Phones play a large role in our lives today. From communication, navigation, to entertainment, apps offer you a variety of tools. One of the greatest tools on our phones is radio access. Traditional radio gives a poor staticy quality to listeners and is warped with endless commercials. Radio apps on phones offer you an incredible sound quality and limited commercial breaks. With so many options out there, since the popularity of radio apps has grown so much over the years, it’s difficult to to know which are the best. Here’s a list of the top five radio apps for your phone:



With a variety of programs, local radio shows, podcasts, and so much more, TuneIn offers many choices for its listeners. This easy to use app has great sound quality to back up its vast selection. The only flaw is the buffering when switching programs. If you can easily get passed this, you’ll get to experience all the great stations this app has to offer.



If you’re less into music and more into talk radio, this is a great app for you. NPR One offers a constant stream of great news programs and podcasts. Created by the award-winning National Public Radio (NPR), the app gives listeners an easy access to the latest news on top stations. Tune in to local NPR stations, any of their nationally syndicated shows, or podcasts from other companies.



This music app was one of the first to let listeners find new music they like by using the bands and songs they already listened to. While other apps followed their trend, Pandora remains very popular among listeners. To use this app, you create a personalized station by choosing through artist’s or songs you love listening to. Then the app puts together a radio station based on this. The app is easy to navigate and find stations that are perfect for you.



As another one of the most popular radio apps, iHeartRadio as a large variety for it’s listeners. They offer live radio streams for a large selection of genres including rock, jazz, gospel, sports comedy, or any other type of programs that interest you. The app keeps listeners current of today’s music and top artist’s while also giving you the option to approve of songs you love and disapprove of the ones you don’t want to hear. The app offers additional features with a monthly subscription.



For satellite radio, download the SiriusXM app. The easy to use app offers over 200 channels ranging from music, news, sports, and talk radio.If you already have SiriusXM in your car, streaming will already be included. For those who don’t, there are selections for subscriptions to choose from, like Mostly Music and All Access.

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