To kick off the show, Dave Grosby and Mitch express their excitement for the upcoming two months of sports before a trip down memory lane from Groz’s early broadcasting days and memorable KJR moments. Next, the fellas discuss the Geno Smith contract, Jarred Kelenic’s Spring Training success, and NCAA tournament favorites. A trio of guests are ESPN Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, MLB Senior writer with The Athletic Jayson Stark, and Nashville resident Kevin Maginnis. As always, the episode concludes with the “Other Stuff” segment which covers college hoops memories with Dad, uncertainty for a handful of noteworthy QBs, and the Shawn Kemp’s story involving gunfire.    


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN’s NFL Nation Seahawks reporter  
  • Jayson Stark | Senior Writer, MLB – The Athletic
  • Kevin Maginnis | Nashville-based business coach   


5:21 | We are entering perhaps the best six weeks on the annual sports calendar.

8:38 | The Groz recollects how he got his start calling college hoops games as a teenager.

13:30 | Superbowls always seemed to bring some memorable stories for the KJR personalities.

27:00 | How will the Geno Smith contract affect the Seahawks draft strategy?

34:50 | Will Jarred Kelenic carry his success in Peoria to the regular season?

40:25 | Mitch makes his official pick to cut down the nets at the conclusion of March Madness.

49:29 | GUEST: Brady Henderson jumps aboard to provide a Seahawks update with the Geno Smith contact complete and movement at the top of the draft board.

1:16:48 | GUEST: Jayson Stark returns to provide his opinion on the new MLB rules and the prospects of Julio Rodriguez becoming the face of Major League Baseball.

1:37:30 | GUEST: Nashville native Kevin Maginnis joins the show to share the details about his unorthodox diet of exclusively eating McDonalds for 100 days.

2:03:24 | The “Other Stuff” segment features stories such as Mitch’s and Dave’s NCAA tournament memories with their fathers, question marks for several notable NFL quarterbacks, and the alleged Shawn Kemp shooting incident. 

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