Is 15-year-old Korn Ferry golfer Miles Russell comparable to Tiger Woods’ son Charlie? How do we move from Brian Adams’ music career to NFL draft week? “Everything we do, we do it for you.”

David Riley, newly appointed Washington State University’s 20th head basketball coach, joins Mitch to discuss his new leadership role. The humble, hall-of-famer shares insightful plans for the WSU basketball program, his coaching legacy, and his strategy moving forward as he takes over the Cougars’ program after a terrific season ending in the NCAA Tournament’s second round.

Mitch Levy, Joe Doyle, and Jason Churchill discuss the Seattle Mariners’ recent 5-1 stretch against the Reds and Rockies. They ponder the possibility of the Mariners moving to the National League to improve their playoff chances. Mariners walks spike, and tech takes a backseat; the pitchers show muscle, but relief continues to wobble.

Sam Weinman, the digital editorial director and author of Golf Digest, finally had his name drawn in the media lottery at The Masters after nearly 15 years of entries, allowing him the rare chance to play Augusta National. Overwhelmed by the support from colleagues and friends, he faced the challenge of not having his own clubs and borrowing a set.

In the Other Stuff Segment, Hotshot Scott and Mitch discuss serious topics, such as the incident where the Jaguars general manager allegedly passed gas during a news conference. Of course, you can’t talk about sports without mentioning Caitlin Clark, Jim Harbaugh, Blake Griffin, Dickie Betts and more!




• David Riley | Washington State University [NEW] Basketball Coach

• Mariners No-Table | Mitch, Jason & Joe breakdown the terrific week for the M’s

• Sam Weinman | Digital Director of Golf




2:22 | Is 15-year-old Korn Ferry golfer Miles Russell comparable to Tiger Woods’ son, Charlie?

13:15 | From Brian Adams to the NFL draft…a graceful transition! 

17:40 | Happy NFL Draft Week! 

38:00 | GUEST: David Riley, the new Washington State University basketball coach, takes over the Cougars’ program after their terrific season, which ended in the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

57:31 | GUEST: Mariners No-Table: Mitch, Jason & Joe break down the terrific week for the M’s. 5 up and 1 down against the NL Reds & Rockies. Back to .500 and near the top of the AL West

1:25:25 | GUEST: Sam Weinman, digital director of, shares the thrill of being selected to play a round at Augusta National the day after The Masters completion.

1:51:36 | Other Stuff Segment: Caitlin Clark & the columnist, Bad week for the Porter’s, Robert Kraft backstabbed Bill Belichick, Will OJ’s estate pay the Goodman’s & Brown’s? Yuniesky Betancourt arrested, Blake Griffin retired, More Tori Spelling, RIP Whitey Herzog, RIP Roman Gabriel.

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