The guys are back after taking a break and recap all the happenings in the last few weeks. Then, Mitch and Scott have a laugh about a low blow delivered by a baseball organist, discuss the trouble brewing for college football, and react to the news that Quinton Dunbar’s robbery charges which have been dropped. Guests include Team USA speed skater Apolo Ohno, San Diego Union-Tribune sports writer Mark Zeigler, and film producer Paul Haynes. “Other Stuff” topics range from Jim Harbaugh’s pettiness against Ohio State, Phil’s debut in the booth, and the untapped potential for YouTube wealth. 


  • Apolo Ohno | 8x Olympic speed skating medalist
  • Mark Zeigler | San Diego Union-Tribune sports columnist
  • Paul Haynes | “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark” Executive Producer


0:00 | Mitch and Scott share their whereabouts since the release of Episode 102 .

24:26 | Blue Jays catcher Reese McGuire took salt in the wound courtesy of the Atlanta Braves organ player.

30:13 | College football season is hanging in the balance as teams and conference have begun to opt out.

36:22 | Charges have been dropped against Quinton Dunbar and we rewind back to Episode 93 when Mitch made his official prediction on the Hawks corner.

50:37 | GUEST: Federal Way native Apolo Ohno discusses the adversity he’s faced as an Olympic athlete on and off the ice.

1:23:39 | GUEST: Mark Zeigler jumps aboard for a double-dip for reaction to his live coverage of the PGA Championship and to discuss the PAC-12 athletes unity movement.

1:41:04 | GUEST: Paul Haynes discusses the story of the Golden State Killer which inspired his latest documentary I’ll Be Gone in the Dark.

2:06:54 | Yoenis Cespedes is vying to become the poster child of improper social distancing behavior along with Lou Williams.

2:10:19 | Even in the middle of a global pandemic, Jim Harbaugh finds a way to stir the pot with anyone he comes into contact with.

2:15:07 | Phil Mickelson jumped into the world of golf broadcasting this weekend…and Mitch actually enjoyed it!

2:19:31 | University of Georgia students have received mask guidelines for all kinds of adolescent behavior.

2:21:50 | Twins Fred and Tim Williams are taking YouTube by storm for their “reaction” videos and making big bucks. 

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