Today’s show begins with the guys venting spleen about the incompetent clock management by the Seahawks contributing to their loss on Sunday before sharing some Mitch Unfiltered history. Next, Mitch and Scott chat about rampant penalties for the Hawks and Dawgs and Mr. College Football Playoff paints the picture for the CPF candidates still on the board. A four pack of guests are Brady Henderson and Brian Nemhauser, Rick Neuheisel, and Auburn City Councilperson Tracy Taylor-Turner.  The “Other Stuff” segment closes out the episode with a variety of odds and ends.


  • Brady Henderson | Seahawks NFL Nation reporter
  • Brian Nemhauser | Hawk Blogger
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Tracy Taylor-Turner | Auburn City Council 


0:38 | When will Pete Carroll learn how to manage a freakin’ clock in the closing minutes of a game? 

20:00 | Mitch reveals the password for the upcoming slate of Beat the Boys matchupss.

28:19 | Will the Seahawks and Huskies ever not be the most penalized and frequently inept on offense?

40:53 | Mr. College Football Playoff is back to break down paths to the CFP for the remaining contenders.

59:55 | GUESTS: Brady Henderson and Brian Nemhauser hop aboard to break down the defeat to the Rams on Sunday.

1:27:42 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel is back to weigh in on the upcoming week of the regular season ahead before conference championship weekend.

1:51:54 | GUEST: Auburn City Council elect Tracy Taylor-Turner joins the show to chat about her winning campaign.

2:10:51 | In honor of the five year anniversary of Mitch Unfiltered, we replay Episode 0 of the show with Jason Hamilton.

2:32:53 | As always, the guys wrap up with the “Other Stuff” segment for remaining topics they didn’t get to during the tease and first segment.

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