Celebrating the show’s longevity, the conversation takes a dramatic turn due to dual cyber-attacks. What do you do when you first encounter a driverless car? …unisex bathrooms? Mitch and Hotshot explore the monumental legacy of Willie Mays following his recent passing, his staggering career achievements and the historical impact of his military service

Rick Sund, Former Supersonics general manager, reflects on the ever-evolving landscape of professional basketball, from 1974 and moving into semi-retirement. He discusses the intricacies of team expansions, player trades, and the dynamics of NBA front offices in earlier days.

Mariners No-Table, hosts Mitch, Jason Churchill, and Joe Doyle delve into the Seattle Mariners’ recent performance, initially leading by 10 games in the American League West, faced setbacks, losing four out of the next five games, reducing their lead to just five games.

We take a nostalgic journey back to May 4th, 2020, during the height of the pandemic, when Mitch hosted a themed show bracket to determine the best TV theme song, the iconic theme from “Cheers,” composed by Gary Portnoy. Gary comes onto the show to discuss the creation of the beloved song and Gary’s insights into his music career during these unusual times.

The Other Stuff Segment covers J.J. Reddick, driverless cars, unisex bathrooms, Pat McAfee, ESPN, Queen music catalog sale, Boston Celtics championship, Charlie Woods US Junior Amateur Championship, celebrity DUI Justin Timberlake, and Bill Belichick relationship age difference.




• Rick Sund | former Sonics GM

• Mariners No-Table | Jason Churchill from “Baseball Things” and Joe Doyle from “Over Slot”

• Gary Portnoy | writer and performer of Cheers theme song – “Where Everyone Knows Your Name”




2:41 | Challenges of Modern Technology: Mitch’s astonishment at encountering driverless cars in Arizona and his humorous struggle with accepting unisex bathrooms.

16:46 | Clip of The Week 2: Pool Party In Maryland.

26:24 | Gene Wilder Docu – how great?

30:30 | Willie Mays passing.

42:16 | GUEST: Rick Sund – former Sonics GM – reminisces about the final years of the Sonics, the Gary Payton/Ray Allen trade, his friendship withJerry West & the return of the NBA to Seattle

1:11:47 | GUEST: Mariners No-Table – Joe Doyle, Jason Churchill – discuss a tough week for the Mariners, what to do with Mitch Haniger and the emergence of Ryan Bliss. Plus the Out on an Limb competition

1:41:50 | GUEST: Blast from Mitch Unfiltered Past – Gary Portnoy – writer and performer of Cheers theme song – “Where Everyone Knows Your Name” (originally aired on Ep 90 – May 4, 2020). Gary tells the incredible of how he struck gold with 1 of the most popular theme songs in the history of television… a fascinating story.

2:10:07 | The Other Stuff Segment: J.J. Reddick, Lakers coaching, broadcasting, podcasts, driverless cars, unisex bathrooms, Pat McAfee, ESPN, college football, Stephen A. Smith, ESPN contract negotiations, sports media salaries, sports entertainment preferences, Queen music catalog sale, Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese, WNBA statistics, Boston Celtics championship, Scotty Scheffler, PGA Tour, Charlie Woods, US Junior Amateur Championship, Tiger Woods, celebrity DUI, Justin Timberlake, Bill Belichick, relationships, age differences, celebrity basketball tournament, Donald Sutherland, Ohio attorney, legal settlement with Geico, Elon Musk Cybertruck, manure tanker accident.

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