Today’s show begins with hostile mailbag reading about Mitch’s Costco story and a recap of Father’s Day weekend. Then, the guys react to John Rahm’s emotional U.S. Open win before discussing Seahawks summer headlines and the red-hot Mariners. Three featured guests are NFL vet and Adaptive Training Foundation founder David Vobora, former MLB exec & current host of Nothing Personal with David Samson podcast David Samson, & Juanita pitcher Nick Taylor. Finally, in the “Other Stuff” segment, a variety of topics are brought to the table including McDonalds fights, an imposter Andy Reid, and butt-enhancing leggings! 


  • David Vobora | NFL veteran & Adaptive Training Foundation founder
  • David Samson | Former MLB executive
  • Nick Taylor | Juanita HS pitcher


0:00 | Mitch braces himself for shots from the peanut gallery criticizing his Costco antics.

5:32 | Hotshot spent the weekend watching some action-packed youth softball.

24:46 | The guys share their takeaways from John Rahm’s thrilling U.S. Open victory at Torrey Pines.

33:21 | The Seahawks summer is officially underway with some contract question marks lingering.

40:09 | Don’t look now, but this young Mariners squad is quietly piling up wins!

50:56 | GUEST: Retired NFL player David Vobora shares his inspirational story from facing death after his career to channeling his passion toward a rehabilitation gym for military vets.

1:11:07 | GUEST: Former MLB front office executive and current podcast host David Samson checks in to discuss injuries, call-ups, and cheating currently facing the game. 

1:35:25 | GUEST: Juanita High School grad Nick Taylor swings by to talk about overcoming adversity and emerging as a top pitcher in the state.   

1:51:05 | The Bronx Bombers ended Sunday’s game with a triple play, how rare!

1:54:45 | A McDonalds customer attacked two employees after being served a subpar beverage.

1:59:45 | Andy Reid was caught at a Royals game by himself taking selfies…or so the announcers thought.

2:05:23 | Happy Amazon Prime Day! Are you going to pick up any of the hot deals?

2:08:35 | A fantasy football punishment resulted in a man spending a full day at a Waffle House gobbling waffles. 

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