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Episode 85 – Kaylee Hartung's Coronavirus Experience, NFL Season & U.S. Economy on Shaky Ground, & Promising Husky Softball Campaign Vanishes


The guys begin by explaining how their families are staying occupied lately. Then, they jump into some “Tiger King” talk followed by reaction to the Seahawks latest free agent pickups. A four pack of guests beginning with ABC correspondent Kaylee Hartung who is recovering from coronavirus, NFL columnist and now radio host Jason La Canfora, Brody Mullins from The Wall Street Journal, & UW Softball’s Heather Tarr. Featured in the “Other Stuff” segment today is an idea for a Mitch Unfiltered bracket challenge, unchanged norms in the coronavirus world, & the rendition of Kenny Rogers’ “Lady”!


  • Kaylee Hartung | ABC News Correspondent
  • Jason La Canfora | CBS Sports NFL columnist/105.7 The Fan
  • Brody Mullins | The Wall Street Journal reporter
  • Heather Tarr | UW Softball head coach


0:46 | How are the guys staying busy during the lockdown which may last longer than initially expected?

3:57 | The future of Mitch Unfiltered is in your hands and we kindly ask you follow some simple steps to keep the podcast rolling!

13:51 | As much as Scott wishes Episode 85 was named after Paul Johns, there are much better athletes in sports history that bore the number.

18:09 | Episode 84P’s duet of “Lady” has elicited a variety of reaction from listeners.

25:17 | What the heck is “Tiger King” and why is the buzz about it inescapable?

30:55 | The acquisition of Quinton Dunbar and Phillip Dorsett may prove to be one of the biggest offseason steals in the league.

40:09 | GUEST: ABC’s Kaylee Hartung discusses her bout with COVID-19 following her coverage in Kirkland and her quarantined life since.

1:05:09 | GUEST: Jason La Canfora chats about his new radio gig in Baltimore and addresses Clowney’s status and the uncertainty surrounding the NFL league year.

1:33:46 | GUEST: Investigative reporter for The Wall Street Journal Brody Mullins breaks down the implications of the two trillion dollar stimulus bill signed by the federal government.

1:51:10 | GUEST: University of Washington softball coach Heather Tarr drops by to chat about her team’s 2020 season which was cut short due to coronavirus and looking ahead to next year.

2:04:04 | Since we weren’t able to get our bracket fix with the NCAA tourney, Mitch is open to arranging a contest ranking something that is near and dear to our hearts.

2:13:06 | RIP Jim Lambright & Curly Neal.

2:17:35 | Scott is reassured that not everything has changed due to coronavirus like state patrol radaring speeders and standard Twitter hate.

2:21:33 | The Los Angeles Rams have unveiled their new logo with mixed reaction, mostly negative.

2:23:53 | Most companies have been forgiving to customers and employees affected by coronavirus, but Scott found one that is not.

2:26:38 | Mike Hopkins snagged a Wichita State transfer and Washington native Erik Stevenson which adds depth to the Husky backcourt. 

2:32:38 | In case you missed it on Episode 84P, we bring you Mitch & Scott’s rendition of “Lady” by Kenny Rogers.

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Episode 84 – Waging the Coronavirus War, Seahawks Dip Toes in Free Agency Waters, & Jamaica Basketball's Rick Turner Checks In


Today’s show begins with an ode to the late musical icon Kenny Rogers. Then, Mitch and Scott share their latest outlook on the daily battle against coronavirus. Guests on the show are Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding for updated information on COVID-19, Jamaican national team coach Rick Turner, Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, and listener Doug Briggs whose Mother passed away from coronavirus as a resident of Kirkland’s Life Care Center. Later, the guys chat about the lesser-known side of Ellen, Big Ben’s latest Twitter video, and a knee-slapping fishing story from Mitch’s childhood.  


  • Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding | Harvard Epidemiologist & Senior Fellow at Federation of American Scientists
  • Rick Turner | Jamaica national team head coach
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Doug Briggs | Son of Kirkland Life Care COVID-19 victim


0:00 | RIP Kenny Rogers

7:08 | There were many greats that donned number 84 throughout sports history.

11:40 | Mitch and Scott discuss the current impact to their daily lives due to coronavirus as the severity of the pandemic continues to escalate.

25:23 | GUEST: Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding returns to share his latest perspective on the COVID-19 outbreak as the world continues to wrestle with the virus.

45:28 | GUEST: Longtime friend of Mitch and current Jamaican national basketball team coach Rick Turner discusses his impressions since taking the job in late 2018 and shares some old stories.

1:28:41 | GUEST: Brady Henderson is back to weigh in on the front office moves thus far for the Hawks and the probability of retaining Jadeveon Clowney.

1:45:00| GUEST: Listener of the podcast Doug Briggs tells the tragic story of his Mother’s passing from COVID-19 as a resident of the Life Care Center in Kirkland.

2:11:55 | Ellen DeGeneres’ alleged mean personality is indirectly feeding families in Los Angeles.

2:17:13 | Ben Roethlisberger posted a PSA on Twitter about proper social distancing protocol in his new caveman look.

2:20:13 | Mitch tells a classic fishing tale from his childhood! 

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Episode 83 – Controlling the Coronavirus Curve, Sports Gambling Headed to Washington State, & College Hoops Unsettling Ending


Mitch and Scott start the show with their latest outlook on COVID-19 and the ramifications that are beginning to take effect. Guests include a return from Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding for an expert coronavirus update, WA State House Representative Strom Peterson on House Bill for legalized sports gambling, Jason Hamilton on the disappointing Husky basketball season, & Jeff Goodman to weigh in on the cancellation of the NCAA Tournament. Later, the guys talk about TV shows Mitch is giving a chance, a quirky story from yesteryear involving a run-in with the newest Iona basketball coach Rick Pitino, & how people are rallying around the fight against coronavirus with acts of kindness.


  • Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding | Harvard Epidemiologist & Senior Fellow at Federation of American Scientists
  • Strom Peterson | WA State House of Representatives
  • Jason Hamilton | UW basketball broadcaster
  • Jeff Goodman | College basketball analyst


3:32 | The guys share their perspective on the current state of the coronavirus outbreak as the situation continues to escalate.

15:54 | Who will get the nod as the most deserving #83 in sports for episode naming rights?

22:05 | Are low-risk individuals not showing enough care to protect themselves and others from contracting and spreading coronavirus?

27:09 | How will sports leagues proceed in the coming months to protect the safety of athletes and their image as an business?

37:27 | GUEST: Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding provides an update on the global coronavirus outbreak and a projection of what lies ahead.

1:01:04 | GUEST: Washington House Representative Strom Peterson discusses House Bill 2638 which calls for sports gambling in tribal casinos.

1:16:09 | GUEST: J-Ham swings by to put a bow on a dismal Husky basketball season.

1:44:14 | GUEST: Jeff Goodman weighs in on the abrupt end to the college basketball season in which no NCAA Tournament will be played.

1:56:55 | Mitch reports which TV shows he started to watch per Scott’s recommendation in Episode 82U.

2:04:43 | Rick Pitino is returning to NCAA hoops at Iona which reminds Mitch of a story about one of college basketball’s most storied coaches.

2:14:16 | Good Samaritans are popping up everywhere to help one another combat coronavirus with the exception of a hand sanitizer hoarder in Tennessee.

2:19:47 | People born in the “Generation X” period are well-versed in the lifestyle we are being forced into due to coronavirus.

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Episode 82 – Speidel & "Snacks" Shine on Senior Night, TV Networks Battle Over Broadcast Heads, & Selection Sunday Week is Here!


The guys start the show by chewing over some options for the future of the podcast before delving into Mitch’s conundrum of heading to LA next weekend with his boys. A dynamic four-pack of guests beginning with Vermont basketball player Josh Speidel whose layup on senior night was worth much more than two points. Then, Thomas “Snacks” Lee basks in the glory of his viral long range triple in his hoops debut. Andrew Marchand swings by to chat about Tony Romo’s deal with CBS and the repercussions for other NFL networks. Finally, Jeff Goodman provides a college basketball with one week until Selection Sunday. As always, Mitch and Scott run down their laundry list which includes mic’ed up major leaguers, bracing for busted brackets, and Brian Williams’ bad math!


  • Josh Spiedel | University of Vermont basketball
  • Thomas “Snacks” Lee | Jackson State University basketball 
  • Andrew Marchand | New York Post sports columnist
  • Jeff Goodman | College basketball analyst


1:32 | Mitch ruffles some feathers by suggesting potential changes to the podcast.

18:22 | Notable 82s are revealed as potential candidates for episode naming rights including a former Seahawk that stirs up Superbowl memories of despair.

20:24 | Should Mitch stick with his plans to go to the Clippers game on Friday with his sons or should he cancel due to coronavirus uncertainty?

33:40 | GUEST: University of Vermont basketball senior Josh Speidel shares his inspiring story of battling back from a car accident that nearly took his life.

50:48 | GUEST: Thomas “Snacks” Lee talks about his rise from Jackson State team manager to hoops sensation overnight following his long range three pointer on senior night.

1:05:00 | GUEST: Andrew Marchand breaks down the contract competition for NFL broadcasters this offseason which kicks off with Tony Romo’s blockbuster deal.

1:17:57 | GUEST: Jeff Goodman stops by as the college hoops regular season wraps up and teams begin to punch their tickets to the Big Dance.

1:32:47 | Would it shock you if the Washington Huskies rallied in the PAC-12 tourney and earned a bid to the NCAA tournament?

1:38:09 | The latest round of jabs between Charles Barkley and Draymond Green has been exchanged about each other’s credentials.

1:40:06 | Bryce Harper chimed in on the Astros sign stealing fiasco with a simple, yet brilliant outlook.

1:44:39 | The Tom Brady rumor mill continues to spin with no end in sight.

1:48:27 | M’s outfielder Mallex Smith was mic’ed up and talking smack to Ken Griffey Jr. in the batter’s box!  

1:52:09 | Do you believe LeBron when he says he refuses to play in fan-less games if coronavirus continues to escalate?

1:55:03 | MSNBC’s Brian Williams should probably have probably used a calculator before pressing “send” on his recent Tweet regarding Bloomberg’s campaign spending.  

1:58:41 | The 27th anniversary of the legendary Jim Valvano speech has passed which carries a powerful message that still holds true.

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Episode 81 – Zorn & Rolovich Coach's Corner, Collective Bargaining Agreement in Limbo, & Athlete of the Week 86 Years Young


Today’s show kicks off with some additional thoughts on Episode 79P with Fish and an announcement for an upcoming listener event. Then, Mitch and Scott chat about the NFL combine and Tony Romo’s broadcast megadeal. A loaded guest lineup features new Washington State football coach Nick Rolovich, Seahawks legend and Dragons head coach Jim Zorn, NFL columnist Andrew Brandt, and Mary Ann Wakefield whose improbable putt earned her a brand new car! The laundry list of extra stuff includes Astros getting beaned, coronavirus’ effect on toilet paper sales, and Garth Brooks fans taking Twitter by storm!


  • Nick Rolovich | WSU football head coach
  • Jim Zorn | Former Seahawks QB & current Seattle Dragons coach
  • Andrew Brandt | MMQB columnist
  • Mary Ann Wakefield | Won car at Ole Miss basketball game


9:26 | Details on the 2nd Annual Unfiltered March Madness party coming up!

23:03 | Eligible nominees for episode naming honors are revealed.

24:47 | The guys discuss their takeaways from the NFL Combine which they frankly aren’t fans of to begin with.

31:41 | Tony Romo is about to make a boatload of booth money which has raised the ire of some folks.

38:15 | GUEST: Nick Rolovich shares his initial impressions as head coach of the Cougs following his tenure in Hawaii.

54:15 | GUEST: Jim Zorn swings by to discuss his transition to the coaching ranks for Seattle’s XFL franchise.

1:13:49 | GUEST: Andrew Brandt joins the podcast to discuss the current state of the pending NFL collective bargaining agreement negotiations.

1:34:27 | GUEST: Mary Ann Wakefield joins Mitch to discuss her full-court putt that earned her a brand new car at halftime of the Ole Miss basketball game!

1:45:52 | Astros batters should step up to the plate wearing body armor at the current rate they have been hit by pitches.

1:48:15 | Garth Brooks fans should really brush up on their sports knowledge before getting riled up about a wardrobe choice.

1:51:59 | The coronavirus scare has been a major boon for the toiletpaper industry as people are stocking up.

1:53:23 | March Madness may lose some of its juice if games are played without fans due to coronavirus.

1:55:05 | Dayton basketball posted a remarkable stat in their recent matchup against Davidson.

1:57:27 | Trevor Ariza put his foot down to Trae Young’s razzle dazzle ball handling once and for all.

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Episode 80 – Best of Mitch Unfiltered!


With roughly 400 interviews throughout the history of the podcast, we comb through the archives to select four of the most memorable and put them together for a greatest hits style episode. This includes appearances by Army veteran Steven Elliott, Mitch’s longtime friend John Bracken, 9/11 first responder Rob Serra, and PGA golfer Ken Green. These interviews will make you laugh, cry, and think – even if you’ve listened to them previously. Also, Mitch and Scott make sure they solve the pressing issue of episode naming rights for number 80 between a few notable wide receivers and the show closes with “Leaving this Town”!


  • Steven Elliott | Former U.S. Army Ranger
  • John Bracken | Friend of Mitch
  • Rob Serra | 9/11 first responder
  • Ken Green | Former PGA golfer


16:24 | The guys mull over the decision of naming the episode after Jerry Rice or Steve Largent

22:40 | GUEST: Veteran United States Army Ranger Steven Elliott discusses his account of the friendly fire incident that claimed the life of Pat Tillman which he is alleged to have caused.

1:01:03 | GUEST: John Bracken tells the unforgettable story when he hosted Michael Jordan in Seattle during the 1996 NBA Finals.

1:27:01 | GUEST: Former New York firefighter Rob Serra tells the story responding to the 9/11 attacks and the long-term health effects he and his colleagues are facing. 

1:56:41 | GUEST: PGA golfer Ken Green chronicles the highs and lows of his life that have pushed his will to the limit to maintain hope.

2:51:33 | The show wraps up with the Mitch’s Melody in Episode 6 “Leavin this Town”. 

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Episode 79 – John Altobelli – More Than a Coach, Media Circus Demands Answers from Astros, & XFL's Case to Stick Around


Episode 79 begins with Scott’s heroic tale of re-connecting a lost child with his mother in the mean streets of Issaquah. Then, Mitch describes the toll on his family the loss of their dog Sadie has taken and the gradual recovery. Also, they chat about the lousy response to baseball brass the Astros demonstrated in the early days of Spring Training regarding the sign stealing scandal. Guests include Orange Coast College baseball alum Ryan Evans who shares his reverence for the late John Altobelli who lost his life in the helicopter crash with Kobe Bryant, Britt Ghiroli on the first few days of media scrutiny toward the Houston Astros upon their arrival to Florida for Spring Training, Dr. Patrick Rishe on the XFL’s long-term viability potential, and Jeff Goodman for a college hoops update. The “other stuff” segment hits on two incidents regarding racially insensitive backlash, an arrest of a former Kentwood HS baseball player, and listener feedback on the recent interview with helicopter pilot Matt Johnson in Episode 77.


  • Ryan Evans | Orange Coast College baseball alum
  • Britt Ghiroli | MLB writer for The Athletic
  • Dr. Patrick Rishe | Washington University sports business
  • Jeff Goodman | College basketball analyst


4:29 | It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s Hotshot Scott to the rescue outside the Issaquah basketball gynamisum!

11:06 | The relatievely shabby list of 79s is revealed as potential candidates for episode naming rights.

12:30 | Mitch shares some thoughts on the passing of his dog Sadie earlier this week.

20:27 | A petty passenger caught on film has Twitter abuzz about in-flight etiquette.

23:13 | Mitch proposes an interesting twist to the 3 point shooting contest for NBA All-Star weekend.

28:40 | Is the lack of effort from opposing teams artificially inflating Zion Williamson’s starts to begin his promising career?

30:46 | The Astros were bombarded with media attention upon their arrival to Spring Training and were wildly unprepared for the onslaught.

33:30 | GUEST: Former Orange Coast College baseball player Ryan Evans shares his compelling story and the lasting impact John Altobelli made on his life.

51:42 | GUEST: Britt Ghiroli paints the picture from the first few days in West Palm Beach as the Astros reported to Spring Training with throngs of media reps awaiting.

1:04:23 | GUEST: Dr. Patrick Rishe outlines the recipe for this iteration of the XFL to have long term success.

1:20:13 | GUEST: Jeff Goodman returns for a college hoops update as March approaches and top seed candidates are beginning to materialize. 

1:34:50 | Even with his indefinite suspension lifted, Miles Garrett is doubling down on his allegation that Mason Rudolfph used a racial slur during the violent exchange between the Steelers and Browns

1:38:15 | FC Cincinnati head coach Ron Jans is under scrutiny for singing along to the racially insensate lyrics played over the locker room speakers

1:43:01 | Manchester City may be lose their 2014 Premier League title pending an investigation that alleges they cooked the books.

1:43:58 | Blue Jays prospect and Kentwood HS alum Reese McGuire was arrested for indecent exposure in a Dollar Tree parking lot

1:47:00 | Mel Tucker is under major scrutiny for his change of heart to leave Boulder for East Lansing…do you blame him for opting to earn a few extra million bucks?

1:50:10 | A listener shared a strong opinion about the interview with helicopter pilot Matt Johnson in episode 76 and his commentary on the crash that claimed Kobe Bryant’s life.

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Episode 78 – NFL Season Post Mortem, Kraken Rumors Rile Up Hockey Fans, & Coronavirus 101


The guys begin today’s show with the latest shenanigans in Scott’s Daughter’s youth hoops league. Then, they move to some college hoops chatter including an incredible stat about the Duke/UNC rivalry and Bobby Knight’s return to Bloomington. Interviews include Jason La Canfora, Seattle hockey reporter Andy Eide, Hoosiers writer for Indy Star Zach Osterman, and Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding from Harvard University to discuss the coronavirus outbreak. The “other stuff segment” features some Twitter talk, media turmoil regarding Kobe Bryant, and the unusual fashion trends! 


  • Jason La Canfora | CBS Sports NFL national columnist
  • Andy Eide | Seattle hockey writer
  • Zach Osterman | Indy Star
  • Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding | Harvard University


1:01 | Hotshot reads a few colorful reviews from the Mitch Unfiltered mailbag.

13:00 | Some of the great athletes that wore number 78 are revealed as nominees for Episode naming rights.

16:37 | There is some shadiness with Scott’s Daughter’s youth basketball league.

21:10 | The first Seattle Dragons game is in the books and the result was not so hot. 

25:40 | Brace yourself for one of the most unbelievable sports statistics you may ever hear that made the rounds over the weekend.

30:13 | Notorious college basketball coach Bobby Knight made an emotional return to the Hoosier faithful on Saturday twenty years after his heated departure.

40:38 | GUEST: Jason La Canfora puts a bow on the 2019-2020 NFL season with thoughts on the Chiefs championship and a look ahead to the offseason QB free agent market.

59:14 | GUEST: Andy Eide provides an update on the status of NHL in Seattle including team name rumors, arena construction progress, and projected ticket prices.

1:17:13 | GUEST: Zach Osterman discusses how Indiana basketball has reunited with its historic coach Bob Knight following his firing two decades ago.

1:37:16 | GUEST: Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding shares details of the deadly coronavirus outbreak which originated in China and has spread to the United States.

1:50:47 | Scott has two new Twitter followers he is quite proud of.

1:56:13 | Was Gayle King out of line for re-hashing Kobe Bryant’s rape trial in 2003 in the wake of his death?

2:10:13 | Mitch is fascinated with the fashion trends of today’s youth which he observes in his own household. 

2:15:15 | For the second straight week, an “Anti-Athlete of the Week” Award is divvied out in addition to the standard “Athlete of the Week” honors.

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Episode 77 – Comeback Chiefs Hoist Lombardi, NBA Recovering from Kobe Tragedy, & Marching to College Hoops Madness


Well…that’s a wrap! Mitch and Scott recap their initial thoughts to Kansas City’s dramatic win over San Fran in Super Bowl LIV. Today’s four pack of guests include helicopter pilot Matt Johnson, ESPN Seattle NBA writer Kevin Pelton, college hoops expert Jeff Goodman, ESPN New Orleans NBA writer Andrew Lopez. Today’s “other stuff” topics range from the 2020 NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame class to the halftime show and even an “anti-athlete of the week award”! 


  • Jeff Goodman | College basketball analyst
  • Andrew Lopez | New Orleans ESPN NBA reporter
  • Kevin Pelton | Seattle ESPN NBA writer
  • Matt Johnson | FAA helicopter pilot & examiner


2:15 | Mitch describes his favorite pizza prank as a student at Syracuse!

17:15 | The guys run down their laundry list of observations from Super Bowl LIV.

37:22 | The Lakers returned to the hardwood on Friday night following Kobe’s passing which included a touching tribute by LeBron.

45:58 | GUEST: Helicopter pilot and examiner Matt Johnson shares his insight on the contributing factors of the tragic crash that claimed nine lives including Kobe Bryant.

1:05:18 | GUEST: Kevin Pelton weighs in on the reaction to Kobe Bryant’s death and discusses Damian Lillard’s hot streak. 

1:22:16 | GUEST: Jeff Goodman provides an update on the college hoops season. Which teams are in best position to capture top tourney seeds?

1:42:18 | GUEST: Andrew Lopez jumps aboard for his initial impressions of Zion Williamson since his debut with the Pelicans.

1:57:23 | Damian Lillard is single-handedly carrying the Blazers to a run at the playoffs with some staggering statistics.

1:59:21 | Many bettors lost big bucks on a bad beat in the final moments of the Super Bowl involving Mahomes’ victory formation.

2:00:34 | Should the NFL MVP voting take place after the season ends?

2:02:05 | The guys weigh in on the 2020 Pro Football Hall of Fame class which includes a notorious Seahawk.

2:04:24 | Did you enjoy the halftime show with J-Lo and Shakira or did you go to the grocery store like Hotshot?

2:08:10 | Are you pro or anti “The Kraken” as a potential team name for Seattle’s NHL franchise?

2:10:36 | Mitch hands out an anti-athlete of the week award and then proceeds to his athlete of the week.

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Episode 76 – Kobe's Eternal Legacy, Super Bowl Countdown Continues, & Hot Lapping with Willy T. Ribbs


The guys begin today’s show with reaction to the devastating news of Kobe Bryant’s death. Then, a familiar Seahawks story involving Mike Holmgren, Tim Ruskell, and a certain guard is told. Mitch and Scott then delve into their youth basketball filled weekends and their interesting observations from the cheap seats. Also, how much is Coach Hop to blame for the Huskies rough stretch? Guests include former NBA vet and hoops analyst Eldridge Recasner to reflect on Kobe Bryant’s life, Grinnell College basketball cult hero Jack Taylor, auto racing legend Willy T. Ribbs, & NFL player and current analyst Ross Tucker for a Super Bowl LIV preview. Later on, the guys run down a laundry list of topics including their SB LIV picks, Eli Manning’s retirement, and the Athlete of the Week winner! 


  • Eldridge Recasner | PAC-12 Network basketball analyst
  • Jack Taylor | Grinnell College basketball alum
  • Willy T. Ribbs | Former auto racing driver
  • Ross Tucker | NFL analyst


0:00 | Mitch and Scott talk about the deeply saddening news of Kobe Bryant’s death and the legacy he left on and off the basketball court.

16:13 | Notable 76s for episode naming nominations are thrown around including a polarizing former Seahawk.

20:29 | Scott is fired up about something he saw at his Daughter’s basketball game that makes him look like “get off my lawn” guy.

23:13 | Mitch describes how his Son’s team violated his number one pet peeve of late game management which leads him into a classic story involving his Father and Brother back in 1970.

31:32 | How should the blame pie be divvied up for the struggling Husky basketball team?

43:30 | GUEST: Eldridge Recasner joins the podcast with a thought on Kobe Bryant’s legacy in the wake of his tragic death.

58:14 | GUEST: Grinnell College alum Jack Taylor swings by to discuss his record-setting 2012 season which featured an 138 point game and his outlook of basketball in present day.

1:27:11 | GUEST: Legendary racecar driver Willy T. Ribbs jumps aboard to tell his courageous story featured in the new film “Uppity: The Willy T. Ribbs Story”.

1:52:52 | GUEST: NFL analyst Ross Tucker previews the SB LIV matchup and weighs in on Eli Manning’s retirement.

2:08:48 | The guys make their official pick to win the Super Bowl (subject to change).

2:11:39 | Are you on the Zion Williamson hype train or is this just a flash in the pan?

2:14:54 | A little tennis talk finds its way onto Mitch Unfiltered with a thought on Coco Gauff’s charm and a dicey situation turned good by Rafael Nadal.

2:18:15 | The Antonio Brown saga continues with his latest burglary and assault charge upon which he has turned himself in to authorities.

2:24:42 | Should Eli Manning be enshrined in Canton? The guys share their opinions.

2:28:30 | “Athlete of the Week” honors are doled out and the winner is perhaps the youngest yet!