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Episode 94 – Reliving a Nightmare, Seahawks Rumor Mill Round-Up, & Baseball Dollars Not Making Sense


Today’s show begins with Scott explaining why he was late to Mitch’s house and how handy he is with auto repairs. Then, the guys react to a troubling week across the country with violence and civil unrest. Guests include NC Central hoops coach LeVelle Moton, Hawks insider with ESPN Brady Henderson, and revered baseball writer with The Athletic Jayson Stark. Featured “Other Stuff” segment topics are NFL’s decision on the 4th and 15 rule proposal, the world’s wealthiest athletes, and a fantasy gone wrong involving machetes in Australia.  


  • LeVelle Moton | NC Central men’s basketball coach
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Jayson Stark | The Athletic senior baseball writer


1:57 | Handyman Scott had a tire blowout today and was able to rectify the situation on his own.

21:57 | Episode dedication options are weighed both from sports and non-sports. 

28:05 | The guys share their opinion about the protests and riots that took place in Seattle and around the country over the weekend.

48:59 | GUEST: LeVelle Moton shares his experience with excessive force by police officers during a traffic stop which has similarities to the recent George Floyd incident. 

1:22:09 | GUEST: Brady Henderson provides a Seahawks roster update as the NFL season inches closer.

1:41:53 | GUEST: Jayson Stark breaks down the misalignment between MLB owners and the players union which puts the 2020 season in the balance. 

1:59:51 | An onside kick alternative will have to wait another year as the rule proposal has been denied.

2:01:20 | Scott was surprised to find out who called “The Catch” and Mitch shares a story about one of the broadcasters.

2:04:30 | How many of the top paid athletes on Forbes list could you name?

2:10:52 | There is a new show Mitch has been binging as the lockdown continues.

2:13:49 | It always a good idea to double-check the address as learned the hard way by an Australian duo! 

Episode 93 – Recasner ICYMI, Dr. Ding Coronavirus Check-Up, & War Hero Steven Elliott Memorial Day Reunion


The first segment of today’s Memorial Day release episode is loaded with football chatter as the guys discuss the Seahawks latest roster moves and the implications of a proposed rule change. A four-pack of guests includes NBA veteran & broadcast analyst Eldridge Recasner, Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, author of War Story Steven Elliott, & Movie Mogul Max. Topics discussed in the “Other Stuff” segment range from Scott’s trip to the butcher, to Ryan Leaf, to Chuck E. Cheese.


  • Eldridge Recasner | NBA veteran & college hoops analyst
  • Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding | Harvard Epidemiologist & Senior Fellow at Federation of American Scientists
  • Steven Elliott | U.S. Army veteran 
  • Movie Mogul Max | Mitch’s Son


20:30 | Notable 93s are nominated for episode naming rights of which one will be chosen as the winner at the conclusion of the show.

22:49 | Carlos Hyde is coming to Seattle to bolster the running back room after Devonta Freeman decided to pull the plug.

26:49 | Jadeveon Clowney is still available and the Hawks have remained idle.

33:08 | What do you make of the new NFL rule proposal which would add an alternative to the onside kick?

46:34 | GUEST: Eldridge Recasner shares his first-hand account of playing against the Jordan-led Chicago Bulls chronicled in The Last Dance.

1:06:59 | GUEST: Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding provides his current outlook for managing coronavirus and recommendations to stay safe.

1:29:22 | GUEST: Army veteran Steven Elliott returns to the show following his appearance on Episode 42 to discuss his continued emotional battle.

1:52:35 | GUEST: Movie Mogul Max makes his college selection of the University of Washington public after months of weighing his options.

2:12:22 | Scott swung by the local butcher for a steak, not an earful from a mask-less customer.

2:18:18 | Ryan Leaf has been arrested on a domestic battery charge adding to his troubled story.

2:21:01 | The governor of Pennsylvania is not pleased with Ben Roethlisberger posting photos online of his fresh haircut amidst ongoing mandated non-essential business closures.

2:21:58 | Mitch is doubling down on the prediction he made in Episode 92P of the outcome in Quinton Dunbar’s criminal investigation.

2:27:34 | Chuck E. Cheese is rebranding its pizza to a new name within delivery apps as its germ-laden buildings remain closed.

2:30:00 | Rest in peace Roy Horn, Eddie Sutton, & Jerry Sloan.

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