Episode 141 – Preeminent Mr. Irrelevant & Major League Mom


The guys begin the show by remembering the late Tawny Kitaen who was a staple of rock music videos. Then, they chat about a Russ for Rodgers hypothetical trade proposal, DK Metcalf’s track debut, and the hapless M’s lineup in the wake of a no-hitter. A trio of guests beginning with the final pick of the 1994 NFL Draft Marty Moore, Sue Boone to talk about raising Bret and Aaron, & Teenager Madison Kohout whom accidentally moved into a retirement community. Later in the “Other Stuff” segment, the topics range from the earthward rocket result, to Bill Gates imposters on Tinder, to Brady’s new boat!


  • Marty Moore | Superbowl champ & last pick in ’94 NFL Draft
  • Sue Boone | Mother of Bret & Aaron Boone
  • Madison Kohout | Teenage resident in retirement community


0:00 | RIP to music video legend from the 80s & 90s Tawny Kitaen. 

22:29 | Hotshot plays a round of Stump the Band…topic is quarterback passing record.

26:21 | The “Stick to Sports” crowed is being challenged by listeners that want to mix it up every once in awhile.

28:21 | Would you trade Russell Wilson for Aaron Rodgers straight up?  

40:14 | DK Metcalf clocked a 10.36 second 100 meter dash in a USATF event.

53:21 | Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit is in big trouble after failing a drug test in addition to the horse’s trainer Bob Baffert.

44:51 | How impressive is a no-hitter against the Mariners given the hodge-podge lineup that is being trotted out each day?   

53:21 | GUEST: Marty Moore jumps aboard to talk about being the final draft selection in 1994 and his career with the Patriots that followed. 

1:14:35 | GUEST: Sue Boone swings by to reflect on her story being the Mom and Wife of a major league baseball players and a manager.

1:32:41 | GUEST: Madison Kohout joins the show to discuss what led to her living among seniors as a teenager and her outlook moving forward.

1:47:10 | Debris from the errant Chinese rocket fortunately did not crash into populated area when it reentered out atmosphere this weekend.

1:49:27 | Tinder users better keep an eye out for Bill Gates impersonators. 

1:54:00 | Tom Brady is upgrading his boat game by trading his 55 footer to a 77′ yacht.

Episode 140 – D'Wayne Eskridge Coach's Report & Seahawks Draft Review


Today’s show kicks off with a complaint of how drawn-out the NFL Draft is followed by some listener feedback. Then, Mitch and Scott dive into a draft review as Schneider adds three new Hawks to the roster over the weekend along with other league storylines. Featured guests are Western Michigan football coach Tim Lester, former front office NFL executive Randy Mueller, and Seahawks insiders Brady Henderson of ESPN and Joe Fann of NBC Sports Northwest. Later, the guys run through odds and ends including The Kentucky Derby, Disneyland’s reopening, and Jennifer Lopez moving from A-Rod back to Ben Affleck!


  • Tim Lester | Western Michigan football coach
  • Randy Mueller | NFL Executive of the Year (2000)
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider 
  • Joe Fann | NBC Sports Northwest Seahawks insider


0:00 | What does the NFL Draft and horse racing have in common?

20:12 | An inappropriate poem is swirling around Issaquah schools which is concerning to parents like Scott.

23:17 | The guys provide their initial impressions of the 2021 Seahawks draft class.

32:50 | What were the other top storylines throughout draft weekend?

41:09 | GUEST: Coach Tim Lester jumps aboard to provide a scouting report of Seattle’s newest wide receiver D’Wayne Eskridge from Western Michigan.

59:01 | GUEST: Randy Mueller returns to share some front office memories, the 2021 NFL draft, and offseason storylines across the league.

1:25:58 | GUESTS: Brady Henderson and Joe Fann are back to discuss their takeaways from Seahawks draft class.

1:53:16 | Back-to-back golf stories begin the “Other Stuff” segment.

1:57:41 | Bob Baffert notches his seventh Kentucky Derby victory with Medina Spirit.

2:02:31 | Elon Musk will be hosting Saturday Night Live next week much to the chagrin of several cast members.

2:05:30 | People are losing their minds since the reopening of Disneyland!

2:09:34 | Would you rather have dinner with Alex Rodriguez or Ben Affleck?

2:10:48 | RIP to Oscar winning actress Olympia Dukakis and wife of Kirk Douglas Anne Buydens.

Episode 139 – Finding Family Through Football & Seahawks No-Table Draft Edition


The guys begin the tease by continuing their pre-show conversation about radio icon Delilah before reading listener reviews. Then, the guys shift to chatting about the NFL Draft later this week, a recent photo of Tiger Woods in improved spirits,  and Charles Barkley’s teflon-like barrier to media backlash. Four featured guests beginning with Indiana football coach Deland McCullough, Seahawks insiders Brady Henderson of ESPN & Joe Fann of NBC Sports Northwest, and Mariners writer with The Athletic Corey Brock. The “Other Stuff” segment includes topics such as Rob Gronkowski’s latest stunt, a lawsuit against Seattle’s new hockey team, and the moral approach to mistakes on restaurant tabs!


  • Deland McCullough | Indiana football coach 
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Joe Fann | NBC Sports Northwest Seahawks insider
  • Corey Brock | The Athletic Mariners writer


0:00 | Do you remember listening to Delilah on the radio many moons ago?

19:40 | Kids these days pay with their cell phones while Mitch recalls the time police officers showed up to his dorm to call his parents.

24:48 | Mitch and Scott prognosticate about the Seahawks strategy for the draft.

28:49 | There are some new rule changes to the draft and upcoming NFL season to keep an eye on.

32:27 | A heartwarming photo of Tiger Woods with crutches and a grin on his face surfaced online.

34:53 | Charles Barkley has earned the distinction as one of a select few that can spout controversial commentary without repercussions.

45:37 | GUEST: Leland McCullough shares his incredible story of discovering his family throughout his life while pursuing his dreams in football.

1:13:40 | GUEST: ESPN’s Brady Henderson and NBC Sports Northwest’s Joe Fann gather ’round the Seahawks No-Table to preview the draft.

1:42:46 | GUEST: Corey Brock is back to reflect on the M’s hot start and if they can remain an AL West contender down the stretch.

2:01:39 | Gronk set a Guinness World Record for catching a football from a helicopter at Arizona’s spring game.

2:05:46 | Kraken Bar & Grill in Seattle is suing the NHL franchise $3.5 million for naming rights violations.

2:06:58 | The state of Washington ranks seventh for “most catfished” in the union.

2:10:04 | BetMGM made a $10,500 error which a handful of gamblers noticed and seized upon.

Episode 138 – Wall Street Villain Madoff Dies Behind Bars & Twins Head Of Security A Voice For Change


Even before the tease, Mitch has a complaint, concern, and clarification. Then, they open the listener mailbag before starting the show chatting about Aldon Smith signing with the Hawks, an Aaron Donald fight update, and Steph Curry’s addiction to social media. A four-pack of featured guests beginning with writer of The Wizard of Lies Diana Henriques and co-founder of Madoff Survivors Group Ilene Kent followed by Minnesota Twins Head of Security Charles Adams lll and North Texas softball pitcher Hope Trautwein. The “Other Stuff” segment includes Joe Buck’s potential new gig, Lord of the Rings coming to a television near you, and a youth basketball brawl!


  • Diana Henriques | The Wizard of Lies author
  • Ilene Kent | Madoff Survivors Group co-founder
  • Charles Adams lll | Minnesota Twins Head of Security
  • Hope Trautwein | North Texas softball pitcher


0:00 | Prior to the tease, Mitch hashes out his soreness, concern, and need of a clarification.

17:02 | The guys open the mailbox to read unfiltered listener feedback. 

36:18 | Are you excited that the Seahawks signed Aldon Smith despite his speckled past? 

43:26 | It appears people jumped to conclusions too quickly about Aaron Donald’s alleged participation in a bar fight.

46:43 | Have you ever wondered if athletes check their phones during games?

52:59 | GUEST: Diana Henriques talks about her book & film A Wizard of Lies which depicts the life of Bernie Madoff.

1:12:52 | GUEST: Ilene Kent shares her firsthand experience of how the Madoff fraud scheme depleted her family’s life savings.

1:25:56 | GUEST: Charles Adams lll shares his perspective as a former Minneapolis Police office and currently the Twins head of security while coaching high school football at his alma mater.

1:40:24 | GUEST: Softball pitch from North Texas University Hope Trautwein swings by to reflect on her 21 strikeout perfect game and the national attention that followed. 

1:57:53 | William Amos joins the list of Zoom call participants whose camera was pointed where the sun doesn’t shine for all to see. 

1:58:51 | Joe Buck haters are crossing their fingers he doesn’t become the next full-time Jeopardy! host.   

2:02:27 | A Lord of the Rings TV series is coming and the price tag to produce the first season is stunning.

2:06:05 | An AAU girls basketball game went awry and resulted in fisticuffs with the officials.

2:10:16 | RIP to character actor Felix Cilla, world’s oldest person Hester Ford, and Alma Walhberg – Mother of Mark and Donnie.

Episode 137 – "One Shining Moment" Origin Story & World's Third Smartest Person


The guys are together again and wish they could just pick up and move to Arizona. Then, they chat about Mitch’s favorite sports day of the year, Joe Musgrove’s no-hitter, and open the listener mailbag. Three fantastic guests beginning with musician David Barrett, television writer & genius Rick Rosner, and a return of PGA golfer Ken Green. Later, Mitch and Scott check off their laundry list of other topics including the Friends reunion show, the LA Dodgers ring ceremony, and pricy sports memorabilia.


  • David Barrett | One Shining Moment songwriter
  • Rick Rosner | TV writer & world’s third highest IQ ranking 
  • Ken Green | Former PGA golfer 


0:00 | The Soden family is back from spring break in Arizona and both he and Mitch imagine moving down there for year-round sunshine.

17:59 | Masters Sunday just wrapped up with Hideki Matsuyama hanging on to his lead in the final holes.

25:35 | Joe Musgrove tossed the first no-hitter in Padres history on Friday and could barely hold in his enormous quantity of water during the game.

26:46 | Episode 136 generated tons of emails from the Mitch Unfiltered listeners on a variety of topics.

43:05 | GUEST: David Barrett checks in to recall his inspiration to write the classic song One Shining Moment which has become a staple in college basketball for over three decades. 

1:08:13 | GUEST: Rick Rosner shares his unique story that led to his role as a writer for The Jimmy Kimmel Show, a controversial appearance on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and the distinction as third smartest person. 

1:33:53 | GUEST: Ken Green swings by for reaction to Hideki Matsuyama’s victory in the 2021 Masters. 

1:57:00 | The announcement for a Friends reunion was leaked by Matthew Perry aka Chandler.

1:59:23 | Dodgers players received their World Series rings and an introduction by their childhood baseball hero.

2:04:18 | A Babe Ruth handwritten letter to his mistress is up for auction for a cool quarter million.

2:07:05 | RIP Prince Philip and DMX…as everyone knows were longtime buds.

Episode 136 – Seattle Sports Media Cornerstone Jim Moore & GEICO Ad Star Nicci Carr


The guys kick off today’s show in separate locations as Hotshot is in Arizona again for youth basketball in the wake of a mushroom incident. Mitch chats about his recent MRI experience, the thrilling Gonzaga semifinal victory, and the frustrating exit by Jarran Reed from the Seahawks. Three guests are longtime Seattle sports media figure Jim Moore, television actress & teacher Nicci Carr, and seven-time golf world record holder Bob Kurtz. “Other Stuff” topics run the gamut from Super Mario Brothers, to the retirement of Roy Williams, to Aaron Rodgers’ upcoming appearance on non-football primetime television!


  • Jim Moore | Former Seattle sports radio personality 
  • Nicci Carr | TV actress
  • Bob Kurtz | Golf world record holder


0:54 | Scott’s Daughter should take a page out of Mitch’s anti-mushroom playbook after tonight’s quesadilla fiasco.

5:58 | Michael Strahan duped everyone…especially Hotshot…with his April Fool’s Day joke about his tooth gap fix.

10:09 | Become a Patron to have a listen to all the fun bonus Mitch Unfiltered content including the latest Stevie Nicks episode.

15:10 | Make sure to sign up for Mitch’s Masters Pool at www.MitchUnfiltered.com!

28:10 | Mitch underwent his first MRI on Friday for his nagging back which reminded him of his claustrophobia.

33:46 | A listener sent a request laden with four-letter words that encourages the guys to use more foul language.

38:44 | Are you happy to see Gonzaga (and the weasel) advance to the national championship game?

45:25 | Jarran Reed’s departure from Seattle leaves a sour taste in Mitch;s mouth.  

56:08 | GUEST: Jim Moore jumps aboard to share some memories during his career as a sports writer and radio personality in Seattle.

1:35:04 | GUEST: Nicci Carr joins the show to talk about the emotional roller coaster ride in her role on the “Scoop There It Is” GEICO commercial with Tag Team.

1:57:14 | GUEST: Bob Kurtz also known as “Golf’s Ironman” swings by to chat about his world records including his most recent feat.

2:18:20 | Shohei Ohtani and Cody Bellinger hit two of the most notable homers in the first weekend of the MLB season.

2:20:53 | A sealed copy of the original Mario game recently sold for $660K.

2:22:07 | Even though the MLB All Star Game won’t be played in Atlanta this season, don’t expect the Masters to follow suit.

2:24:19 | Legendary North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams is hanging it up after over three decades in Chapel Hill.

2:26:19 | Aaron Rodgers will be the celebrity host of Jeopardy! this week.

Episode 135 – Scoop There It Is & Big Unit's Bird Story From Batter's Box


To kick off today’s show, Mitch remarks at Hotshot’s booming car speakers which he heard blaring outside upon his arrival. Then, the guys provide a brief Unfiltered Madness contest update before reacting to Seahawks free agency news followed by a humorous storyline involving Laremy Tunsil. A trio of featured guests are Cecil “DC” Glenn from Tag Team & groundbreaking GEICO commercial, former big-leaguer Calvin Murray, and NBC Sports national NFL writer Peter King. In the “Other Stuff” segment, the variety of topics range from a theme park malfunction to a stunning Bucs roster fact to the passing of a Miami football pioneer. 


  • Cecil “DC” Glenn | Tag Team 
  • Calvin Murray | MLB veteran 1999-2004 
  • Peter King | NBC Sports national NFL columnist


0:00 | Hotshot returns with his sound system blaring after being substituted by a fifteen year old last week. 

19:38 | Scott went to dinner with former Mitch in the Morning producers to relive some radio memories.

22:55 | Unfiltered Madness is nearing its conclusion and Scott’s bracket is the lead horse to limit the prize distribution. 

27:39 | John Schneider played musical chairs with his defensive line last week with Carlos Dunlap and Kerry Hyder the last men standing.

32:48 | Could the Seahawks tread water if Lockett or Metcalf got banged up and does this open a window to Antonio Brown? 

40:11 | Laremy Tunsil’s NFL career may have started out rocky, but he is having the last laugh right now. 

48:26 | GUEST: Cecil “DC” Green from hip hop group Tag Team and the hit GEICO ad jumps aboard to tell the story of the filming and reception.

1:13:16 | GUEST: Former MLB outfielder Calvin Murray swings by to recount the infamous Randy Johnson bird incident from his perspective in the batter’s box. 

1:34:41 | GUEST: Peter King checks in to discuss the top NFL offseason storylines such as the Dolphins blockbuster trade and Russell Wilson rumors.

1:55:04 | You never know what you’ll find at a yard sale, including a bowl worth a half million bucks!

1:58:54 | The Brooklyn Nets are piling up all stars like it’s going out of style.

2:04:45 | Tampa becomes the first team to return its entire starting unit for the first time in the salary cap era with the re-signing of Leonard Fournette.

2:06:44 | RIP to Grand Canyon basketball player Oscar Frayer, TV star Jessica Walter, and football coaching legend Howard Schnellenberger. 

Episode 134 – Seahawks No-Table & Northern Iowa NCAA Tournament Legends


At the top of the show, Mitch welcomes aboard his special co-host for today’s episode in Hotshot’s absence. Then, the guys chat about the first two rounds of March Madness and the first week of free agency for the Seahawks. Five guests on today’s show are Seahawks insiders Brady Henderson and Joe Fann with ESPN and NBC Sports Northwest respectively followed by boxing analyst Al Bernstein and Northern Iowa hoops legends Ali Farokhmanesh and Paul Jesperson. Later, our special guest steals the show and asks Mitch about career tips, his favorite stadium fare, and his vote in the Jordan vs. LeBron debate.


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider 
  • Joe Fann | NBC Sports Northwest Seahawks insider 
  • Ali Farokhmanesh | Northern Iowa 2008-2010 
  • Paul Jesperson | Northern Iowa 2014-2016 
  • Al Bernstein | Showtime Television boxing analyst  


0:00 | Mitch introduces his guest co-host for the show! 

13:29 | The guys chat about their first meeting last week when Mitch was interviewed first.

18:19 | Is your bracket busted too?

23:05 | John Schneider has been busy in the first week of free agency. Who’s coming and who’s going? 

36:26 | GUESTS: Brady Henderson and Joe Fann virtually gather around the Seahawks No-Table to chat about the roster moves and non-moves thus far in free agency. 

1:06:21 | GUESTS: Ali Farokhmanesh and Paul Jesperson check in to relive their memorable NCAA tournament moments with Northern Iowa in 2010 and 2016. 

1:26:21 | GUEST: Hall of Fame Boxing analyst Al Bernstein joins the show to weigh in on the passing of boxing legend Marvelous Marvin Hagler.  

1:47:53 | A blunder in last week’s intro interview reminds Mitch of his infamous Sean McDonough story.

1:53:19 | Mitch shares a tip he learned early in his career which he applies to his interviews.

1:56:34 | Which ballpark foods do you miss most since the stadium shutdowns?

Episode 133 – Unfiltered Madness Bracket Release & Korby Lenker Sings Some Tunes


We’re back! Mitch and Scott catch up after a week off and welcome Bill Sanders from RunMyPools.com to share details for the Unfiltered Madness contest . Then, they dive headlong into a Seahawks catch-up including the Dunlap departure, failure to utilize franchise tags, and Russell contract implications. Three guests today are musician Korby Lenker, NFL analyst Ross Tucker, and college basketball columnist with Sporting News Mike DeCourcy. The “Other Stuff” segment is chock full of randomness with topics such as the Meyers Leonard fallout, the late Marvelous Marvin Hagler, and college basketball tidbits. 


  • Korby Lenker | Singer/songwriter
  • Ross Tucker | Ross Tucker Football Podcast
  • Mike DeCourcy | Sporting News college hoops columnist


13:03 | Bill Sanders from RunMyPools.com provides instructions for Unfiltered Madness for a chance to win great prizes! 

27:43 | One third of the Soden family has been vaccinated while Mitch and Scott are still taking swings in the on-deck circle.

30:36 | How did you enjoy the Carlos Dunlap era and are you sad to see him go?

35:02 | John Schneider has some major gaps to fill if Shaq, Chris Carson, KJ, and others don’t return.

39:19 | There is an interesting clause in Russell Wilson’s contract that adds an extra element of intrigue to the uncertain future of Seattle’s franchise QB.

50:05 | GUEST: Northwest native musician Korby Lenker joins the show to chat about his path to Music City and even plays a few songs as he prepares to release his eighth album.  

1:16:46 | GUEST: Ross Tucker swings by to weigh in on Drew Brees’ retirement, Russell Wilson’s trade potential, and the free agency market.

1:34:58 | GUEST: Longtime college hoops expert Mike DeCourcy provides his candid reaction to the bracket as we prepare for the madness this week!

The guys share their opinion on what the proper response should be for figures like Meyers Leonard and Justin Thomas who made mistakes.

RIP Marvelous Marvin Hagler, a cornerstone of the golden era of boxing.

Mitch shares a few college hoops tidbits including the dreadful season on Montlake, the dancing Beavers, and sports juju for Georgetown.

Episode 132 – Seahawks Salary Cap Summary & Revealing CTE's Grim Effects


At the top of the show, the guys giggle about the popcorn-worthy Twitter spat between Ravens linebacker Matthew Judon & ESPN reporter Jamison Hensley and tease Hotshot’s latest music release for Patrons. Then, Mitch and Scott assess the state of the M’s as they pick up the pieces from last week’s PR nightmare, discuss whether or not Tiger Woods is beloved, and remark on the courting of Russell Wilson across the league. Today’s featured guest are salary cap expert Joel Corry, former MLB executive Steve Phillips, and co-founder of Concussion Legacy Foundation Dr. Chris Nowinski. The “Other Stuff” segment covers a variety of topics including sponsorship interest by Manscaped, Mitch’s strange Randy Johnson encounters, and a concerning voicemail on Scott’s phone! 


  • Joel Corry | Inside the Cap podcast host
  • Steve Phillips | Former Mets GM
  • Dr. Chris Nowinski | Concussion Legacy Foundation CEO


0:46 | Ravens linebacker Matthew Judon is threatening to release photos of ESPN reporter Jamison Hensley at a strip club if he doesn’t apologize for his latest column.

5:21 | If you haven’t gotten a chance to listen to Hotshot’s latest music episode for Patrons, make sure to check it out!

24:07 | The clock is ticking for Mitch to receive the vaccine before his big European family vacation later this year.

26:45 | Will the Mariners organization bounce back from the latest incident resulting in the Kevin Mather’s departure stemming from pointed comments at players and staff?

33:00 | The guys describe their initial reaction when they heard Tiger Woods was involved in a rollover car wreck.

42:57 | New Orleans mayor LaToya Cantrell among others is making a pitch to Russ and Ciara to head on down to the bayou and become the Saints next quarterback.

53:12 | GUEST: Joel Corry is back to discuss the Russell Wilson trade rumors from a business angle based on the Seahawks salary cap situation.

1:18:11 | GUEST: Steve Phillips swings by to provide his general manager perspective on the controversial comments that led to Kevin Mather stepping down as M’s president.

1:36:05 | GUEST: Dr. Chris Nowinski checks in to share his personal experience with concussions and the prevalence of CTE among former football players.

1:54:08 | There was too much good storytelling with Matt “Stretch” that we had to break it up into three segments in Episode 131.

1:56:07 | Mike Trout’s first game-worn jersey is on sale and expected to go for over a million bucks!  

1:56:44 | The Las Vegas Knights backed out of their deal with UpickTrade.com after immediate backlash by fans.

1:59:10 | Lady Gaga’s dog-walker deserves a raise after getting shot while taking a stroll in the neighborhood.

2:01:08 | A listener defends the business practice by Michael Schwimer investing in baseball prospects for a cut of future contracts.

2:04:21 | Manscaped is eager to become a sponsor for the podcast, but the guys are reluctant.

2:07:25 | Mitch recalls his two encounters with Randy Johnson, both of which were quite unusual. 

2:16:59 | Hotshot plays a voicemail he received which explains what he’s been doing in his spare time these days.