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Episode 197 – Neuheisel Assesses PAC12 Future & Bremerton's Coach Kennedy Wins Supreme Court Case


At the top of the show, the guys weigh in on fireworks before the traditional round of Stump the Band. Following the tease, Mitch gives a nod to an honest young man named Patrick before digging into an interesting question posed by Slickhawk about Julio Rodriguez. The three featured guests are Rick Neuheisel, former Bremerton football coach Joe Kennedy, & Rhonda Smith-Banchero a.k.a. “Paolo’s Mom”. The “Other Stuff” segment includes stories such as Drew Lock catching flak on Twitter, GrubHub making a rescue, and a man’s final sip of rum!


  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Joe Kennedy | Former Bremerton HS football coach
  • Rhonda Smith-Banchero | UW basketball alum & Mom of Paolo Banchero


2:05 | Hotshot studied hard for the opening Stump the Band question about Julio Rodriguez.

23:57 | Mitch gives a shout-out to Patrick who returned a lost wallet to the Levy household.

34:15 | The guys address a question inspired by Slick about how the M’s front office should address Julio Rodriguez’s emerging stardom.

54:37 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel checks in to discuss the shakeup to the PAC12 with USC and UCLA parting ways for the Big Ten.

1:12:49 | GUEST: Joe Kennedy joins the show to break down the recent Supreme Court case involving his prayer on the football field.

1:43:07 | GUEST: Rhonda Smith-Banchero checks chat about raising her son Paolo leading up to his number one selection in the 2022 NBA Draft.

2:12:57 | “Other Stuff” topics range from subtle pot shots at Drew Lock, a miracle courtesy of GrubHub, and a daughter’s final gift for her father!

Episode 196 – LIV Golfers Turn Backs on 9/11 Survivors & World Cup Seattle Bound


At the top of the show, Mitch tests Hotshot with an MLB trivia Stump the Band question before sharing a few thoughts on the pay gap in women’s professional basketball. Then, the guys chat about a unique O’Dea fact before weighing in on the fighting M’s and some shady encounters Mitch faced from car salesmen. Today’s featured guests are Terry Strada from 9/11 Families United, longtime radio pal Matt “Stretch” Johnson, & NBA Draft expert Sam Ferris. Topics on the “Other Stuff” segment range from the continued Baker Mayfield potential path to the Hawks to Arch Manning’s college selection to two fast food mishaps! 


  • Terry Strada | 9/11 Families United
  • Matt “Stretch” Johnson | Former Sounders broadcaster  
  • Sam Ferris | Locked on NBA Draft podcast 


1:32 | Before starting the show, Mitch quizzes Scott with a Stump the Band question about a statistical MLB anomaly. 

7:20 | Is there a viable way to increasing the salary of WNBA players?

30:52 | Do you enjoy seeing the Mariners scrapping and clawing despite the big hole they’ve dug themselves in?

33:22 | Mitch found himself in two situations during the past week that proved the bad reputation of car salesmen.

47:56 | GUEST: Terry Strada from 9/11 Families United describes the shameful decision of PGA golfers opting for the LIV league.  

1:11:15 | GUEST: Matt “Stretch” Johnson is ecstatic that the 2026 World Cup is headed to Seattle as he prepares for his 2022 trip to Qatar.

1:35:49 | GUEST: Sam Ferris recaps the NBA Draft results including the lottery picks and the class as a whole. 

1:50:20 | “Other Stuff” stories include the prospects of Baker Mayfield heading to Seattle to Sark reeling in a Manning to a pair of odd fast-food run-ins.

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