At the top of the show, Hotshot provides an update on the state champ Issaquah softball team before heading off to San Bernardino. Then, Mitch unveils his Stump the Band question of the day which dovetails into a funny Al Martin Story before jumping into the listener mailbag. Then, Mr. Playoffs explains the MLB postseason format and the guys discuss potential roster moves for the M’s. A four-pack of featured guests are Husky insider Christian Caple, filmmakers Chris & Erik Ewers, and long-distance runner Michael Wardian. The show closes with the “Other Stuff” segment which includes McDonalds observations, Zach Wilson’s romantic rumors, and John Daly’s eccentric attire at The Open Championship!


  • Christian Caple | The Athletic UW reporter
  • Chris & Erik Ewers | Hiding In Plain Sight directors
  • Michael Wardian | Ultra-marathoner


0:00 | Issaquah softball is state champs and Hotshot is headed to San Bernardino just in time for Episode 200.

7:19 | Today’s Stump the Band question is about the M’s which reminds Mitch of the infamous Al Martin story about USC.

33:35 | Mr. Playoffs explains how the MLB postseason works now with three wildcard slots and Mitch & Scott talk about the M’s roster heading into the trade deadline.

53:05 | GUEST: Christian Caple talks about the uncertain future for UW athletics with conference realignment and the QB battle heading into the 2022 season.

1:16:46 | GUEST: Film directors Chris and Erik Ewers chat about the new Ken Burns documentary Hiding In Plain Sight which discusses the rise of youth mental health issues.

1:44:29 | GUEST: Runner Michael Wardian swings by to share his story of running across the entire country and the highlights along the way.

2:08:38 | The “Other Stuff” segment features topics ranging from Mitch’s McDonalds observations, to Zach Wilson hot gossip, to John Daly’s Hooters pants!

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