Let’s play…have you seen that classic rock band? Mitch and Hotshot discuss whether Bobby Knight might’ve been the greatest college basketball coach of all time. Mitch says sardonically, “stop me when I’m no longer impressing you with these Mariners starting pitchers’ stats,” who continue to blow minds!

Mitch talks with Travis Snider, a former MLB player and CEO of 3A Athletics, about the mission of his organization and dealing with emotional intelligence for young athletes, parents and coaches.

The praise for the Mariners’ bullpen continues as Jason Churchill and Joe Doyle join Mitch for an around-the-horn discussion, most recently the Mariners winning both series against the Braves and the Astros.

Mitch and Danny Kelly discuss the unique aspect of this years draft which focus on offensive players very heavily.

Horses, bees, Bea Arther, and much, much more, in the Other Stuff Segment.




• Travis Snider | “Lunchbox” former MLB outfielder (Blue Jays, Pirates, Orioles)

• Mariners No-Table | Jason Churchill, Joe Doyle

• Danny Kelly | NFL Staff Writer “The Ringer”




0:00 | From Twitter (X), have you seen that classic rock band?

8:10 | Bobby Knight was the greatest college basketball coach ever, even more so than John Wooden

22:41 | Mariners streak, is it over? Let’s start with the astounding Mariners pitchers!!! Logan Gilbert, Bryce Miller, Luis Castillo, George Kirby, Bryan Woo, Emerson Hancock

38:57 | GUEST: Travis Snider – former 1st round MLB draft choice (Blue Jays) out of Jackson High School (Mill Creek) – joins Mitch to discuss parenting in youth athletics. Are we helping our kids or putting too much pressure on them?

1:10:25 | GUEST: Jason Churchill, Joe Doyle & Mitch toss around the series wins against the Astros and Braves. Josh Rojas is surging. Julio is not. And Mariners starting pitching remains All-World.

1:43:17 | GUEST: The Ringer NFL writer – has plenty to say about the Seahawks 2024 Draft class. Was Murphy the correct pick at 16? Will Haynes start opening day at RT? Did Schneider fill any holes on day 3 of the draft?

2:02:36 | Other Stuff Segment: Kentucky Derby photo finish, Kraken coaching vacancy, Anthony Edwards the next MJ? Dave & Busters gambling, Ed Sheeran at In-N-Out, Dave Chappelle’s attacker, Naked Bea Arthur, RIP’s, Hot Shot headlines!!!

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