RUNDOWN   To kick things off, Mitch tries to wrap his arms around the free base-runner rule in extra innings and why so many major leaguers can’t bunt. Then, the guys chat about Mike Salk’s comments about Kyle and Julie Seager including the subsequent backlash. Four featured guests are umpire Kristi Moore, Mississippi state rep Fred Shanks, golf writer Bob Harig, and sports author Kotsya Kennedy. The show wraps up with the “Other Stuff” segment with stories such as Deebo Samuel’s sour turn in San Fran, Mike Tyson’s plane punch, and the complex legacy of Joe Paterno. GUESTS  

  • Kristi Moore | Softball umpire
  • Fred Shanks | Mississippi state representative
  • Bob Harig | Tiger and Phil: Golf’s Most Fascinating Rivalry author
  • Kostya Kennedy | True: The Four Seasons of Jackie Robinson author


0:00 | Why is it so dang hard for MLB players to bunt the ball? 

24:09 | Mitch and Scott discuss the comments and blowback of Mike Salk’s criticism of Kyle Seager and his wife’s social media presence.

51:00 | GUESTS: Softball umpire Kristi Moore shares her recent assault story and is followed up by Mississippi representative Fred Shanks to discuss a bill that would increase punishment for violence against officials. 

1:11:17 | GUEST: ESPN golf writer Bob Harig returns to chat about his latest release “Tiger and Phil: Golf’s Most Fascinating Rivalry”.

1:36:13 | GUEST: Author Kostya Kennedy joins the show to preview his new book about Jackie Robinson “True: The Four Seasons of Jackie Robinson”  

1:57:41 | Today’s “Other Stuff” segment features topics ranging from the talented and disgruntled Deebo Samuel, Mike Tyson punching an idiot in a plane, and the new documentary about Joe Paterno.  

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