Aging gracefully or taking advantage, Mitch yells “fore” at the niceties of servers asking if he’s “senior citizen discount worthy.” How did seniors get so young? The Seattle Mariners are having an exciting season, winning six out of seven games, leading in the American League West. There’s speculation about whether the team will make a move to secure a strong hitter, possibly as a rental player, to bolster their lineup and solidify their playoff chances.

Derek Stevens, owner of Circa Las Vegas, discusses the unprecedented growth of their NFL survivor competition, now guaranteeing a $10 million payout—the first ever eight-digit guarantee in football contest history. Derek explains the mechanics of the contest, and the strategic and somewhat luck-based nature of making survivor picks, noting that Circa absorbs all entry fees into the prize pool without taking a cut.

Mitch, Joe Doyle, and Jason Churchill discuss the Mariners’ recent sweep of the Angels and their series win against the Astros. They highlight the importance of dominating divisional games, explore whether the Mariners’ current streak is convincing enough for management to make trade deadline moves, and also debate the merits of Scott Servais’ handling of starting pitchers. Predictions and “out on a limb” bets for the upcoming series against the Athletics and Royals round out the discussion.

The Seattle Kraken have moved on from head coach Dave Hackstall, appointing former Stanley Cup winner Dan Bylsma as their new head coach.

Other Stuff Segment includes; Isaiah Thomas’s frightening encounter and a postponed celebrity boxing match, to sports achievements and personal milestones across basketball, baseball, and competitive eating, alongside discussions of personal hygiene in sports, celebrity marriages, legal troubles in the music industry, and RIPs.




• Derek Stevens | Circa Las Vegas Casino & Resort (BIGGEST NFL Survivor Contest)

• Mariners No-Table | Featuring Jason Churchill from “Baseball Things” and Joe Doyle from “Over Slot”

• Kraken No-Table | Featuring Darren Brown from “Sound of Hockey” and RJ Eskanos from “Emerald City Hockey”




0:05 | Perceptions of Aging: Mitch’s reaction to being mistakenly identified as a senior citizen, and the broader implications about how age is perceived in society.

8:21 | Clip of the Week: Whistling…?

22:55 | Mariners leading the ALW on super hot streak! Trade deadlines approaching, what’s the move?

40:21 | GUEST: Derek Stevens, Circa Las Vegas Casino/Hotel owner – on the first ever $10 million NFL Survivor contest this upcoming 2024 season. There has never been an 8 figure payout for a Survivor contest… but there is now at Circa Las Vegas.

57:13 | GUEST: Mariners No-Table – Jason Churchill, Joe Doyle & Mitch rehash a great week for the M’s. 3 out of 4 vs the Astros and a sweep of the Angels has Seattle stretching out its lead in the AL West .

1:26:08 | GUEST: Kraken No-Table – Darren Brown (Sound of Hockey), RJ Eskanos (Emerald City Hockey) and Mitch analyze the Kraken’s new head coach Dan Bylsma. Do the Kraken hear the clock ticking on fans’ patience with the NBA apparently headed back to Seattle.

1:48:25 | Other Stuff Segment: Isaiah Thomas held at gunpoint, Mike Tyson and Jake Paul’s fight was postponed, Luka Dončić vs LeBron James, Jason Kelce humorously claimed he doesn’t wash his feet, the WNBA rivalry between Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese, Rupert Murdoch married Alayna Zhakova in his fifth marriage, Officer Brian Gillis made a statement regarding the incident with Scotty Scheffler, Takeru Kobayashi announced his retirement from competitive eating due to health reasons, Gable Stevenson signed with the NFL’s Buffalo Bills, Shohei Ohtani achieved 100 home runs and 100 stolen bases, Madonna faced a lawsuit alleging inappropriate content at her concert, a biopic on John Daly is set with Kevin James portraying him, and RIPs: Marianne Robinson, Drew Gordon, and Henry Earl.

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