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Episode 256 – No Frills Victory & Final October Push


Mitch begins the episode by asking Hotshot a question about the caliber of college football hailing from the state of Washington. In segment one, the talk about the incredible passing statistics through four games before discussing the anticipated week ahead for the M’s and the Hawks win on Sunday. Four featured guests are Seahawks reporters Brady Henderson and Brian Nemhauser, CBS Sports college football analyst Rick Neuheisel, and former Seahawks No-Table member “Joey Vegas” aka Joe Fann. “Other Stuff” topics range from “Lefty” declaring his lack of sports gambling, the price tag on a Bob Ross painting, and backlack about Adrian Peterson’s invite to Dancing with the Stars.


  • Brady Henderson | Seahawks NFL Nation reporter
  • Brian Nemhauser | Hawk Blogger
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Joe Fann | Former Seahawks No-Table member  


0:00 | Do two of the best college football teams in America reside in the state of Washington?

8:30 | Mitch reveals the code word for the upcoming lineup of games.

14:45 | Michael Penix Jr. is on a pace for passing yards and touchdowns through the first month of the season that are hard to believe.  

18:47 | Could UW lose a game in the regular season and still find a way into the college football playoff?

20:27 | Despite getting swept, the Mariners still found a way to end the weekend still alive in the wildcard chase thanks to the Royals.

30:57 | The Seahawks took care of business at Lumen Field on Sunday by notching a comfortable win against the lowly Panthers.

38:53 | GUESTS: Brady and Brian hop aboard to discuss the main takeaways from the double-digit victory over Carolina on Sunday at home. 

1:10:56 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel is back for his weekly chat to discuss the pregame speech by Dan Lanning before destroying Deion’s Buffs and the emerging elite teams across college football!

1:37:43 | GUEST: Original member of the Seahawks No-Table Joe Fann makes a return to the show to chat about his professional pivot from sports reporting to real estate and his outlook on the final homestretch for the Mariners.

2:08:42 | The “Other Stuff” segment features details about Phil Mickelson’s declaration of no gambling this football season, the final cost on a painting by the notorious television artist Bob Ross, and the criticism about Adrian Peterson’s invite to the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars! 

Episode 255 – Motor City Miracle & Huskies Slam Sparty


To kick things off, Mitch and Scott debate whether or not they would have traded the Seahawks win for a pair of Mariners wins over the weekend before a round of Stump the Band. Then, the guys chat about their lack of interest in the Video Music Awards, the high-flying Huskies and Cougs, and of course, the unexpected win for the Seahawks at Ford Field on Sunday. The four-pack of featured guests Seahawks insiders Brady Henderson and Brian Nemhauser, Rick Neuheisel, and owner of Jack’s American Pub in Milwaukee Scott Schaefer. The “Other Stuff” segment features topics such as Ohtani cleaning out his locker in Anaheim, lottery winner Edwin Castro spending his winnings lavishly, and a high school band director tased for refusing to stop playing.


  • Brady Henderson | Seahawks NFL Nation reporter
  • Brian Nemhauser | Hawk Blogger
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Scott Schaefer | Jack’s American Pub owner  


0:00 | Geno Smith had a heroic effort on Sunday except the inexplicable play which throwing the ball away was the easy decision.

3:40 | Would you have traded the Seahawks win for two wins against the Dodgers over the weekend?

5:47 | The fellas play Stump the Band with the topic of college football trivia.

13:20 | Mitch provides this week’s code word for the Beat the Boys trio of games.

21:22 | How many wins do the M’s need down the stretch to retain a spot in the postseason?

22:54 | Michael Penix Jr. either throws to wide open receivers or just lets it fly and watch his wideouts get it.

27:00 | Don’t sleep on the Cougs because they’re not a team to be messed with!

30:14 | How did the Seahawks pull off a win in Detroit on Sunday after seeing the performance in week one?

48:18 | GUESTS: Brady Henderson and Brian Nemhauser gather round the Seahawks No-Table for instant reaction to Sunday’s overtime thriller versus Detroit. 

1:11:59 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel hops aboard following a weekend of college football featuring victories for the Dawgs and Buffs as well as a memorable game winning kick for Mizzou!

1:39:12 | GUEST: By popular demand, Jack’s American pub Scott Schaefer is back for an update on his Aaron Rodgers-based offer and the scene on the Monday Night Football debut.

1:53:26 | “Other Stuff” segment topics include a hypothetical trade for Shohei Ohtani, new purchases by Powerball winner Edwin Castro, and an unusual police encounter at a high school football game with a band director!  

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