The show kicks off with a Stump the Band question for Scott about NFL quarterbacks followed by some listener emails. Then the guys delve into a discussion about media subscription overload, Mitch’s ground rules during his vacation, and reaction to the M’s trades prior to the trade deadline. Three “Best Of” guests are retired Navy captain Charlie Plumb, longtime Seattle sports media figure Jim Moore, & television actress & teacher Nicci Carr. Later, the guys weigh in on miscellaneous topics ranging from Hawks training camp to Evander Kane’s betting investigation, to ScarJo’s lawsuit with Disney. Enjoy!


  • Charlie Plumb | Retired United States Navy Captain
  • Jim Moore | Former Seattle sports radio personality
  • Nicci Carr | TV actress


0:00 | With coronavirus running through the Vikings quarterback room, which familiar face will be taking snaps in training camp?

3:30 | The guys open up the listener mailbag for some Unfiltered feedback.

17:03 | If someone is listening to Mitch Unfiltered for the first time, they’ll be interested to know how Scott earned the nickname “Hotshot”

20:33 | How much money would we save if we all just cancelled our monthly media subscriptions? 

27:10 | Mitch makes his long-awaited return to air travel for a vacation and he has a few simple requests while he’s gone.

41:08 | With the MLB trade deadline in the rearview mirror, did Dipoto do the right thing to balance the present with the future?

51:53 | GUEST: Charlie Plumb tells his story of surviving six years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam after his fighter jet was shot down over Hanoi.

1:29:41 | GUEST: Jim Moore jumps aboard to share some memories during his career as a sports writer and radio personality in Seattle.

2:09:00 | GUEST: Nicci Carr joins the show to talk about the emotional roller coaster ride in her role on the “Scoop There It Is” GEICO commercial with Tag Team.

2:31:16 | There is a new leader in the clubhouse for highest valued football card which will blow your mind.

2:33:13 | Seahawks training camp is underway and early storylines include an Eskridge injury and Taylor expectations.

2:40:48 | Evander Kane is facing serious allegations about sports gambling against his own team…by his wife! 

2:44:46 | Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney for fifty million smackers for their streaming release of Black Widow after being promised a theatrical debut. 

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