirin checks in to chat about his new biography Jim Brown: Last Man Standing which chronicles his notorious life on and off the gridiron.

1:58:15 | “Other Stuff” topics on today’s episode include a hypothetical with Jalen Hurts & Geno Smith in Seattle, Taylor Swift’s massive net worth, more Scottie Pippen drama & Karl Malone selling old sports memorabilia, Monty Williams’ unexpectedly historic coaching contract, and a college golfer’s emergence into professional play.

Episode 240 – Spence Needle Returns & Bellevue Golf Phenom Angela Zhang


The start of the episode elicits memories of Maryland followed by an impressive Zack Greinke statistic before opening the listener mailbox. Next, Mitch gives a rousing endorsement of Seaside, Oregon before venting spleen about the struggling Mariners and their refusal to spend big bucks in free agency. Five guests on today’s show are ten-year NBA veteran and local product Spencer Hawes, Bellevue youth golfer and U.S. Women’s Open qualifier Angela Zhang, and Kraken No-Table crew RJ Eskanos, Darren Brown, and Dylan Travers. “Other Stuff” topics range from the surprise cover model on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, early predictions on the NFL landing spot for Michael Penix Jr., and the son of an Ann Arbor legend getting fired for ill-advised “likes” on social media.     


  • Spencer Hawes | NBA veteran, UW & Seattle Prep alum
  • Angela Zhang | 8th Grade Bellevue-based golfer & U.S. Open qualifier
  • RJ Eskanos | Emerald City Hockey  
  • Darren Brown | Sound of Hockey
  • Dylan Travers | Emerald City Hockey


2:40 | A peculiar statistic about Zack Greinke makes one consider his chances of ending up in Cooperstown. 

26:29 | With a pitching staff like the one in Seattle, it’s a shame the M’s front office pinched pennies with their lineup during the offseason.

39:30 | GUEST: Spencer Hawes returns to the show to reminisce some high school hoops stories, his recruitment, and pro career.

1:10:27 | GUEST: 14-year-old Bellevue golfer Angela Zhang joins the show to share her story of excelling at a young age as she prepares for the U.S. Women’s Open.

1:35:28 | GUEST: The guys from Kraken No-Table RJ Eskanos, Darren Brown, and Dylan Travers gather round for an end-of-season summary featuring an exciting playoff run.

2:06:47 | The “Other Stuff” segment features stories including Martha Stewart’s appears on the SI swimsuit magazine, the mock projection for Michael Penix Jr. in the 2024 NFL Draft, and a short-lived employment stint for Glenn “Shemy” Schembechler in Michigan.

Episode 239 – The Mother's Day Edition


To begin the Mother’s Day version of the show, Mitch addresses a listener email regarding the Patron shows and subscription content. Then, the guys chat about the Kraken’s playoff run which features another game seven, the mediocre Mariners, and the breakdown of the Seahawks schedule. A four-pack of “Best-Of” guest segments are Paolo Banchero’s mom Rhonda Smith-Banchero, Mary Reuland who is the mom of late NFL player Konrad Reuland, former Husky quarterback Cody Pickett, and Wyoming-based hero Ryan Pasborg. The “Other Stuff” segment features topics including the aftermath of Bob Huggins use of an insensitive slur on a radio show, a year-long case of hiccups Bo Jackson has been dealing with, and the latest with the Matt Araiza lawsuit.     


  • Rhonda Smith-Banchero | UW basketball alum & Mom of Paolo Banchero
  • Mary Reuland | Mother of late NFL player Konrad Reuland
  • Cody Pickett | UW quarterback ’99-’03
  • Ryan Pasborg | Wyoming resident


2:47 | Mitch recalls his decision for using a Patron account for bonus shows at the beginning of the podcast. 

24:58 | The Kraken prepare for game 7 against the Stars, will they get it done? 

31:14 | Despite everyone’s claims that Matt Brash that has “great stuff”, his ERA continues to rise while M’s leads continue to shrink.

34:46 | The Seahawks schedule release receives a lot more hullaballoo than it deserves.

46:54 | GUEST: Rhonda Smith-Banchero chats about raising her son Paolo who was named NBA Rookie of the Year in 2023.

1:16:55 | GUEST: Mary Reuland shares the story of her son Konrad who passed away in 2016 at age 29 and whose heart was transplanted into childhood sports hero Rod Carew.

1:40:31 | GUEST: Former Husky quarterback Cody Pickett jumped aboard to discuss his heart health scare that could have taken his life.

2:03:14 | GUEST: Wyoming native Ryan Pasborg joined the show to share his heroic story earlier this month.

2:19:35 | “Other Stuff” topics include Bob Huggins using inappropriate language and the fallout that ensued, Bo Jackson’s upcoming medical intervention to remove a long-lasting case of hiccups, and more details about Matt Araiza’s ongoing legal battle.

Episode 238 – "Spoon's" Coach's Tape & Derick Hall Scouting Report


At the top of the show, the guys serenade the listeners with some hits from the late Gordon Lightfoot before discussing an unusual news story from a Nashville hotel. Next, Mitch and Hotshot chat about the emergence of Bryce Miller and the state of the “left-fielder” as the M’s start to heat up. A trio of guests including Illinois defensive coordinator Aaron Henry, former Auburn defensive coordinator Jeff Schmedding, and longtime NFL scout Jim Nagy. In the “Other Stuff” segment, the guys discuss Budda Baker’s tweet about the video of a football dad copping a feel of his son’s girlfriend, Jordyn Brooks contract news, and Tom Brady’s response to unretirement rumors.     


  • Aaron Henry | University of Illinois defensive coordinator
  • Jeff Schmedding | Washington State University defensive coordinator
  • Jim Nagy | NFL Scout


1:13 | The fellas sing some of Gordon Lightfoot’s hits in the wake of his recent passing. 

20:27 | Are the M’s starting to establish some momentum after a pair of series victories in the past week? 

35:16 | GUEST: Illinois defensive coordinator Aaron Henry joins the show to provide a complete scouting report of Devon Witherspoon and shares his personal inspirational story.

1:05:15 | GUEST: Defensive coordinator at Washington State Jeff Schmedding hops aboard to provide a coach’s perspective of Derrick Hall as his coach in Auburn.

1:22:35 | GUEST: Longtime NFL scout Jim Nagy shares his main takeaways from the 2023 NFL Draft including the Seahawks picks. 

1:38:31 | The “Other Stuff” segment features of game of “Why did Budda Baker call out the 13th pick’s father on Twitter?”, the latest with Jordyn Brooks his future with the Seahawks, and a verdict to the rumblings that Tom Brady may play next season.

Episode 237 – Seahawks No-Table & Draft Aftermath


Today’s show begins with Mitch remarking on Hotshot’s headwear which devolves into a series of references to other notable bandana-wearers before addressing two similar listener emails about Mitch’s preference of hockey over soccer. Then, the guys share their reaction to the Seahawks draft picks and how it relates to the state of the rest of the roster. Three draft-centric guest segments beginning with the Seahawks No-Table with Brady and Joe followed by a conversation with Danny O’Neil then Peter King. The “Other Stuff” segment stories include the firing of an ESPN reporter for cursing, Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson getting contract disputes resolved, and Paris Hilton revealing the backstory behind her notorious sex tape.     


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN’s NFL Nation Seahawks 
  • Joe Fann | Seattle Sports 710AM columnist
  • Danny O’Neil | The Dang Apostrophe
  • Peter King | NBC Sports NFL columnist


7:38 | Has Mitch given soccer the same chance as he has for his emerging interest in hockey? 

20:11 | Are you pleased with the Seahawks 2023 draft class? 

46:43 | GUEST: Brady Henderson and Joe Fann are back for a post-draft edition of the Seahawks No-Table to break down all the selections. 

1:14:19 | GUEST: Danny is upgraded to the big show to share his opinions on Pete and John’s picks in the draft.

1:42:46 | GUEST: Peter King is back to provide a national perspective on the draft process as a whole and this year’s edition.

2:06:15 | The show wraps up with “Other Stuff” topics including an MLB reporter fired for lewd language, two NFL quarterback dramas ending, and Paris Hilton’s confession about her infamous sex tape.

Episode 236 – Too Many Picks & Is He Real Or Memorex


At the top of the show, the guys talk about reputation Vancouver B.C. has garnered over the years as a beautiful city unanimously before reading listener emails and talking about the excitement this week about Kraken hockey. Next, Scott consults Mitch on whether or not he should accept some free golf clubs before sharing their final thoughts about the Seahawks draft before the action begins later in the week. A trio of featured guests are pro football executive Randy Mueller, On Montlake writer Christian Caple and Fred Segal of Freezing Cold Takes. “Other Stuff” segment topics range from Kelenic’s continued success in 2023, the A’s possibly moving to Vegas, and upgrades coming to McDonalds.     


  • Randy Mueller | 2000 NFL Executive of the Year
  • Christian Caple | On Montlake
  • Fred Segal | Author Freezing Cold Takes: NFL: Football Media’s Most Inaccurate Predictions―and the Fascinating Stories Behind Them


0:47 | How did Vancouver B.C. establish the universally loved status from visitors? 

4:16 | The guys open the listener mailbag to hear the pulse of the critics of the show. 

24:06 | Should Hotshot take up a recent offer for a free set of golf clubs? 

29:29 | Is it possible the Seahawks could end up with too many draft picks if they end up trading down?

47:13 | GUEST: Randy Mueller takes us behind the curtain with some NFL Draft 101 from a front office executive’s standpoint. 

1:12:58 | GUEST: Christian Caple is back to chat about his new independent media outlet On Montlake before sharing some takeaways from the Spring Game.

1:35:12 | GUEST: Fred Segal joins the show to talk about his book Freezing Cold Takes: NFL: Football Media’s Most Inaccurate Predictions―and the Fascinating Stories Behind Them exposing some of the worst predictions by media heads.

1:51:18 | The show concludes with “Other Stuff” topics such as “the left fielder’s” stats, details about a potential MLB stadium in Las Vegas, and the new-and-improved McDonalds menu.

Episode 235 – Baseball's Greatest Feat & Catching Up With Stretch


To kick things off, Mitch and Scott talk about Dave Sims insistence to announce no-hitters in broadcasts before sharing the tragic news about the passing of Seattle hockey staple and friend of Mitch Unfiltered Andy Eide. Then, the guys chat about the strong three-game series against the Rockies concluding with a Castillo gem followed by MLB’s workaround to decreased beer sales and the results of a hygiene survey that grosses Mitch out. Three guests segments with college baseball player Brady Ware, longtime friend of the show Matt “Stretch” Johnson, and renowned author Michael Bamberger. The “Other Stuff” segment includes stories such as the latest with Shawn Kemp’s gun-related charge, a peculiar stat from a minor league baseball game, and an Oregon man tossing out thousands of dollars into a busy road as part of a stunt.     


  • Brady Ware | University of Indianapolis baseball player 
  • Matt “Stretch” Johnson | Former Sounders broadcaster
  • Michael Bamberger | Author The Ball in the Air


4:07 | Should baseball broadcasters keep their mouths shut when a pitcher is in the middle of a no-hitter. 

9:12 | Condolences to friends and family of Andy Eide as his passing leaves a permanent legacy for hockey in the Northwest. 

30:25 | The M’s capped off a sweep of the Rockies over the weekend with a near no-hitter by Luis Castillo. 

36:30 | The new MLB rules speeding up pace of play are making a dent in beer sales, so the vendors are solving the problem by extending sales later in games.

40:42 | Mitch reviews a survey about personal hygiene and the unsavory behaviors people exhibit in the bathroom. 

51:09 | GUEST: College baseball player at UIndy Brady Ware chats about his recent feat of pitching a no-hitter and hitting for the cycle in the same game.

1:09:52 | GUEST: Longtime friend of the show Matt “Stretch” Johnson is back for storytime from the radio show days and also the latest on his modern golf addiction.

1:35:21 | GUEST: Author Michael Bamberger shares the inspiration behind his new book The Ball in the Air which captures the love of the game by amateurs. 

1:59:50 | Today’s “Other Stuff” topics range from the latest with Shawn Kemp’s shooting incident, a baseball team that won despite recording zero hits, and a guest request for an Oregon man. 

Episode 234 – Seahawks Draft Wish List & Rick Fehr Masters Memories


At the top of the show the guys read listener emails before regaling the Fred Couples prank story with Fish. Next, Mitch and Scott chat about Hotshot’s overly burdensome trip to Paine Field, the M’s falling barely short of a sweep, and the excitement level heading into the NHL postseason with the Kraken locked in. A four-pack of featured guests including Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, former pro golfer Rick Fehr, and RJ Eskanos & Darren Brown for the Kraken No-Table. Today’s “Other Stuff” topics range from the Mavericks under investigation for draft position shenanigans, Puff Daddy’s financial mistake from many years ago, and recent athlete arrests.     


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN’s NFL Nation Seahawks reporter   
  • Rick Fehr | Former PGA golfer 
  • RJ Eskanos | Emerald City Hockey  
  • Darren Brown | Sound of Hockey 


9:18 | Mitch reads letters from listeners whom are mixed on their love of golf chatter on the podcast. 

12:11 | In light of The Masters tournament, the guys recall the infamous Fred Couples interview prank

17:20 | The Rays are red freaking hot to start the season! 

26:36 | Scott got roped into entering the Paine Field Airport lobby after dropping her off for a flight. 

37:07 | The Mariners stole defeat from the arms of victory for a series sweep against the Guardians.

43:40 | Will the guys follow the Kraken along their postseason journey? 

48:54 | GUEST: Brady Henderson returns with the draft looming to discuss position groups with greatest need following the offseason free agency moves. 

1:10:40 | GUEST: Rick Fehr is back to share his Masters experience as a player and reaction to John Rahm’s victory. 

1:30:38 | GUEST: RJ Eskanos and Darren Brown joined Mitch on Thursday in the wake of earning their first trip to the NHL postseason. 

1:53:52 | The “Other Stuff” segment features stories such as the Mavs under scrutiny for benching stars for potential draft implications, Diddy’s cumulative royalty mistake to Sting, and criminal activity for notable sports figures.  

Episode 233 – Seahawks Free Agent Daily Schnoz & Tax Tips With David Peters


Today’s episode begins with Hotshot explaining his Starbucks run on the way to the Levy house because he forgot his own and how much money he spends there unlike Mitch. They also chat about the comedy shows they attended on Saturday night and open the listener mailbag in the tease. Then, the guys discuss heckling at comedy shows, the changing landscape of college hoops, and the M’s opening series in segment one. A half-dozen guests on the episode beginning with the return of Danny Kelly from The Ringer, a Seahawks free-agent Daily Schnoz with Jeff Legwold, John Fennelly, Curt Popejoy, and Nick Baumgardner, and wrapping up with CPA David Peters. Topics in the “Other Stuff” segment include the latest on Seahawks vets on defense, an appearance by Mr. Playoffs for The Kraken, and the women’s NCAA championship game.    


  • Jeff Legwold | ESPN Senior Writer – Denver Broncos
  • John Fennelly | Giants Wire
  • Curt Popejoy | USA Today
  • Nick Baumgardner | The Athletic
  • Danny Kelly | The Ringer
  • David Peters | David Peters Financial Group


0:00 | How much money has Scott spent versus Mitch saved at Starbucks over the years?

28:50 | Why do people feel inclined to heckle comedians at shows and interrupt everything?

32:57 | The azaleas are in full bloom at Augusta with The Masters week upon us.

36:37 | College basketball may be entering a new era with the transfer portal jeopardizing dominance by the blue bloods.

45:09 | Mitch opened a can of worms by with M’s fans by Tweeting his long-running gag about returning above .500.

1:01:21 | GUESTS: Jeff Legwold, John Fennelly, Curt Popejoy, and Nick Baumgardner drop in for a Seahawks Free Agency Daily Schnoz segment.

1:29:40 | GUEST: Back by popular demand, Danny Kelly joins the show to project how the Seahawks will approach the draft with their copious picks.

1:54:24 | GUEST: With the tax deadline approaching, CPA David Peters checks in to provide tips to those of us stressed and procrastinating.

2:13:35 | Today’s “Other Stuff” topics range from Seahawks roster rumors to a Kraken postseason update to LSU’s upset of Iowa for a national title. 

Episode 232 – How's Your Bracket Doing & Dual No-Tables


At the top of the show, the guys chat about the madness of this year’s tournament and if they enjoy the chaos. Next, Mitch and Hotshot discuss another deep run by Gonzaga still in pursuit of a championship and the excitement of opening day for M’s fans on Thursday night. Five featured guests on the show starting with Jason Churchill and Joe Doyle for the Mariners No-Table followed by RJ Eskanos and Darren Brown for the Kraken No-Table and Brooklyn Hicks named Mr. Basketball in Washington. As always, the episode concludes with “Other Stuff” topics ranging from the secrets of McDonalds Coca-Cola, 50 Cent’s latest lawsuit about his manhood, and the ongoing drama between Jane Fonda and JLo.    


  • Jason Churchill | Prospect Insider
  • Joe Doyle | Director, MLB Draft – ProspectsLive
  • RJ Eskanos | Emerald City Hockey
  • Darren Brown | Sound of Hockey
  • Brooklyn Hicks | Mr. Basketball 2023 (Timberline HS) | UNLV commit


6:36 | Is the mixed bag representing the Final Four this year a fun story or better off when blue bloods are vying for the championship?

22:51 | How much credit does Mark Few deserve for bringing the Zags to another deep run in the tourney?

29:57 | Does the buzz for 2023 Mariners baseball rival the hype in 1996 and 2002 after two of the franchise’s best seasons?

40:02 | GUEST: Jason and Joe are back for the last Mariners No-Table before Luis Castillo steps on the mound for opening day 2023.

1:12:25 | GUEST: The inaugural Kraken No-Table with RJ Eskanos and Darren Brown covers the roller-coaster ride this season as the team presses towards its first playoff appearance.

1:33:05 | GUEST: Mr. Basketball for the state of Washington Brooklyn Hicks shares the story of his high school career at Timberline High School and decision to play college hoops at UNLV.

1:50:27 | The “Other Stuff” segment features discussion about Coke at McDonalds, a legal battle involving rapper 50 Cent and his junk, and continued resentment between Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez.