Before getting to any business, Mitch issues a cease and desist about listeners sending their Uber rider scores before reading an email from an angry Patron! Then, Mitch and Scott recap the final week of the regular season which resulted in a mediocre Seahawks team moving on to the postseason before discussing the Damar Hamlin incident last week. A four-pack of featured guests are cardiologist Dr. John Osborne, Seahawks insiders Brady Henderson and Joe Fann, and Hillsboro resident Bruce Campbell. Topics in the “Other Stuff” segment include Dick Vitale accidentally tweeting about an old game, college football players writing expletives on his fingers, and Jeremy Renner fighting for his life after getting run over by a snow plow.


  • Dr. John Osborne | Cardiologist
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN’s NFL Nation Seahawks reporter
  • Joe Fann | WynnBet
  • Bruce Campbell | Oregon resident 


0:00 | Mitch gets it…he is the worst rider in the history of Uber…please stop sending your scores!

7:12 | Mitch reveals the final results for Beat the Boys presented by Fireside Home Solutions.

19:03 | How in the world did this Seahawks team make the playoffs and how did the 2023 draft status shake out?

36:12 | Did it make you feel uneasy watching football over the weekend after the Damar Hamlin situation last Monday? 

48:00 | GUEST: Dr. John Osborne is back to provide his expert opinion on the heart conditions of Damar Hamlin, Grant Wahl, and Mike Leach and shares helpful tips for adults.

1:15:38 | GUESTS: Brady & Joe are back for the final Seahawks No-Table of the regular season as Seattle finds itself playing on wildcard weekend.

1:45:24 | GUEST: Bruce Campbell of Hillsboro, Oregon describes how he ended up living in a Boeing 727 in the middle of the forest.

2:08:36 | “Other Stuff” topics on today’s show include Dick Vitale making a Twitter mistake, Heisman trophy winner Caleb Williams writing expletives on his fingernails, and Jeremy Renner’s snow plow incident.

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  1. good shows more fred couples rick nueheisel great guy !! would be a great head pac 12 or ncaa !!! scott inaccurate remer actor getting his family member out stuck mt rose lk tahoe 8 ft snow he clears all neigbors driveways to get main road neibhor saw him put touricutt on him and called for helicoter thats facts scott be accurate liberals usually full bs mikeal shifron best us skier history of skiing get ap stories we are a big ski area population i am former ski coach local national yes park city 5 snowmobiles out ib back country going up hills no prep for avalanche dumb !!!! skiers survive i was in 2 wash and calf. swim when in gulfed i was helicopter guide lk tahoe in 19 70s im lucky go huskies football next yr big great coach bball coach total boring guy who would play for that zone moron !!! first responders best i know 25 people fire fifgtrs volunters my brother 34 yrs saved 75 people wreck fires heart attacks good doctor show cardio thanks johnf keep good shows humor stories scotts good job !!!

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