Episode 292 of “Mitch Unfiltered” takes a humorous dive into a recent high school graduation incident involving Mitch’s son and a $125 dare. Gettin’ giddy about baseball, at the time of this recording, the Mariners boast a record of 43-31, placing them eight and a half games ahead of the Texas Rangers in the American League West. The episode takes a poignant turn to commemorate the legendary Jerry West, who recently passed away. West’s monumental contributions to basketball, both as a player and an executive, are thoroughly discussed.

Mariners’ No-Table; Mitch, Joe, and Jason Churchill, delve into the Seattle Mariners’ impressive performance, having won seven of their last eight games, extending their lead to 8.5 games over the Texas Rangers and 9 games over the Houston Astros. The guys talk about individual performances, particularly noting Logan Gilbert and George Kirby’s standout games, and the ongoing robustness of Julio Rodriguez despite earlier struggles.

Mitch welcomes back Bob Harig of Sports Illustrated to dissect the 2024 U.S. Open held at Pinehurst No. 2. They dive into the dramatic finale where Bryson DeChambeau clinched a compelling victory amidst the ongoing PGA and LIV Golf drama, all while the devastation experienced by Rory McIlroy was felt deeply by fans. Harig reflects on Tiger Woods’ performance and future, offering thoughtful predictions on how the golf legend might balance competition with his health challenges.

Also, we delve into the meteoric rise of Major League Baseball’s newest sensation, Paul Skenes. At just 22, this young pitcher from LSU boasts a staggering 1.69 ERA and 209 strikeouts in 122 innings, zooming through the minor leagues to earn a place in the majors. Joining Mitch is Andrew Destin from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, who has been closely following Skenes’ journey. The discussion touches on Skenes’ repertoire, including a fastball that consistently clocks over 100 mph and a unique “splinter” pitch—a hybrid between a splitter and a sinker. Tune in to uncover the story of a pitcher who’s not just playing the game but changing it, making every fifth day a spectacle in the world of baseball.

The Other Stuff Segment covers Andres Munoz, Mike Williams and Charles Barkley, to name a few influential athletes.




• Mariners No-Table | Jason Churchill from “Baseball Things” and Joe Doyle from “Over Slot”

• Bob Harig | Sports Illustrated

• Andrew Destin | Pittsburgh Post Gazette




0:07 | Graduation Dare for $125, anyone?

6:49 | Clip of the Week: Sean McVay and Les Snead behind the scenes Draft Convo

21:06 | Paying homage to Jerry West “Mr. Clutch” or “Logo”

35:15 | GUEST: Mariners No-Table; Mitch, Joe Doyle (Over-Slot), and Jason Churchill (Baseball Things) are giddy over the Mariners stretching out the division lead, Julio’s surge (finally) and previewing the week to come.

59:33 | GUEST: Bob Harig (Sports Illustrated) joins Mitch from Pinehurst to put the final touches on the 2024 US Open with an exciting final round finish on Father’s Fay

1:19:41 | GUEST: Andrew Destin (Pittsburgh Post Gazette) has had a front row to the biggest young sensation in all of baseball, Paul Skenes. Skenes is dominating big league hitters only 13 months after being drafted – taking the MLB by storm.

1:43:11 | Andres Munoz’s Dedication, Charles Barkley’s Retirement Announcement, Trevor Lawrence’s New Contract, Possible End of Tiger Woods at the US Open, The breakup of Gisele Bundchen and Joaquin Valente, Bill Belichick’s New Relationship with a former competitive cheerleader, Joey Chestnut’s Ban from Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest | RIPs: Jerry West, Nick Mavar

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