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Episode 149 – College Athletes Takin' Care of Business & Steve Phillips All-Star Break Chat


At the top of the show, the guys announce details for Mitch’s Open Championship presented by Fireside Home Solutions. Then, they jump into discussion about Mitch’s round of golf with a Seattle Sounder (unknowingly), DK’s next sprint challenge, and Charles Barkley’s losing bet. Today’s guests are college football lineman Dillan Gibbons, co-founder of Luis Pardillo, and former MLB executive Steve Phillips. The “Other Stuff” segment features a variety of topics such as energy drinks, space travel, and carnival ride malfunctions!


  • Dillan Gibbons | Florida State offensive lineman
  • Luis Pardillo | Co-founder & CEO of
  • Steve Phillips | Former Mets GM and current MLB analyst


3:44 | Get your picks in for Mitch’s Open Championship powered by Fireside Home Solutions for great prizes!

16:01 | Mitch played in a golf scramble at Maplewood Golf Course with a pro athlete…which he was completely unaware of.

25:14 | Would you take DK Metcalf or Tyreek Hill in a 100 meter dash?

28:24 | The American Century Classic celebrity golf tournament resulted in a wager by Charles Barkley which didn’t quite cash in.

39:36 | GUEST: Florida State lineman Dillan Gibbons swings by to discuss how he is applying the new name, image, and likeness ruling for charitable endeavors.

58:47 | GUEST: Luis Pardillo joins the show to chat about his business which helps college athletes engage in sensible business deals with companies.

1:17:44 | GUEST: Steve Phillips returns for an MLB All Star Break check-up to chat about the suddenly hot M’s and the Trevor Bauer story.

1:35:32 | Mitch pays off the trivia question he teased in Episode 148P.

1:43:00 | Team Nigeria edged Team USA basketball in an exhibition…put the college kids in! 

1:46:22 | What’s up with billionaires going into space all of a sudden?

1:51:33 | Not only is she the National Spelling Bee champion, but Zaila Avant-Garde has a future in basketball too! 

1:54:49 | A Michigan carnival ride nearly tipped over, but some brave bystanders jumped into action to help.

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Episode 148 – Hotshot Returns from Hawaii & Mickelson Pissed At Motor City Media


The boys are back together again and catch up after Hotshot’s Hawaiian adventure. Then, the guys dive into some baseball chatter heading toward the All Star Break including the M’s and Trevor Bauer story and the latest media drama involving Phil Mickelson. Three hand-picked “Best Of Mitch Unfiltered” guest segments today are the interviews with legendary QB Jim McMahon, inspiring head basketball coach at NC Central LeVelle Moton, and composer of Roundball Rock John Tesh. Today’s “Other Stuff” segment includes topics such as Trevor Lawrence’s money-making potential, fireworks, and Sha’Carri Richardson’s weed ban by the Olympics. 


  • Jim McMahon | Super Bowl winning NFL quarterback (released on June 29, 2020 – Episode 98)
  • LeVelle Moton | NC Central men’s basketball coach (released on June 1, 2020 – Episode 96)
  • John Tesh | Music composer & author of autobiography Relentless (released on April 20, 2020 – Episode 88)


0:00 | Hotshot is golden brown after a week of basking in the Hawaiian sun.

15:15 | How many more years of Mitch Unfiltered until Scott quits hearing “Hey, what every happened to Mitch Levy?” from random people? 

38:21 | Does the winning by the Mariners take away the sting of seeing Mike Zunino receive the All-Star nod?

46:14 | Outspoken Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer is facing serious allegations of domestic violence.

50:31 | Fresh off his PGA Championship victory, Phil is upset with Detroit media after a recent hit piece outlining a 2007 gambling incident. 

59:30 | GUEST: Jim McMahon drops by to share some classic stories from his memorable football career.

1:34:09 | GUEST: College hoops coach LeVelle Moton shares his experience involving excessive force during a traffic stop.    

2:06:54 | GUEST: John Tesh jumps aboard to chat about autobiography Relentless which details his entertainment career and battles with cancer & addiction.

2:35:15 | Trevor Lawrence inked his first pro deal with over $24 million guaranteed.

2:38:10 | The tragic death of Matiss Kivlenieks reminds Mitch why he wrap his arms around the love of lighting off fireworks.

2:43:43 | The NCAA is taking a step into unchartered waters by allowing athletes to make money using their name, image, and likeness. 

2:45:06 | Pretty much everyone has jumped to Sha’Carri Richardson’s defense about her marijuana suspension for the Olympics. 

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Episode 147 – Graduating From Addiction & Openly Gay Football Pioneer Scott Frantz


At the beginning of the show, Mitch welcomes his special co-host while Hotshot is sunbathing in Hawaii…Joe Fann! Then, the guys riff about Seahawks tidbits, a facepalm-worthy fan moment at the Tour de France, and Kelenic’s road back to the show. Three guests are recent UW grad and former drug addict Ginny Burton, openly gay college football player from Kansas State Scott Frantz, and TV actor Ted Lange most prominently known as Isaac the Bartender from The Love Boat. As always, the show wraps with the “Other Stuff” segment with featured topics such as Superman’s nephew, Taijuan Walker, and Kevin Durant’s petty personality on display.


  • Ginny Burton | Tacoma-native & UW class of 2021
  • Scott Frantz | Former Kansas State offensive lineman
  • Ted Lange | TV actor/director on The Love Boat


0:00 | Esteemed member of the Seahawks No-Table Joe Fann joins Mitch Unfiltered in the virtual co-host chair in Cabo. 

16:27 | Who the heck is Dave Hakstol? Apparently the first head coach of The Kraken.

23:57 | Should the Hawks offer a return-to-home deal for Bellevue HS alum and free agent David DeCastro?

26:06 | A sign-holding spectator at the Tour de France got too close to the action and caused a massive crash.

30:59 | An ejection of Mariners pitcher Hector Santiago earned him a spot in the record book of MLB notoriety. 

43:27 | GUEST: Recent UW grad Ginny Burton shares her incredible story of overcoming homelessness and drug addiction to turning her life around with a college degree.

1:17:49 | GUEST: Scott Frantz weighs in on Carl Nassib’s announcement as a gay man in the NFL and recalls when he told his teammates at Penn State.

1:36:59 | GUEST: Ted Lange hops aboard to share some memories as a cast-member in The Love Boat.

2:04:51 | Seven year old Tom claimed his uncle is Superman…turns out he wasn’t wrong since he is the nephew of Henry Cavill.

2:06:29 | While Jacob deGrom is dominating every batter that steps up to the plate, fellow Met and for Mariner Taijuan Walker is having a heck of a season as well.

2:12:47 | North Carolina State baseball is stunned after finding out their College World Series bid is dashed thanks to COVID.  

2:16:48 | Scottie Pippen is throwing shade at sensy-poo Kevin Durant for his inability to play team basketball. 

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Episode 146 – Restoring Heroes Lives Through Movement & Irreverent Executive David Samson


Today’s show begins with hostile mailbag reading about Mitch’s Costco story and a recap of Father’s Day weekend. Then, the guys react to John Rahm’s emotional U.S. Open win before discussing Seahawks summer headlines and the red-hot Mariners. Three featured guests are NFL vet and Adaptive Training Foundation founder David Vobora, former MLB exec & current host of Nothing Personal with David Samson podcast David Samson, & Juanita pitcher Nick Taylor. Finally, in the “Other Stuff” segment, a variety of topics are brought to the table including McDonalds fights, an imposter Andy Reid, and butt-enhancing leggings! 


  • David Vobora | NFL veteran & Adaptive Training Foundation founder
  • David Samson | Former MLB executive
  • Nick Taylor | Juanita HS pitcher


0:00 | Mitch braces himself for shots from the peanut gallery criticizing his Costco antics.

5:32 | Hotshot spent the weekend watching some action-packed youth softball.

24:46 | The guys share their takeaways from John Rahm’s thrilling U.S. Open victory at Torrey Pines.

33:21 | The Seahawks summer is officially underway with some contract question marks lingering.

40:09 | Don’t look now, but this young Mariners squad is quietly piling up wins!

50:56 | GUEST: Retired NFL player David Vobora shares his inspirational story from facing death after his career to channeling his passion toward a rehabilitation gym for military vets.

1:11:07 | GUEST: Former MLB front office executive and current podcast host David Samson checks in to discuss injuries, call-ups, and cheating currently facing the game. 

1:35:25 | GUEST: Juanita High School grad Nick Taylor swings by to talk about overcoming adversity and emerging as a top pitcher in the state.   

1:51:05 | The Bronx Bombers ended Sunday’s game with a triple play, how rare!

1:54:45 | A McDonalds customer attacked two employees after being served a subpar beverage.

1:59:45 | Andy Reid was caught at a Royals game by himself taking selfies…or so the announcers thought.

2:05:23 | Happy Amazon Prime Day! Are you going to pick up any of the hot deals?

2:08:35 | A fantasy football punishment resulted in a man spending a full day at a Waffle House gobbling waffles. 

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Episode 145 – Joe Fann Turning The Page & Stephon Gilmore Hawks Prospects


To kick things off, the guys announce the details for Mitch’s US Open Pool presented by Fireside Home Solutions, sign up today! . Then, Mitch shares his Costco fiasco over the weekend before the guys share their takeaways from Russell’s candid presser last week. Three featured guests are NBC Sports Northwest Seahawks insider Joe Fann followed by Nashua Telegraph Pats writer Tom King and Stewart Newman, son of card collector Thomas Newman. The “Other Stuff” segment includes topics ranging from the College Football Playoff to a man nearly eaten by a whale to Logan Gilbert’s progression as a major leaguer.


  • Joe Fann | NBC Sports Northwest Seahawks insider
  • Tom King | Nashua Telegraph Patriots writer
  • Stewart Newman | Babe Ruth card seller


3:37 | Get your picks in for Mitch’s US Open Pool now at!

30:03 | Mitch had to make a Costco run on Saturday that was full of surprises. 

42:24 | What do you make of Russell Wilson’s press conference during OTA’s on Thursday?

57:23 | GUEST: One half of the Seahawks No-Table Joe Fann checks in to chat about his next chapter stepping away from NBC Sports Northwest.

1:20:21 | GUEST: Longtime Pats writer with the Nashua Telegraph Tom King jumps aboard to discuss potential trade partners for Stephon Gilmore and his current contract situation.

1:34:00 | GUEST: Stewart Newman swings by to tell the story of the Babe Ruth baseball card he inherited from his Father which was just sold at auction for over a million bucks.

1:55:20 | The College Football Playoff is expected to expand from four to twelve teams…finally!

2:02:27 | A real live Moby Dick story occurred to a Massachusetts man.

2:09:50 | Christian Eriksen is lucky to be alive after collapsing on the field and being brought back to life.

2:14:08 | Logan Gilbert is quietly earning his spot in the M’s rotation even since his shaky debut. 

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Episode 144 – Seahawks No-Table & Mark "Mad Dog" Madsen's Kobe Memories


To kick off today’s show, Scott confesses he paid $50 for the Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather fight which he has to quickly run home to watch. Then, Mitch and Scott chat about the breaking news of Julio Jones to Tennessee, Jarred Kelenic’s ongoing slump, and Jacob deGrom’s unprecedent statistical start to the season. A four pack of guests beginning with Seahawks insiders Brady Henderson of ESPN and Joe Fann of NBC Sports Northwest followed by former LA Laker Mark Madsen and grand slam tennis doubles champ Rennae Stubbs. The “Other Stuff” segment features a wide variety of topics including trouble for the Tokyo Olympics, misfortune for John Rahm, and a Tom Brady game ball that auctioned for a pretty penny!  


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Joe Fann | NBC Sports Northwest Seahawks insider
  • Mark Madsen | UVU basketball coach –
  • Rennae Stubbs | Six-time grand slam doubles tennis winner


0:33 | Hotshot dropped fifty bucks to watch Logan Paul tussle with Floyd Mayweather. 

28:24 | The Julio Jones lottery is over and the Tennessee Titans are the big winners.

35:48 | The hitting woes for Jarred Kelenic continue as the young Mariner is nearing historically notorious territory.

42:33 | Jacob deGrom is quietly putting together the most dominant pitching season in MLB history.   

53:12 | GUEST: Brady Henderson and Joe Fann are back for another Seahawks No-Table to chat about the Julio Jones tease and Russell’s contract.

1:17:07 | GUEST: Mike “Mad Dog” Madsen checks in to share some memories playing alongside Kobe and the rest of the dominant Lakers in the early 2000s.

1:39:00 | GUEST: Former tennis doubles champion Rennae Stubbs weighs in on Naomi Osaka’s admission of mental health issues and the static among media.

1:56:20 | The Tokyo Olympics are facing a massive staffing shortage at the eleventh hour with thousands of volunteer stepping away.

1:59:46 | The disqualification of John Rahm in The Memorial with a six stroke lead was heartbreaking.

2:04:47 | A Michigan man was so excited about winning a cool million from a scratch ticket that he drove away with the gas pump still connected to his car.

2:06:15 | Tom Brady’s first touchdown football was recently sold for $425 thousand which was initially thrown into the crowd to a lucky fan.

2:12:24 | Greg Olson’s son TJ has received a donor for his needed heart transplant.

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Episode 143 – Neuheisel Evaluates Kliavkoff Hire & Steve Phillips MLB State of the Union


Laughter begins at the top of the show as Mitch introduces his special co-host from the old KJR days. Then, the guys catch up after some time apart before reluctantly diving in to Phil’s historic victory on the PGA Championship. Five guests beginning with longtime friends Rick Neuheisel then Steve Phillips followed by author Brad Stone and closing out with teen golf sensation Chloe Kovelesky and her mother Tina. The “Other Stuff” segment covers a handful of topics including Shohei Ohtani, a possible NBA scheduling change, and footballs with implanted chips. Happy Memorial Day!  


  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Steve Phillips | Former Mets GM
  • Brad Stone | Amazon Unbound: Jeff Bezos and the Invention of a Global Empire author
  • Chloe & Tina Kovelesky | 14 year old Women’s U.S. Open qualifier and Mom of Chloe


0:00 | Well, well, well…look who is in the co-host chair for today’s show!

20:40 | The guys share their radio roots and catch up on their happenings these days.

30:16 | Mitch’s biggest nightmare came true, Phil Mickelson won another major. 

49:05 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel returns to weigh in on the new PAC-12 commish and reveals he will be officiating a wedding!

1:13:15 | GUEST: Steve Phillips swings by to break down current baseball trends that are changing the game.

1:36:00 | GUEST: Author Brad Stone jumps aboard to discuss his new book Amazon Unbound: Jeff Bezos and the Invention of a Global Empire which outlines the evolution of the company.

1:50:19 | GUEST: Golf phenom Chloe Kovelesky and her Mom Tina join the show to chat about her qualification to the Women’s U.S. Open at age 14.

2:05:53 | Shohei Ohtani is an unprecedented talent that is not receiving nearly enough publicity nationally.

2:09:32 | The NBA will reconsider the concept of a midseason tournament to maintain interest leading up to the playoffs.

2:11:08 | Patrick Mahomes is ready for the NFL to insert microchips into the football to take the guesswork out of goal line plays.

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Episode 142 – NFL Track Star Legend Renaldo Nehemiah & La Canfora Offseason Report


The guys tease today’s episode by sharing details on the new podcast contest Mitch’s PGA Pool powered by Fireside Home Solutions. Then, Mitch and Scott open up the listener mailbox, talk about their past and present video game addictions, and recap the 2021 Naismith hall of fame class. Three featured guests are NFL & track veteran Renaldo Nehemiah, NFL national columnist & sports radio host Jason La Canfora, & former assistant pro at Legends Golf & Country Club Brad Stecklein. In the “Other Stuff” segment, the guys volley random topics back and forth including brawls, expert Twitter trolling by Chris Long, & a brilliant Saturday Night Live skit!


  • Renaldo Nehemiah | Former 110m hurler & NFL wide receiver
  • Jason La Canfora | CBS Sports NFL writer & 105.7 The Fan – Baltimore radio host
  • Brad Stecklein | Ex-assistant golf pro – Legends Golf & Country Club 


5:41 | Sign up for Mitch’s PGA Pool presented by Fireside Home Solutions for cash prizes and more!

19:11 | Apple CarPlay is starting to freak Mitch out.

28:11 | The guys open up the Unfiltered listener mailbag to get a pulse of the people.

38:11 | Mitch is stunned that Hotshot still plays video games and fondly remembers his Pong days.

42:15 | Rookie minicamp has concluded and Juantarius Bryant was duped. 

45:12 | A new class of Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame nominees have been inducted.

GUEST: 54:01 | Renaldo Nehemiah shares his opinion of DK Metcalf’s performance on the track as a renowned former NFL receiver and sprinter himself.

GUEST: 1:17:56 | Jason La Canfora returns to chat about offseason headlines such as quarterback controversy in Green Bay and Seattle in addition to schedule release instant reaction.

GUEST: 1:36:14 | Former assistant golf pro at Legends Golf & Country Club Brad Stecklein swings by to discuss his recent firing and hunger strike against management as a form of protest.

1:53:29 | The headline in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about Colt Brennan’s death missed the mark.

1:55:57 | Target has suspended card sales due to brawls among fanatics.

2:00:05 | Are you ready to pony up a grand to see Brady return to Foxboro?

2:00:51 | Mark Ingram called out United Airlines on social media for losing his bag and Chris Long intervened hilariously.

2:04:01 | A man was robbed at gunpoint while eating lunch…in Beverly Hills!

2:06:26 | The SNL sketch of the Michael Jordan doc is a must-watch. 

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Episode 141 – Preeminent Mr. Irrelevant & Major League Mom


The guys begin the show by remembering the late Tawny Kitaen who was a staple of rock music videos. Then, they chat about a Russ for Rodgers hypothetical trade proposal, DK Metcalf’s track debut, and the hapless M’s lineup in the wake of a no-hitter. A trio of guests beginning with the final pick of the 1994 NFL Draft Marty Moore, Sue Boone to talk about raising Bret and Aaron, & Teenager Madison Kohout whom accidentally moved into a retirement community. Later in the “Other Stuff” segment, the topics range from the earthward rocket result, to Bill Gates imposters on Tinder, to Brady’s new boat!


  • Marty Moore | Superbowl champ & last pick in ’94 NFL Draft
  • Sue Boone | Mother of Bret & Aaron Boone
  • Madison Kohout | Teenage resident in retirement community


0:00 | RIP to music video legend from the 80s & 90s Tawny Kitaen. 

22:29 | Hotshot plays a round of Stump the Band…topic is quarterback passing record.

26:21 | The “Stick to Sports” crowed is being challenged by listeners that want to mix it up every once in awhile.

28:21 | Would you trade Russell Wilson for Aaron Rodgers straight up?  

40:14 | DK Metcalf clocked a 10.36 second 100 meter dash in a USATF event.

53:21 | Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit is in big trouble after failing a drug test in addition to the horse’s trainer Bob Baffert.

44:51 | How impressive is a no-hitter against the Mariners given the hodge-podge lineup that is being trotted out each day?   

53:21 | GUEST: Marty Moore jumps aboard to talk about being the final draft selection in 1994 and his career with the Patriots that followed. 

1:14:35 | GUEST: Sue Boone swings by to reflect on her story being the Mom and Wife of a major league baseball players and a manager.

1:32:41 | GUEST: Madison Kohout joins the show to discuss what led to her living among seniors as a teenager and her outlook moving forward.

1:47:10 | Debris from the errant Chinese rocket fortunately did not crash into populated area when it reentered out atmosphere this weekend.

1:49:27 | Tinder users better keep an eye out for Bill Gates impersonators. 

1:54:00 | Tom Brady is upgrading his boat game by trading his 55 footer to a 77′ yacht.

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Episode 140 – D'Wayne Eskridge Coach's Report & Seahawks Draft Review


Today’s show kicks off with a complaint of how drawn-out the NFL Draft is followed by some listener feedback. Then, Mitch and Scott dive into a draft review as Schneider adds three new Hawks to the roster over the weekend along with other league storylines. Featured guests are Western Michigan football coach Tim Lester, former front office NFL executive Randy Mueller, and Seahawks insiders Brady Henderson of ESPN and Joe Fann of NBC Sports Northwest. Later, the guys run through odds and ends including The Kentucky Derby, Disneyland’s reopening, and Jennifer Lopez moving from A-Rod back to Ben Affleck!


  • Tim Lester | Western Michigan football coach
  • Randy Mueller | NFL Executive of the Year (2000)
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider 
  • Joe Fann | NBC Sports Northwest Seahawks insider


0:00 | What does the NFL Draft and horse racing have in common?

20:12 | An inappropriate poem is swirling around Issaquah schools which is concerning to parents like Scott.

23:17 | The guys provide their initial impressions of the 2021 Seahawks draft class.

32:50 | What were the other top storylines throughout draft weekend?

41:09 | GUEST: Coach Tim Lester jumps aboard to provide a scouting report of Seattle’s newest wide receiver D’Wayne Eskridge from Western Michigan.

59:01 | GUEST: Randy Mueller returns to share some front office memories, the 2021 NFL draft, and offseason storylines across the league.

1:25:58 | GUESTS: Brady Henderson and Joe Fann are back to discuss their takeaways from Seahawks draft class.

1:53:16 | Back-to-back golf stories begin the “Other Stuff” segment.

1:57:41 | Bob Baffert notches his seventh Kentucky Derby victory with Medina Spirit.

2:02:31 | Elon Musk will be hosting Saturday Night Live next week much to the chagrin of several cast members.

2:05:30 | People are losing their minds since the reopening of Disneyland!

2:09:34 | Would you rather have dinner with Alex Rodriguez or Ben Affleck?

2:10:48 | RIP to Oscar winning actress Olympia Dukakis and wife of Kirk Douglas Anne Buydens.