Let’s discuss everyday irritations and social faux pas (the ups and downs of broader societal issues). Also, did you hear about the coach that apologized to the reporter? And the one where Kelly Stafford gets candid about a prior hookup? All this before we chat about the Mariner’s rapid decline, shrinking their lead.

In the first of three interviews, a fan favorite, John Bracken, tells about his random two-day golf outing with Michael Jordan between games 2 and 3 of the ’96 NBA Finals! Mariners No-Table says au revoir to Churchill as the Mariners wave goodbye to a 10-game lead. In the last of three interviews, Kevin Pelton joins Mitch to discuss the whispers surrounding the NBA expansion to Seattle. 

If all that wasn’t enough, the Other Stuff Segment covers everything from notable father-son duos to NBA draft controversies. We’ll toss in a few career downfalls along the way. 




• John Bracken | blast from the past, hosting Michael Jordan on the golf course

• Mariners No-Table | Jason Churchill from “Baseball Things” and Joe Doyle from “Over Slot”

• Kevin Pelton | NBA writer for




2:41 | Let me off the elevator, first!

16:46 | Clip of The Week: The apologizing coach from Texas A&M.

27:09 | Mariners doing…little to nothing. Spending their “credit” in just 2 weeks.

40:12 | GUEST: John Bracken (from Ep 23 in February 2019) – MItch’s buddy tells the crazy story of when he randomly hosted Michael Jordan for 2 days of golf in Seattle during the 1996 NBA Finals between Games 2 and 3. **This has been 1 of the most popular guest segments in Mitch Unfiltered history.

1:06:40 | GUEST: Mariners No-Table – Jason, Joe & Mitch in Churchill’s final appearance on the No-Table – pick up the pieces of another lousy Mariners’ week. M’s have wasted most of a 10-game lead in the division in a matter of 2 weeks.

1:34:20 | GUEST: Kevin Pelton – NBA writer – on the latest behind-the-scenes whispers about NBA expansion to Seattle, the top storylines of this week’s NBA free agency and a recap pf the NBA Draft.

1:50:40 | The Other Stuff Segment: Father-son sports duos, J.J. Reddick allegations, Kyle Filipowski draft fall, Hunter Greenland incident, Jamarcus Russell lawsuit, Phoebe Gates dating, Chambers Bay LIV Golf event, amusement park incidents, Michael Jackson’s debts, celebrity deaths.

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