Episode 246 – Adam Jones…What Could've Been & Midsummer MLB Report Card


At the top of the show, the guys try to make sense of the Victor Wembanyama/Britney Spears incident before Mitch calls out Hotshot’s gloating about the Little League World Series. Then, the guys chat about the shabby state of American men’s tennis, the Galarraga imperfect game, and the suddenly surging Seattle Mariners. A three-pack of guests are former MLB All-Star Adam Jones, former MLB front office executive Steve Phillips, and Jason Churchill for the M’s No-Table. The “Other Stuff” segment features stories such as Coach Pop’s new 5-year deal, Pauly Shore’s involvement in the Britney Spears slap incident, and the rumblings of Tom Brady dating Kim Kardashian!     


  • Adam Jones | 5-time MLB All-Star
  • Steve Phillips | Former Mets GM
  • Jason Churchill | Prospect Insider


0:00 | Hotshot gets the last laugh about Sammamish Little League Softball despite the pettiness according to Mitch. 

15:03 | Chris Eubanks is in rare territory for American male tennis players in Wimbledon. 

17:40 | The recent Tigers no hitter reminded Mitch of perhaps the worst blown call in MLB history.

22:47 | The next ten days will reveal whether or not the M’s front office is going to make a run at the playoffs this season.

37:40 | GUEST: Adam Jones joins the show to reflect on his MLB career which was mostly spent in Baltimore after being traded as a Mariners top prospect.

1:01:28 | GUEST: Longtime friend of the show Steve Phillips catches up with Mitch to weigh in on the top storylines in the first half of the MLB season.

1:27:23 | GUEST: Jason Churchill hops aboard for the All-Star Game edition of the Mariners No-Table after two weeks apart.

1:55:56 | “Other Stuff” segment topics range from Gregg Popovich’s new contract in San Antonio, emerging Wemby/Spears details, & Tom Brady’s alleged new squeeze!

Episode 245 – One Two Barbecue & All-Star Anticipation Letdown


To kick things off, Hotshot gets grilled about his youth softball pettiness before Mitch describes getting the runaround by Comcast last week during an internet outage. 
Next, the guys discuss the hilarity of Cart Narcs, the weak representation of M’s for All Star Game weekend, and the greatness of Shohei Ohtani. Featured guests are Jamie Gehring of Madman in the Woods: Life Next Door to the Unabomber, The Weight of History, the Power of Apology: Remembering Lifter David Berger 50 Years after the Munich Olympics author Warren Perrin, and Simboli Ruffin also known as the “longest-living Jane Doe”. 
“Other Stuff” topics range from the latest firings at ESPN, LeBron demolishing a house not up to par for him, and the grating letter by Ryan Seacrest about his new hosting gig for Wheel of Fortune!     


  • Jamie Gehring | Madman in the Woods: Life Next Door to the Unabomber
  • Warren Perrin | The Weight of History, the Power of Apology: Remembering Lifter David Berger 50 Years after the Munich Olympics
  • Simboli Ruffin | “Longest-living Jane Doe”


0:00 | Hotshot is like The Fonz in his refusal to admit he was wrong about Sammamish Little League Softball. 

10:45 | Mitch apologizes to the Patrons on behalf of Comcast for internet issues preventing shows from being released last week.

33:23 | Scott’s latest Youtube addiction is Cart Narcs for a cheap laugh.

37:12 | Luis Castillo is the only confirmed Mariner on the All Star Game roster with Julio on the outside looking in.

42:58 | Is Shohei Ohtani the greatest player in the history of Major League Baseball?

52:53 | GUEST: Jamie Gehring joins the show to chat about her book which chronicles her personal interaction with Ted Kaczynski.

1:19:38 | GUEST: Warren Perrin checks in to discuss his biography about the American weightlifter David Berger that was murdered at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

1:42:08 | GUEST: Simboli Ruffin shares the incredible story of discovering her official identity throughout the course of her lifetime.

2:04:19 | The “Other Stuff” segment includes topics such as ESPN’s massive batch of layoffs, LeBron James buying a house only to immediately tear it down, and the cringey letter written by Ryan Seacrest as a tribute to Pat Sajak!

Episode 244 – Sonics Return Optimism & Completing Dad's Bucket List


At the top of the show, Mitch shares an unusual incident for his third consecutive weekend before the guys play Stump the Band. Then, the fellas talk about animosity between Issaquah and Snohomish softball teams, the mythical Victor Wembanyama, and Elly De La Cruz. A trio of featured guests are NBA writer from The Athletic Mike Vorkunov, Laura Carney of My Father’s List: How Living My Dad’s Dreams Set Me Free, and Auburn City Council candidate and longtime friend of the show Tracy Taylor. The “Other Stuff” segment includes stories such as Larry Brown’s alleged hire for Washington basketball, high school golfer named Happy Gilmore, and Bill Romanowski tax trouble!     


  • Mike Vorkunov | The Athletic NBA writer
  • Laura Carney | My Father’s List: How Living My Dad’s Dreams Set Me Free 
  • Tracy Taylor | Auburn City Council candidate


2:53 | In the past three weekends, Mitch has had unusual experiences in public, this time in a Burlington movie theatre. 

9:41 | Today’s first Stump the Band question has the topic of Camden Yards trivia.

23:45 | Hotshot and Piper spent over $100 on Chinese food in Tigard, Oregon last week.

27:13 | Just when you thought 2022 had enough drama for Issaquah softball, all hell broke loose again.

42:48 | The NBA and MLB have two new young phenoms dominating sports headlines.

55:48 | GUEST: Mike Vorkunov checks in for an NBA update including a prediction for Seattle receiving a franchise again..

1:16:02 | GUEST: Lindsay Carney shares the story of finding her late father’s bucket list note and fulfilling his goals.

1:36:47 | GUEST: Tracy Taylor returns for her third appearance on the show to announce her bid for Auburn City Councilmember.

1:57:39 | “Other Stuff” topics range from rumblings about the latest assistant coach for UW basketball, an Indiana high school golfer named Happy Gilmore that met Adam Sandler, and the Romanowski’s facing tax fraud!

Episode 243 – McDonalds Diet Results & Don't Forget About Yogi


To kick things off, Mitch tells Groz about his dinner in cozy Redmond on Friday night that involved gunshots. Next, the guys spend the full first segment to chat about the Mariners that continue to hover around .500 and have major roster and payroll considerations ahead. Featured guests are SI.com golf writer John Hawkins, a follow-up with Kevin Maginnis from Nashville after his 100-day McDonalds diet, and Lindsay Berra, granddaughter of Yogi. The “Other Stuff” segment features topics such as Bob Huggins’ DUI and Groz’ related story, Deion Sanders’ health issues at Colorado, and a Stump the Band question about Wheel of Fortune!     


  • Kevin Maginnis | Nashville-based business coach
  • John Hawkins | SI.com golf writer
  • Lindsay Berra | Yogi Berra Museum board member & granddaughter of Yogi


4:54 | Gunfire rang out during a Levy dinner in Redmond on Friday night. 

16:24 | Can the Mariners string together a run in the second half and are there some big roster moves that are worth taking a look at?

37:55 | GUEST: Kevin Maginnis is back to report on his results from the 100 day McDonalds-only diet challenge to lose weight.

56:09 | GUEST: John Hawkins returns to the show for instant reaction to the US Open captured by Wyndham Clark.

1:13:03 | GUEST: Lindsay Berra joins the show to chat about her indelible grandfather Yogi including his legacy on and off the ballfield.

1:35:00 | The “Other Stuff” segment features topics such as Dave’s story about Bob Huggins, Neon Deion possibly needing his foot amputated, and a Wheel of Fortune daytime edition trivia question.

Episode 242 – Greed Gripping Golf & Hawks Rookie Camp Report Card


At the top of the show, Mitch in Florida and Scott in Issaq…I mean Snoqualmie…play Stump the Band before reading listening emails. Then, Mitch and Scott chat about how the M’s are starting to run out of time, the buzz about Jaxon Smith-Njigba coming out of rookie camp, and the announcement that the PGA succumbed to the deep pockets of LIV golf. Three guest segments including the return of golf writer Bob Harig, Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, and Danny O’Neil of The Dang Apostrophe. Other stuff segment topics include Russell Okung’s 40-day fast, financial trouble for the UW athletic department, and a longtime ESPN anchor retiring!     


  • Bob Harig | Pro golf writer & author
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN’s NFL Nation Seahawks 
  • Danny O’Neil | The Dang Apostrophe


1:28 | Today’s category for Stump the Band is MLB run differential. 

16:46 | Hotshot busts out the guitar for a quick serenade to the listeners.

19:42 | It’s starting to feel like Groundhog Day with the Mariners as the season continues to roll along with nothing changing.

25:57 | Seahawks rookie camp is in the books and everybody is raving about Jaxon Smith-Njigba.

29:09 | How much does the PGA/LIV merger pique the interest of the casual or non-fan of golf?

42:46 | GUEST: Longtime golf writer Bob Harig returns to provide an overview and opinion on the merging of the PGA and LIV golf including the big money implications.

1:12:16 | GUEST: One of the Seahawks No-Table trio Brady Henderson of ESPN hops aboard to share takeaways from Seahawks OTAs and rookie minicamp at the VMAC.

1:34:40 | GUEST: Danny joins the big show for no puffery to catch up on the M’s, Hawks, the future of pro golf, and soft-swirl ice cream.

2:09:14 | The “Other Stuff” segment features topics such as Russell Okung dropping 100 pounds, good news for Mike Hopkins, and Neil Everett from Sportscenter calling it a career.

Episode 241 – M's Fan Favorite Mike Cameron & Jim Brown's Mixed Legacy


After a week off, the guys kick off the show by catching up on their whereabouts including a notable Levy restaurant outing involving a tea fiasco. Then, the guys remark on the continued struggles of the M’s who were blown out by the Rangers over the weekend. Also, they note how the starting rotation is cooling off a bit while the bats remain mediocre. A pair of guests on today’s show including a two-part interview with former Mariners All-Star centerfielder Mike Cameron followed by author of Jim Brown: Last Man Standing Dave Zirin. The “Other Stuff” segment covers discouraging stories including Scottie Pippen & Karl Malone, a blockbuster deal for lesser-known hoops coach Monty Williams, and a college golfer winning her first pro tourney!     


  • Mike Cameron | 16-year MLB veteran (Seattle Mariners 2000-2003)
  • Dave Zirin | Author of Jim Brown: Last Man Standing


2:40 | Does Mitch have a valid argument about his drink order at a recent restaurant visit? 

27:13 | Are the M’s postseason hopes slip-sliding away as they fall further down the AL standings against hot teams like the Rangers.

40:00 | GUEST: Beloved Seattle Mariner Mike Cameron drops by for a two-part interview to chat about his journey to Seattle and some memorable moments from his career.

1:17:47 | GUEST: Sports novelist Dave Zirin checks in to chat about his new biography Jim Brown: Last Man Standing which chronicles his notorious life on and off the gridiron.

1:58:15 | “Other Stuff” topics on today’s episode include a hypothetical with Jalen Hurts & Geno Smith in Seattle, Taylor Swift’s massive net worth, more Scottie Pippen drama & Karl Malone selling old sports memorabilia, Monty Williams’ unexpectedly historic coaching contract, and a college golfer’s emergence into professional play.

Episode 240 – Spence Needle Returns & Bellevue Golf Phenom Angela Zhang


The start of the episode elicits memories of Maryland followed by an impressive Zack Greinke statistic before opening the listener mailbox. Next, Mitch gives a rousing endorsement of Seaside, Oregon before venting spleen about the struggling Mariners and their refusal to spend big bucks in free agency. Five guests on today’s show are ten-year NBA veteran and local product Spencer Hawes, Bellevue youth golfer and U.S. Women’s Open qualifier Angela Zhang, and Kraken No-Table crew RJ Eskanos, Darren Brown, and Dylan Travers. “Other Stuff” topics range from the surprise cover model on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, early predictions on the NFL landing spot for Michael Penix Jr., and the son of an Ann Arbor legend getting fired for ill-advised “likes” on social media.     


  • Spencer Hawes | NBA veteran, UW & Seattle Prep alum
  • Angela Zhang | 8th Grade Bellevue-based golfer & U.S. Open qualifier
  • RJ Eskanos | Emerald City Hockey  
  • Darren Brown | Sound of Hockey
  • Dylan Travers | Emerald City Hockey


2:40 | A peculiar statistic about Zack Greinke makes one consider his chances of ending up in Cooperstown. 

26:29 | With a pitching staff like the one in Seattle, it’s a shame the M’s front office pinched pennies with their lineup during the offseason.

39:30 | GUEST: Spencer Hawes returns to the show to reminisce some high school hoops stories, his recruitment, and pro career.

1:10:27 | GUEST: 14-year-old Bellevue golfer Angela Zhang joins the show to share her story of excelling at a young age as she prepares for the U.S. Women’s Open.

1:35:28 | GUEST: The guys from Kraken No-Table RJ Eskanos, Darren Brown, and Dylan Travers gather round for an end-of-season summary featuring an exciting playoff run.

2:06:47 | The “Other Stuff” segment features stories including Martha Stewart’s appears on the SI swimsuit magazine, the mock projection for Michael Penix Jr. in the 2024 NFL Draft, and a short-lived employment stint for Glenn “Shemy” Schembechler in Michigan.

Episode 239 – The Mother's Day Edition


To begin the Mother’s Day version of the show, Mitch addresses a listener email regarding the Patron shows and subscription content. Then, the guys chat about the Kraken’s playoff run which features another game seven, the mediocre Mariners, and the breakdown of the Seahawks schedule. A four-pack of “Best-Of” guest segments are Paolo Banchero’s mom Rhonda Smith-Banchero, Mary Reuland who is the mom of late NFL player Konrad Reuland, former Husky quarterback Cody Pickett, and Wyoming-based hero Ryan Pasborg. The “Other Stuff” segment features topics including the aftermath of Bob Huggins use of an insensitive slur on a radio show, a year-long case of hiccups Bo Jackson has been dealing with, and the latest with the Matt Araiza lawsuit.     


  • Rhonda Smith-Banchero | UW basketball alum & Mom of Paolo Banchero
  • Mary Reuland | Mother of late NFL player Konrad Reuland
  • Cody Pickett | UW quarterback ’99-’03
  • Ryan Pasborg | Wyoming resident


2:47 | Mitch recalls his decision for using a Patron account for bonus shows at the beginning of the podcast. 

24:58 | The Kraken prepare for game 7 against the Stars, will they get it done? 

31:14 | Despite everyone’s claims that Matt Brash that has “great stuff”, his ERA continues to rise while M’s leads continue to shrink.

34:46 | The Seahawks schedule release receives a lot more hullaballoo than it deserves.

46:54 | GUEST: Rhonda Smith-Banchero chats about raising her son Paolo who was named NBA Rookie of the Year in 2023.

1:16:55 | GUEST: Mary Reuland shares the story of her son Konrad who passed away in 2016 at age 29 and whose heart was transplanted into childhood sports hero Rod Carew.

1:40:31 | GUEST: Former Husky quarterback Cody Pickett jumped aboard to discuss his heart health scare that could have taken his life.

2:03:14 | GUEST: Wyoming native Ryan Pasborg joined the show to share his heroic story earlier this month.

2:19:35 | “Other Stuff” topics include Bob Huggins using inappropriate language and the fallout that ensued, Bo Jackson’s upcoming medical intervention to remove a long-lasting case of hiccups, and more details about Matt Araiza’s ongoing legal battle.

Episode 238 – "Spoon's" Coach's Tape & Derick Hall Scouting Report


At the top of the show, the guys serenade the listeners with some hits from the late Gordon Lightfoot before discussing an unusual news story from a Nashville hotel. Next, Mitch and Hotshot chat about the emergence of Bryce Miller and the state of the “left-fielder” as the M’s start to heat up. A trio of guests including Illinois defensive coordinator Aaron Henry, former Auburn defensive coordinator Jeff Schmedding, and longtime NFL scout Jim Nagy. In the “Other Stuff” segment, the guys discuss Budda Baker’s tweet about the video of a football dad copping a feel of his son’s girlfriend, Jordyn Brooks contract news, and Tom Brady’s response to unretirement rumors.     


  • Aaron Henry | University of Illinois defensive coordinator
  • Jeff Schmedding | Washington State University defensive coordinator
  • Jim Nagy | NFL Scout


1:13 | The fellas sing some of Gordon Lightfoot’s hits in the wake of his recent passing. 

20:27 | Are the M’s starting to establish some momentum after a pair of series victories in the past week? 

35:16 | GUEST: Illinois defensive coordinator Aaron Henry joins the show to provide a complete scouting report of Devon Witherspoon and shares his personal inspirational story.

1:05:15 | GUEST: Defensive coordinator at Washington State Jeff Schmedding hops aboard to provide a coach’s perspective of Derrick Hall as his coach in Auburn.

1:22:35 | GUEST: Longtime NFL scout Jim Nagy shares his main takeaways from the 2023 NFL Draft including the Seahawks picks. 

1:38:31 | The “Other Stuff” segment features of game of “Why did Budda Baker call out the 13th pick’s father on Twitter?”, the latest with Jordyn Brooks his future with the Seahawks, and a verdict to the rumblings that Tom Brady may play next season.

Episode 237 – Seahawks No-Table & Draft Aftermath


Today’s show begins with Mitch remarking on Hotshot’s headwear which devolves into a series of references to other notable bandana-wearers before addressing two similar listener emails about Mitch’s preference of hockey over soccer. Then, the guys share their reaction to the Seahawks draft picks and how it relates to the state of the rest of the roster. Three draft-centric guest segments beginning with the Seahawks No-Table with Brady and Joe followed by a conversation with Danny O’Neil then Peter King. The “Other Stuff” segment stories include the firing of an ESPN reporter for cursing, Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson getting contract disputes resolved, and Paris Hilton revealing the backstory behind her notorious sex tape.     


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN’s NFL Nation Seahawks 
  • Joe Fann | Seattle Sports 710AM columnist
  • Danny O’Neil | The Dang Apostrophe
  • Peter King | NBC Sports NFL columnist


7:38 | Has Mitch given soccer the same chance as he has for his emerging interest in hockey? 

20:11 | Are you pleased with the Seahawks 2023 draft class? 

46:43 | GUEST: Brady Henderson and Joe Fann are back for a post-draft edition of the Seahawks No-Table to break down all the selections. 

1:14:19 | GUEST: Danny is upgraded to the big show to share his opinions on Pete and John’s picks in the draft.

1:42:46 | GUEST: Peter King is back to provide a national perspective on the draft process as a whole and this year’s edition.

2:06:15 | The show wraps up with “Other Stuff” topics including an MLB reporter fired for lewd language, two NFL quarterback dramas ending, and Paris Hilton’s confession about her infamous sex tape.