The guys begin the show by decoding the meaning of the coronavirus “Modified Phase One” which became active last week. Then, Mitch and Scott jump into a discussion about notable 95s in sports which spawns a tangent about old Miller Lite ads and weigh in on Drew Brees’ controversial comments from which he has apologized for. A four-pack of featured guests beginning with law enforcement official David Crocker. Then, hiker Gregory “Thor” Godar jumps aboard followed by Sonics legend Jack Sikma. The “Other Stuff” segment includes hoops and golf tidbits in addition to a headline which involves a porn star and deadly toad venom.


  • David Crocker | Police officer
  • Gregory “Thor” Godar | Hiking enthusiast
  • Jack Sikma | Pro Basketball Hall of Fame member & former Seattle Supersonic


0:31 | The guys chat about their approach to enjoying the lifted restrictions in “modified Phase One”.

22:22 | The less-than-stellar list of 95s in sports history includes a former NFL player whose accomplishments off the field were arguably more impressive

29:37 | Mitch hearkens back to two star-studded Miller Lite advertisements. 

39:11 | Is Drew Brees’ apology for his insensitive comments sincere or saving face?

42:52 | What do you think when you hear The National Anthem? 

51:00 | GUEST: Police officer David Crocker weighs in on the civil unrest throughout the country toward law enforcement.

1:18:19 | GUEST: Gregory “Thor” Godar tells his incredible story of surviving a grizzly bear attack in Idaho.

1:44:43 | GUEST: Jack Sikma shares some memories from his hall of fame career including matchups against the late Wes Unseld.

2:11:51 | Gregg Popovich voiced a strong opinion that has garnered attention about the George Floyd murder.

2:15:23 | The NBA is coming back…in a mere seven weeks from now. 

2:20:45 | James Harden’s jersey has been raised into the rafters of an unlikely location thanks to his deep pockets.

2:23:33 | With the return of golf comes the advent of tracking devices for spectators to maintain proper social distancing.

2:27:34 | Scott reads the headline for a criminal act that is the first and last of its kind in human history. 

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