Hotshot returns! In-N-Out burger makes healthy conscious lettuce wraps, is anything there worth the hype? Mitch and Hotshot sort through Richard Sherman’s DUI, Charlie Woods public scrutiny, and the bizarre entitlement of aggressive sports fans.

Ben O’Connor, HS basketball coach, shares a story of professional sportsmanship catering to two players striving for their 1,000th career point. David Samson shares his no-nonsense perspective on the business of baseball, player contracts, and the Mariners’ strategy. Peter King reflects on his recent experience with double pneumonia which occurred while covering the Super Bowl.



  • Ben O’Connor | Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach, West Allegheny Senior High School
  • David Samson | Host of “Nothing Personal,” Former Miami Marlins President
  • Peter King | American Sports Writer, Football In America



0:00 | Hotshot, the prodigal son, returns to Mitch Unfiltered with travel anecdotes.

9:14 | In-N-Out, worth the hype?

23:00 | Richard Sherman’s DUI, and the broader topic on social media empathy and judgement.

32:10 | Are sports fans to aggressive?

40:35 | GUEST: Ben O’Connor tells the story of two players on the cusp of scoring their 1,000th point

54:55 | GUEST: David Samson’s Survivor appearance was shorter than this takeaway.

56:10 | Let’s talk MLB sports contracts.

1:17:20 GUEST: Peter King survives a Super Bowl double pneumonia to tell this story.

1:27:10 | Will the Seahawks replace Geno? And Let’s talk NFL coaching shockers.

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