RUNDOWN Today’s jam-packed episode begins with finding out that Hotshot was duped by a parody OJ Simpson Twitter account. The guys set the table for what to expect on Mitch Unfiltered moving forward. Mitch and Scott react to free agency news in the NBA which features Brooklyn landing Kyrie and KD. Where will Kawhi end up? Guests include former Husky and recent first round NBA draft pick Matisse Thybulle, Vanderbilt baseball National Champion from Bellevue Ethan Paul, and sports gambling writer for ESPN David Purdum. Movie Mogul Max is back by popular demand to provide three hard-hitting box office breakdowns. Later, Mitch and Scott chat about the United States Women’s World Cup team that is on the brink of another championship, but in doing so has rubbed many people the wrong way during the tournament. Finally, the episode is dedicated not to an athlete that wore jersey #46, rather a PGA golfer who was victorious over the weekend and tragically is unable to share with his parents and girlfriend.


  • Matisse Thybulle | Former Husky, current Sixers small forward
  • Ethan Paul | Vanderbilt NCAA Baseball Champion, Bellevue native
  • David Purdum | ESPN Sports Gambling writer


0:13 | Scott was duped by a parody O.J. Simpson account

6:40 | Mitch puts Hotshot under the podcast polygraph test, does he pass?

17:39 | The guys step into a time machine and reminisce about when they first met at the radio station.

21:58 | Scott reveals why he has not played fantasy football since the late 80s.

25:46 | Mitch presents an idea for the next Daniel’s Broiler listener event, are you in?

30:03 | The guys discuss the direction of the podcast moving forward and the benefits this format offers as opposed to radio.

40:05 | Even though we don’t have an NBA team in Seattle, the NBA free agency frenzy is fascinating.

51:02 | Matisse Thybulle discusses his whirlwind draft experience, career with the Huskies, and outlook heading into his rookie season with the Sixers.

1:02:54 | Bellevue native Ethan Paul shares his story that began in the Northwest and has taken him to Nashville where he is a National Champion with Vanderbilt Baseball and draft choice of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

1:18:15 | David Purdum uncovers the evolving landscape of sports gambling including reaction to the first month where Nevada was not the top gambling state in the country.

1:32:15 | Movie Mogul Max drops by to critique three summer blockbusters

1:41:24 | Which notable athletes in sports history had their careers cut short due to injuries?

1:43:55 | Are you a soccer fan and if so, are you rooting for the United States Women’s National Team given some polarizing behavior by some of the players during the World Cup?

1:49:00 | Nate Lashley gets the nod not only for winning the Rocket Mortgage Classic this weekend, but for persevering through a life-changing event he faced in college.

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