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Episode 137 – "One Shining Moment" Origin Story & World's Third Smartest Person


The guys are together again and wish they could just pick up and move to Arizona. Then, they chat about Mitch’s favorite sports day of the year, Joe Musgrove’s no-hitter, and open the listener mailbag. Three fantastic guests beginning with musician David Barrett, television writer & genius Rick Rosner, and a return of PGA golfer Ken Green. Later, Mitch and Scott check off their laundry list of other topics including the Friends reunion show, the LA Dodgers ring ceremony, and pricy sports memorabilia.


  • David Barrett | One Shining Moment songwriter
  • Rick Rosner | TV writer & world’s third highest IQ ranking 
  • Ken Green | Former PGA golfer 


0:00 | The Soden family is back from spring break in Arizona and both he and Mitch imagine moving down there for year-round sunshine.

17:59 | Masters Sunday just wrapped up with Hideki Matsuyama hanging on to his lead in the final holes.

25:35 | Joe Musgrove tossed the first no-hitter in Padres history on Friday and could barely hold in his enormous quantity of water during the game.

26:46 | Episode 136 generated tons of emails from the Mitch Unfiltered listeners on a variety of topics.

43:05 | GUEST: David Barrett checks in to recall his inspiration to write the classic song One Shining Moment which has become a staple in college basketball for over three decades. 

1:08:13 | GUEST: Rick Rosner shares his unique story that led to his role as a writer for The Jimmy Kimmel Show, a controversial appearance on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and the distinction as third smartest person. 

1:33:53 | GUEST: Ken Green swings by for reaction to Hideki Matsuyama’s victory in the 2021 Masters. 

1:57:00 | The announcement for a Friends reunion was leaked by Matthew Perry aka Chandler.

1:59:23 | Dodgers players received their World Series rings and an introduction by their childhood baseball hero.

2:04:18 | A Babe Ruth handwritten letter to his mistress is up for auction for a cool quarter million.

2:07:05 | RIP Prince Philip and DMX…as everyone knows were longtime buds.

Episode 136 – Seattle Sports Media Cornerstone Jim Moore & GEICO Ad Star Nicci Carr


The guys kick off today’s show in separate locations as Hotshot is in Arizona again for youth basketball in the wake of a mushroom incident. Mitch chats about his recent MRI experience, the thrilling Gonzaga semifinal victory, and the frustrating exit by Jarran Reed from the Seahawks. Three guests are longtime Seattle sports media figure Jim Moore, television actress & teacher Nicci Carr, and seven-time golf world record holder Bob Kurtz. “Other Stuff” topics run the gamut from Super Mario Brothers, to the retirement of Roy Williams, to Aaron Rodgers’ upcoming appearance on non-football primetime television!


  • Jim Moore | Former Seattle sports radio personality 
  • Nicci Carr | TV actress
  • Bob Kurtz | Golf world record holder


0:54 | Scott’s Daughter should take a page out of Mitch’s anti-mushroom playbook after tonight’s quesadilla fiasco.

5:58 | Michael Strahan duped everyone…especially Hotshot…with his April Fool’s Day joke about his tooth gap fix.

10:09 | Become a Patron to have a listen to all the fun bonus Mitch Unfiltered content including the latest Stevie Nicks episode.

15:10 | Make sure to sign up for Mitch’s Masters Pool at!

28:10 | Mitch underwent his first MRI on Friday for his nagging back which reminded him of his claustrophobia.

33:46 | A listener sent a request laden with four-letter words that encourages the guys to use more foul language.

38:44 | Are you happy to see Gonzaga (and the weasel) advance to the national championship game?

45:25 | Jarran Reed’s departure from Seattle leaves a sour taste in Mitch;s mouth.  

56:08 | GUEST: Jim Moore jumps aboard to share some memories during his career as a sports writer and radio personality in Seattle.

1:35:04 | GUEST: Nicci Carr joins the show to talk about the emotional roller coaster ride in her role on the “Scoop There It Is” GEICO commercial with Tag Team.

1:57:14 | GUEST: Bob Kurtz also known as “Golf’s Ironman” swings by to chat about his world records including his most recent feat.

2:18:20 | Shohei Ohtani and Cody Bellinger hit two of the most notable homers in the first weekend of the MLB season.

2:20:53 | A sealed copy of the original Mario game recently sold for $660K.

2:22:07 | Even though the MLB All Star Game won’t be played in Atlanta this season, don’t expect the Masters to follow suit.

2:24:19 | Legendary North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams is hanging it up after over three decades in Chapel Hill.

2:26:19 | Aaron Rodgers will be the celebrity host of Jeopardy! this week.

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