At the top of the show, Mitch remarks on Hotshot’s hair before sharing his comical encounters at Zeek’s and a few thoughts on long-lost Brandon Roy. Next, the guys chat about the Super Bowl matchup, Geno Smith’s free agent value, and Mitch’s “must-have” draft pick for the Hawks. Three featured guests are Monday Morning Quarterback Peter King, former head of NFL officiating Dean Blandino, and The Ringer senior writer Danny Kelly. Topics in the “Other Stuff” segment include the Mavericks dominant backcourt, LeBron surpassing Kareem for the points record, and proper sports fan booing etiquette! 


  • Peter King | NBC Sports NFL columnist
  • Dean Blandino | FOX Sports rules analyst
  • Danny Kelly | The Ringer writer 


0:00 | Hotshot is in serious need of a haircut according to Mitch.

2:22 | The guys play Stump the Band with the topic de jour of NFL quarterback stats. 

5:17 | Mitch opens the mailbag to see what you the listener think about the show.

8:11 | While at Zeek’s, Mitch received compliments that simply could not be without some subtle jabs.

24:28 | What is Brandon Roy up to these days and what memories stand out?

28:10 | Who ya got in the Super Bowl?

35:58 | The verdict is in from Pro Football Focus about free agent contract projections and take a wild guess who is on the list? 

54:15 | GUEST: Peter King jumps aboard to reflect on the Seahawks dramatic Super Bowl loss and looks ahead to the big game this week!

1:15:14 | GUEST: Returning guest Dean Blandino provides his expert opinion on the scrutiny of NFL officiating and potential solutions.

1:39:14 | GUEST: Danny Kelly is back to assess potential top targets for the Seahawks in the upcoming draft.

1:59:23 | The “Other Stuff” features stories ranging from Kyrie headed to Dallas, to LeBron James surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the all-time scoring record, to determining when booing players is warranted.

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