Today’s show begins with Scott defending himself when he was asked to give Mitch’s phone number to a former radio colleague without his permission before Mitch reads a wildly entertaining obituary. Then, Mitch and Scott chat about the NFL’s decision to postpone the Seahawks game to Sunday before chatting about the return of Tiger and grand introduction of Charlie Woods. A trio of guests include Boston Globe sports columnist Dan Shaughnessy, author Kent Babb, and Forbes columnist Scott Kramer. The “Other Stuff” segment to discuss topics ranging from the nationally televised win for Graham-Kapowsin football, the lightly-attended bowl games thus far, and the potential market for Urban Meyer. 


  • Dan Shaugnessy | Wish It Lasted Forever: Life with the Larry Bird Celtics author 
  • Kent Babb | Across the River: Life, Death, and Football in an American City author
  • Scott Kramer | Forbes contributor 


5:47 | Scott was confronted with an uncomfortable situation in which a mutual acquaintance asked for Mitch’s phone number via text.

16:15 | The code word for this week of Beat the Boys matchups has some local flair.  

18:18 | Mitch reads the glowing obit from one Renay Mandel Correns penned by her son. 

36:31 | The NFL really threw a monkey wrench at the Seahawks by pushing the Rams game to Tuesday.

41:00 | Seeing Tiger and Charlie Woods on the course was the highlight to Mitch’s sports weekend.

50:55 | GUEST: Longtime Boston Globe sportswriter Dan Shaughnessy jumps aboard to chat about his new book chronicling the Bird-era Celtics from the media’s standpoint.

1:10:41 | GUEST: Washington Post reporter Kent Babb hops on to talk about his new book Across the River which tells the story of Edna Karr HS football and their larger-than-life coach Brice Brown.

1:27:12 | GUEST: Forbes contributor Scott Kramer is back to share his top tech gadget gift picks for the 2021 holiday season. 

1:40:28 | Mitch and Hotshot close out the show with “Other Stuff” topics like Graham-Kapowsin’s National Championship victory, college football bowl season, and Urban Meyer’s uncertain future.

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