Achoo! How can sudden fame affect you? Don’t ask Richard Pryor’s clean comedy for any Hawk Tuah. Mitch and Hotshot discuss clean comedy, sneezing, and fame without spitting on any “thang.” But on to more serious topics, like “Mumford Physical Education Department.” And of course, let’s discuss the Mariners’ strategy approaching the MLB trade deadline (what’s Jerry DiPoto doing?).

Continuing the deep dive into the Seattle Mariners, approaching MLB All-Star Week, Mitch chats with Danny O’Neil, Seattle writer and talk show host. More Mariners talk continues with Joe Doyle and Brady Farkas, as the Mariners show signs of struggle.

And a little morning inspo in that cup of joe, Mitch invites you to listen to a powerful segment from an archived show, chatting with a POW survivor of 2,103 days in an 8×8 cell, US Navy Captain Charlie Plumb.

Heading over to the other stuff segment; WNBA “herstory” triple-double, MLB history, Julia Roberts, Swifties, and a few things we’re better off not writing down…




• Danny O’Neil | Seattle Writer and Talk Shot Host

• Mariners No-Table | Joe Doyle “Over Slot” & Brady Farkas “Sports Illustrated Now M’s Editor”

• Charlie Plumb | US Navy Captain POW




0:10 | Viral sneezing, we mean something else.

7:05 | Clip of the Week: Why are we still talking about Hawk Tuah girl?

21:20 | How do you go from Eddie Murphy’s Beverly Hills Cop, to Seattle Mariners’ Trade Strategy? Talent.

41:0 | GUEST: Danny O’Neil – Seattle writer, talk show host – is allowed to join the big boy table (Monday show) to discuss what the Mariners should do as the trade deadline approaches, if we should trust Jerry Dipoto & letting go of grudges.

1:08:17 | GUEST: Mariners No-Table – Joe Doyle (Over Slot) & Brady Farkas (Sports Illustrated Now M’s Editor) join Mitch as the M’s hold on the AL West lead gets looser and looser.

1:37:01 | GUEST: Blast from the Past – US Navy Captain Charlie Plumb’s memorable chat with Mitch about being shot down over Vietnam in 1967 and surviving 2,103 days as a tortured prisoner of war in Hanoi. An incredible human being with an outlook on life that’s 2nd to none.

2:18:20 | The Other Stuff Segment: toe punching, Mark Mosley, NFL MVP, stumped the band questions, WNBA history triple double, Major League Baseball history, draft picks, all-star game, grocery outlet, hitters, pitchers, Nelson Cruz, Julia Roberts, Swifties, AI powered vending machines, sex toys, Etsy, Legend of Zelda fan

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