Episode 35 – Tiger Prevails at Augusta, Virginia Cuts Down the Nets, & Russell's Deadline Has Arrived

Mitch and J-Ham are back for Episode 35 and have lots to catch up on including Tiger’s stunning Master’s victory which Ben Wright also weighs in on later in the show. Also, they recap the storybook finish for Tony Bennett and Virginia capping of a NCAA tourney win following their dramatic loss a year ago. Finally, Russell’s contract deadline he voiced to the Hawks has arrived and a deal has not been done.

Also on the show

-Contest updates for “Unfiltered Madness” & “The Mitch Unfiltered Major Challenge”

-Of the possible 35s to name the show after, there is a clear favorite who happens to have Seattle ties…

-The great Ben Wright puts into perspective how high Tiger’s win at Augusta ranks in the all-time greatest moments in PGA history.

-Recently announced inductee to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and Sonics legend Jack Sikma talks about the honor and also shares the story of the first time he met Mitch.

Episode 34 – Tony Bennett Offers J-Ham a Job, Will Nowell Change His Mind, Masters Picks & Mitch Merchandise

Lots of ground covered:

– a little J-Ham mows Xavier McDaniel’s lawn

– The All-New Mitch Unfiltered POPSOCKET

– Masters Picks

– Mitch makes $100 bet on Masters

– Payton, Olajuwan, Barkley, Bo, Kirby, Nolan, Felix, Ray, Shaq, Earl

– Greatest NCAA Elite Eight ever

– Happy for Tony Bennett

– Tony Bennett offered J-Ham a job

– GUEST: Ross Tucker, NFL Voice — Browns, OBJ, AB, Russell Wilson 

– Unfiltered Madness update

– Rory McIlroy 

– Mariners… If season ended today…

– Mitch decides 34


Episode 33 – Mitch Unfiltered Changes, Pebble Beach Giveaway, Inside Nick Saban & Opening Day

Mitch & Jason announce some “uncomfortable” realities & changes to the “Mitch Unfiltered” model coming on April 1st. They also announce a new golf contest with the grand prize – a trip for 2 with them to play PEBBLE BEACH in July. 

GUEST: NY Times Best Selling Author Monte Burke – “Nick Saban – The Making of a Coach”  

Plus tons more:

– Bracket update (J-Ham says he is 16 for 16)

– Bird or Kareem?

– Did officials swallow the whistles in favor of DUKE?

– Unfiltered Bracket Pool leaders call in to the show

– Final thoughts on 2019 Washington Huskies

– What will Nowell do?

– Washington State’s new head coach

– AAF about to fold?

– Baseball Opening Day

– Baseball’s oddsmakers favorites

Episode 32 – NCAA Selection Chairman, Utah State Coach, Steve Phillips & Last Minute Bracket Advice

  • J-Ham is with the Huskies and checks in from Columbus 
  • Mitch’s emotional ties to the NCAA Tournament
  • The chairman of the NCAA Selection Committee talks exclusively (in Seattle) to Mitch about the national bracket & Washington’s unusual resume. 
  • Utah State’s affable head coach Craig Smith on the Huskies challenge on Friday night
  • Steve Phillips (Former GM – Sirius/XM) analyzes Mike Trout’s new $430 million dollar extension
  • Jim Brown vs Magic Johnson vs Karl Malone

Episode 31 – Get Out Your Dancing Shoes, Shame On Many Dawg Fans & Sorry Kam

Important: Fill out your NCAA bracket NOW at MitchUnfiltered.com/UnfilteredMadness for a chance to win 1 of 44 prizes including 3 grand prize trips!

Join Mitch at Zeeks Pizza in Tacoma Friday at 3:40pm to watch Dawgs (and others) in NCAA Tournament. UW Tacoma campus.

The NCAA Tournament brackets are out & the University of Washington returns to the Dance for the 1st time since 2011. Mitch & J-Ham have plenty to say & have HARSH words for many Huskies’ fans. Plus plenty of help filling out your brackets, the NCAA coach who is HOPING to face DUKE & sorry Kam Chancellor but…


Episode 30 – Sin City J-Ham, a Tone-Deaf Pac 12 Commish, NFL Frenzy & Return of Mitch's NCAA Coaches' Interviews

J-Ham takes a break from Vegas debauchery to co-host Episode 30 with Mitch. Among the discussions: a tone-deaf Pac 12 commissioner, the college admission national scandal, the NFL free agency/trading frenzy PLUS Mitch brings to the podcast his popular NCAA Tournament coaches interview series with 3 fascinating stories/guests.

But wait, there’s more:

– J-Ham reveals his excruciating pain while making Episode 29

– Mitch ties his son’s ongoing college selection process to the national admission scandal

– Mitch Unfiltered listeners are split about naming Ep 29 after Earl Thomas

– Mitch’s “Unfiltered Madness” bracket contest is filling up with great prizes

– Mitch & J-Ham rank their favorite local and national golf courses

– Is it possible that the Cleveland Browns are now the NFL’s most interesting team?

– If Nick Foles is worth $22M per season before gambling dollars infiltrate NFL, how much is Russell Wilson worth after?

– How will the Dawgs do at the Pac-12 Tourney in Vegas?

– Listener tweets/email



Episode 29 – Clark Threatens, Felix Fumes, Dawgs Decline & Mitch's Most Embarrassing Radio Moment

Mitch & J-Ham react to Frank Clark’s threat, Felix’s gripe and the Dawgs Senior Night collapse. Plus should the Seahawks have snared Antonio Brown, the best unknown player in college hoops, J-Ham’s dog’s mysterious disappearance & Mitch’s most embarrassing professional moment. (besides the obvious)


6:45  Announcement of “Mitch Unfiltered Madness” (bracket contest)

10:00  Episode 29 – Carew, Paige, Smoltz, Thomas, Dickerson

15:05  Frank Clark has changed his tune on the franchise tag

18:15  Dawgs crash and burn vs Oregon on Senior Night

27:45  GUEST “Bracketville” – Selection Sunday is just about here!

48:45  GUEST  Dr. Sarah Lee – Stanford Stroke Center

57:25  Ja Morant – College Hoops Player of the Year?

58:35  Should Seahawks have swooped in and traded 21 for AB?

1:00:00  J-Ham’s dog disappears; what happened?

1:03:40  Felix is pissed he is not Opening Day Starter

1:07:40  Mitch’s most embarrassing ON-AIR moment

Episode 28 – A LOCK To Dance, NFL Gambling Impacts Wilson Extension & Digger Phelps Wants To Throw Mitch Out Of A Window

Mitch declares that the Huskies are now a LOCK for the tournament and explains why. Guest Jason LaCanfora (CBS) explains why NFL gambling has a HUGE impact on Russell Wilson’s future. And Notre Dame coaching legend Digger Phelps nearly throws Mitch out of a restaurant window & gets the last laugh.  

Plus… Frank Clark, Tiger Woods injury, Chambers Bay chances to host another major, Jack Nicklaus is buddies with Kid Rock & tons of listener feedback, questions & comments.

Episode 27 – Stop The KJR Hating, Time To Tag Frank, Dawgs Drop, & Mitch's Mom Wins Lottery

Mitch & J-Ham check a lot off the list.

– KJR/Gregg Bell controversy

– J-Ham’s wife Michelle’s podcast future

– Mitch & J-Ham’s favorite golf courses

– Bryce Harper’s gaudy contract

– What’s Mike Trout worth?

– Huskies seeding suffers in Bay Area

– GUEST: Joel Corry (CBSSports.com) on Hawks cap, Clark, Wilson etc

– GUEST: Dave Ommen (Bracketville) on Dawgs fall, Zags, Seedings

– Mitch’s mom wins the lottery… or does she?

Episode 26 – J-Ham's Wife Speaks (& Has Plenty To Say)

Jason D Hamilton’s wife Michelle makes her “Mitch Unfiltered” debut to respond to her husband’s delivery of the Benson Hotel flooding controversy. Plus John Schneider’s state of the Seahawks address at the NFL Combine, Mitch sticks his neck out on Huskies’ NCAA seed, and discusses the possibility (or lack thereof) of KJR personalities visiting “Mitch Unfiltered”.


14:35  Mitch offer to unblock Twitter accounts

17:35  Episode 26  — Wade Boggs or Rod Woodson

27:12  Mitch has former Sonics owner Barry Ackerley to thank for his KJR job

33:33  J-Ham calls Mitch a “chore” and blasts him for his texting technique

38:30  Mitch goes out on an NCAA limb about Huskies seeding

48:40  John Schneider talks at NFL Combine; Mitch/J-Ham react

58:30  Will Hugh Millen (or other KJR personalities) be on podcast

59:45  Russell Westbrook complains about kid touching him

1:07:50  GUEST  J-Ham’s wife Michelle gives her side to The Benson Hotel flooding fiasco