Mitch & Jason are all over the map in Episode 40. From Brooks Koepka to Jockey-less horses. From Dairy Queen in Munday Texas to Lil Penny in Memphis. From Gale Sayers and Shawn Kemp to Marv Albert and Lady Gaga.  

Table of Contents

0:0:00  Mitch’s picks absolutely suck

0:03:35  Mitch’s family runs into Brooks Koepka

00:08:10  Ben Wright is a late scratch because…

00:12:38  Mitch cold calls DAIRY QUEEN in Munday, Texas                                   (LJ Colllier’s tiny hometown)

00:19:20  Gale Sayers or Shawn Kemp #40

00:26:10  J-Ham thinks Patron Shows are better

00:28:00  Mitch is MYSTIFIED about Brooks Koepka’s PGA Tour record

00:35:20  Mitch’s Athlete of the Weeks is jockey-less Bodexpress

00:37:24  Golden State better without KD???

00:41:40  Patrick Peterson (suspended) should get his money back

00:46:50  GUEST: Kent Somers (Columnist Arizona Republic) on suspension of all-pro Patrick Peterson

00:56:15  GUEST: Mark Gionnotto (Columnist Memphis Commercial Appeal) on the Penny Hardaway’s phenomenal recruiting

1:12:00  GUEST: Movie Mogul Max reviews 2 new films, the NBA Draft Lottery and awkwardly watches R rated movie with his mom

1:32:10  Why doesn’t Mitch talk more about the Mariners?

1:37:30  Mitch confesses that he loves Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper song & J-Ham and listeners follow suit

1:45:20  J-Ham asks his wife if Josh Groban song is cheesy

1:50:15  Mitch tells story of doing Marv Albert impression for Marv Albert himself

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