To kick things off, Mitch asks Hotshot who the heck Bad Bunny is before the guys delve into the Huskies slim victory over the Sun Devils on Saturday and the repeated display of a formidable Seahawks defense on Sunday. A five-pack of guests are Brady Henderson and Brian Nemhauser for their weekly Seahawks segment, Rick Neuheisel’s college football recap, and RJ Eskanos & Darren Brown for the first Kraken No-Table of the 2023-2024 season. The “Other Stuff” segment features stories such as the job firing of Aikman’s girlfriend for improper employee benefit use, an incident involving T.O. reminding the guys of great touchdown celebrations, and a man busted for being the top subscriber of an OnlyFans account that is a little too close to home!


  • Brady Henderson | Seahawks NFL Nation reporter
  • Brian Nemhauser | Hawk Blogger
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • RJ Eskanos | Emerald City Hockey  
  • Darren Brown | Sound of Hockey


0:00 | Is Mitch the only person on the planet that has no idea who Bad Bunny is?

6:06 | Mitch provides the code word for the trio of Beat the Boys for this week.

12:27 | How did the narrow victory for the Huskies affect Penix’s Heisman chances and UW’s run at the playoff?

26:49 | The Seahawks defense bailed out the offense for the third straight game.

37:00 | GUESTS: ESPN NFL Nation writer Brady Henderson and Hawkblogger’s Brian Nemhauser drop in to recap Seattle’s 20-10 win over the Cardinals on Sunday.

1:01:24 | GUEST: CBS Sports college football analyst Rick Neuheisel hops aboard to chat about Utah’s thrilling win against USC and UW’s narrow victory versus Arizona State.

1:30:33 | GUEST: RJ Eskanos & Darren Brown are back for another season of the Kraken No-Table to weigh in on the first few games of the season.

1:52:21 | “Other Stuff” topics on today’s show range from Troy Aikman’s girlfriend fired from Nordstrom, Terrell Owens getting hit by a car reminding the guys of infamous endzone celebrations, and an OnlyFans user finding her top subscriber an unlikely candidate!

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