Today, a short, sweet, commencement speech goes a long way. A Golf Channel reporter mistakenly interviews the wrong person during a Pro-Am event. Hotshot Scott’s daughter gets her first job as a lifeguard despite not knowing how to swim well. Will the Mariners’ live up to Mitch’s AL West predictions?

Steve Phillips, former Mets general manager and baseball analyst for Sirius XM and MLB Network, who previously predicted the Mariners as an American League wildcard team, discusses their current performance and prospects for becoming AL West champions.

Mitch welcomes back Jason LaCanfora, with an early preview of the NFC West, discussing the Seattle Seahawks’ prospects, the San Francisco 49ers’ challenges, and the Los Angeles Rams’ potential resurgence.

Mitch, Joe Doyle, and Jason Churchill; Mariners had a mixed week, taking two out of three games against Oakland but losing two out of three against Kansas City. Despite these results, they remain at the top of the American League West. Key points include the bullpen struggles, the return of Andrés Muñoz, Brian Wu’s impressive pitching streak, and John Stanton’s public comments about having resources to win.




• Steve Phillips | former GM & National Baseball voice

• Jason LaCanfora | NFL Insider

• Mariners No-Table | Featuring Jason Churchill from “Baseball Things” and Joe Doyle from “Over Slot”




0:05 | Graduation Ceremonies, Overrated?

10:07 | Clip of the Week: Was that Vince Young that was interviewed by Golf Channel? NOPE.

21:44 | Family Milestones and First Jobs, Seattle Mariners’ Bold Predictions, and Little League Softball Showdown.

36:09 | GUEST: Steve Phillips – former GM & National Baseball voice – jumps on with Mitch to discuss the Mariners and fun league wide storylines. Will the M’s pitching holdup? Would he go get Luis Robert Jr from White Sox or Pete Alonso from the Mets?

1:02:01 | GUEST: Jason LaCanfora – NFL Insider – with a way-too-early breakdown of the NFC West. Can the Seahawks reasonably win the division? Are Macdonald and Schneider quietly aiming towards ’25 to pounce on the Niners and Rams?

1:23:54 | GUEST: Mariners No-Table with Joe Doyle (Over-Slot) and Jason Churchill (Baseball Things) debate the merits of deadline trades, John Stanton’s words and which M’s prospects are untouchable. Plus, a look ahead to this week’s 7 home games.

1:59:44 | Other Stuff Segment: Caitlin Clark not on Team USA for Paris Olympics, Biggest regular season crowd in WNBA history featuring Caitlin Clark, Justin Jefferson’s new contract making him highest-paid non-quarterback in NFL history, Jake Paul and Mike Tyson’s rescheduled boxing match, Troy Dannen and NIL spending at University of Washington, Woman who became an internet sensation for exposing her chest in support of the Edmonton Oilers disappearing from social media, Showdown between Paul Skenes and Shohei Ohtani in an MLB game, Shohei Ohtani’s former interpreter stealing money for gambling debt now delivering Uber Eats, Issues faced by the Marubo tribe after getting internet from Elon Musk’s Starlink, FBI’s research trip to Italy for O.J. Simpson investigation,

2:14:37 | RIPs: Tom Bower, Eric Anderson, Brother Marquis, Larry Allen,

2:16:13 | Headlines: Pope Francis on overpopulation, Texas court ruling on library books, Driver fined for using phone in McDonald’s drive-through, Howard University revoking Diddy’s honorary degree, Texas man accused of putting antiques up his kilt-covered butt and returning them to the shelf.

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