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Episode 112 – Heart Attack Hawks Prevail & Pistorius Doc Director's Cut


At the top of the show, the guys remark on the deja vu nature of another nailbiting Hawks game and do some podcast housekeeping. Then, Mitch talks about the car accident his wife and son were involved in over the weekend. The guys also dig into the details of Sunday night’s thrilling NFC showdown in Seattle as the Hawks deliver another classic comeback. Guests are Seahawks reporter for ESPN Brady Henderson, Rick Neuheisel of CBS Sports, and director of The Life and Trials of Oscar Pistorius Daniel Gordon. The “Other Stuff” topics include college football, Phil Collins, & Dori Monson’s suspension. 


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Daniel Gordon | The Life and Trials of Oscar Pistorius director


0:00 | Well, well, well…another Seahawks game that would have been much easier to simply watch the ballet instead.

14:27 | Mitch unveils the latest code word for Beat the Boys.

20:57 | The Levy family experienced a scare over the weekend as his wife and younger son were involved in an auto collision.

29:59 | Rafael Nadal has now won a baker’s dozen of French Open titles in his historic tennis career. 

31:54 | Mitch and Scott discuss the clutch Seahawks win that took place at Centurylink Field on Sunday Night Football.

1:00:52 | GUEST: Brady Henderson provides his postgame analysis as the Seahawks improve to 5-0 with a dramatic win over Minnesota on Sunday night.

1:19:11 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel jumps aboard to chat about the exciting college football weekend and a look ahead to the slate of matchups ahead.

1:48:19 | GUEST: Director Daniel Gordon joins Mitch to talk about the new ESPN docuseries The Life and Trials of Oscar Pistorius.

2:11:55 | Lane Kiffin’s mask on Saturday night feature the name of Sunday’s hero for the Seahawks.

2:13:58 | Phil Collins is in the news as the music star is embroiled in a messy divorce.

2:15:52 | Ian Rapoport from the NFL Network and Dori Monson are a pair of suspended personalities for controversial social media posts.  

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Episode 111 – Hawks Fend Off Fins & College Football's Economic Turmoil


Today’s shows kicks off with details on half-priced Seahawks gear by Seattle Shirt Company for Patrons in October! Then, the guys volley a handful of sports stories over the weekend including The Preakness and NFL matchups across the league before delving into their observations from the 31-23 Seahawks victory in Miami. Guests include ESPN’s Brady Henderson, college football guru Rick Neuheisel, and economist Joseph Brusuelas. “Other Stuff” topics range from the late Bob Gibson’s legendary MLB career to Husky football predictions to SNL season debut impressions.


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Joseph Brusuelas | RSM US LLP chief economist 


0:17 | Mitch shows off his brand new shirt thanks to Seattle Shirt Company who is offering Patrons 50% off in October.

12:27 | The clever week five code word for the Beat the Boys contest is revealed.

19:38 | LeBron joins an elite class of NBA players to participate in ten NBA Finals.

21:40 | Mitch and Scott take a tour around the sports landscape to recap the top storylines from the weekend.

29:26 | The guys run down their laundry list of takeaways from the Seahawks win against the Dolphins.

1:00:51 | GUEST: Brady Henderson provides his postgame analysis as the Hawks edged the Dolphins 31-23 in Miami.

1:20:47 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel returns to discuss another exciting weekend of college football as the remaining conferences inch closer to their season openers.

1:45:15 | GUEST: Joseph Brusuelas jumps aboard to discuss the ripple effect to the future of college football as a result of the pandemic.

2:04:39 | Rick Moranis is surprisingly in the news in the year 2020, unfortunately it was due to being sucker-punched walking down the sidewalk by a stranger.

2:06:00 | RIP Bob Gibson – one of the greatest right-handed pitchers of all time, his stats will blow your mind.

2:09:43 | It’s astounding to see the previously lovable Earl Thomas become a pariah in the NFL.

2:10:28 | The guys pull out the pocket schedule to predict the fate of the 2020 Washington Huskies season.

2:12:52 | Saturday Night Live returned with a bang with Chris Rock delivering the monologue, Jim Carrey as Joe Biden, and more!

2:15:44 | Out of pure coincidence, Hotshot came across a news headline involving a Florida woman he couldn’t help but share with Mitch.

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Episode 110 – Hawks Outlast Cowboys & Florida Man Fends Off Gator Attack


Mitch and Scott begin today’s show with a deep dive of a listener tweet about how they’re doing this podcast followed by Mitch’s bittersweet account of dropping off his eldest son Max at college. Then, they dig into Sunday’s tilt between the Seahawks and Cowboys. Three guests beginning with Seahawks insider Brady Henderson followed by college football guru Rick Neuheisel and Mark Johnson of Port St. Lucie who was recently involved in a gator attack. Today’s “Other Stuff” topics range from a bizarre story that occurred in Joe Montana’s home to a way-too-early look at the NFC West standings to a Thom Brennaman update.


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Mark Johnson | Florida resident 


12:09 | Mitch reveals the code word for week four of Beat the Boys.

12:43 | Movie Mogul Max moved into the UW dorms over the weekend and the range of emotions hit Mitch like a ton of bricks. 

30:59 | The guys discuss the good, bad, and ugly in yet another stressful, down-to-the-wire Seahawks game.

58:32 | GUEST: Brady Henderson breaks down the 38-31 victory for the Seahawks and provides post-game injury updates.

1:17:50 |  GUEST: Rick Neuheisel jumps aboard to recap a thrilling Saturday in college football as the SEC kicked off its first week of play.

1:43:29 | GUEST: Mark Johnson of Port St. Lucie, Florida recounts his encounter with a gator whose quick thinking saved his life.

2:01:51 | A man in Brooklyn was fired from his two jobs due to injuries from bullet wounds sustained while protecting his three children…ouch!

2:03:05 | Joe Montana intercepted an attempted kidnapping of his grandchild.

2:07:09 | Is “Let Russ Cook” getting old yet or have embraced the phrase?

2:09:14 | Losses by the Rams and Cards in conjunction with the Hawks win places Seattle in sole possession of first place in the West.

2:11:46 | RIP to pro skateboarder Keith Hufnagel whose life was taken way too soon at 46 after a battle with brain cancer.

2:12:30 | Thom Brennaman has spoken about future plans after his broadcasting career abruptly ended due to insensitive comments caught on air.

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Episode 109 – Hawks Bent But Didn't Break & DeChambeau Dominates the Field


Today’s show kicks off with some listener feedback as the guys open the mailbag. Then, the guys delve into their instant reaction to Sunday Night Football in Seattle. Three featured guests included with ESPN’s Brady Henderson breaking down the Hawks victory over the Pats followed by Rick Neuheisel on further developments in the return of college football and also familiar voice on the show Ken Green is back to discuss Bryson DeChambeau’s U.S. Open win. The show closes out as always with odds and ends in the “Other Stuff” segment.


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Ken Green | Former PGA Tour golfer


0:37 | Mitch reads a handful of listener emails.

5:07 | Mitch provides the code word for the week three slate of “Beat the Boys” matchups.

17:13 | The guys catch their breath after another nailbiter between Seattle and New England in front of a national audience.

52:03 | GUEST: Brady Henderson weighs in on the Seahawks thrilling 35-30 victory against the Patriots.

1:07:59 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel returns to discuss the PAC12’s hesitant approach to the 2020 season as the BIG10 is forging ahead to play.

1:25:00 | GUEST: Ken Green swings by to chat about Bryson DeChambeau’s decisive U.S. Open victory and the advantages he possesses against the competition. 

1:41:36 | Mitch and Scott run down their laundry list of “Other Stuff”.

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Episode 108 – Rick Neuheisel & No Rust for Russ


At the top of the show, Mitch reveals the code word for week two of Beat the Boys. Then, Mitch provides an unfiltered account of his emotions when he picked up his new family dog. The guys reflect on their takeaways from the Seahawks season debut in Atlanta. Today’s guests are Brady Henderson, Rick Neuheisel, the author of Doc: The Life of Roy Halladay Todd Zolecki. “Other Stuff” topics range from U.S. Open champ Naomi Osaka and her endearing personality, to a pair of notable NFL transactions that could have reverberations for the Seahawks, to a Slovenian woman going to great lengths to collect on an insurance payout!


  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS college football analyst
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Todd Zolecki | Author of Doc: The Life of Roy Halladay


2:14 | Week 1 of “Beat the Boys” is in the books, make sure to listen to the code word for next week!

6:59 | The Levy family added a new pup to the house and Mitch opens up on his range of emotions thus far. 

26:57 | The guys run down their laundry list of observations from the Seahawks-Falcons matchup to kick off the 2020 season.

55:18 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel jumps aboard to share initial thoughts on the return of college football as the second week of games is in the books.

1:16:58 | GUEST: Brady Henderson breaks down the 38-25 week one win on the road for the Hawks.

1:34:31 | GUEST: Phillies beat reporter Todd Zolecki talks about his new biography of Roy Halladay which outlines the tragic story of the Hall of Fame pitcher.

1:54:23 | In the same weekend, one MLB pitcher throws a no-hitter while another injures his finger putting on clothes.

1:56:08 | Mitch’s favorite tennis player Naomi Osaka won the U.S. Open and is quickly becoming a superstar in the sport.

1:59:00 | Alvin Kamara and Dalvin Cook signed monster contracts which buck the trend of highly paid running backs which poses implications for Chris Carson.

2:02:09 | A Slovenian woman experienced insult to injury as her insurance fraud attempt of cutting off her own hand went awry.

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Episode 107 – Game Week


Today’s show kicks off with Scott explaining why he rushed back from a trip to southwest Washington. Mitch explains the rules to podcast contest Beat the Boys. Then, they delve into the top Seahawks storylines heading into their week one matchup in Atlanta. Three featured guests are film actor Michael O’Keefe to celebrate forty years since the release of Caddyshack, Pepperdine head coach and Washington Husky legend Lorenzo Romar, and Seahawks reporter for ESPN Brady Henderson. Later, Mitch and Scott chat about other stuff such as Novak Djokovic’s latest hijinks, the hiring of Steve Nash as Nets head coach, and Mike Trout’s ascent as an all-time great.


  • Michael O’Keefe | Actor – Danny Noonan in Caddyshack
  • Lorenzo Romar | Pepperdine coach / former UW coach
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider


0:00 | Hotshot rushed back from the remote town of Stevenson to record Episode 107…what was he doing there and where is Stevenson?

17:23 | Mitch breaks down the official rules of “Beat the Boys” for the NFL season. Make your picks at! 

27:14 | Hotshot has nominated himself the new traffic czar and made his first declaration.

29:41 | What are the biggest areas on focus heading into the 2020 Seahawks campaign?

50:50 | GUEST: Michael O’Keefe hops aboard to reflect on the classic sports film Caddyshack which he starred in.

1:10:35 | GUEST: Lorenzo Romar checks in to share his thoughts on current civil unrest and the passing of two college coaching greats.

1:37:56 | GUEST: Brady Henderson returns as the Hawks prepare for opening week against the Falcons.

2:05:29 | Novak Djokovic made an unforced error of epic proportions that earned him a U.S. Open disqualification.

2:10:26 | Steve Nash is beginning his venture into the coaching ranks with the Nets which has been met with criticism.

2:13:00 | Baseball lost two legends as Tom Seaver and Lou Brock passed away.

2:17:10 | Deshaun Watson’s press conference after signing a life-changing contract is a true demonstration of humility.

2:19:12 | Mike Trout is on a fast track to rewrite the record books at the rate he’s going.

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Episode 106 – NBA Takes Center Stage, Seizing Opportunities, & Fantasy Football First Look


At the top of the show, Mitch recaps his exciting trip to Aberdeen and Scott shares the details from his adventure to Sequim. Then, Mitch announces exciting podcast news for listeners that would like to become a Patron. They also discuss the passing of Chadwick Boseman and NFL news that carries implications to the Seahawks defense. Three guests including ESPN NBA writer Kevin Pelton, USC golf coach JT Higgins, & fantasy football guru Ken Zalis. Later, Mitch and Scott rally random topics such as a new Rocky film release, the legacy of the late Lute Olson, and Lori Loughlin & Mossimo behind bars. 


  • Kevin Pelton | ESPN NBA columnist
  • JT Higgins | USC golf coach
  • Ken Zalis | fantasy football expert


0:00 | Mitch and Scott recap their adventures this week to small town Western Washington. 

19:05 | Sign up to become a Mitch Unfiltered Patron for free in September!

38:44 | Chadwick Boseman tragically passed away at the age of 43 who inspired millions in his box office hit Black Panther. 

43:40 | Yannick Ngakoue is no longer on the table for the Hawks whose pass rush is still a major question mark.

56:07 | GUEST: Kevin Pelton checks in to chat about the NBA’s temporary boycott and the return to the court as the playoffs continue.

1:15:55 | GUEST: JT Higgins jumps aboard to share his story from a budding career in media relations to head golf coach at USC.

1:40:13 | GUEST: Ken Zalis is back for a second season of sharp tips for fantasy football as draft season is in full swing.

2:04:49 | Sylvester Stallone announced a Rocky IV director’s cut will be released in November marking its 35th anniversary.

2:08:36 | RIP to Arizona hoops coaching legend Lute Olson and former Portland Trail Blazer Cliff Robinson.

2:12:38 | A-Rod and J-Lo are officially out of the running in their pursuit of partial ownership of the New York Mets.

2:14:47 | Lori Laughlin and her husband Mossimo are headed to prison for their involvement in a college admissions scandal. 

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Episode 105 – La Canfora Football Flyover, Big 12's Carefully Crafted Plan, & Virus Testing Game-Changer Saliva Direct


The guys begin Episode 105 honoring the remembrance of Scott’s dog Dante who passed away last week. Then, Mitch sneaks in a quick thought on the silent emergence of Luca Doncic before delving into the news of Earl Thomas’ release from the Ravens. A trio of featured guests beginning with national football columnist and Baltimore sports radio host Jason La Canfora followed by a return of Kansas State University AD Gene Taylor on the 2020 football season and Yale researcher Anne Wyllie on a breakthrough COVID-19 saliva test. Later, Mitch and Scott volley a laundry list of “other stuff” including Tom Brenneman’s broadcast blunder, geeky golf grass talk, and Diana Taurasi’s intimidating reputation caught on audio!


  • Jason La Canfora | CBS Sports & 105.7 The Fan – Baltimore
  • Gene Taylor | Kansas State University athletic director
  • Anny Wyllie | Yale School of Public Health pneumococcologist


0:00 | Scott said goodbye to his loyal dog Dante over the weekend.

8:11 | Mitch reads two recent podcast reviews that are polar opposites.

23:41 | Luca Doncic is quietly becoming one of the best players in the NBA and is only 21 years old!

30:30 | Earl Thomas’ tumultuous experience in Baltimore has led to his dismissal from the franchise.

46:18 | GUEST: Jason La Canfora drops by for an NFL overview including Earl’s release from the Ravens, quarterback battles, and his NFC West pick.

1:07:35 | GUEST: KSU athletic director Gene Taylor is back to outline his plan to proceed with fall sports including football as part of the collective Big 12 decision.

1:21:18 | GUEST: Anne Wyllie discusses how her Yale team has developed a new coronavirus test called Saliva Direct which is being used by the NBA.

1:39:34 | Longtime broadcaster Tom Brenneman used a homophobic slur during a Reds game which could end his career.

1:51:35 | A pair of hole-in-one videos online leads to Mitch’s assessment of Chambers Bay.

1:57:15 | NASA is tracking an asteroid plunging toward Earth which is on target to make contact the day before the 2020 election.

1:58:41 | Diana Taurasi demonstrated her intimidating nature by threatening an official to meet her in the lobby after the game. 

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Episode 104 – Neuheisel's College Football Crystal Ball, Hawks Back To VMAC, & Safe Travel Tips


Today’s show kicks off with a complete report from Scott’s weekend in the wilderness which reinforces Mitch’s opposition to camping. Then, the guys chat about the main themes from the Apolo Ohno interview in Episode 103, open the Mitch Unfiltered mailbag, and have a chuckle at the short-lived Seahawks stint for Kemah Siverand. Three guests beginning with Rick Neuheisel followed by Seahawks ESPN insider Brady Henderson and closing out with molecular biologist Dr. Ali Nouri. “Other Stuff” topics range from Alex Smith’s miraculous return to the NFL to the arrival of NBA’s postseason to a story when nature called Mitch at an inconvenient time!


  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Dr. Ali Nouri | President of the Federation of American Scientists


0:00 | Hotshot shares the details from his camping adventures over the weekend.

19:42 | The guys draw parallels from the Apolo Ohno interview which they can relate to.

25:04 | Mitch opens the listener mailbox to address your questions. 

30:49 | Hawks hopeful Kemah Siverand was shown the door after attempting to sneak a gal into the team hotel.

36:57 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel weighs in on the college football season which continues to unravel, but still has a glimmer of hope.

58:08 | GUEST: Brady Henderson breaks down the first week of Seahawks training camp including first impressions of new acquisitions.

1:21:02 | GUEST: Dr. Ali Nouri shares his expert advise about how to navigate through traveling during the coronavirus

1:43:59 | A homeless Florida man was caught living in a soccer stadium suite for two weeks.

1:47:07 | Alex Smith has been cleared to play, but should he just quit while he’s ahead?

1:48:49 | The LA Kings mascot Bailey is busted for sexual harassment of a fan.

1:51:03 | NBA Playoffs are upon us, are you ready?

1:54:34 | Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry has been fired which some see as a trend that has repeated itself over the years.

1:56:11 | Trent Williams’ dangerous driving was a display of complete selfishness. 

1:58:41 | The Ellen saga continues as details surface from previous guests about bizarre warnings before going on stage.

2:02:58 | We’ve all been there before…when you gotta go, you gotta go!

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Episode 103 – Apolo Ohno's Price of Sacrifice, Morikawa Captures the Wanamaker, & College Football on Thin Ice


The guys are back after taking a break and recap all the happenings in the last few weeks. Then, Mitch and Scott have a laugh about a low blow delivered by a baseball organist, discuss the trouble brewing for college football, and react to the news that Quinton Dunbar’s robbery charges which have been dropped. Guests include Team USA speed skater Apolo Ohno, San Diego Union-Tribune sports writer Mark Zeigler, and film producer Paul Haynes. “Other Stuff” topics range from Jim Harbaugh’s pettiness against Ohio State, Phil’s debut in the booth, and the untapped potential for YouTube wealth. 


  • Apolo Ohno | 8x Olympic speed skating medalist
  • Mark Zeigler | San Diego Union-Tribune sports columnist
  • Paul Haynes | “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark” Executive Producer


0:00 | Mitch and Scott share their whereabouts since the release of Episode 102 .

24:26 | Blue Jays catcher Reese McGuire took salt in the wound courtesy of the Atlanta Braves organ player.

30:13 | College football season is hanging in the balance as teams and conference have begun to opt out.

36:22 | Charges have been dropped against Quinton Dunbar and we rewind back to Episode 93 when Mitch made his official prediction on the Hawks corner.

50:37 | GUEST: Federal Way native Apolo Ohno discusses the adversity he’s faced as an Olympic athlete on and off the ice.

1:23:39 | GUEST: Mark Zeigler jumps aboard for a double-dip for reaction to his live coverage of the PGA Championship and to discuss the PAC-12 athletes unity movement.

1:41:04 | GUEST: Paul Haynes discusses the story of the Golden State Killer which inspired his latest documentary I’ll Be Gone in the Dark.

2:06:54 | Yoenis Cespedes is vying to become the poster child of improper social distancing behavior along with Lou Williams.

2:10:19 | Even in the middle of a global pandemic, Jim Harbaugh finds a way to stir the pot with anyone he comes into contact with.

2:15:07 | Phil Mickelson jumped into the world of golf broadcasting this weekend…and Mitch actually enjoyed it!

2:19:31 | University of Georgia students have received mask guidelines for all kinds of adolescent behavior.

2:21:50 | Twins Fred and Tim Williams are taking YouTube by storm for their “reaction” videos and making big bucks.