At the top of the show, the guys serenade the listeners with some hits from the late Gordon Lightfoot before discussing an unusual news story from a Nashville hotel. Next, Mitch and Hotshot chat about the emergence of Bryce Miller and the state of the “left-fielder” as the M’s start to heat up. A trio of guests including Illinois defensive coordinator Aaron Henry, former Auburn defensive coordinator Jeff Schmedding, and longtime NFL scout Jim Nagy. In the “Other Stuff” segment, the guys discuss Budda Baker’s tweet about the video of a football dad copping a feel of his son’s girlfriend, Jordyn Brooks contract news, and Tom Brady’s response to unretirement rumors.     


  • Aaron Henry | University of Illinois defensive coordinator
  • Jeff Schmedding | Washington State University defensive coordinator
  • Jim Nagy | NFL Scout


1:13 | The fellas sing some of Gordon Lightfoot’s hits in the wake of his recent passing. 

20:27 | Are the M’s starting to establish some momentum after a pair of series victories in the past week? 

35:16 | GUEST: Illinois defensive coordinator Aaron Henry joins the show to provide a complete scouting report of Devon Witherspoon and shares his personal inspirational story.

1:05:15 | GUEST: Defensive coordinator at Washington State Jeff Schmedding hops aboard to provide a coach’s perspective of Derrick Hall as his coach in Auburn.

1:22:35 | GUEST: Longtime NFL scout Jim Nagy shares his main takeaways from the 2023 NFL Draft including the Seahawks picks. 

1:38:31 | The “Other Stuff” segment features of game of “Why did Budda Baker call out the 13th pick’s father on Twitter?”, the latest with Jordyn Brooks his future with the Seahawks, and a verdict to the rumblings that Tom Brady may play next season.

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  1. Mitch-

    I moved from Baltimore to Seattle in 1996 and listened to you ever since. It was refreshing to hear a fellow East Coast guy and your opinionated, yet pragmatically reasoned and always entertaining takes on the local and National sports panorama.

    When you left KJR there was a massive void on the local sports dial, and upon learning about this podcast, I have been delighted to find out that the magic of your original show so seamlessly translates!

    That being said….

    Until now I have been admittedly stubborn about taking the Patron plunge, as my general attitude toward monthly subscriptions… Is that we are all being slowly nickeled and dimed to death 😂…

    Yet alas, today I can’t with any integrity continue to listen to you for free, so I’m relenting… Thanks for so many years of high quality interviews and engaging content!

    Yours in East Coastness,

    -Kevin Daniels

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