The guys tease today’s episode by sharing details on the new podcast contest Mitch’s PGA Pool powered by Fireside Home Solutions. Then, Mitch and Scott open up the listener mailbox, talk about their past and present video game addictions, and recap the 2021 Naismith hall of fame class. Three featured guests are NFL & track veteran Renaldo Nehemiah, NFL national columnist & sports radio host Jason La Canfora, & former assistant pro at Legends Golf & Country Club Brad Stecklein. In the “Other Stuff” segment, the guys volley random topics back and forth including brawls, expert Twitter trolling by Chris Long, & a brilliant Saturday Night Live skit!


  • Renaldo Nehemiah | Former 110m hurler & NFL wide receiver
  • Jason La Canfora | CBS Sports NFL writer & 105.7 The Fan – Baltimore radio host
  • Brad Stecklein | Ex-assistant golf pro – Legends Golf & Country Club 


5:41 | Sign up for Mitch’s PGA Pool presented by Fireside Home Solutions for cash prizes and more!

19:11 | Apple CarPlay is starting to freak Mitch out.

28:11 | The guys open up the Unfiltered listener mailbag to get a pulse of the people.

38:11 | Mitch is stunned that Hotshot still plays video games and fondly remembers his Pong days.

42:15 | Rookie minicamp has concluded and Juantarius Bryant was duped. 

45:12 | A new class of Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame nominees have been inducted.

GUEST: 54:01 | Renaldo Nehemiah shares his opinion of DK Metcalf’s performance on the track as a renowned former NFL receiver and sprinter himself.

GUEST: 1:17:56 | Jason La Canfora returns to chat about offseason headlines such as quarterback controversy in Green Bay and Seattle in addition to schedule release instant reaction.

GUEST: 1:36:14 | Former assistant golf pro at Legends Golf & Country Club Brad Stecklein swings by to discuss his recent firing and hunger strike against management as a form of protest.

1:53:29 | The headline in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about Colt Brennan’s death missed the mark.

1:55:57 | Target has suspended card sales due to brawls among fanatics.

2:00:05 | Are you ready to pony up a grand to see Brady return to Foxboro?

2:00:51 | Mark Ingram called out United Airlines on social media for losing his bag and Chris Long intervened hilariously.

2:04:01 | A man was robbed at gunpoint while eating lunch…in Beverly Hills!

2:06:26 | The SNL sketch of the Michael Jordan doc is a must-watch. 

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