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Episode 163 – Close But No Cigar & Fighting Sports Fans


Today’s show which was recorded in the wake of Sunday Night Football begins with a weekend recap including Hotshot’s youth softball and Mitch’s “HOCO” prep story. Then, Mitch and Scott delve into their takeaways from the loss against Pittsburgh. A four-pack of featured guests are Brady Henderson and Joe Fann for the Seahawks No-Table, Rick Neuheisel, and longtime Chiefs superfan Ty “X-Factor” Rowton. Later, in the “Other Stuff” segment, the guys talk about topics ranging from the struggling Dawgs to the NHL’s confusing standings to a perfect Purdue tweet!


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider 
  • Joe Fann | WynnBet & Blue Wire podcast host 
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst 
  • Ty “X-Factor” Rowton | Kansas City Chiefs superfan 


21:19 | Mitch reveals the secret code word for this week’s slate of Beat the Boys selections.  

45:48 | GUESTS: Brady Henderson & Joe Fann gather round for another edition of the Seahawks No-Table with the hometown team reeling.

1:09:36 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel is back after another week of exciting college football and yet ANOTHER missed Rick’s Pick!

1:32:26 | GUEST: Longtime KC Chiefs superfan X-Factor hops aboard to talk about his recent scuffle in the stands that led to his ban by the team. 

1:52:59 | Are changes coming to Montlake with the current state of the football program?

1:56:15 | Mitch tries to explain NHL standings and the points system to Hotshot.

2:06:04 | Perhaps the best tweet of all time was delivered by the Purdue football team account.

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162 – Finger-Gate, Are the M's Close & Neuheisel Can't Get Out Of His Own Way


A fun show begins with Hot Shot Scott finding a wallet after the Seahawks loss to the Rams and searching for its owner. The guys offer a different perspective on Russell Wilson’s broken finger. Will Geno Smith continue moving the offense in Pittsburgh on Sunday?

New Orleans hand surgeon Gleb Medvedev sits down with Mitch to share info on Wilson’s injury and subsequent surgery/rehab. He offers his opinion on whether Russell will make it back for the Green Bay game. 

Former Mets GM Steve Phillips returns to Unfiltered to offer his thoughts on the surprising 2021 Seattle Mariners. Real or Fools Gold? Or both?  What free agents might be coming and what to do about Kyle Seager.

Rick Neuheisel is back to laugh and cry about not being able to pick a winner in college football. Mitch and Rick talk Alabama upset, Georgia’s rise to prominence, going for 2 to win a game, and who would be in the playoff if the season ended today.

The other stuff segment is a bunch of laughs. Malik McDowell’s rise in Cleveland, Urban Meyer & his wife, TikTok awful challenges, Tyson Fury & Mattress Mack.



  • Gleb Medvedev – New Orleans Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Steve Phillips – Sirius/XM – former Mets GM
  • Rick Neuheisel – CBS Sports



0:00   Hot Shot Scott finds a wallet & searches for owner

6:40   The Double Punt

10:23   Beat The Boys games and code word

16:45   Mitch and Scott injury stories (like Russell)

22:30   Could Seahawks be ok with Geno Smith

27:20   Pete Carroll says Jamal Adams is “playing well”

33::11  GUEST:  Dr. Gleb Medvedev – New Orleans Orthopedic Surgeon discusses Russell Wilson’s injury, surgery & rehab. What’s a best guess for a safe return?

45:39  GUEST: 2021 Mariners. How close are they to being a bona fide contender?  Is Jarred Kelenic & Logan Gilbert on the verge of stardom?  And much more

1:06:32   GUEST:   Rick Neuheisel – CBS Sports – can’t pick his nose let alone a college football game. Alabama shocked by Texas A&M. Georgia looks like the best team in the nation. Playoff committee is in for a tough year with Cincinnati and the like. And yes… another pick!

1:23:50   Zodiac Killer update

1:26:30   Quitting Twitter – Urban Meyer’s wife

1:31:30   Jon Gruden’s controversy

1:32:20   Tyson Fury

1:34:15   Woman takes off prosthetic leg and catches baseball

1:35:15   Mattress Mack is at it again











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Episode 161 – Crucial Road Win Against Niners & Clock Strike Twelve For Cinderella M's


Today’s episode begins with a Jeremy Piven story followed by the realization that being a sports fan sometimes doesn’t make much sense. Then, Mitch and Scott dive into their takeaways from the highs and lows among the M’s, Dawgs, and Hawks throughout the weekend. Four featured guests are Brady Henderson and Joe Fann for the Seahawks No-Table, Rick Neuheisel for his weekly visit, and 12 year old golfer Jake Martinez. Later, the guys bounce miscellaneous topics in the “Other Stuff” segments such as people having no clue what Mitch Unfiltered is, to Stephen A. Smith his ilk, to an unusual finding in a Bolivian burger!


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider 
  • Joe Fann | WynnBet & Blue Wire podcast host 
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst 
  • Jake Martinez | Arizona youth golfer 


16:20 | Mitch reveals the secret code word for this week’s slate of Beat the Boys selections.  

22:21 | What the heck is the UW football coaching staff doing on the sidelines besides making poor play call decisions? 

28:39 | Despite the unfortunate result, the final weekend at T-Mobile Park was one M’s fans won’t soon forget.

42:03 | The guys run through their laundry list of observations from the Seahawks.

58:52 | GUESTS: Henderson & Fann join Mitch to recap the gutsy NFC West victory for the Hawks against San Fran heading into the short week.

1:23:00 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel takes his lumps from Mitch for another week of ill-advised picks…along with his top notch college football weekend recap.

1:45:35 | GUEST: Youth golfer Jake Martinez from Arizona shares his once-in-a-lifetime story of recording two holes-in-one in the same round. 

2:00:25 | The guys close out the show with “Other Stuff” topics ranging from unusual encounters with people who have never heard of Mitch Unfiltered to the annoying Stephen A. Smith to a human finger found in a burger…gross! 

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Episode 160 – Cousins Picks Apart Hapless Defense & USA Reclaims Ryder Cup


At the top of the show, Mitch and Scott. Then, Hotshot shares his annual Puyallup Fair story which reminds Mitch why he never goes before the guys delve into their reaction to the Seahawks loss to Minnesota on Sunday. A four-pack of guests include Brady Henderson and Joe Fann for the No-Table, Rick Neuheisel, and a return of Ken Green for a Ryder Cup reaction. The “Other Stuff” segment includes a laundry list of items such as Ciara and Russ’s pregame antics in Minnesota, a mind-blowing stat involving the Blue Jays & Mariners, and the NFL’s announcement about wildcard weekend scheduling adjustments beginning this year!


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Joe Fann | WynnBet & Blue Wire podcast host
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Ken Green | Former PGA golfer


21:55 | The code word for week four of Beat the Boys is revealed.

26:05 | The Sodens did the Puyallup which featured Scott waiting way too long to eat greasy food and win a stuffed animal.

32:58 | Mitch and Hotshot volley their takeaways back and forth from the Hawks 30-17 loss.

48:25 | GUESTS: Henderson and Fann return to wrap their arms around another Seahawks loss…can they rebound from this early season deficit?

1:14:29 | GUEST: Neuheisel is back to recap another exciting weekend of college football including Clemson’s second loss and takes a look ahead to this week.

1:32:35 | GUEST: Ken Green makes his return to weigh in on Team USA’s dominant Ryder Cup win at Whistling Straits. 

1:53:44 | The “Other Stuff” segment includes a variety of topics such as Ciara’s twerking video with Russ, the M’s homestretch, and the new NFL Wildcard schedule changes.

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Episode 159 – King Henry Spoils Homecoming & Most Memorable First Pitch


Today’s episode begins with a deep dive into the ubiquitous phrase “no worries” before a Beat the Boys update. Then, Mitch and Scott reluctantly break down the gut-punch delivered by the Tennessee Titans on Sunday in Seattle. Four featured guests are Brady Henderson and Joe Fann for the Seahawks No-Table, Rick Neuheisel for his weekly visit, and former MLB catcher Todd Greene. Later, the guys bounce miscellaneous topics in the “Other Stuff” segments such as the lightly attended Dawgs game, Mitch’s rough start to legal sports wagering in Washington, & Ted Lasso growing on the Levy family. 


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider 
  • Joe Fann | WynnBet & Blue Wire podcast host 
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst 
  • Todd Greene | MLB catcher ’96-‘06 


11:39 | Mitch unveils the code word for the upcoming week’s slate of Beat the Boys matchups.  

18:00 | Hotshot reveals his new YouTube rabbit hole addiction…buffet brawls.

21:57 | The guys pin the blame for specific elements of the Seahawks loss on Sunday.

39:33 | GUESTS: Brady & Joe return to discuss the disappointing home opener for the Hawks as the Titans prevail in OT 33-30.

1:03:17 | GUEST: Rick is badgered by Mitch for his bad betting advice before weighing in on last weekend’s college football matchups. 

1:29:04 | GUEST: Todd Greene swings by to share his recollection of catching President Bush’s first pitch at Yankee Stadium in 2001 following 9/11. 

1:46:33 | The guys wrap up the show with the “Other Stuff” segment with topics ranging from the UW/Arkansas State game, Mitch’s Snoqualmie Casino woes, and their recent non-sports TV viewing. 

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Episode 158 – Waldron Passes First Test & Danny O'Neil's Fresh Start


At the top of the show, the guys list the winners and losers from the weekend before Mitch shares his Snoqualmie Casino trip. Then, they dig into the . A four-pack of guests include Brady Henderson and Joe Fann for the No-Table, Rick Neuheisel, and longtime Seattle media figure Danny O’Neil. The “Other Stuff” segment features a variety of odds and ends including the falling cat, ejected USC kicker, Subway robbery, and College Gameday chants aimed at Ashton Kutcher!


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Joe Fann | WynnBet & Blue Wire podcast host
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Danny O’Neil | Writer & former Seattle sports radio host


13:27 | Mitch shares the code word for the week two slate of Beat the Boys matchups.

20:34 | The guys go over their notes from the Hawks win against the Colts to kick of the season.

36:28 | Can Jimmy Lake turn it around after after a dreadful beginning to the 2021 Husky campaign?

47:45 | GUESTS: Brady & Joe hop aboard following the week one win for Seattle at Indianapolis.

1:10:51 | GUEST: Rick is back for a recap of the college football weekend featuring a shocker in Columbus and a dud in Ann Arbor.

1:35:21 | GUEST: Danny O’Neil checks in to talk about his recent departure from 710 ESPN Seattle and what’s next. 

2:09:52 | Mitch and Scott volley “Other Stuff” topics including a falling cat, emotional rendition of The National Anthem, US Open, & Ashton Kutcher shower heckling.

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Episode 157 – NFL Kickoff Extravaganza & Dawgs Stunned By Griz


Football season is finally here and today’s show begins with a Stump the Band question followed by some podcast housekeeping with football season kicking off. Then, the guys react to the embarrassing season opening loss for the Dawgs and share their initial thoughts heading into week one for the Hawks. A dynamite lineup of guests beginning with Rick Neuheisel followed by Peter King, Randy Mueller, and Slickhawk. Finally, Mitch and Scott put a bow on the episode chatting about a variety of odds and ends including the red hot Mariners, Trent Dilfer in hot water, and Naomi Osaka’s recent disheartening press conference. 


  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst 
  • Peter King | NBC Sports & MMQB columnist 
  • Randy Mueller | NFL Executive of the Year (2000)
  • Matt “Slickhawk” Mikolas | Shootin’ the Shit with Slick & Mitch co-host


1:47 | The guys begin with a good ol’ round of Stump the Band…topic is Utah State draft picks.

18:49 | Did the Huskies actually lose to Montana, and if so, where do they go from here?

45:40 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel returns with the first week of college football in the books including the dud on Montlake.

1:08:03 | GUEST: Peter King swings by to share his top storylines heading into week one and his favorites from each division.

1:28:27 | GUEST: Randy Mueller is back to preview the NFL season as the Hawks head to Indy for their opener.

1:41:57 |  GUEST: Slickhawk hops aboard to chat about the M’s, the Beat the Boys contest, and the passing of Ben Wright.

2:06:45 | After a forty year hiatus, Abba is back…sort of…

2:10:03 | Just when you think the M’s are dead in the water, they keep the playoff dream alive.

2:13:20 | Was Trent Dilfer out of line for his physical encounter with a youth football player?

2:17:12 | Naomi Osaka’s latest press conference serves as another reminder of the heartbreaking mental health issues she’s facing.

2:21:05 | Who made the cut for WNBA’s release of its top 25 players in league history?

2:23:10 | Rest in peace to TV personality Willard Scott, wide receiver David Patten, longtime golf broadcaster Ben Wright, & guitarist Rickie Lee Reynolds. 

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Episode 156 – Seahawks No-Table Roster Rundown & Eastlake Little League Williamsport Journey


Today’s show begins with reaction to ESPN getting duped followed a recap of Hotshot’s annual camping trip. Then, the guys give thanks that postseason has finally concluded and what they’re looking forward to when the Hawks take the field in two weeks. Featured guests are Seahawks Insiders Brady Henderson and Joe Fann, Eastlake Little League head coach Rich Todd, and M’s writer with The Athletic Corey Brock. Finally, in the “Other Stuff” segment, a variety of topics are brought to the table including Deshaun Watson trade rumors, the upcoming Monica Lewinsky television series, and Tiger’s auctioned putter!


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Joe Fann | Seahawks No-Table contributor
  • Rich Todd | Eastlake Little League baseball coach
  • Corey Brock | The Athletic Mariners writer


0:00 | Kudos to Bishop Sycamore HS for pulling the wool over ESPN’s eyes and getting drubbed on national television.

24:19 | Hallelujah the NFL preseason is finally over…Mitch decided a five hour wait for sushi was better than watching the game versus the Chargers.

44:33 | GUEST: Brady and Joe return to the No-Table with the preseason in the books and the final roster cuts on tap.

1:11:10 | GUEST: Eastlake baseball coach Rich Todd joins the show to relive his team’s run in the Little League World Series.

1:26:06 | GUEST: Corey Brock returns to discuss the M’s slim chances of making a postseason run and potential roster moves in the offseason.

1:48:08 | As crazy as it seems, Deshaun Watson may be headed to Miami before opening day amidst his legal controversy.

1:51:15 | College football season is underway and Nebraska’s fall from prominence rolls along.

1:54:48 | The guys play a round of Stump the Band…topic is highest paid female athletes.

1:58:23 | Will you watch Impeachment: American Crime Story when it drops on FX this fall?

2:03:12 | How much would you spend for a Tiger Woods used backup putter?

2:09:14 | RIP actor Ed Asner & Iron Butterfly drummer Ron Bushy.

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Episode 155 – Slickhawk Reunion, Kirkland Little League Legend Cody Webster, & Rondeau Relishing Retirement


To kick things off, the guys play a round of Stump the Band and share an update on Patron programming during football season. Then, Mitch and Scott briefly chat about the second preseason Seahawks game before discussing the Jamal Adams extension and a link to Duane Brown’s status. A trio of guests are Mitch’s former producer Matt Mikolas, Kirkland little league champion Cody Webster, and legendary UW broadcaster Bob Rondeau. The “Other Stuff” segment covers a lot of ground including Bill Russell’s hot-tub, Washington Football Team’s potential name options, and a big announcement by OnlyFans to its users!


  • Matt “Slickhawk” Mikolas | Former Mitch in the Morning producer
  • Cody Webster | 1982 Kirkland Little League MVP
  • Bob Rondeau | Former UW broadcaster


2:11 | Scott is tested on MLB home run trivia in a round of Stump the Band.

11:17 | Mitch announces the football season weekly podcast lineup for Patrons.

36:51 | The NFL regular season can’t get here soon enough after that ugly preseason game against the Broncos. 

57:32 | GUEST: Matt Mikolas joins the show for his first (of many) Mitch Unfiltered shows to catch up after a long hiatus of working together.

1:28:28 | GUEST: 1982 Little League World Series champion Cody Webster from Kirkland, WA checks in to recollect memories from that magical run and the personal challenges that followed.

1:45:50 | GUEST: Bob Rondeau hops aboard to chat about his recent retirement behind the mic at UW and current success at the race track. 

2:10:29 | The guys re-enact a Jurassic Park scene in light of a recent scientific discovery of sharks.

2:13:09 | Sha’Carri Richardson’s return to the track didn’t go as planned after her Olympics suspension.

2:15:23 | Bill Russell is selling his Mercer Island home and is sad to leave his hot-tub behind.

2:18:16 | A foot race between Tyreek Hill and Usain Bolt might finally come to fruition.

2:21:34 | What should the new team name for the Washington Football Team be…or should they just keep it as is?

2:24:55 | OnlyFans is banning sexually explicit content on their website much to everyone’s dismay. 

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Episode 154 – Unfiltered Rewind: I Am Sorry


Nearly three years ago, Mitch Unfiltered was born and Episode 1 of the podcast was an emotional account of the struggles Mitch encountered and his outlook moving forward. Mitch and Scott begin the show by discussing the reaction that first episode garnered and the advice for those facing mental health issues. Then, Mitch and Jason D. Hamilton take you back to November 2018 for the inaugural show. Enjoy!