To kick things off, Mitch explains to Slick why Hotshot isn’t on today’s show before the guys chat about the results of their Super Bowl bets. Then, the fellas roll through their main takeaways from the game and provide reaction to the Ryan Grubb news to the Hawks. A four-pack of featured guests are Seattle sports fan Kyle Baldwin, decorated football coach Kevin Kelley, and Jason & Joe for the Mariners No-Table. Today’s show concludes with “Other Stuff” stories which include both sports and non-sports topics.


  • Kyle Baldwin | Seattle sports fan
  • Kevin Kelly | Sheridan High School football coach
  • Jason Churchill | Prospect Insider
  • Joe Doyle | Director, MLB Draft – ProspectsLive  


0:00 | Why the heck is Slick in Alabama during the Super Bowl?

4:05 | What was the result of Mitch’s “Blue Plate Special” bet?

20:35 | Mitch and Slick volley their overall takeaways from Super Bowl Sunday soup to nuts.

31:06 | Lo and behold, Ryan Grubb is headed to the Hawks as the newest offensive coordinator.

39:33 | GUEST: Local Hawks fan Kyle Baldwin joins the show to chat about his story of breaking the news via “X” that Ryan Grubb was in a Seattle sports bar prior to his hire with the Hawks. 

56:15 | GUEST: Coach Kevin Kelley is back to chat about the evolution of his coaching philosophy during his tenure of wining nine state championships. 

1:24:22 | GUEST: M’s insiders Jason Churchill and Joe Doyle gather around the Mariners No-Table with Mitch to chat about the payroll and projected roster as pitcher and catchers are set to report to Spring Training. 

1:53:58 | As always, the episode concludes with “Other Stuff” topics Mitch and Slick have accumulated recently! 

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