Mitch and Danny “The Dang Apostrophe” O’Neil dive into a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Bill Walton, who passed away at 71. Mitch unravels a piece of baseball history with a Vin Scully audio clip from a 2008 Dodgers game, where fans anticipated a matchup between Randy Johnson and Greg Maddux, only to witness the emerging talents of Max Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw.

Mitch and Danny reflect on Grayson Murray, a 30-year-old golfer who had battled depression, anxiety, and mental illness. Despite making significant progress with the support of family, a fiancée, therapy, and sobriety, he tragically took his own life recently. His story underscores the persistent and pervasive struggles of mental health, even among those who appear to be thriving.

With rookie minicamps and OTAs underway, the atmosphere and coaching dynamic have noticeably shifted under new head coach Mike McDonald. ESPN’s Brady Henderson joins Mitch to share his insights on the current state of the Seahawks.

Mitch welcomes back his first co-host and long-time friend, Jason D Hamilton. They delve into topics including the University of Washington’s transition to the Big Ten and the challenges of college sports today, as well as the complexities of the transfer portal and NIL deals.

Mitch Unfiltered and Danny O’Neill (filling in for Hotshot Scott) tackle topics including, Joe Buck’s divisive reputation and the NFL’s new optical tracking system for first downs, to Caitlin Clark’s WNBA impact and heartfelt tributes to late sports and cultural figures.




• Brady Henderson | ESPN’s Seahawks Insider

• Jason Hamilton | UW Broadcaster

• Mariners’ No Table | Featuring Jason Churchill from “Baseball Things” and Joe Doyle from “Over Slot,” the Mariners No-Table segment




0:45 | Mitch pays tribute to Bill Walton.

7:40 | Vin Scully’s iconic 2008 Dodgers game audio clip featuring young Max Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw.

18:10 | Mitch and Danny reflect on Grayson Murray and the pervasive struggle with mental illness in sports.

37:58 | GUEST: Brady Henderson, ESPN Seahawks Insider – presents a visual of the Seahawks OTA’s. What are the big differences between Mike Macdonald’s ambience and Pete Carroll? How long is the leash on Geno Smith? What’s still to come in terms of player acquisitions? And much more.

1:00:28 | GUEST: Jason Hamilton, UW Broadcaster & original Unfiltered Co-host – claims to be proud of Mitch Unfiltered, describes new Huskies’ coach Danny Sprinkle & his prized transfer, and what to do about the insanity of NIL/Transfer portal.

1:32:14 | GUEST: Mariners’ No-Table, Jason Churchill & Joe Doyle – put a wrap on the M’s road trip and the series opener against the Astros. Is Julio coming out of it? Should a hitting coach be fired? Anything wrong with George Kirby? And Out on a Lomb predictions.

1:57:53 | Other Stuff Segment: Joe Buck’s polarizing persona, Randy Moss mooning incident, NFL optical tracking for first downs, Chicago Bears draft strategy, Ronald Acuna Jr.’s ACL injury, Scottie Scheffler’s arrest controversy, Caitlin Clark’s WNBA debut, flirtatious interviews comparison, RIPs to Bill Walton, Grayson Murray, Bruce Nordstrom, Morgan Spurlock.

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