The guys begin today’s show with reaction to the devastating news of Kobe Bryant’s death. Then, a familiar Seahawks story involving Mike Holmgren, Tim Ruskell, and a certain guard is told. Mitch and Scott then delve into their youth basketball filled weekends and their interesting observations from the cheap seats. Also, how much is Coach Hop to blame for the Huskies rough stretch? Guests include former NBA vet and hoops analyst Eldridge Recasner to reflect on Kobe Bryant’s life, Grinnell College basketball cult hero Jack Taylor, auto racing legend Willy T. Ribbs, & NFL player and current analyst Ross Tucker for a Super Bowl LIV preview. Later on, the guys run down a laundry list of topics including their SB LIV picks, Eli Manning’s retirement, and the Athlete of the Week winner! 


  • Eldridge Recasner | PAC-12 Network basketball analyst
  • Jack Taylor | Grinnell College basketball alum
  • Willy T. Ribbs | Former auto racing driver
  • Ross Tucker | NFL analyst


0:00 | Mitch and Scott talk about the deeply saddening news of Kobe Bryant’s death and the legacy he left on and off the basketball court.

16:13 | Notable 76s for episode naming nominations are thrown around including a polarizing former Seahawk.

20:29 | Scott is fired up about something he saw at his Daughter’s basketball game that makes him look like “get off my lawn” guy.

23:13 | Mitch describes how his Son’s team violated his number one pet peeve of late game management which leads him into a classic story involving his Father and Brother back in 1970.

31:32 | How should the blame pie be divvied up for the struggling Husky basketball team?

43:30 | GUEST: Eldridge Recasner joins the podcast with a thought on Kobe Bryant’s legacy in the wake of his tragic death.

58:14 | GUEST: Grinnell College alum Jack Taylor swings by to discuss his record-setting 2012 season which featured an 138 point game and his outlook of basketball in present day.

1:27:11 | GUEST: Legendary racecar driver Willy T. Ribbs jumps aboard to tell his courageous story featured in the new film “Uppity: The Willy T. Ribbs Story”.

1:52:52 | GUEST: NFL analyst Ross Tucker previews the SB LIV matchup and weighs in on Eli Manning’s retirement.

2:08:48 | The guys make their official pick to win the Super Bowl (subject to change).

2:11:39 | Are you on the Zion Williamson hype train or is this just a flash in the pan?

2:14:54 | A little tennis talk finds its way onto Mitch Unfiltered with a thought on Coco Gauff’s charm and a dicey situation turned good by Rafael Nadal.

2:18:15 | The Antonio Brown saga continues with his latest burglary and assault charge upon which he has turned himself in to authorities.

2:24:42 | Should Eli Manning be enshrined in Canton? The guys share their opinions.

2:28:30 | “Athlete of the Week” honors are doled out and the winner is perhaps the youngest yet!

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