Daniel Timothy O’Neal leaves the poker table, joining Mitch, to talk John Malkovich and more. Is Ryan Grubb the Seahawks answer and will this help Geno Smith make the offense shine? From heart health to hockey, Mitch Unfiltered guests are Doc Osborne, Matt Stretch, Rj Eskanos and Darren Brown.


  • Dr John Osborne | Dallas-based cardiologist
  • Matt “Stretch” Johnson | former voice of the Seattle Kraken
  • RJ Eskanos | Emerald City Hockey
  • Darren Brown | The Sound of Hockey


0:00 | “Check, check, check.” O’Neal as Malkovich.

25:05 | Is Ryan Grubb the answer?

44:49 | GUEST: Dr. John Osborne, February is ‘American Heart Health Month,’ What’s a good calcium score?

1:09:35 | GUEST: Matt “Stretch” Johnson, talk about World Cup Soccer news in Seattle.

1:41:25 | GUEST: Rj Eskanos & Darren Brown, Seattle Kraken No-Table chasing the western conference games.

2:01:55 | Len Bias’ death scared the hell out of all after his cocaine overdose.

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