Today’s show starts with a moment of reflection as Mitch contemplates his love of sports. Then, the guys react to Sunday’s battle between the Seahawks and Steelers in Pittsburgh to give Seattle a 2-0 start to the season. Also discussed in the first segment are top takeaways across the league from week three. Four great guests including Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, Rick Neuheisel, MLB analyst Steve Phillips, and Dave Smith from Business Insider on the latest iPhone launch. Later, the guys chat about the good and bad about state fairs as the world famous Puyallup version is in full swing. Other topics include the worst NFL fan bases, a career milestone for Adrian Peterson, and an unlikely suitor to become title sponsor for the Miami Heat arena. GUESTS

  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports
  • Steve Phillips | Stadium Sports analyst & former Mets GM
  • Dave Smith | Business Insider tech writer


4:29 | After the recent string of Antonio Brown issues piling up, Mitch’s optimism about sports was restored thanks to the University of Georgia football fans.

15:17 | Episode 57 doesn’t present a stellar list of show-naming candidates, but the guys do their best to select a winner.

18:00 | Week 3 of the NFL featured a hand injury to Drew Brees, a dominant second quarter by Patrick Mahomes, and Cam Newton stinking up the joint on Thursday night.

22:18 | Mitch and Hotshot discuss the pivotal moments in Sunday’s gutsy win by the Hawks.

40:52 | Brady Henderson breaks down the Seahawks hard-fought win in Pittsburgh as Seattle returns with a 2-0 record and the Saints marching in next Sunday.

1:00:55 | Rick Neuheisel recaps week three of college football including results from the top 25 and a thought on the Cougs and Huskies thus far.

1:19:57 | Steve Phillips stops by as the MLB postseason approaches and the defending champs are out of contention while the moneyballin’ A’s keep winning.

1:37:52 | Dave Smith from Business Insider talks about the launch of the much anticipated iPhone 11 and Apple’s dominance in the smart phone market.

1:54:39 | Mitch draws a line in the sand about his phone destiny by vowing to take the plunge into iPhone ownership.

1:56:08 | With the Puyallup Fair…correction…Washington State Fair underway, Scott is curious if these types of events are Mitch’s cup of tea.

2:01:39 | Which NFL team has the nastiest fans?

2:05:00 | Adrian Petersen surpassed Jim Brown for career rushing touchdowns, but Mitch still prefers Brown eight days a week.

2:06:17 | The Miami Heat were offered $10MM for naming rights of their arena by who?!

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