J-Ham takes a break from Vegas debauchery to co-host Episode 30 with Mitch. Among the discussions: a tone-deaf Pac 12 commissioner, the college admission national scandal, the NFL free agency/trading frenzy PLUS Mitch brings to the podcast his popular NCAA Tournament coaches interview series with 3 fascinating stories/guests.

But wait, there’s more:

– J-Ham reveals his excruciating pain while making Episode 29

– Mitch ties his son’s ongoing college selection process to the national admission scandal

– Mitch Unfiltered listeners are split about naming Ep 29 after Earl Thomas

– Mitch’s “Unfiltered Madness” bracket contest is filling up with great prizes

– Mitch & J-Ham rank their favorite local and national golf courses

– Is it possible that the Cleveland Browns are now the NFL’s most interesting team?

– If Nick Foles is worth $22M per season before gambling dollars infiltrate NFL, how much is Russell Wilson worth after?

– How will the Dawgs do at the Pac-12 Tourney in Vegas?

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