To kick things off, Mitch tells Groz about his dinner in cozy Redmond on Friday night that involved gunshots. Next, the guys spend the full first segment to chat about the Mariners that continue to hover around .500 and have major roster and payroll considerations ahead. Featured guests are golf writer John Hawkins, a follow-up with Kevin Maginnis from Nashville after his 100-day McDonalds diet, and Lindsay Berra, granddaughter of Yogi. The “Other Stuff” segment features topics such as Bob Huggins’ DUI and Groz’ related story, Deion Sanders’ health issues at Colorado, and a Stump the Band question about Wheel of Fortune!     


  • Kevin Maginnis | Nashville-based business coach
  • John Hawkins | golf writer
  • Lindsay Berra | Yogi Berra Museum board member & granddaughter of Yogi


4:54 | Gunfire rang out during a Levy dinner in Redmond on Friday night. 

16:24 | Can the Mariners string together a run in the second half and are there some big roster moves that are worth taking a look at?

37:55 | GUEST: Kevin Maginnis is back to report on his results from the 100 day McDonalds-only diet challenge to lose weight.

56:09 | GUEST: John Hawkins returns to the show for instant reaction to the US Open captured by Wyndham Clark.

1:13:03 | GUEST: Lindsay Berra joins the show to chat about her indelible grandfather Yogi including his legacy on and off the ballfield.

1:35:00 | The “Other Stuff” segment features topics such as Dave’s story about Bob Huggins, Neon Deion possibly needing his foot amputated, and a Wheel of Fortune daytime edition trivia question.

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