Even before the tease, Mitch has a complaint, concern, and clarification. Then, they open the listener mailbag before starting the show chatting about Aldon Smith signing with the Hawks, an Aaron Donald fight update, and Steph Curry’s addiction to social media. A four-pack of featured guests beginning with writer of The Wizard of Lies Diana Henriques and co-founder of Madoff Survivors Group Ilene Kent followed by Minnesota Twins Head of Security Charles Adams lll and North Texas softball pitcher Hope Trautwein. The “Other Stuff” segment includes Joe Buck’s potential new gig, Lord of the Rings coming to a television near you, and a youth basketball brawl!


  • Diana Henriques | The Wizard of Lies author
  • Ilene Kent | Madoff Survivors Group co-founder
  • Charles Adams lll | Minnesota Twins Head of Security
  • Hope Trautwein | North Texas softball pitcher


0:00 | Prior to the tease, Mitch hashes out his soreness, concern, and need of a clarification.

17:02 | The guys open the mailbox to read unfiltered listener feedback. 

36:18 | Are you excited that the Seahawks signed Aldon Smith despite his speckled past? 

43:26 | It appears people jumped to conclusions too quickly about Aaron Donald’s alleged participation in a bar fight.

46:43 | Have you ever wondered if athletes check their phones during games?

52:59 | GUEST: Diana Henriques talks about her book & film A Wizard of Lies which depicts the life of Bernie Madoff.

1:12:52 | GUEST: Ilene Kent shares her firsthand experience of how the Madoff fraud scheme depleted her family’s life savings.

1:25:56 | GUEST: Charles Adams lll shares his perspective as a former Minneapolis Police office and currently the Twins head of security while coaching high school football at his alma mater.

1:40:24 | GUEST: Softball pitch from North Texas University Hope Trautwein swings by to reflect on her 21 strikeout perfect game and the national attention that followed. 

1:57:53 | William Amos joins the list of Zoom call participants whose camera was pointed where the sun doesn’t shine for all to see. 

1:58:51 | Joe Buck haters are crossing their fingers he doesn’t become the next full-time Jeopardy! host.   

2:02:27 | A Lord of the Rings TV series is coming and the price tag to produce the first season is stunning.

2:06:05 | An AAU girls basketball game went awry and resulted in fisticuffs with the officials.

2:10:16 | RIP to character actor Felix Cilla, world’s oldest person Hester Ford, and Alma Walhberg – Mother of Mark and Donnie.

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