At the top of the show with an ode to Philadelphia, Mitch recalls a Seahawks road game against the Eagles before opening up the listener mailbag which contains a few positive messages for Thanksgiving! Then, Mitch shares his latest flight story full of tension followed by a breakdown of postseason scenarios for the Huskies and the home stretch for the Seahawks after the bye week. Five featured guests are Rick Neuheisel, Blue Jays sportswriter Jeff Pearlman, Jason Churchill from Prospect Insider, & Seahawks insiders Brady Henderson and Joe Fann. The episode wraps up with “Other Stuff” topics ranging from the Teoscar Hernandez pickup, to the bittersweet news for Husky basketball, to Jay Leno’s car-related injury. 


  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst 
  • Scott Mitchell | TSN Blue Jays writer
  • Jason Churchill | Baseball Things & Prospect Insider
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN’s NFL Nation Seahawks reporter 
  • Joe Fann | WynnBet 


3:45 | Mitch recalls the time he and the rest of the morning show crew were sent to the City of Brotherly Love.

6:57 | The guys open up the mailbag to see what the faithful listeners have to say about the show. 

12:45 | Mitch shares the code word for the upcoming slate of Beat the Boys matchups.

19:42 | Mitch can’t seem to catch a flight that doesn’t have some sort of excitement! 

30:09 | What do the Huskies need to find themselves in the PAC12 championship game and potentially The Rose Bowl?

36:20 | Following the bye week, the Seahawks are sitting pretty the rest of the season and their draft status continues to improve!

44:46 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel returns after a pivotal weekend in the college football season which adds further clarify on remaining playoff contenders and big bowl candidates. 

1:14:59 | GUEST: Blue Jays writer Scott Mitchell shares his Toronto perspective of M’s new acquisition Teoscar Hernandez followed by Jason Churchill to weigh in on where he sees the outfielder fitting into the roster. 

1:42:46 | GUEST: Brady & Joe reconvene with Mitch on the bye week to assess the current state of the Hawks heading into the stretch run and the persistent question about Geno’s future. 

2:08:04 | “Other Stuff” stories include reaction to the Teoscar trade, the latest with Hopkins and Husky hoops, and Jay Leno’s steam car incident. 

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