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Episode 102 – Seattle Star Joel McHale, Jamal Adams Bolsters Backfield, & Vaccine Arms Race


Today’s show begins with a proper introduction to the 2020 MLB season. Then, the guys give their reaction on the official unveiling of The Kraken before delving into their assessment of the Jamal Adams acquisition. Featured guests are Seattle native & TV celebrity Joel McHale, Seahawks insiders Brady Henderson & Joe Fann, and Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding. The “Other Stuff” segment covers the upcoming boxing matches for Mike Tyson and Nate Robinson, Lou Williams’ bubble trouble, and a special version of “Athlete of the Week”!


  • Joel McHale | TV host & actor
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Joe Fann | NBC Sports Northwest Seahawks reporter
  • Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding | Harvard Epidemiologist & Senior Fellow at Federation of American Scientists 


2:41 | Opening weekend of the baseball season isn’t complete without listening to Dave Niehaus and singing some Wild Rover! 

12:38 | The Betty Crocker rant in 101P begs the question…are Patron shows a bit different from the Monday episodes?

29:47 | Fauci’s first pitch was so memorable, he gets his own baseball card!

31:10 | The past week of Mitch Unfiltered was chock full of goodies that is worth a quick look back.  

36:55 | It’s official, Seattle’s NHL team is The Kraken…yay or nay?

41:08 | The guys give their gut reactions to the top NFL storyline over the weekend which involves the Seahawks and their acquisition of Jamal Adams.

1:15:43 | GUEST: Joel McHale jumps aboard to share some stories from his upbringing in Seattle and college days at UW in addition to his latest entertainment ventures.

1:48:09 | GUESTS: Brady Henderson and Joe Fann provide their perspectives on the trade with the Jets which sends all-world safety Jamal Adams to the Hawks.

2:09:01 | GUEST: Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding is back for a coronavirus check-up with current info on the global spread and potential timeline for a vaccine.

2:30:22 | Mike Tyson is going to dust off his gloves and will be stepping back in the ring at age 54 and Nate Robinson is on the undercard!

2:34:12 | Russell Wilson is picking up victories even in the offseason by welcoming in a baby boy named “Win”.

2:34:44 | Arguing in baseball is taking a whole new life while adhering to social distancing protocol.

2:35:50 | Lou Williams exited the bubble to “pick up dinner” but magically ended up in strip club.

2:37:02 | Le’Veon Bell is upset with Jamal Adams for how their handshake agreement to build a winning team in New York didn’t materialize.

2:38:13 | RIP Regis Philbin

2:42:00 | Athlete of the Week honors are presented to an NFL player making a bold decision.  

Episode 101 – Humble Hero Phillip Blanks, Agent Corry’s Cap Watch, & M’s Opening Day Program


Episode 101’s tease begins with reaction to the breakup of Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick and some listener-submitted feedback. Then, Scott chats about his overpriced haircut and Mitch shares his opinion on Dan Snyder during his tenure as Redskins owner. Three featured guests starting with Marines vet Phillip Blanks followed by NFL salary cap expert Joel Corry, and M’s writer for The Athletic Corey Brock. The “Other Stuff” segment includes thoughts on Antonio Brown’s viability in Seattle, the overload of Dak Prescott contract talk, and the NBA hotline for players to report virus protocol rule breakers!


  • Phillip Blanks | U.S. Marines veteran
  • Joel Corry | Inside the Cap podcast host
  • Corey Brock | The Athletic Mariners writer


0:10 | Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick have had enough of each other’s dry, smug personalities.

4:04 | The Unfiltered mailbag is emptied and has criticism about Mitch’s dismissiveness of soccer and length of episode.

19:40 | Scott finally got a haircut and Mitch received a COVID-19 antibody test…what were the outcomes for both?

23:09 | What do Hugh Millen and John F. Kennedy have in common?

26:01 | The guys play a round of everyone’s favorite game “How Does the Story End?”

34:28 | Dan Snyder has been a shady character for decades as Mitch can recollect from his days in D.C. sports media.

53:26 | Phillip Blanks shares his story which has garnered national attention of saving a child from a burning building whose mother tragically perished in the fire.

1:08:56 | Former sports agent and host of the new Inside the Cap podcast Joel Corry weighs in on the contract updates of Jadeveon Clowney, Dak Prescott, Patrick Mahomes, and more!

1:28:52 | Corey Brock breaks down the Mariners 2020 roster as the young ballclub prepares for the 60 game sprint beginning this week.

1:52:26 | Should Pete and John take a crack at Antonio Brown or stay away?

1:57:20 | Make no bones about it, the NFL is forging ahead despite growing concerns about the virus.

2:00:46 | Is the inescapable coverage of Dak Prescott’s contract status warranted or is it purely based on the star on his helmet?

2:05:23 | Heisman hopeful Trevor Lawrence popped the question…unfortunately not to his social media look-alike.

2:06:50 | The NBA bubble has instituted a snitch line for players that are caught breaking the quarantine rules.

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