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Episode 288 – All Hell Has Broken Loose



Mitch welcomes back broadcasting legend Verne Lundquist, who shares entertaining stories and reflects on his final Masters telecast. The episode also features a first-time appearance by Zach Vincej, manager of the Modesto Nuts, discussing the exciting prospects in the Mariners’ Class A squad. Additionally, the Mariners No-Table returns with Jason Churchill and Joe Doyle analyzing the Mariners’ recent performances against the Royals and Orioles and previewing the crucial upcoming series against the Yankees.

But before all, Hotshot shares the tech troubles in an Uber Eats Fiasco. As well, Mitch and Hotshot discuss the Seahawks schedule, and make a few unfiltered predictions.

In the Other Stuff Segment, Mitch and Hotshot discuss the hell that hath broken loose, Scottie Scheffler in jail, Caitlin Clark keeps losing, Kelsey Plum’s outfit, and much more.




Verne Lundquist | Retiring CBS Sports voice Verne Lundquist returns to “Mitch Unfiltered” to recap his final official trip to The Masters

Zach Vincej | Making his first appearance on the show, Zach Vincej, manager of the Modesto Nuts, talks about the excitement surrounding the Mariners’ Class A squad and their top prospects

Mariners No-Table | Featuring Jason Churchill from “Baseball Things” and Joe Doyle from “Over Slot,” the Mariners No-Table segment delves into the Mariners’ recent performances, the struggles of key players, and the upcoming series against the Yankees.




0:45 | Uber Eats Fiasco: Hotshot shares a hilarious and relatable story about his first experience with Uber Eats, involving a lengthy wait for taco time, a missed tip, and a backup pizza order.

17:51 | Seahawks’ Home and Away Games: Mitch emphasizes the favorable scheduling of home games against strong AFC East teams (Bills and Dolphins) and away games against potentially weaker opponents (Patriots and Jets).

35:02 | GUEST: Verne Lundquist’s Final Masters Telecast: Verne shares his emotional journey and memorable moments from his 40th and final Masters telecast.

48:11 | Behind-the-Scenes Golf Gambling: Verne recounts humorous stories involving Brent Musburger and Pat Summerall, highlighting the gambling culture at CBS.

1:00:53 | GUEST: Zach Vincej discusses the promising young talent in the Mariners’ Class A squad and their potential future in Major League Baseball.

1:23:38 | GUEST: Mariners No-Table segment focuses on the Mariners’ offensive inconsistencies and key players’ performance issues.

1:32:11 | Injury Impact: Discussion on how injuries to players like Jorge Polanco and JP Crawford have affected the Mariners’ lineup.

1:37:54 | Upcoming Series Predictions: Joe Doyle and Jason Churchill make predictions for the Mariners’ upcoming games against the Yankees and Nationals.

1:50:29 | Other Stuff Segment: Scottie Scheffler in jail, Caitlin Clark keeps losing, Kelsey Plum’s outfit, Ben N Jen, Paul Skenes is incredible, Tom Brady regrets, Gayle King 69 year old swimsuit model, Seize the Grey, Tyson Fury, RIPs, Scott’s Silly Headlines

Episode 287 – Bo Jackson, Bubbling Bats & Brawls in Kent



Mitch and HotShot discuss a recent incident at a softball tournament where HotShot had to break up a fight involving a drunk man harassing others, including children. Bo Jackson is king, and humble, as he explains his achievements to a young boy. The Roast of Tom Brady isn’t over yet; even a tweet from Eli Manning keeps the burn going.

Mitch welcomes back radio legend David Grosby to discuss various topics in Northwest sports; Seattle Mariners’ recent success, Seattle Seahawks’ recent draft picks and the uncertainty surrounding the quarterback position. As well, they hopefully discuss the potential return of NBA basketball to Seattle with Sonics’ comeback.

Mariners No-Table discuss Seattles’ recent performances, focusing on Julio Rodriguez’s improved hitting, bullpen issues, and prospects in the Modesto Nuts.

Mitch interviews Peter King, a retired NFL writer, after a long and successful run. The conversation touches on memorable players like Lawrence Taylor and Brett Favre, as well as the evolution of fantasy football. King also expressed strong opposition to the NFL’s proposed 18-game schedule.

In the Other Stuff Segment, Mitch and Scott discuss NFL schedule, OJ Simpson’s Autographed program being auctioned, and Mike Tyson’s raw meat diet fight preparation.




• Dave Grosby | Broadcasting Vet, Host Emeritus of Seattle Sports

• Mariners No-TableJason Churchill, Joe Doyle

• Peter King | American Sports Writer, NBC




0:00 | HotShot recounts intervening in a fight at a softball tournament, where a drunk man was causing trouble.

7:10 | Warm Up Audio: Mitch plays a clip of Bo Jackson explaining his sports achievements to a young boy, showcasing Bo’s modesty and the boy’s innocent disbelief.

16:10 | Tom Brady Roast continued…but seriously though.

29:56  | GUEST: Dave Grosby – “The Groz” – is back with Mitch to shoot the shit on everything Northwest sports. Mariners, Seahawks & the return of the Sonics… finally!

49:55 | GUEST: Mariners No-Table – Jason Churchill & Joe Doyle – The M’s struggle with the Twins and take 2 of 3 vs A’s. Is Julio finally coming alive, the Woo injury and more.

1:20:41 | GUEST: Peter King – NBC – recently retired after 40 years of covering the NFL. Peter & Mitch have an intriguing conversation about some of the biggest NFL stories of Peter’s time in the league including the creation of something called Fantasy Football.

1:45:14 | Other Stuff Segment: NFL schedule release, Seattle Seahawks schedule and opponents, Shohei Otani’s ex-translator pleading guilty to federal charges, Monty Harrison’s transition from baseball to college football, Bob Saget’s widow Kelly Rizzo going Instagram official with her bf Breckin Meyer, OJ Simpson attending his daughter’s dance recital on the day of the murders, Autographed program from OJ Simpson being auctioned, Suspension of Indianapolis Star columnist Greg Doyle, Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson fight announcement, Mike Tyson’s preparation for the fight including eating raw meat, RIPs.

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