Today’s show begins with initial thoughts on Monday night’s gut-wrenching loss for the Huskies. Next, Mitch and Hotshot roll into segment one with their laundry list of takeaways from the national championship game. The four-pack of guests are Rick Neuheisel to recap the college football national championship game, Seahawks insiders Brady Henderson and Brian Nemhauser for the No-Table, and Monday Morning Quarterback Peter King.  The “Other Stuff” segment features discussion about the lowly Seahawks among other lingering topics.


  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Brady Henderson | Seahawks NFL Nation reporter
  • Brian Nemhauser | Hawk Blogger
  • Peter King | MMQB NFL writer


0:00 | Mitch can’t stand losing to Jim Harbaugh and would be sick if he ended up as the next Seahawks head coach.

3:35 | Ever been to Bowling Green, Kentucky and know of anyone noteworthy from there? 

14:11 | What were the crucial for the Dawgs that led to a loss against the Wolverines in what will be remembered as one of the greatest seasons in Husky history?

34:32 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel joins Mitch from Houston in the wake of Washington’s heartbreaking loss to Michigan in the national championship game. 

58:28 | GUESTS: NFL Nation reporter Brady Henderson and “Hawkblogger” Brian Nemhauser are back for the final time this season to recap the last week of the regular season and to look ahead to a pivotal offseason for the Hawks. 

1:37:43 | GUEST: MMQB writer Peter King hops aboard with the NFL regular season in the books to share his national perspective on hot topics across the league and the Seahawks. 

1:57:32 | The “Other Stuff” segment is dominated by catching up on the Seahawks and other odds and ends before closing out. 

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