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Episode 132 – Seahawks Salary Cap Summary & Revealing CTE's Grim Effects


At the top of the show, the guys giggle about the popcorn-worthy Twitter spat between Ravens linebacker Matthew Judon & ESPN reporter Jamison Hensley and tease Hotshot’s latest music release for Patrons. Then, Mitch and Scott assess the state of the M’s as they pick up the pieces from last week’s PR nightmare, discuss whether or not Tiger Woods is beloved, and remark on the courting of Russell Wilson across the league. Today’s featured guest are salary cap expert Joel Corry, former MLB executive Steve Phillips, and co-founder of Concussion Legacy Foundation Dr. Chris Nowinski. The “Other Stuff” segment covers a variety of topics including sponsorship interest by Manscaped, Mitch’s strange Randy Johnson encounters, and a concerning voicemail on Scott’s phone! 


  • Joel Corry | Inside the Cap podcast host
  • Steve Phillips | Former Mets GM
  • Dr. Chris Nowinski | Concussion Legacy Foundation CEO


0:46 | Ravens linebacker Matthew Judon is threatening to release photos of ESPN reporter Jamison Hensley at a strip club if he doesn’t apologize for his latest column.

5:21 | If you haven’t gotten a chance to listen to Hotshot’s latest music episode for Patrons, make sure to check it out!

24:07 | The clock is ticking for Mitch to receive the vaccine before his big European family vacation later this year.

26:45 | Will the Mariners organization bounce back from the latest incident resulting in the Kevin Mather’s departure stemming from pointed comments at players and staff?

33:00 | The guys describe their initial reaction when they heard Tiger Woods was involved in a rollover car wreck.

42:57 | New Orleans mayor LaToya Cantrell among others is making a pitch to Russ and Ciara to head on down to the bayou and become the Saints next quarterback.

53:12 | GUEST: Joel Corry is back to discuss the Russell Wilson trade rumors from a business angle based on the Seahawks salary cap situation.

1:18:11 | GUEST: Steve Phillips swings by to provide his general manager perspective on the controversial comments that led to Kevin Mather stepping down as M’s president.

1:36:05 | GUEST: Dr. Chris Nowinski checks in to share his personal experience with concussions and the prevalence of CTE among former football players.

1:54:08 | There was too much good storytelling with Matt “Stretch” that we had to break it up into three segments in Episode 131.

1:56:07 | Mike Trout’s first game-worn jersey is on sale and expected to go for over a million bucks!  

1:56:44 | The Las Vegas Knights backed out of their deal with after immediate backlash by fans.

1:59:10 | Lady Gaga’s dog-walker deserves a raise after getting shot while taking a stroll in the neighborhood.

2:01:08 | A listener defends the business practice by Michael Schwimer investing in baseball prospects for a cut of future contracts.

2:04:21 | Manscaped is eager to become a sponsor for the podcast, but the guys are reluctant.

2:07:25 | Mitch recalls his two encounters with Randy Johnson, both of which were quite unusual. 

2:16:59 | Hotshot plays a voicemail he received which explains what he’s been doing in his spare time these days.

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Episode 131 – Radio Reunion With Stretch & Mather Puts Foot in Mouth


The guys are back together in person after the Soden’s trip to Arizona of which he is confirmed virus negative since his return. Then, they chat about Kim & Kanye’s multi-billion dollar divorce, abrasive commentary from Mariners ownership, and more details about Russell Wilson’s frustration with the Hawks. Today’s featured guest is Mitch’s long-lost friend Matt “Stretch” Johnson who shares some classic tales from their days on the radio show. Stretch also talks about his transition after five years behind the mic with Seattle Sounders FC and a bout with coronavirus. Later, Scott returns for the “Other Stuff” segment including headlines ranging from a drunken Johnny Damon to the Mars Rover landing to Richard Sherman’s uncertain future in the NFL. Finally, Mitch wraps up the podcast with a touching account of a listener’s email exchanges with him that have included details about his wife’s cancer diagnosis who passed away with grace and strength.


  • Matt “Stretch” Johnson | Former Sounders play-by-play broadcaster & morning show producer with Mitch. 


0:00 | Hotshot is back in studio and COVID-free (we think…) after a weeklong hiatus in Arizona.

7:07 | Former guest of the podcast Michael Schwimer is making headlines after his recent windfall associated with Fernando Tatis Jr.’s mega-deal.

24:46 | Piper Soden is the owner of a brand new iPhone 11 which Scott will be paying off for the next thirty years.

27:16 | Kim & Kanye hit the seven-year itch and are calling it quits with $3.5 billion to split.

37:07 | Kevin Mather is in the hot seat after some comments that displeased many of the few remaining Mariners fans in town.

44:11 | It is becoming clear that Pete Carroll and his antiquated offensive philosophy is the source of Russell Wilson’s ire.

54:05 | The quarterback carousel continues to spin as Carson Wentz has fallen off to Indy while Watson is still aboard in Houston. 

59:54 | GUEST: Matt “Stretch” Johnson makes his debut to the podcast after wrapping up his play-by-play duties with the Sounders to share some laughs with Mitch about memories from a thirty-year-long friendship.

2:11:00 | Former big leaguer Johnny Damon (a Florida man) and his wife got busted for DUI.

2:12:48 | More details have surfaced about Vincent Jackson’s death from the hotel and his family has decided to donate his brain to CTE research. 

2:14:24 | An Orlando police officer issued a ticket for a faulty brake light…turned out to be a gift card to an auto parts store.

2:18:28 | The Mars Rover has completed its 293 million mile journey and provided its first photos of the red planet. 

2:19:19 | Would you take Richard Sherman back on the Hawks if the opportunity presented itself?

2:22:02 | Mitch ends the show with a tribute to Lindsay Larsen whose husband and podcast listener Chris mourns the loss of his wife to colon cancer with tremendous grace.    

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Episode 130 – Russell's Uncertain Hawks Future & Dr. Osborne's Heart Healthy Tips


Today’s show begins with Mitch recalling how much he hated driving to work in the snow while Scott shares an update about his long basketball weekend in Arizona. Then, the guys chat about Russell Wilson trade rumors, his salary implications, and pose a hypothetical deal with the Dolphins. Three guests are Dallas-based cardiologist Dr. John Osborne, recently retired former Hawks center Max Unger, and CBS Sports NFL writer Jason La Canfora. The “Other Stuff” segment includes topics ranging from James Paxton’s return, to a drunken sled accident in West Virginia, to a new industry of “lightly used” masks. Listen to find out!  


  • Dr. John Osborne | Cardiologist
  • Max Unger | Seahawks center 2009-2014
  • Jason La Canfora | CBS Sports NFL columnist & 105.7 The Fan – Baltimore


0:00 | How is Scott faring after a weekend of wall-to-wall basketball in the desert while Mitch is buried under snow in Seattle?

7:17 | Mitch opens the mailbag from some faithful listeners of the show including reaction to the Chris Hansen interview in Episode 129.

25:04 | Hotshot encountered a few household names while in Arizona this weekend, but didn’t have the guts to talk to them. 

29:08 | Mitch explains Russell Wilson’s current salary cap situation and reveals interesting results about a hypothetical trade he posted on Twitter. 

59:33 | GUEST: Dr. John Osborne checks in to talk about the eye-opening facts about the prevalence of heart disease and the simple steps people can take for better health.

1:25:42 | GUEST: Max Unger jumps aboard to chat about his new retired lifestyle and shares some memories about his decade-long NFL career.

1:45:35 | GUEST: Jason La Canfora swings by to share some strong opinions about the rumblings about Russell’s discontent with the Seahawks.

2:12:18 | Taylor Swift is re-recording her hit songs because her former record label is protecting their rights to her tunes.

2:13:44 | The Big Maple is back after a stint with the Yanks and is likely to be slotted near the top of the M’s rotation.

2:19:24 | A freshman at WVU slammed into a police car while sledding down a hill in a laundry cart. 

2:23:09 | “The Bachelor” host Chris Harrison and Justin Timberlake took to Twitter this week to issue apologies for recent scrutiny.

2:26:05 | Buyer beware if you buy a mask on Sniff’r or All Things Worn!

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Episode 129 – Chris Hansen Breaks His Silence & Brady Hoists Seventh Lombardi


Today’s show kicks off with Mitch lamenting some bad beats from his Sunday wagering. Then, the guys recap the highs and lows from Super Bowl LV both on and off the field. Three featured guests are Chris Hansen of Sonics Arena Investment Group, film director of Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream Michael Tollin, and Seattle Kraken reporter with The Athletic Ryan Clark. Later, Mitch and Scott riff about odds and ends including this year’s batch of Super Bowl ads, an Orlando TV reporter’s inadvertent mistake, and a thought on Russell Wilson trade rumors.


  • Chris Hansen | Sonics Arena Investment Group 
  • Michael Tollin | Director of Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream
  • Ryan Clark | The Athletic Seattle Kraken reporter 


0:28 | Mitch shares his gambling results from Sunday…did he end up on the winning end?

23:08 | The guys share their takeaways from the 31-9 Bucs win over the Chiefs in the Super Bowl .

56:13 | GUEST: Chris Hansen joins the show to provide an update on his pursuit for a return of the NBA in Seattle and the associated arena considerations.

1:39:04 | GUEST: Michael Tollin shares some stories about the life of the late Henry Aaron as shown in his doc Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream. 

2:07:01 | GUEST: Ryan Clark checks in as he returns to Seattle as the Kraken reporter with The Athletic for an overview of what to expect in year one for the franchise.

2:26:38 | What was your favorite Super Bowl ad this year?

2:36:43 | A Florida man…TV reporter Zach Maskavich caused quite a stir with the national anthem prop bet. 

2:44:10 | Aaron Donald was named defensive player of the year and it really wasn’t close, although J.J. Watt disagrees.

2:46:02 | Are we to believe that John Schneider really is hanging up the phone on all offers for Russell Wilson?  

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Episode 128 – Catching Hank's 715th & Neuheisel's PAC-12 Commish Prospects


The show begins by Mitch explaining his concern with the raccoon roaming around in his backyard followed by a deep dive into a recent listener review about Hotshot. Then, they dig into their betting approach next Sunday, the Rams trade for Matt Stafford, and Griffey’s new front office MLB position. Today’s guests are former pitcher and Hammerin’ Hank’s teammate on the Braves Tom House, CBS Sports college football analyst Rick Neuheisel, and Jeff Dicks from our loyal sponsor Evergreen Gavekal. The “Other Stuff” segment covers a variety of topics including Nick Saban’s rock solid recruiting pitch, Patrick Reed’s latest rule fiasco, and a fishy lawsuit against Subway!


  • Tom House | Former MLB pitcher & teammate of Hank Aaron
  • Rick Neuheisel CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Jeff Dicks Evergreen Gavekal investments managing director


6:54 | Hotshot’s sports fandom is questioned by a listener which the guys analyze the validity of the claim.

28:32 | The conversation with Charlie Plumb in Episode 127 is a must listen if you haven’t had a chance to catch the interview.   

36:47 | What is your betting strategy for the Super Bowl?

39:42 | The Rams have added Matt Stafford to an already well-balanced team which makes the NFC West arms race more competitive.

47:41 | Ken Griffey Jr. landed a new gig with Major League Baseball to raise youth interest in the sport. 

56:17 | GUEST: Tom House relives the iconic moment of the late Hank Aaron’s 715th home run which he caught and the magnitude of the moment.

1:20:42 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel shares final takeaways from the college football season and weighs in on the upcoming vacancy in the PAC12 commissioner’s chair.

1:43:15 | GUEST: Evergreen Gavekal’s managing director of investing Jeff Dicks explains the dynamics of the tumultuous week on Wall Street and the possible aftermath. 

2:04:05 | Nick Saban has a future in sales if this whole college football coaching thing doesn’t work out.

2:09:14 | Patrick Reed won the Farmers Insurance Open, but not without controversy as we’ve come to expect.

2:12:33 | Pope Francis is going to have a tough time with his newly prescribed diet of avoiding pizza and pasta.

2:14:10 | The world of college basketball said goodbye to the legendary John Chaney.   

2:18:16 | Subway is facing a lawsuit that claims their tuna sandwiches aren’t actually made with tuna.  

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Episode 127 – Captain Plumb Shares Heroic War Story & Jason Hamilton Checks In


The show kicks off with listener emails including one that captures Scott’s frustration about people not knowing this podcast exists. Then the guys share their candid reaction to the AFC and NFC championship games and the upcoming Super Bowl matchup between the Bucs and Chiefs and chat about the legacy of the late Hank Aaron and Larry King. Three great guests beginning with retired Navy captain Charlie Plumb followed by Husky hoops broadcaster Jason D. Hamilton and veteran NBA center Spencer Hawes. Later, the guys weigh in on miscellaneous topics ranging from Coach K lashing out at a reporter to a rare Unfiltered hockey story to Steph Curry’s latest 3-point milestone. Enjoy!


  • Charlie Plumb | Retired United States Navy Captain
  • Jason D. Hamilton | UW broadcaster & former Mitch Unfiltered co-host
  • Spencer Hawes | Seattle-born NBA center


1:25 | How does Mitch Unfiltered get to the masses after being around for over two years?

9:33 | Has Pete Carroll earned the cred to stay at the helm as long as he wants?

21:31 | What did you make of championship Sunday and are you excited for Bucs/Chiefs?

38:26 | RIP to one of baseball’s most iconic players Hammerin’ Hank Aaron and broadcasting legend Larry King.

1:00:27 | GUEST: Charlie Plumb tells his story of surviving six years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam after his fighter jet was shot down over Hanoi.

1:38:38 | GUEST: Jason Hamilton is back to catch up on his whereabouts and how his family has adjusted to the new norms.

2:01:33 | GUEST: Spencer Hawes returns to the show to share some of his most memorable moments from his long NBA career.

2:23:56 | Coach K lashes out at a young reporter after a loss which rubs Mitch the wrong way.

2:33:48 | A new Guinness World Record in soccer reminds Mitch of something in hockey that amuses him.

2:36:04 | Steph Curry jumps into second place all time in three point buckets behind Ray Allen.

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Episode 126 – LaSorda's Legacy & Chambers Bay PGA Prospects


Today’s show begins with recent reviews from listeners followed by details of Hotshot’s third music special for Patrons released on Saturday night. Then, Mitch and Scott chat about the unusual Schotty silence after leaving the Hawks, the exciting victory for the Chiefs sans Mahomes, and Deshaun Watson’s imminent departure from Houston. Three guests are former LA Dodgers GM Fred Claire, former NFL executive Randy Mueller, and general manger of Chambers Bay Matt Allen. To close, the guys volley random remaining topics including a major Hot Pockets recall, good-natured Bills fans, and cautionary Bitcoin tales!


  • Fred Claire | Former Dodgers GM
  • Randy Mueller | Former NFL GM
  • Matt Allen | Chambers Bay GM


2:53 | The guys open the mailbag for some Unfiltered listener feedback.

9:32 | Scott released his latest musician history podcast, which rock legend did he choose this time?

23:38 | Hotshot describes another “feeling old” moment when he was at the grocery store.

26:44 | It’s odd that Schotty hasn’t uttered a peep since his separation from the Seahawks.

32:11 | The Chiefs found a way to hang on to a gutsy win after a scary head injury to Patrick Mahomes.

34:24 | Deshaun Watson has gone public with his frustration with the Texans by wearing jackets for other teams as potential suitors.

43:18 | GUEST: Fred Claire takes a trip down memory to share some stories of his late friend and baseball legend Tommy LaSorda.

1:07:14 | GUEST: Randy Mueller jumps aboard for instant reaction to the Tampa/New Orleans game from his former Saints GM perspective.  

1:31:34 | GUEST: Chambers Bay general manager Matt Allen swings by to weigh in on the 2022 PGA event opening and hosting future tournaments.

1:50:11 | If you have Hot Pockets in your freezer, you may want to toss them given the recall announcement.

1:51:36 | The “Bills Mafia” showed demonstrated good sportsmanship by raising money for Lamar Jackson’s charity following their divisional round matchup.

1:53:02 | Two early Bitcoin adopters have major regrets about how flippant they were with their stash.

1:59:09 | RIP Joanne Rogers, Phil Spector, and Sheldon Adelson.

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Episode 125 – Hawks Flop & Tiger Doc Director's Cut


Today’s show kicks off with an explanation why Mitch and Scott are in separate houses for the recording and a Levy lottery story that is a must-listen. Then, the guys run down their laundry list of thoughts from Saturday’s game after taking a day to simmer on the painful outcome. Three guest segments beginning with a Seahawks No-Table featuring insiders Brady Henderson and Joe Fann from ESPN and NBC Sports Northwest, respectively. Then, Mitch is joined by film director Matthew Hamachek followed by MarketWatch columnist Mark DeCambre. Later, the guys wrap up with random topics including Dr. Dre’s ex-wife (again), the late Tommy LaSorda, and Marshawn Lynch’s latest business venture.


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Joe Fann | NBC Sports Northwest Seahawks insider
  • Mark DeCambre | MarketWatch writer
  • Matthew Hamachek “Tiger” documentary director


0:00 | The guys are socially distancing from each other due to a potential coronavirus transmission risk.

5:45 | Mitch picked up a few lotto tickets and was not the big winner, much like his Mom in a classic Levy prank story.

25:22 | The guys share their takeaways from Seattle’s wildcard loss to the Rams a day after the dust settled.

48:09 | GUEST: Brady Henderson and Joe Fann put a bow on the Hawks season with takeaways from the playoff loss to Los Angeles in the Seahawks No-Table.

1:15:39 | GUEST: Matthew Hamachek discusses his inspiration to create the new “Tiger” documentary and what to expect when the film is released. 

1:38:22 | GUEST: Mark DeCambre provides a brief Bitcoin historical overview and discusses the contributing factors to the recent surge in popularity.

1:52:15 | The guys play a round of Will They Be Back? to predict the future of key Seahawks free agents.

1:56:30 | After months of research, Hotshot finally reached a conclusion about Dr. Dre’s ex-wife and rumors of her being a Newport HS alum.

1:58:44 | LaMelo Ball became the youngest player to record a triple double edging out a former Washington Husky.

2:03:35 | RIP Tommy LaSorda, the first person Mitch interviewed as a young intern.

2:07:22 | Beast Mode is now a part-owner of a team in the new Fan Controlled Football League.

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Episode 124 – Hawks Earn Wildcard Date With Rams & Wheels Returns


Mitch rings in the new year with frustration as his Dolphins narrowly escaped the playoffs while the Hawks won a meaningless game before reading some snarky show reviews. Then, they dig into their laundry list of observations from Sunday’s regular season finale for the Seahawks. What do the guys make of the first-round meeting with the Rams? Three featured guests are former voice of the Blazers & radio friend Brian “Wheels” Wheeler, ESPN Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, and Rick Neuheisel. Today’s “Other Stuff” topics range from Sark’s newest gig to the Tulsa/Mississippi State brawl to the storied career of the late Paul Westphal.


  • Brian Wheeler | Former Blazers radio broadcaster
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst


1:26 | Mitch couldn’t catch a break on the seven games he was watching on Sunday!

8:16 | Leave a review or drop Mitch an email like the cheery Phil in Stockton to

20:00 | The Levy family spent New Year’s Eve bundled up outside next to heaters while Scott was lighting off fireworks to his neighbor’s chagrin.

25:05 | How are you feeling about the Seahawks chances heading into the postseason? 

42:42 | The guys break down the rest of the playoff matchups next weekend and the potential route for Seattle.

45:20 | Remaining tidbits and notes from Sunday’s game versus San Francisco. 

56:58 | GUEST: Brian Wheeler is back to provide an update on his whereabouts these days and share a few stories from yesteryear.

1:32:06 | GUEST: Brady Henderson breaks down the regular season finale with the 49ers and peeks ahead to the first round playoff game with Los Angeles.

1:50:06 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel hops aboard to chat about the New Year’s bowl games as the Crimson Tide and Buckeyes punch their ticket to the championship game.

2:17:19 | Congratulations to Derrick Henry for eclipsing 2,000 rushing yards this season.

2:18:48 | Steve Sarkisian is on the move again as he moves from Tuscaloosa under Saban to Austin as the new head coach of the Longhorns.

2:22:45 | Becky Hammon become the first woman to coach an NBA team after Pop was tossed from the game.

2:23:34 | The brawl at the conclusion of the Armed Forces Bowl was quite a spectacle made more memorable with Mike Leach taking selfies with fans.

2:24:48 | Mitch got a kick out of the precession of the coin toss prior to the Alabama/Notre Dame game.

2:28:46 | RIP to hoops greats Paul Westphal and Floyd Little.

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Episode 123 – NFC West Champs & Rick Makes His Picks


To begin the show, Mitch calls out Hotshot for acting like Joey Cappelletti for his lack of enthusiasm about the NFC West title win for Seattle. Then, the guys delve into their observations from the division-clinching victory for the Hawks over the Rams on Sunday. Three featured guests are ESPN Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, college football analyst Rick Neuheisel, and Harborview medical director Dr. John Lynch. Today’s “Other Stuff” topics include the sale of Neverland Ranch, Adam Silver’s intriguing comments about a potential return of the NBA in Seattle, and four RIP tributes including a tragic gun incident involving a promising young football player.


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Dr. John Lynch | Director of Harborview Infection Control


1:45 | Your Seattle Seahawks are NFC West champs and Scott isn’t impressed like Joey Cappelletti.

6:03 | Given what we saw on Sunday, do you still fear facing the Rams in the playoffs?

11:33 | Scott made a rookie mistake ordering Chinese food on Christmas Day. 

20:30 | Mitch presents the code word for another round of Beat the Boys presented by Fireside Home Solutions.

30:03 | The guys bask in the afterglow of the NFC West crowning for Seattle on Sunday afternoon.

54:42 | GUEST: Brady Henderson hops aboard to share is takeaways from the 20-9 win for the Hawks to claim the division title.

1:12:06 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel joins the show to take a look ahead to the college football playoff semifinals later this week.

1:34:54 | GUEST: Dr. John Lynch checks in to provide an overview of the initial stages of distribution for the coronavirus vaccine.

1:47:51 | Neverland Ranch was purchased by billionaire Ron Burkle for a cool $22 million.

1:50:40 | Is the NBA nearing a path to expansion that could bring the Sonics back to town?

1:54:48 | Rest in peace former basketball great K.C. Jones, Utah running back Ty Jordan, knuckleballer Phil Niekro, and musician Leslie West.