Today’s shows kicks off with Mitch announcing he picked up COVID followed by a reflection of the two-part Dave Grosby interview in last week’s episode. Then, the guys talk about the overrated art craze and Mitch shares his argument about keeping a quarterback over a coach and how it pertains to the Hawks. The trio of guests are ESPN Seahawks insider Brady Henderson and WynnBet’s Joe Fann for a double-dip Seahawks No-Table to address the top priorities for the franchise followed by a college football season post-mortem with Rick Neuheisel. As always, the show wraps up with “Other Stuff” topics including not shopping at Walmart, airline arguments, and bad behavior by an Argentinian judge! 


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider  
  • Joe Fann | WynnBet & Blue Wire podcast host  
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst


0:00 | Mitch tested positive for COVID and he wants to know where he got it!

6:56 | The guys chat about the Groz interview in Episode 173 and Mitch shares a bonus story.

24:59 | What’s the big deal about Vincent Van Gogh and the whole art thing?

29:37 | Mitch presents his prepared speech about Russ and Pete and which one is worth keeping and why.

46:54 | GUESTS: Brady Henderson and Joe Fann address the big questions facing the Seahawks front office heading into the offseason following a 7-10 record.

1:32:07 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel puts a bow on the college football season with Georgia winning the national championship against Alabama.

1:54:10 | Mitch and Scott volley a handful of miscellaneous stories in the “Other Stuff” segment such as Walmart vs. Target, airline controversies, and an Argentinian judge who was caught kissing a prisoner!

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